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					             Volume 4, Issue 1

                                                                             SPRING 2006

        A “Sign” of Things to Come
New exterior signs to be unveiled this spring!
In early January, the Somers Point Zoning Board approved
an application by the Atlantic Heritage Center to install new
exterior signs in the front and rear of our building. The signs
were professionally designed by Parker & Partners Marketing
Resources, LLC in Absecon, NJ, and are being constructed
and installed by Artcraft Sign Studio Inc. of Pine Hill, NJ.

The signs feature our new name, logo, and tagline and were
designed and proportioned to significantly enhance our
visibility within the community. The 7’x8’, double-sided
dimensional front sign (drawing at right) includes a letter
board that provides us flexibility to advertise our hours,
exhibits, special events, and parking information. The
smaller rear entrance sign (drawing below) is being funded
through donations by Trustees Dawn and Marge Risley.

The signs will be installed this spring and the Governing
Board of the Atlantic Heritage Center is planning a special
media event in conjunction with the official unveiling. They
are also considering a fund-raising campaign focused on the
front sign to defray the costs associated with this project.
                                                                      INSIDE THIS ISSUE

                                                                  2    Upcoming Events

                                                                  3    Welcome New Members!

                                                                  4    Individual and Corporate Giving

                                                                  5    What’s New?

                                                                  6    Accessions

                                                                  7    Library and Museum Spotlight

                                                                                          Atlantic Heritage 1
                                 Events and Happenings
           Mark your calendar now for the following special events presented by the Atlantic Heritage Center.
                                         We look forward to seeing you there!

       Program Logistics                                              Program Description
Wednesday, March 15                    Music of the Irish People
7:00 pm                                Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Michael Garvin, Atlantic County Clerk, who will offer
Atlantic Heritage Center               an evening of entertainment featuring Irish music, instruments, singing, and dancing.
907 Shore Road, Somers Point, NJ
2nd Floor Auditorium                   Refreshments including Irish tea, cookies, and cakes will be served.

Fee: $8.00 donation per person

Saturday, May 20                       A Day with Dick “Quiet Thunder” Gilbert
11:00 am – 4:00pm                      Back by popular demand! Dick “Quiet Thunder” Gilbert, a Lenni Lenape Indian, offers
Atlantic Heritage Center               a fascinating view into the customs and culture of the tribe through a series of interactive
907 Shore Road, Somers Point, NJ
                                       presentations (scheduled for 11:30am, 1:00pm and 3:00pm) and an extensive display of
Fee: $5.00 donation per person         Indian artifacts. This is an all-day event perfect for the entire family featuring games and
or $10.00 donation per family          activities for children. Indian-themed refreshments will be served (for an additional fee).
                                       (Held rain or shine. Outdoor event – weather permitting.)

Saturday, July 8                       Victorian Tea on the Lawn of the Risley Homestead
12:00 noon                             Dress in your finest Victorian garb (optional) and bring your favorite teacup to this
Risley Homestead                       special event held under a festive tent in the quaint gardens of the Risley Homestead.
8 Virginia Avenue, Northfield, NJ
                                       Reservations are necessary and will be accepted up to 5 days in advance of the event.
Reservations required.                 Additional details regarding reservations will be featured in the Summer issue of Atlantic
Limited to 50 paid reservations.       Heritage (published in May).
Fee: $25.00 per person

                                    Newsletter Editor, Layout & Graphics:
                                                  Dawn M. Risley

                                           Contributors to this issue:
                                      Freda Bird, Sheryl Collins, Ruth Gold,
                                    Dale Lonkart, Diane Miller, Boo Pergament,
                                           Marge Risley, June Sheridan

   Need to Contact Us? Phone (609) 927-5218                                 Atlantic Heritage Center Hours:
                                                                       Wednesday – Saturday: 10:00am to 3:30pm
       Find Us on the Web! NEW address:                              1st Thursday of each month: 6:00pm to 9:00pm

             Newsletter available online!                            Parking and entrance at the rear of our building

                                                                                                              Atlantic Heritage 2
   Gifts and Bequests
The Atlantic Heritage Center receives donations in many
“shapes and sizes”. When casual visitors drop by to see what
we have and take a free museum tour, they often leave
money in the donation box at the end of their visit.                     The Atlantic Heritage Center is pleased to
                                                                         welcome and thank our newest members:
Researchers who use the library and copier often give a little
extra when settling their account. Members (both new and
                                                                                    Individual Members:
renewing) sometimes add a donation to their membership
                                                                                 Joan Best, Port Hadlock, WA
dues payment each year.                                                          Polly Bridgette, Freedom, CA
Some visitors are so pleasantly surprised by what they find in                  Rebecca Broadbent, Austin, TX
our library or museum that they dig deep into their pockets                  Faith Chabalowski, Cherry Hill, NJ
to show their appreciation. This happens especially in cases
                                                                                Janice M. Dunn, Galloway, NJ
                                                                             Denise Higbee Faust, Lancaster, PA
where patrons have been corresponding and sharing family
                                                                          Karen Mercer, Egg Harbor Township, NJ
information with us and when they finally visit in person,                    Roberta Moncrief, Ocean City, NJ
they reward us for our efforts to preserve and share this                         John Myers, Cincinnati, OH
important information with the public.                                   Josephine Printy, Egg Harbor Township, NJ
Some donations (of money, securities, property, real estate,
                                                                               Julie B. Seltzer, Atlantic City, NJ
                                                                           Jeri M. Siegelman, Egg Harbor City, NJ
etc.) are given via living trusts or bequests in wills. Others
                                                                              Robert Steelman, Watsonville, CA
come to us through specific giving requests that people
include in their obituary. All of us, as members, make a
                                                                               Husband and Wife Members:
donation to the Center through a portion of our dues.                       David Betterton and Christine Ladewig,
Some of our best donations are artifacts, memorabilia, family                          Tolura Lake, CA
histories, etc. (Please think of us before you throw “old                    Ray and Marie Huber, Absecon, NJ
things” out!) Of course, we always need funds for on-going
expenses and adequate facilities to house artifacts, but where
                                                                           Non-Profit Organization Members:
                                                                         Richard Stockton College of NJ, Pomona, NJ
would we be without the wonderful treasures that people
have entrusted us with?

Gifts and bequests of funds, which are tax deductible under
federal law, will be properly acknowledged and put to good            Thought for Today
use in furthering the mission of our organization. Won’t you
please consider the Atlantic Heritage Center as you                 "The greatness of a community is most accurately measured
determine your options for charitable giving and plan your                by the compassionate actions of its members."
                                                                                  -- Coretta Scott King

                                                Don’t wait any longer…
        Volunteers are in                     Become a Volunteer today!                      For more information,
          short supply!                                                                         please contact:
                                          •    We match tasks and projects to your
      We ask for your services                  skills and preferences                              Diane Miller,
        one day each month                •    Training is provided                            Coordinator of Services
       from 10am – 3:30pm                 •    Learn about the area & meet new people             (609) 927-5218
                                          •    The “work” is interesting and fun!

                                                                                                          Atlantic Heritage 3
Recently, the following individuals have made monetary    The Atlantic Heritage Center lucked out in more ways than
donations to the Atlantic Heritage Center. We greatly     one a few years ago when Jerry Bell joined the Governing
appreciate their generosity and thoughtfulness!           Board as a Trustee and also took over as Chairperson for our
                                                          Building Maintenance Committee. With his background as
                                                          an Electrical Engineer and his love for tinkering (he dabbles
              General Giving:                             in plumbing, electrical, HVAC, computers, networking and
       Mrs. Faith Chabalowski, Cherry Hill, NJ            telecommunications, auto repair, plastering, painting, and
                                                          even lawn care), he single-handedly provides a wide range of
         Mr. Kenneth S. Corson, Chatham, NJ
                                                          services to keep our building infrastructure operating
   Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dupras, Mays Landing, NJ
                                                          comfortably and efficiently for our volunteers and patrons.
       Mr. and Mrs. Larry Frankel, Margate, NJ            All services are provided after-hours, as Jerry is employed
        Mr. Richard C. French, Frederick, MD              full-time by PJM Interconnection in Norristown, PA.
        Dr. Thomas A. Giegerich, Margate, NJ              In 2005, Jerry teamed up with his employer to make a
         Mr. George Guiliano, Rocky Hill, CT              significant financial contribution to the Atlantic Heritage
                                                          Center. He personally donated $1500 to cover the cost of
      Mrs. Bernice M. Millman, Baltimore, MD
                                                          numerous building projects and PJM Interconnection
                 Mrs. Betty Steelman
                                                          matched his contribution with an additional $1500. PJM also
   (John G. and Elizabeth D. Steelman Foundation),
              Egg Harbor Township, NJ                     offers a paid day of service each year to allow their
                                                          employees to donate volunteer time to qualified
                                                          organizations. Each year, Jerry donates 8 hours of service to
 In memory of Jean Moxley Gant:                           the Center and PJM covers his salary for the day.

        Mr. Howard W. Gant, Warminster, PA                The Atlantic Heritage Center would like to thank Jerry
                                                          for his contribution of time, money, and expertise, as
                                                          well as the management team at PJM Interconnection
    In memory of Myrtle Garrett:                          for offering such progressive programs that encourage
                                                          volunteerism and community partnership.
     Mr. and Mrs. Frank Callio, Somers Point, NJ
          Mr. and Mrs. William Csaszar, Jr.,              Do you work for an organization that provides similar
             Egg Harbor Township, NJ                      matching and/or community partner opportunities? If so,
                                                          please consider the Atlantic Heritage Center as you plan your
           Mr. and Mrs. Frank Diefenbeck,
             Egg Harbor Township, NJ                      annual giving and/or volunteer activities and get your
                                                          employer involved to fully maximize these benefits.
 Ms. Kathleen Diefenbeck, Egg Harbor Township, NJ
       Mrs. Emma Meyers, Winter Springs, FL
      Mr. and Mrs. Charles Previti, Linwood, NJ
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Sbrolla, Egg Harbor Township, NJ
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Stevens, Egg Harbor Township, NJ
                                                                In Memoriam
                                                         The Atlantic County Historical Society honors the passing of
                                                                          the following members:
    In memory of Isabelle Bell
                                                                 Jean Moxley Gant, Warminster, PA
   (Mother of Trustee Jerry Bell):                                         Life Member
          Mrs. Helen Walsh, Margate, NJ
                                                              Myrtle Lee Garrett, Egg Harbor City, NJ

                                                                                                  Atlantic Heritage 4
 Salute to Volunteers!                                               Lake Family DNA
Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization. They staff     Attention males with the Lake surname! A Lake family
the Center’s library and museum, work on special projects,       DNA project is underway. To register or obtain additional
organize and catalog library materials, research genealogy and   information, please visit or contact
history for patrons on a fee basis, assist in maintaining and    Lake family Group Administrator Marshall Lake by e-mail at
researching our museum collections, and serve on       
committees. To recognize those special people, a Volunteer
Reception will be held on Sunday, April 30, at 1pm.
Invitations will be mailed to all Atlantic Heritage Center           The American
volunteers shortly.
                                                                    Memory Collection
         Seeking Info…                                           Imagine reading a Sunday school book from 1845 or an
                                                                 immigrants’ travel guide published in the 1820s. It can be
One of our members, Walter McClister, is researching the         done from the comfort of your own home using the
Cordery family and would like to hear from others who have       American Memory Collection at the Library of Congress
information about Cordery family members from the                (
Absecon, NJ area. He is also interested in purchasing a copy
                                                                 Sometimes when we read history, it seems like the comments
of the book Along Absecon Creek by Sarah W. R. Ewing and
                                                                 are being made about the present time instead of an era long
Robert McMullin.
                                                                 since past. It is sometimes true that the more things change,
He may be contacted at (609) 748-2147 or by e-mail at            the more they stay the same. In 1867 James Shaw wrote:                                         “Too many have been the petitions for divorce during the
                                                                 last few years; too trivial have been the reasons given, and

        Website Update                                           too frequent have the requests been granted.”
                                                                 It sounds like a comment from 1967 instead of 1867. It is
In December 2005, we took the first step toward redesigning
                                                                 important to remember that in some camps, the world has
our website. We activated our new website address
                                                                 always been ending, morals are always decaying, and things
( and built an “Under
                                                                 were always better in the “old days.” Still, reading materials
Construction” home page that gives you a cursory look at
                                                                 from one hundred years ago can provide us with a new
our new website format. During this transition period, the
                                                                 perspective on our ancestors. Shaw’s book and hundreds of
new home page provides a link to our old website contents.
                                                                 others are available to the public at no charge through the
In time, we will build out the various pages of our new          Library of Congress’ American Memory Collection. One can
website and then permanently retire our old site. For now,       spend hours if not days browsing the material on this site.
we advise you to save our new website address as an Internet
                                                                 This collection contains digital reproductions of a wide
favorite and begin using this new address exclusively. We’ll
                                                                 variety of print and audio media, ranging from pre-American
keep you posted on our progress with the new site in future
                                                                 Revolutionary works to reactions to the 9-11 attacks.
issues of Atlantic Heritage.
                                                                 Lessons on etiquette and farming can be found in addition to
                                                                 suggestions for the potential immigrant. When you have a
        Yearbook Price                                           minute, take a brief look at just a sampling of what is
                                                                 available on this site. You might not find your ancestors, but
           Increase                                              you are certain to find something to broaden your
                                                                 understanding of their life.
As of January 1, 2006, the price of a single issue of our
yearbook has increased from $4.00 to $5.00 to account for        Author: Michael John Neill. This is an abridged version of
                                                                 an article reprinted with permission from the 2/11/06
increased printing and postage costs.         Refer to the
                                                                 "Ancestry Daily News" (
information posted on our website for a complete list of         Copyright 2006, Inc. and its subsidiaries.
yearbook contents, availability (some issues are now out-of-     All rights reserved.
print), and associated costs.

                                                                                                         Atlantic Heritage 5
                                  Library Accessions
                                               June Sheridan, Librarian
                                            Freda Bird, Assistant Librarian

Gift of: Leroy H. Raisner, Somers Point, NJ. Collection of materials relating to Mayor Fred W. Chapman and Somers Point.
          Time period for most materials: 1940s-1950s. #1992.204.001-.089.
Gift of: Elizabeth Smith-McAnney. Booklet: Henderson, Stout & Allied Families Genealogy. #2003.161.
Gift of: James Mason, Ventnor, NJ. Information on the Shreve and Frambes families with sourced cited. #2004.208.
Gift of: Constance Culp, West Atlantic City, NJ. Book: Finding Your Roots. Book: Netting Your Ancestors. #2005.167.
Gift of: Merilyn Carter, Pleasantville, NJ. Book: The Girl Graduate, Her Own Book. Memory book of Juanita Alfarata Ryker,
          Pleasantville High School class of 1919. #2005.170.
Gift of: New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, New York, NY. Book: The New York Genealogical and Biographical
          Record. #2005.172.
Gift of: Unknown donor. Postcards and brochure related to the Adelphia Lodge of Somers Point, NJ circa 1878. #2005.184.
Gift of: Mark Demitroff, Vineland, NJ. Reprint - Evidence for Late-Pleistocene Perafrost in the New Jersey Pine Barrens ...
          Eastern USA. #2005.185.
Gift of: Dale Lonkart, Northfield, NJ. 1939 Atlantic City High School Yearbook. 1941 Atlantic City High School Yearbook.
          1943 Atlantic City High School Yearbook. #2005.187.
Gift of: Ruth Gold, Margate, NJ. Book: Shadow Divers by Robert Kurson. #2005.188.
Gift of: Joan Berkey, Linwood, NJ. 3 CD' s generated by Joan Berkey. One containing information and photos of Weymouth
          and two copies of Atlantic County Society Yearbooks covering the years 2001 - 2003. #2005.195.
Gift of: Richard Squires, Egg Harbor Township, NJ. Booklet: County of Atlantic 2005 Manual. 3 Books: Map Atlas - Atlantic
          County Volumes 1, 2 and 3. #2005.204.
Gift of: Edward Merrigan. Booklet: Greenwich. #2005.208.
Gift of: Florence Scull. Booklet: Dear Ethel. #2005.209, Booklet: Where Divided Waters Flow. #2005.210.
Gift of: Marie Ann Somers, Northfield, NJ. Large collection of materials on the Somers Family and United States Navy.
Gift of: Mildred A. Hodson, Somers Point, NJ. Letter, photos, postcards, and obituary relating to the Hodson family.
Anonymous Gift: Booklet: Dr. Randolph Marshall - Record of Births. Folder: labeled Road Returns, containing documents.
          Genealogical chart: Kings & Queens of Great Britain. 20 Books: Genealogical references related to British and Early
          American families. #2005.213.001-.019.
Gift of: George S. Chase, Barnegat, NJ. 4 videos made for and about Island Beach State Park by George S. Chase. #2005.216.
Gift of: Harry P. Folger 3rd, Woodbine, NJ. Book: Mayflower Families Through Five Generations, Volume 20, Part 2.
          #2005.214, 20 Books: Mayflower Families. #2005.226.
Donated by: Atlantic County Office of Cultural Affairs. Collection of receipts, checks, correspondence, and other documents
          related to the Leipe Brothers of Cologne, NJ and the Department of Labor. #2005.225.001-008.
Gift of: Rita Shumsky Schweitzer, Port Washington, NY. The Herald- Atlantic City High School Yearbook 1922. #2005.227.
Gift of: Kim Baker, Ocean City, NJ. 3 items: Letter; List of surfmen and lighthouse keepers; newspaper article from Ocean City
          Sentinel March 3, 2005, " For Those in Peril" A History of the Ocean City Lifesaving Station. #2005.231.
Gift of: Sophie Miller, Somers Point, NJ. Postcard of Traymore Hotel, Atlantic City, NJ. #2005.232.
Gift of: Deborah D. Avens, Laurel, DE. Three photos of the Atlantic City Boardwalk taken on Easter Sunday by Photographer
          H. B. Smith. Time period 1900-1930. #2005.233.
Gift of: Roland Gannon, Ocean City, NJ. 7"x 5" sepia photo of Aunt Evelyn Cook Anderson House, Bethel and Shore Road,
          Somers Point, NJ. #2005.236.
Part of: Edward LaDrew Collection. 15 8"x10" photos of various sites throughout Atlantic County, NJ. Estimated timeframes
          range from late 1800s through 1960. #2005.237.001-.015.
Gift of: Anonymous Donor. Book - The Spectator. London, England in the 1700s. #2005.242.
Gift of: James Sutton, Maitland, Hanks Co., Nova Scotia, Canada. CD - Suttons of South Jersey. #2005.243.
Gift of: David Hann, Hammonton, NJ. Photos of Civil War Encampment at Atlantic City, NJ September 22, 1910. #2005.244.
Gift of: Zella Cramer, Glendora, CA. 6 separate folders, in bindings, containing information on the Clark, Wilson, Steelman,
          Barrett families and their involvement in shipbuilding. #2005.245.001-.006.
Gift of: Cape May County Historical Society, Cape May Court House, NJ. Ship Log of L. S. Smith in a leather bound register
          titled "Register and Prescription Book - U.S. Army Medical Department". Dates from 1880 to 1906. #2005.248.
Gift of: Lee Hagerthey, Egg Harbor Twp, NJ. Pages from Congress Book 2005 of American Philatelic Congress, Inc. #2005.249.
Gift of: Cecile Slinkman, Carol Stream, IL. 10 photos of Stella Paoletti and 1931 graduating class of Atlantic City Hospital; 3
          certificates of nursing; graduation announcement; letter. #2005.251.001-.015.

                                                                                                           Atlantic Heritage 6
      Library Spotlight                                                 Museum Spotlight
                         Dale Lonkart                                          Ruth Gold and Boo Pergament, Curators

               Civil War Correspondence                                     A Great Treasure in a Small Museum
One of the joys of working in our library is the privilege of       In 1995, our museum received a tall-case clock dating back
getting to know people who lived in Atlantic County many            to 1765 from a donor named David Jones Somers. It was
years ago. This has happened to me recently as I have been          made for David Jones of Philadelphia, an ancestor of our
transcribing the many Civil War-era letters in the possession       donor (after whom he was named). The clock was passed
of the Atlantic Heritage Center. Because of the age and             from David Jones to his daughter, Rebecca Jones who
condition of the paper, along with challenges interpreting          married John Ferguson; then to their daughter Rebecca
handwriting and spelling, it is a difficult and time-consuming      Ferguson who married John Githens; then to their daughter,
project – but a fascinating one. The letters offer a look into      Rachel L. Githens who married Samuel Somers (who was
the lives and feelings of men and women during an                   born in Linwood, NJ to Constant and Sarah Somers); then to
important period in our country’s history.                          their son, Hubert, who fathered David Jones, our donor. Six
Samuel Somers’ letters to and from his wife, Rachel Githens
Somers, begin before their marriage in 1864 and continue to          The maker of this rare clock was Edward Duffield, one of
1879. We learn a little of Rachel’s life while living in            the greatest of the Philadelphia clockmakers. His clocks can
Philadelphia and of Samuel’s life at sea while using his sailing    be seen in such places as Winterthor, Colonial Williamsburg,
vessel to supply the Union troops.                                  the American Philosophical Society, the Library Company of
                                                                    Philadelphia, and now at the Atlantic Heritage Center in
Letters to Cordelia Wilson of Mays Landing (dating between
                                                                    Somers Point. Duffield was a close, lifelong friend of
1863 to 1881) from her brother, Harrison, and others give us
                                                                    Benjamin Franklin and was one of the executors of
an idea of her life locally, and of a seaman’s and soldier’s life
                                                                    Franklin’s estate. Duffield's shop was located on the
away from home.
                                                                    northwest corner of Second and Arch Streets in Philadelphia.
One of the most prolific writers was Samuel H. Cavileer.            His work was constantly being interrupted by passers-by
Extremely patriotic and supportive of the Union, he has             asking for the correct time. As a result, he constructed the
some interesting things to say about “trators” and                  first double-faced outdoor clock in the 1740s - the first
“Coperheads” (his spelling is very hard to decipher)! His           public clock in Philadelphia.
letters begin in 1862 and continue to 1865. By the end of the
                                                                    A two-page feature article with pictures of this clock recently
war, he had achieved the rank of Lieutenant and later went
                                                                    appeared in "Antiques And The Arts Weekly", a national
on to serve as Atlantic County Sheriff (1867-1870) and a
                                                                    publication. Take a free museum tour and witness this
member of the Assembly (1872-1873). After serving in the
                                                                    treasure for yourself!
Legislature, he opened a store in Port Republic where he
remained until the sea called him back. He was lost at sea in
September 1876 during one of the most severe storms that
Atlantic County experienced during that time period.

When the project is completed later this year, we plan to
offer the transcriptions in a notebook format for easier
public access to these engaging personal accounts.

Photo: Dr. David Sperling (left of clock), a renowned
authority on tall-case clocks, discusses the many unique
aspects of an Edward Duffield clock located in the
museum of the Atlantic Heritage Center. Dr. Sperling
was a guest speaker at the Center in November 2005.

Photo courtesy of Marge Risley

                                                                                                             Atlantic Heritage 7
                                                                                                      NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION

                                                                                                           U.S. POSTAGE

                                                                                                           PERMIT NO. 5

                                                                                                       SOMERS POINT, NJ 08244

907 Shore Road
Post Office Box 301                                                            ADDRESS CORRECTION REQUESTED
Somers Point, New Jersey 08244-0301

We’ve changed our name! The Atlantic County Historical Society is now known as:

                                                Our Mission:
 To collect and preserve historical materials exemplifying the events, places, and lifestyles of the people of Atlantic
 County and southern New Jersey.

 To encourage the study of history and genealogy.

 To provide historical and genealogical information to our membership and the general public.

                                                                                                    Atlantic Heritage 8