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									Country: GHANA                                                                                                                Page number:

Personal/team objective:                 To increase the percent of OVC receiving services from 24% to 30% by 2005.

 Critical activity needed      Who is responsible           How will this         What resources          By when should       What follow up is
to achieve this objective        / needs to be           critical activity be      are required /           this critical      needed / would be
                                   involved?               implemented?          where should they           activity be           helpful?
                                                                                    come from?              completed?

Finalise OVC Policy            GAC, Coalition on        Task teams and           Funds from UNICEF,      October 2004.        Regular update and
Guidelines and on-going        Rights of the Child,     Consultants doing        GAC, POLICY and                              reminders on progress
studies on OVCs: Human         GNCC, HACI, DSW,         designated study(ies)    NGOs                                         being made on
Rights and costing study of    UNICEF, POLICY                                                                                 finalising reports on
Queen Mother’s Project         UNAIDS                                                                                         studies

Disseminate findings of        GAC, Coalition on        Organise                 Funds and workshop      Late October 2004.   Review, monitor
studies                        Rights of Child, HACI,   dissemination events     facilitators                                 publicity campaigns.
                               UNICEF                   and include media and
                                                        other key stakeholders

Finalise M &E indicators and
                               GAC and Dept of          National consultations   Funds, other            September 2004.      Adoption and
use information to inform
                               Social Welfare           and workshops            countries experiences                        implementation of
drafting of NPA

Develop a Nation Plan of       The National OVC Task    Organise national        Technical assistance    June 2005.           Develop work plan and
Action on OVC and cost         Force, GAC, GNCC and     consultations            Funds from partners.                         review of targets by the
programme                      all stakeholders         facilitated by a                                                      National OVC steering
                                                        consultant                                                            Committee and
                                                        Organise stakeholders’
                                                        workshop to validate
                                                        and adopt NPA.

Documentation of               National OVC Task        Consultant working       Technical assistance    December 2005.       Develop data base on
programmes/services on         Force and consultant     with the National OVC                                                 programmes, services
OVCs and harmonise                                      Task Force/sub-          Financial resources                          and share ‘best
programmes where possible                               Committee                                                             practices

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