8 February 2007

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					  Thought for the Day

We are so often caught up in our
destination that we forget to
appreciate the journey,
especially the goodness of
the people we meet on the way.
                                                                9 February 2007

Dear Parents
Have you made an entry in the Gordon Road Girls‟ School 95th birthday book?
You will find it in the foyer.
Arts Centre Update
During this last week the light fittings were installed in the upper level of the
new building and the cupboards are almost complete. We have had great fun
deciding on names for the individual practice rooms and plaques are being
made celebrating Tchaikovsky, Mozart and Bach. We continue to thrive on all
these new developments and only this morning Mrs Ellis told me that she felt
uplifted just as soon as she arrived at school and Mrs Ardē walked in at 6H50
and said how lovely our foyer was looking. We do thank the Bloem family for
donating the beautiful couch and two chairs that have recently been covered
to match our foyer furniture. Indeed, we celebrate each day with gratitude!

Are you being spontaneously appreciative
each and every day? Have you started a
family habit of giving thanks for what you
have? Please encourage your family and
friends to see the positive and to appreciate
its value. We are given so many rewards
everyday: learn to look for them. Special
people overlook the broken gate and admire
the flowers within. Why not be special?

   1.     Gratitude is an attitude of the heart. Thankful people live each
          moment with a sense of wonder and contentment. Count your
          blessings and watch them grow!
   2.     Gratitude is like a magnet attracting greater happiness, a more
          fulfilling life, and more satisfying relationships. Every day, let your
          heart fill with love. Gratitude creates more reasons to feel grateful.
   3.     Start a Love List. Beginning today, when you see, hear or
          experience something that brings tears of gratitude to your eyes,
          write it down. Over time you will begin to see a pattern emerging.
          This will help you clarify what really moves you and to motivate you
          to live a life that matters.
What about offering a “Helping Hand”?
We have samples of some “Helping Hand” pendants
which can be ordered from the Grade 6 girls at
R10.00 each. They are being sold in aid of the
Quadraplegic Association‟s Quad Squad Day.
Come along and place your orders and help
this wonderful Association.
Margie Leibbrandt

Are you a good role model?
Our neighbours across the road were shocked to hear one of the
Gordon Road mothers (who drives a black RunX) shouting and
screaming at our guard Mr Themba Ntuli who is on duty at the double
gate in Gordon Road. Mr Ntuli has been instructed to ask parents /
visitors not to park across our driveway. Unfortunately this particular
mother let herself and the rest of the Gordon Road community down in a
most disappointing manner. I am sad to know that our polite, cheerful,
diligent guard was treated in this way and I do hope that that parent and
everyone else, will support our safety procedures and abide by our
requests. I am sure that we can count on your co-operation.

On Tuesday 13 February, Individual and Class Photographs will be taken.
The girls need to be especially neat on that day. No tracksuits or sandals to
be worn, and long hair must be tied back as usual.
We know that our young ladies will look beautiful in their photos!
Margie Leibbrandt

Once again our Grade 1‟s have started the year off well in
their clean, neat dresses and their strong desire to „wear
a sticker‟ to show that they are perfectly dressed
Gordon Road girls. Well done, Grade 1‟s.
Gail Smethurst - Deputy Principal

Community Outreach: SPCA
Dog and Cat Food Collection
Our collection has got off to a good start – we already have quite a few tins of
dog and cat food in the JP library – but we still need many more for all those
abandoned dogs and cats at the SPCA.
Lynn Matheson

Please see that your daughter has her lunch, sports equipment, tog bags etc
set out the evening before school, as the secretaries in the front office are
inundated with people dropping off items during the school day. These
interruptions are most time consuming and unnecessary, your co-operation in
this matter is greatly appreciated.
We have attended two galas already this term. Last week Wednesday we
participated in a relay gala at Glenwood Prep. Gordon Road Girls‟ School
swam their best and it was a good opportunity for the coaches to make notes
on areas that need more practice. It was evident that more time needed to be
spent on starts and turns.

This week Wednesday we took two teams to Durban Girls‟ College. It
promised to be a great opportunity for more of our swimmers to be included in
a gala, as well as to allow swimmers to swim in more events. Unfortunately a
break down in communication at Durban Girls‟ College resulted in our B team
alternating events with Durban Girls‟ College B team. Mrs Rivett and Miss
Algie had to re-shuffle our swimmers to ensure that all our girls had a turn to
Our girls swam well under these conditions and we are proud of their efforts
and understanding during the gala. Being a 25m-relay event we were not
able to assess any improvements in turns, although we noticed some better
starts and take-overs.
The squad has worked hard on these areas all week. Well done girls!

Top Ten Gala - Monday 12 February.
Last week during class swimming, the Gordon Road Girls‟ School girls had a
chance to compete for selection in this year‟s Top 10 Gala. Letters have been
handed to the swimmers who are swimming on Monday evening. Well done
to all the girls for challenging each other in good spirit.
Swimmers are reminded to return the reply slip to Miss Martins asap. They
must please come to school dressed in tracksuits and costumes.
There will be a small variety of food on sale eg hot dogs, juices etc.
Swimmers must please not be brought refreshments during the gala .
THE GALA STARTS AT 6PM. Please be at Gordon Road Girls‟ School pool
by 5:30pm. We expect to finish the evening at 7pm.

D 'n D Countdown - 3 WEEKS TO GO!
Gordon „Road Girls‟ School are faced with the challenge of competing in the
„A‟ Section of the D ‟n D Galas. Our swimmers are doing their best to prepare
for this event. Keep working hard. Looking forward to seeing you in the pool.


Contributions from Grade 3

Grade 3G
I love being myself and I like doing things by myself. I do not concentrate a
lot. Kiara Moodley
I am special because I‟m different. I have dark brown eyes, I have no
brothers and sisters. I love knitting and sewing. Yuvthi Dwarkapersad
I don‟t like peanuts but I love peanut butter. I‟m different because I walk
differently and have different difficulties. Lubna Asmal
Grade 3N
I am unique and special because
- I have big black eyes and I won one race on sports day. Zahra Malek
- I am the only me in the whole wide world and my lovely family loves me for
  who I am. I am kind and caring. Myuri Juglal
- Because I am the only girl in the class who climbed a big mountain and I
  reached the top. Darshna Naidu
- I do horse riding and I think it is fun. I am the only girl in my class who rides
  horses. Nicole Luis
-I am proudly South African and I am me. Nokwazi Bhengu
-I am kind and helpful. Melissa Costa

Grade 3K
I am unique and special because I am different and there is no one like me.
Aradhana Naidu
I am unique and special because I have good friends. Taryn Govender
I am unique and special because I am the only child. My mom and dad love
me very much. I am lucky to have two special parents.      Pralene Naidoo

   The Newsletter has had to be sent home today instead of
  Thursday because we had no electricity all day yesterday!!

Yours sincerely

Y.L. Johnstone (Mrs)

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