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					  El Shaddai                                           Sermon Discussion Guide
Christian Church                                   Calling – Lessons from King Hezekiah

                                            15 November 2009

Continuing the theme “Our Calling from God”. We all have a calling on our lives, that we are gifted to fulfil
and will be held accountable at judgment time and rewarded in accordance with how we used our gifts in line
with working out our calling. This can be linked to the sermon on our metron/measure of rule, the areas of life
that we are required to take responsibility for – again how we have been supernaturally equipped to take
these areas for the Kingdom, often a supernatural activity because it includes a spiritual dimension to the
work, by ushering in the rule and reign of Christ …

   o King Hezekiah is one of the kings of Judah, after Solomon, there was a fight along the way and
        Israel split from Judah and each had a king. Now Judah had a king called Ahaz one of bad ones, he
        went up to Damascus and made friends with the king Assyria. He took all the silver and gold from
        the temple, shut it, and then had a replica of the Assyrian god’s altar built for his return in Jerusalem.
        The people of Judah were not walking in the ways of there God, with the temple closed and all forms
        of idolatry and rebellion – plus associated difficulty.
   o When he died, his son Hezekiah became king – a complete opposite, one of the good kings of
        Judah. Let’s have a look today at his life, against the background of his father and draw a number of
        points (you can read of his life in Kings, Chronicles and Isaiah, there is lot’s written on him.
   o He was a young man who had a calling, just like all of us, in that he was destined to become king of
        Judah and had a calling on his life to fulfil – he had a metron of rule that he needed to take
        responsibility for … to be the King of Judah

1. He was prepared for his calling
2Ch 29:1-7
Some points we can note:
    o In the first month of his reign he acted – to start undoing the damage his fathers had done.
    o How could a young man of 25 be so ready to go 180deg opposite, to his father king Ahaz??
    o Believe he was prepared for his calling, he must have know he was going to become king and
         decided what he was going to do,
    o He must have been schooled in the ways of the Lord, perhaps his mother, grand parents?? He must
         have had a spiritual mother and father that prepared him and was a reference for him during both the
         preparation and especially the beginning of is period as king.
Calling conclusion:
    o Understood his calling and was prepared to walk in it
    o He had spiritual parents … those that coached and schooled him and covered him in the way to walk

2. Calling was focused on the worship of God
2Ch 30:1 “2Ch 30:13 “2Ch 31:1&2

Some points we can note:
    o Rather than focusing only on the governmental affairs of Judah and what he could get out of the
         situation, he knew that the central activity must be to correct the spiritual focus of the people – bring
         it back to the worship of their God …
    o For Hezekiah it was to re established all the temple activities and work of the Levites and priests,
         and to bring Judah back to a place of obedience and alignment with their God – destroying all the
         alters and places of idol worship
    o He called, all the people of Judah to come and take part, he re-organised all the priests and Levites
Calling conclusion:
    o Calling always needs to be underpinned by the worship of God. Worship being were we bow before
         our God and place him above all else.

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    o   Always focuses on removing any alters and idols … specific application our personal lives &
    o   Must focus on the establishment of the Rule and Reign of Christ here on earth

3. Positioned through our pattern of giving
2Ch 31:4 & 5 2Ch 31:10 “2Ch 31:20 2Ch 31:21

Some points we can note:
    o God has built into the foundations of the earth not only gravity but also the foundational principles by
         which He is able to release to us all that we need.
    o These are the principles of sowing and reaping, that are established and demonstrated in the
         agrarian model – farming, but are essentially God’s economic system by which we need to operate.
         This had fallen away under King Ahaz
    o But Hezekiah reinstituted it, the sowing of first fruits and then the tithes.
    o This then led to the prospering of both the King and the people of Judah
Calling conclusion:
    o Any effective/correct working out of our calling must include the invoking/honouring of God’s
         economic system over our lives.
    o Basis of our prospering for only as we prosper are we able to work out our calling!
    o Plus it is a demonstration of our alignment – by which the spiritual authority runs through our lives …
         as we place the first fruits in the hands of the priests and fathers in our lives
    o Proverbs 3v10 we read “Honour the Lord with your wealth, with the first fruits of all your crops; then
         your barns will be filled to overflowing and your vats will brim over with new wine.” Similarly in
         Malachi we read that as we tithe the windows of heaven will be opened over our lives, the devourer
         rebuked and the vine will not drop its fruit ….
4. He had to face opposition
2Ch 32:1 2Ch 32:20 & 21 2 Kings 19v35.

Some points we can note:
    o Incredible opposition arose, they bunkered down in there fortified cities and the future looked like
         victory would never be there’s.
    o Yet Hezekiah was prepared to fight, not only in his own strength, but mainly through the trust in his
    o Famous part of the story when a letter arrives full of threats, he goes into the temple, falls before His
         God and petitions Him
    o What a victory!! Angel of the Lord simply slays 185 000 of the Assyrians!!
Calling conclusion:
    o Our calling will always involve battles and spiritual fights! It has to be the case in that we are taking
         ground from the evil one – thus it is a spiritual battle.
    o But when we fight the battle spiritually with the weapons he has given us, in line with any strategy He
         releases to us – we know we will be on the victors side
5. Pride was his temptation
2Ch 32:23-28 “

Some points we can note:
    o Hezekiah received much in return for his actions and walk – honour, prestige, financial increase …
    o The danger was he did not give the full glory to His God and pride crept in … leading him to the point
         where he was going to die.
    o But he knew His God enough to humble himself and was restored and given a further 15 years to
         live …
    o We also read of the great return for walking in all the ways of his God.
Calling conclusion:
    o Calling will bring honour, gifts and increase to our lives – the question is what will we do with it?
    o Will we give all the glory continually to him or will we be tempted to keep some of it – in other words
         for pride to take route!
    o Here let’s learn from the teaching of Corrie Ten Boom who teaches, take the compliment or the
         reflection of something achieved, sniff it once yes you have been involved and then offer it back.

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Believe today there is a clear call to become “unstuck” in our calling and service, we need to
understand why we are stuck and take some action. Help your group apply the lessons from the
life of King Hezekiah, thereby taking responsibility for their metron’s of rule and through the
establishment of His rule and reign:
     1. Ask your group to share on their areas of calling, are they fully persuaded of the fact that
        they have a calling to work out?
     2. Then to reflect on how they are doing in response to:
        o Do you have spiritual mothers and fathers in your life to prepare you, help you and be
            part of the break through for you?
        o Are the working out of His principles and ways central your life and the areas of your
            calling, or are you just floating along in a survival mode of life? Whish altars are being
            built in your life and household?
        o Are you aligned in your finances – invoking the economic system of God through first
            fruit offerings and tithes … as a foundation to their calling?
        o Are they prepared to face the battles, not in own strength but with His strategy and
        o Do you give him the glory for what He does through you?
     3. Minister and pray for one another to be to become “unstuck” in their callings, pray
        specifically in the any of the areas listed above that they have highlighted.

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