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                 • 14th AUGUST 2008 •

              August is Membership Month
 – a time to focus on Rotary’s continuing need for growth- to seek
                          more members
                      The Foundation of Your Club

              Every Rotarian shares the responsibility of seeking
                              qualified men/women.
           In assessing qualifications for membership, here are the
                                points to consider:
                • Is the individual’s character above reproach?
            • Is the reputation of the individual’s firm exemplary?
                       • Is the person “service-minded”?
 • Can the candidate meet the financial obligations of membership and attend
                                 weekly meetings?
Bringing new members into our club keeps it dynamic and strong. All members,
                      even new ones, have an obligation to
keep an eye out for prospects who lends diversity of background, career and
                              interests to the club.

             REMEMBER! - someone just has to be asked

          Membership is “Everyone’s” Responsibility !
             Who are “YOU” going to invite to join Rotary today?”
                     Or tomorrow?       Or next week?.

                            “ Take pride in your Rotary Membership”

MEETING          WELCOME-       SERGEANT-          SPEAK           SPEAKER
 DATE             GRACE-          FINES            INTRO           THANKS
 14th Aug          Gerrie          Bruce              Ian             Cyril
                  Odendaal         Mackie           Laight           Wilkins
  21st Aug          Nigel           Jim              Mike            Suresh
                  Pickering       Mc Luckie        Lillyman           Autar
 28th Aug           Robin         Ramesh            Hugh              Peter
                   Pollock        Maharaj          Lindsay            Biden

 Members, please note: It is “YOUR” responsibility, to be available to take
  your turn at a duty and therefore your responsibility, to swap or arrange for
            a replacement if you can’t be there on any specific night.


                   Average attendance for July – 70%

“Rotary club meeting comes around, I do not have to decide whether to attend
or not, for that has already been decided by me….. It is one of the obligations
                         I accept when I joined Rotary”

   GOLF DAY                                              Friday, 24th October

     Partner’s Night                          -                   28th August

                            Don’t Forget to :,
                              o Pay your subs
                   o Contribute to             OUR        Golf Day

                    Birthdays & Anniversaries
                   Sandy & Phillip Curtis – 18th (anniversary)

                 Rita du Toit – 16th      Dok Malan – 22nd
                            Ramesh Maharaj -23rd

Contributions to your bi-weekly newsletter are encouraged; please pass on any articles or
   interesting information, so that we can all share in it. Remember that copies will be
                                available on the Web Page
                           Juliet’s Corner

   If you wish to attend the   “Juliet’s” monthly suppers, (Every Second
     Please contact Gael: on, 072 6211434 by the “Tuesday” before.
                     In order, to facilitate the bookings.

              “No Call,    No Seat,      No Eat”

                   31st July- “Partners” Night.

 Unfortunately there was a poor turn out tonight, of only 18 members and 5
 lady partners, to hear environmentalist and (Head of the KZN South Coast
 District Courts) Magistrate: Louis Radyn from Pennington, speak on his main
                           hobby and passion, “Bonsai”.
   We learnt that the art started in China, not Japan and that the correct
             pronunciation is “Bone Saai”, it means “tree on a tray”.
 Louis was very good at presenting his subject; he made it so interesting and
    fun, with a slide show of his many different trees. He explained all the
different shapes that can be achieved and described the methods of pruning
                       the roots and training the branches.
That the container should not be a gaudy shinny pot and must be wider than it
  is deep, also, that men are better at it, as women are too impatient as the
   trees develop too slowly for them. A really interesting talk, he should be
      invited back when the whole club and all the ladies can be present.
  The raffle has still not been won, Peter Bydendyk won a bottle of wine and
Mike Lillyman missed the R1000 with the Queen of Hearts, there are only “6”
                                   cards left.
      Our new “ Mini Fellowship “ starts tonight .Try and make an effort
      to invite your fellow Rotarians within 2 weeks time , so that everybody
          can have the opportunity to join in the fun. The idea is not to go
        extravagant- anything goes : can be coffee/tea on Sunday morning,
     playing a game of cards, a meal, drinks & snacks, just have some fun + get
       to know each other better. You can invite any other guests, as long as
                    the 3 names drawn are invited.   ENJOY !
      Lee from the “Guinea Fowl” coffee shop at the mall is giving us 4 X R25
        vouchers every month ; - a big thank you to her for the donation.

               Business Meeting - 7th August
Community Service: Hugh reported on following Projects :
Wheelchairs                                 St Anne’s
Senior Citizens Outings                     Soul of Africa Matching Grant
Enkanini Creche                             Phakanani Creche
Literacy                                    Umzinto Correc .Serv.
Siyabona                                    Zizamela Project
Distr Simp Grant – Siombulelo centre        Blankets (ECR Winter Warm)
Carols by Candlelight
Amandawe Care Centre (pos.future proj.)     ECR food parcels
Due to total over-efficiency from Hugh, projects were only listed – any
inquiries, Hugh will be happy to answer

Foundation : Peter Bytendyk reported on Foundation issues.
A Friendship –Exchange group from France will be hosted by club members for
night of 28thOct.
Short-term exchange will be advertised at schools.
Amount for the club’s contribution to Foundation was calculated + reported

Club Service: Iain Jenkins reported on the activities of this committee.
Fundraising- A few possible ideas were mentioned like –Mountain bike fun ride
/ race, Family Fun Rally, Plastic duck race, etc.
Golfday- Piet du Toit reported that everything for our Golf Day is on track,
but asked members to make an effort to get more sponsors – the amount of
R7800 has already been committed .
The International Evening will be on the 1st November – Shobana will be co-
ordinating it.
Fellowship- the” Mini Fellowship” evenings are going to start as from next
meeting. Lists for Barnyard + Bunnychow Party were circulated. We will take
up Ian Laight’s offer to christen his new deck with a Pizza evening – date to be
confirmed .
Membership – the club has lost 5 members , but target is to gain another 6.
Public Relations-It seems the Board at the mall will finally happen, although on
another wall.
Club banners / shirts – Ian Laight has 32 shirts to sell at R75 each

A copy of the monthly report by Ian Laight was given to everybody .

Attendance - were poor – only 38%. ( quite a few Rotarians are currently


                       Excess billing hours !!
   A lawyer died and arrived at the pearly gates. To his dismay, there were
thousands of people ahead of him in line to see St. Peter. But, to his surprise,
 St. Peter left his desk at the gate and came down the long line to where the
lawyer was standing. St. Peter greeted him warmly. Then St. Peter and one of
his assistants took the lawyer by the hands and guided him up to the front of
                  the line into a comfortable chair by his desk.
    The lawyer said, "I don't mind all this attention, but what makes me so
St. Peter replied, "Well, I've added up all the hours for which you billed your
        clients, and by my calculation you must be about 193 years old!"
     How to Tell When It's Time to Buy a Hearing Aid...


                    Want me to paint for you??
A blonde was recently fired from an M&M factory for throwing away Ws and
peeling the shells on the candies. Therefore, she needed a new job to support
  herself. After going around town asking if anyone needed work done, she
  found a man who needed a painter.“I’m here for the paint job,” she said.“

Alright,” said the man. “Here is the paint and your brush. I want you to paint
 my porch behind the house.”The blonde immediately went to work painting.
    Within an hour, she was done and decided to put on a second coating.

  After she finished, she returned to the man for her pay. She said with
 satisfaction, “I not only completed the job, but I even put on two coats of
      paint! By the way, that isn’t a porsche out back. It’s a new BMW

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