Corporate – NGO MOU Template

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					                      Formalise Partnerships

Corporate – NGO MOU Template

1. This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is agreed between:

                                           Company X


                                       Organisation Y

                                for the purpose of Project X

1.1. This agreement records the terms and conditions of the parties’ agreement and
how they wish to regulate their relationship.

2. Description of the Project
2.1 Contact details of both parties

Company X at:



Organisation Y at:



or such other address of which a party may notify the other in writing.

2.2. State the objectives of the project
2.3 Details of other sponsors and the obligations agreed upon.

3. Contributions
3.1 From the Company X
a. Resources
b. Cash
c. Time

3.2 From Organisation Y
a. Resources
b. Cash
c. Time

4. Duration of Agreement
4.1 Date of Commencement
4.2 Date of proposed exit

5. Timelines for Exiting
5.1 Exiting plan

6. General Provisions
6.1. Agreement around information sharing (details)

6.2 Agreement around access to information

7. Activities
7.1 What activities need to be completed for the success of the project.

7.2 Which party is responsible for each of the above-mentioned activities.

8. Expected Outcomes
8.1. Intended outputs of the project

8.2. Timelines of the project

9. Communications and Branding
9.1. What type of communication will take place

9.2. Who is responsible for the various aspects of communication

9.3. What will be contributed for the Project Launch

10. What the grant entails:
10.1. Budget
a. amount of resources
b. amount of funding
c. amount allocated for administration
d. amount allocated for monitoring and evaluation
e. distribution of funds – infrastructure, repairs, training etc.
f. procedure for remittance of funds
g. operating procedures, policies and costs
h. budget restrictions
i. notification of cuts in funding
j. source of funds after corporate grant-maker exit

10.2. Financial
a. auditing requirements
b. financial management requirements

11. What is expected from Partners
11.1 level of involvement from Company X

11.2   the role and responsibilities of Organisation Y

11.3   the role and responsibilities of Company X

12.    Accountability
12.1. what activities and outputs is Company X accountable for

12.2. what activities and outputs is Organisation Y accountable for

13. Project Reporting and communication
13.1. What is the frequency of reports required from Organisation X

13.2. In what format will the above-mentioned reports be and what information needs to
be included

13.3. What provisions are there for reporting feedback

13.4. What is the proposed meeting schedule between Company X and Organisation Y

13.5. Who is responsible for arranging meetings

13.6. Will there be site visits and who is responsible for arranging the above-mentioned

14. Monitoring and evaluation
14.1. What monitoring and evaluation will take place

14.2. What evaluation tools will be used

14.3. Who will be responsible for the monitoring and evaluation

15. Capacity building of the service provider
15.1. What capacity building, if any, will Company X provide

16. Terms and Conditions
16.1 What actions will be taken in the case of a breach of contract by either party?

16.2 What action will be taken in the case of premature termination by either party?
16.3 What steps will be taken for conflict resolution?

16.4. Confidentiality

SIGNED AT ______________________________ ON THIS THE ____________ DAY
OF ___________________________

___________________                           ____________________

For: Company X                                       WITNESS



SIGNED AT ______________________________ ON THIS THE ____________ DAY
OF ___________________________

___________________                           ____________________

For: Organisation Y                                  WITNESS



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