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									                                      All Breeds Cat Club
                                      PO Box 6556, Welgemoed, 7538
                                      Chairperson: Pauline Nel ; 0834443806
To cherish and protect                Treasurer: Stuart Seaton : 0836518327

                         Call for Nominations to serve on Committee 2008
Extract from Constitution:
12.5 Voting at any meetings of the Club shall be by show of hands, or ballot, as the meeting may decide.
12.6 Nominations for election by the Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting duly
      proposed and seconded by members in good standing and signed by the candidate, shall be received by the
      Secretary not later that seven [7] days before the Meeting.


           Notice of Annual General Meeting and Agenda for 2008
Purpose of the Meeting
For Committee to report back the activities and matters of the club during 2008.
To identify, discuss and plan actions to be taken for the next year.
To ensure that the club is managed according to constitutional requirements.
To announce committee members due for retirement, and to elect new committee members.

Details:           Time:          19h30
                   Date:          28 November 2008
                   Venue:         Durbanville Tennis Club
                                  Cnr Queen & Biccard Street

1        Welcome and Prayer                                           Anthony Aldum

2        Attendance and Apologies                                     Hanlie Basson

3        Confirmation of Previous Minutes                             Hanlie Basson

4        Treasurers Report                                            Stuart Seaton

5        Chairman’s Report                                            Pauline Nel

6        Election of Committee                                        Pauline Nel

7.       General                                                      Pauline Nel

Points for Discussion: Please forward topics for ‘POINTS FOR DISCUSSION’ to P.O. Box 6556
Welgemoed 7538

The following members are going forward for re-election for 2008
Existing Committee Members

(*Indicates those members who retire in terms of the Constitution but are available for re-election)

Chairlady                             Pauline Nel*
Vice-Chairman                         Clive Goosen
Treasurer                             Stuart Seaton
Secretary                             Hanlie Basson
Committee Members:                    Anne McGregor-Matthews
                                      Anthony Aldum*
                                      Johann Jooste
                                      Athena van Heerden

 Co-option by Committee vote:
The following new members were proposed and seconded by current Committee members during the
year. They will be asked to stay on the Committee:
Johann Jooste, Athena van Heerden

Proposals for other members to be elected, signed by the proposer, seconder and member, must be
Received by 21st November 2008

                           COMMITTEE AND OFFICE BEARERS
    1        The Committee shall consist of not less than six [6] and not more than fifteen [15] members. If at any time the
             number is less than fifteen [15] the Committee shall have the right to co-opt Club members to fill vacancies up to
             the maximum of fifteen [15]. The Committee shall also have power to co-opt by unanimous vote not more than
             two [2] additional members of the Club by virtue of their special knowledge to assist the Committee in special
             circumstances and matters relevant to their knowledge. All nominated, elected and co-opted persons to the
             Committee shall, apart from being members of the Club, be in good standing at the time.

    2        The new Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting by ballot or show of hands howsoever that
             meeting shall decide. If necessary such election may be held at an Extraordinary General Meeting. The
             members shall ordinarily be elected for a period of three [3] years. One third of their members shall retire each
             year and shall on retirement be considered eligible for re-election.

    3        The office Bearers of the Club shall be Chairman, one or more Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. The
             offices of Secretary and Treasurer may be held by the same person. All Office Bearers shall be elected to the
             Committee at its first meeting in each Club year from amongst its members. They shall hold office for one Club
             year and until their successors are elected. The Chairman and Vice Chairman, shall have served for at least one
             year on the Committee prior to their election to these positions.

    4        In the event of the positions of Vice Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer becoming vacant the Committee may at
             their discretion co-opt a Club member and/or elect one of their number to serve in the necessary capacity for the
             remainder of the term of office.

    5        Any member of the Committee failing to attend without a reasonable excuse three [3] consecutive meetings, shall
             cease to be a member of the Committee.

    6        The affairs of the Club shall be managed by the Committee.

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