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Creative Pictures
Making memories for life

What does Creative Pictures want to achieve?
1.    To produce awe-inspiring photographic memories – creative, imaginative
      and of the highest quality.
2.    To be the preferred image provider in our niche, nation wide.
3.    Five years from now every school, pre-school and crèche will want to deal
      With Creative Pictures.

How will Creative Pictures achieve its vision?
1.    By taking pride in every photograph.
2.    By being professional and committed at all times.
3.    By constantly improving and developing creative and other work skills.
4.    By creating an organized, positive, productive work environment.
5.    By building team spirit.
6.    By ensuring absolute client satisfaction, putting a smile on every face.
7.    By building long-term customer relationships.
8.    By being a business that radiates joy, warmth and friendliness.
9.    By duplicating Creative Pictures, enabling employees to become franchisees.
10.   Ensuring all stakeholders a reasonable investment return.

What does Creative Pictures stand for?
1. Honesty and integrity: conducting all business fairly, ethically and legally.
2. Superb quality: both the product and the service.
3. Timeliness: being on time with deliveries and for all appointments, and never
   procrastinating tasks.
4. Respect: treating every client, colleague and piece of equipment respectfully.
5. Self-improvement: learning and mastering the success code.

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