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					Hello Horse Lover! Welcome to The Haven Horse safaris equine care and wildlife

Do you want to gain experience in horsemanship and riding? Do you love the African
bush and want to ride in a wildlife reserve with rhino, buffalo, zebra etc etc right on the
beach? Do you need a placement for your equine studies practical? Do you love horses
and are looking for something valuable to do during your gap year / career break /

We offer a 2-3 month equine care and wildlife experience at The Haven Horse Safaris on
the Wild Coast of South Africa. Rural Africa at its best.

This is a great opportunity for you to experience life in South Africa from “the inside”,
get experience in horse management, work in a beautiful environment with animals and
forests and of course ride, ride, ride, ride!

Our company offers horseback rides to the Haven hotel tourists in a malaria free area
and you will be able to join these rides on a daily basis. The Haven Hotel is managed by
Grant and Nicola Millar and they live there with their 2 young daughters. The rest of the
hotel management and general staff are Xhosa from the local community. This will give
you an opportunity to learn a little about the Xhosa culture.

Caring for the horses

This experience we are offering is about caring for horses and riding at the Haven Hotel on the Cwebe Dwesa Wildlife Reserve in the heart of the well
known Wild Coast. Our horses and the rides are in a 6800 hectare Eastern Cape Parks
wildlife reserve bordering coastline (35km of secluded pristine beach) with rhino,
buffalo, zebra, gnu and general wildlife; beautiful open grasslands, thick vegetated
valleys and extensive forests. The wildlife reserve is situated 100km east of Umthatha on
the Wild Coast (between East London and Durban) at the mouth of the Mbashee river.
The Reserve is bisected in half by the Mbashee river. The Haven Hotel is situated on the
Cwebe part of the reserve with huge forests, beaches and general game. The Dwesa part
of the Reserve is across the Mbashee river mouth and is host to rhino, buffalo and general
game along with forests and beaches.

Your time here will be focused on the horses. We have 10 horses in need of training and
care. This means grooming, exercising, longing, riding, training and loving them. There
is some minor stable type work ie. cleaning tack, You are not coming here to do our
“dirty work” like mucking out stables all day long (we don’t even use stables – the horses
run free). We also have permanent staff that you will be working with. The work can be
physically demanding, and at times the days will be long and hot, especially in summer,
so you should be relatively fit and willing to work in a team.
Your working hours really depend on how busy the hotel is. Being very seasonal the
hotel occupancies vary. A normal day starts at 7 and finishes when horses are groomed
and exercised or when the guest outrides are over for the day. During our peak seasons
the days will be longer. Your meals will be taken at the Hotel dining room. Your
evenings are always off to enjoy the hotel facilities ie pub, tv lounge etc.

Rest Days / Time Off

You will always have 1 day a week off for rest. Generally the work here is not
pressurised at all. If the horses are groomed and exercised and there are no guest rides
then you may take the rest of the day off at you own leisure. You can use the hotel
facilities or take the horses on long outrides.

       On rest days here are just some of the following activities available:

              Canoeing
              Hiking
              Bird Watching
              Beach Walks
              Fishing
              Swimming
              Hiking
              Mini put and chip golf Course
              Tennis
              Go to Umthata for weekly shopping trip
              Ride to Bulungula Backpackers and overnight there.


You will be living in one of the hotel guest rooms or staff rooms depending on hotel
occupancies. You may have to share a room with another student. The bedrooms are
comfortable with en-suite bathrooms.

Your evenings will be spent at your own leaisure at the pub or tv lounge. We normally
have 1-4 students and 1 permanent staff member, depending on the season. The area has
cell phone reception.

When we have guests you will go on the rides with them as backup riders to the lead
guide. The lead guide will rely on you to help keep the guests in line and help in case of
an emergency.
When we don’t have guests you will longe/school some horses and ride others. You will
also exercise horses in the reserve.
Our horses run free in the wildlife reserve and every morning you will go out on foot or
on a horse from the paddock and look for them and chase them back to the holding
paddock. Then it’s feeding time, grooming time, tick spraying time and riding time. If we
have guest rides then tacking up of horses and tacking off.

Most students stay with us for 2-3 months at a time. Unfortunately you may not have any
guests / friends / family stay with you at your accommodation. However they may book
into the Haven Hotel as per normal hotel guests. They may also want to visit you after
your stay with us and travel with you together. There are safe ways to travel in this
country, even as a single girl and we can help you organise this. There is a bus
specifically for backpackers that takes you from Umtata to Cape Town
with as many stops as you want. It takes you from door to door and is a safe and fun way
to travel and meet fellow backpackers.
I get a lot of questions about safety and will try to answer them here.
There has never been an incident here with any of the students.
When travelling alone you must follow some simple rules, just like anywhere in the
world, and keep your eyes open. Do not walk around at night. Do not talk to strangers on
the street. Watch out for pickpockets. Be sensible. Be organised. None of our students
have ever had a problem travelling.

Pre-requisites and preparation

      Minimum age: 18
      Maximum weight: 75kg
      Applicants should all be experienced riders ie able to trot, canter and gallop.
      Have experience schooling horses to classic English standard
      Have a positive attitude.
      Have a minimum of 5 years riding experience
      Be prepared to work hard and as part of a team

What to bring List

      Heeled riding boots or shoes
      Riding breeches, jodhpurs, jeans and full or half chaps
      Hard hat
      All weather jacket for rain / cold etc
      Sunglasses
      Sunscreen
      Medication


      You must have medical travel insurance covering horse riding.
      You must sign an indemnity form on arrival before being permitted to ride
        Full payment to secure your experience.
        Cancellations: Non refundable. However, if you have a valid reason for a
         cancellation we may be able to postpone your trip.
        Payment Methods. You can transfer money into our South African bank account.
        You need to organise your flights to Umthatha airport and transfer from the
         airport to the Haven Hotel. Taxi numbers available on request.


The cost for this experience is (Euro 995 per person per month).

What you get for your money (in summary):

      Daily horse riding in wildlife reserve, forests and on pristine beaches
      1 rest days per week to enable you to experience hotel activities and surrounds
      Training as a backup guide and many hours backup guiding.
      The Haven Horse Safaris backup guide reference.
      Riding, exercising and schooling of young horses in the reserve and the ring.
      Experience in horse handling, basic veterinary procedures, horse care and natural
      Accommodation in a hotel environment and hotel food
      Your laundry washed and ironed when needs be


You will be arriving on a tourist holiday visa. Three month tourist visas (temporary
residence permit) are given to citizens of the following countries at the airport on arrival:
Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy,
Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, UK, USA. If you are from any
other country you have to get a TOURIST visa from the South African embassy in your
home country. Visas can be extended in South Africa for R420 at the Home Affairs
office, one month before your visa expires.


There is no malaria in this area at all! You do not need yellow fever vaccinations either.
Please check your tetanus inoculation status! You need to have tetanus up to date.
Occasionally students get African tick-bite fever during their stay. This is not the same
and not nearly as dangerous as European tick-bite fever (Meningitis)! It is easily treated
with antibiotics and you will have headaches and maybe a fever for about 2 days. We all
get it and it is NOT dangerous. Make sure you know that you are not allergic to
Doxycycline or Tetracycline or Cyclidox antibiotics (penicillin). You MUST have
medical insurance that covers you in South Africa for the entire period. Also check that it
includes horse riding.
We are sure you will thoroughly enjoy your time here.
Lloyd Gillespie

    The Haven Horse Safaris equine care and wildlife experience questionnaire:

Name:                            Age:     Weight:               Height:
Nationality:                     City & country of residence:
E-mail:                                   Occupation:
Tel number:                                   Cellphone number:
Education (highest degree):
Dates and time period you are applying for:

Please answer the following questions as honestly and detailed as you can.

1. When did you start horse riding?
2. What type of riding have you done and at what level? Give details.
3. How often do you ride at the moment?
4. Do you have your own horse or have you ever had one?
5. What languages do you speak and at what level?
6. What type of general work experience do you have?
7. What level of riding ability do you have (intermediate, advanced, professional)?
8. Do you have any previous or chronic physical conditions / illnesses that could
   become a problem with a lot of riding and physical work (i.e. back or knee problems,
   fear of falling, recurring migraines/headaches etc etc)?
9. Are you generally healthy and fit?
10. Do you have travel medical insurance that covers you specifically for horse riding
11. Do you have any special dietary requirements?
12. Do you take any regular medication?
13. Do you have any allergies?
14. Are you happy sharing a bedroom and bathroom with another girl if neccessary?
15. Do you have a driver’s licence and will you drive on the left side of the road?

      Please fill out this questionnaire and attach a picture of yourself to the email.
                                       Lloyd &Anja

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