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					                   DEO GLORIA – 2009 MAFIKENG

  1) My task is to lay a foundation for the rest of our time together

   2) Our conference theme is “Restoring God’s Order”

   3) Looking at the symbol – (Mafikeng) by the way means “Place of
      Stones” – we see a fire on the altar – but before the fire of God came
      down, Elijah had to Repair the Altar of the Lord (1Kings 18)

   4) He took 12 stones – representing the 12 tribes of Israel and the no-12
      also speaks about governmental Rule (order)

   5) The prophet Isaiah was sent to the king Hezekiah with the message
      “Get your house in order, because you are going to die”

   6) And so as an Association – we need to put our house in order – we
      need to correct, restore, repair and see if what we do is compliant with
      the season

   7) We cannot defy the season – If it is winter we need to dress
      appropriately and eat healthy or otherwise we will be sick and even

   8) We will be looking at our Personal order – because the Biblical
      criteria for a leader – he/she Must be above reproach (Rogi)

   9) We need to set our Financial Houses in order (Absa Rep)
   10)      We need to repair the Altar of Prayer (Pastors Gysman &
      Carmichael) will be leading the prayer meetings
   11)      We will also be looking at Social Order – ( we have with us
      Brother Anthony Canham – He is the HR Deputy Director of the
      Department of Justice
   12)      We also need to set our Administration House in order – and
      we will have a hard look at our Rules of Procedure – L.Saul
   13)      The rest of the Plenery speakers will be focusing on the order
      of Father & Son – which must be corrected
                     Let me lay the foundation

                God Builds His House in 3 Ways
1stly – By Revelation – the Pastor (leader) builds the church because
God gives the revelation

   a) Matthew 16:13-18 – Jesus asked His disciples “who do people say
      the son of man is? – some say – John the Baptist, Elijah, Jeremiah or
      one of the prophets

   b) But what about you Peter – “You are the Christ the son of the living
      God – “ Blessed are you Simon son of Jonah – this! was revealed by
      my Father in heaven

   c) And On This Rock (Foundation) (The Revelation) – I will Build My
      church and the gates of Hades Will Not! Overcome it
     – some things Only come by revelation and not our logic

2ndly – God builds His house Relationally (after the revelation) God now
adds people to support the vision

   a) God’s puts in peoples minds, heart, their Role (contribution) or their
      part of the vision – He does so by divinely ordering your steps

3rdly – God build His house – Generationally – because everything God
builds – He wants it to continue from one generation to the other (next) That
is if men & woman will co –operate with Him

Let me zero in on the last two(2) the is Relationally & Generationally

  a) The new wine skin – God is using in this season is the father & son

  b) Jesus Himself, our supreme Example of ministry did not execute a
     single ministry outside the order of Father & Son

  c) We are all the result of God the father & God the Son (if you a born
        - This is the order of salvation
        - This is also the order of Ministry
        - This is the Kingdom of God’s Modus of Oparandi

  d) So God in this season is Building His family – He is restoring father
     & son relationships

  e) To the ladies – Gal 3:26-29 we are all sons of God – So ladies you are
     a man (wo-man – a man with a womb)
        - No Jew, Greek, Slave, free, male or female for we are all one
           in Christ Jesus – so sons are genderless

  f) Malachi 4:6 “ He is turning the hearts if the fathers to their children
     and the hearts of the children to their fathers, or else I will come and
     strike the land with a curse”

  g) Now in the Natural we want this restoration to happen – but there are
     many couples who do not have children – So I don’t believe this order
     refers to biological restoration, as a priority

  h) In the natural – we have many absent fathers, alcoholic fathers,
     workaholic fathers, silent fathers, emotionless, abusive, weak,
     terrorizing, molesting and even competitive fathers

  i) So in this season – God is raising up spiritual fathers to take
     responsibility over spiritual sons and this, will! positively impact the
     biological family as well
  j) Mark 10:29-31 – The principal of the 1st (first) and (last)
       - What I believe Jesus was saying – Peter – you have left –
          Biological family and you will be rewarded- this life & – age
          to come
       - However Peter your spiritual family shall take priority over
          your natural family – The first shall be last &the last first

  k) Mark 3:31 “Lord your mother and brothers are outside – “here is my
     mother and my brothers – whoever does God’s will is my family
       - The first shall last and the last shall be first!

Same Principle in the Old Testament

  a) Abraham – oldest son was Ismail – but Isaac the son of promise took
     the 1st (first) place

  b) Esau & Jacob – although Esau was the older – Jacob the 2nd born
     received the Double portion

  c) Later Joseph brought his 2 sons for Jacob to bless- But Jacob crossed
     his arms and instead of Blessing Mannassah with his right hand – He
     Blessed Ephraim with the Blessing of the First Born

  d) And yes I know – all of this – figuratively speak about the New Birth
     –The new man (our spirit man) that takes the first place over our
     natural man

  e) But this also refers to the priority of the spiritual father and son
Cry for Fatherhood

  a) There is a cry for fatherhood – we want fathers – but what we need is
     the Heavenly Father (our Father Holy is your name) (Perfect is your

  b) This however is on the vertical scale – but on the horizontal level –
     turn to 1 Cor 4:14-16

  c) Yes there are 10,000 instructors – Guardians – Educators in the
     Corinthian church – they were rich in spiritual gifts – Rich in
     Ministry gifts but no spiritual fathers and also no spiritual sons – 1 cor
     4:17 “ For this reason I am sending to You Timothy, my son – who is
     faithful in the land”

  d) You do not have many fathers and the consequence there is a lack of

  e) There are many fatherless churches – because 1stly – we fail to
     acknowledge them and 2ndly because of a lack of understanding
     regarding this father &son connection

  f) No father means – no Provision – no Protection – no fatherly
     affirmation – no identification- no love and acceptance and there is no
     value on the widow and orphans.

  g) But God is doing a new thing – He is sending the Elijah spirit – The
     prophetic and the prophets to the husbandless and fatherless churches
     (houses) and He is turning the hearts and this speaks of intimacy – a
     true relationship

  h) We have a responsibility to father the sons – but the sons also have a
     responsibility to receive and submit and honour their spiritual fathers

  i) Your spiritual father is not necessarily the one who led you to the
     Lord (In the natural – some fathers abandon their sons and so step
     fathers take control) some in the church – some fathers only drop the
     seed and then they run and we step in
  j) True fathers take responsibility and accountability to nurture their
     sons into the fullness of Christ – Paul said to the Galation church
     (4:19) “My dear children for whom I am again in the pains of
     childbirth Until Christ Formed in you”

  k) True fathers carry you in their womb/hearts and they make sure Christ
     is formed in you
     So God builds His church – Revelationally – Relationally &

3rdly – God builds His church Generationally
        - I need to Illustrate this – Abraham – Isaac & Jacob

  1) If we fail to rise up to what God is doing in this season “I will come
     and strike the land with a curse

  2) The issue is not – do you have an apostle, prophet, Evangelist, Pastor-
     A Bishop / leader in the house- The question is who is your spiritual
     father – do you have one? If not adopt One!

  3) To the sons if you do not connect to the father – you will be a prodigal
     – a wanderer and – a curse will prevail over your life

  4) In the days Elisha – the widow cried “The creditors is coming to take
     my two sons as his slaves – In the day of Elijah – God sent the
     prophet to a widow to sustain him – God is sending the prophet “ He
     will turn the Hearts”

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