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									                         NELSON MANDELA BAY HOST CITY

 Def: A homestay involves a tourist, visiting or temporarily living within a family environment
 that provides this service for a fee. The Homestay experience is created around the social
 tradition, local cuisine, rituals, community and way of life of the host family and infrastructure
 which supports such interaction.

1                                         General Requirements

1.1    Proof of registration with NMBM Tourism Department (EDTA)
1.2    Information regarding reservation, cancellation and refund policies available
1.3    The host family is able to communicate in basic English and/or any other international language
1.4    Within easy or reasonable access to public transport
1.5    Guests have access to emergency telephone numbers
1.6    Non smoking and smoking areas are clearly demarcated
1.7    All facilities or equipment offered to guests are functioning properly
1.8    Breakfast and other meals available on request
1.9    Information regarding establishment is in accordance with all marketing material
1.10   Manager / Owner has access to all rooms, master key available
1.11   Protective, respectful yet stable family environment

2                                           Safety and Security

2.1    Establishment adheres to all fire, building and health codes of local municipality
2.2    Free and safe parking provided on or off the property
2.3    All doors are lockable to provide safety and privacy
2.4    Adequate light available in all public areas, corridors, parking
2.5    Visitor safety and information of local conditions of security has been communicated
2.6    A safe and secure storage area is provided for valuables
2.7    Procedures for summoning assistance, in particular after hours, available.

3.                                      Bedrooms and Bathrooms

3.1    Bedrooms are adequately furnished
3.2    Bed linen is replaced after 3 nights or for new guests after every stay
3.3    Sharing accommodation is available
3.4    Guest room is equipped with a wastebasket, ashtray, if smoking is permitted
3.5    Bedrooms / bathrooms available to guests serviced daily
3.6    Bathrooms are clean, neat and private
3.7    Access to hot water
3.8    Screening / curtains available on all windows to ensure privacy
3.9    Bedrooms have adequate ventilation system, windows / fans.

4.                                       Building and Surrounds

4.1    The grounds / garden is neat and appealing
4.2    The Establishment can serve the required purpose (Is “ FIT FOR PURPOSE”)
4.3    Appropriate signage is available to identify the establishment

5.                                              Public Areas

5.1    All basic amenities are communicated to guests (Clinic, Police Station, Shops, Emergency
       services etc)
5.2    Public telephone or access to a telephone is available

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