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The checklist is intended to provide assistance in ensuring that all necessary items are
addressed when planning a conference/seminar or workshop.

2.1    GENERAL
Open a conference account. Keep separate from regional account
Secure written confirmation of venue booking.
Form a committee.
Allocate portfolios to committee members e.g. Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Sponsors,
Exhibitors, Social events, Speakers
Decide if a conference coordinator will be used. If not ensure the invoicing will run problem

2.2     SPONSORS
Decide on sponsors to use.
Compile a list and divide it between dedicated committee members. Each member must phone
their list of sponsors.
Give a short description of the functions and duties of SASOHN and that we are a non
profitable origination.(See the sponsorship letter in file).send the sponsorship letter through
to the sponsor and inform them that you will keep them up to date and ask when you can collect
the sponsorship. Note this in your diaries and try to collect sponsorships well in advance before
the conference.
Decide on a safe and secure storage place to keep all sponsorships.

Dedicate 2 persons to deal with exhibitors (Preferably one contact person).
Decide on exhibitors to use.
Ask the venue of the exhibitor stand size.
Establish stand price. (Remember the exhibitors need to pay for lunches etc so get costing and
add as an additional expense)
Get a map of your exhibitor stands from venue that you are using.
Allocate stands as bookings are confirmed. (Prime sites for major sponsors)
Confirm stand after payment is secured.(Helps cash flow)
Tell all exhibitors to arrange their own display boards and partitions, and to bring their own
extensions and plugs.
We asked a fee to attend the functions.
Keep record of payment and which exhibitor will attend which function.
Set out a clear letter of instruction to exhibitors confirming stand allocated, number of
exhibitors attending and paid for, size of stand, set up time and break down time.

Originated: January 2003                                                   Review Date: January 2007
Updated: January 2005                                                                     Page 1 of 3
2.4    VENUE
Get a clear map and send it out with your invites.
Book a room where you can store all your conference goodies and the copier.
Book a room for the SASOHN EXCO meeting.
If possible arrange 2 copiers if the one gives problems remember insurance.
Get the cellphone number for your contact person at the venue.
If you hire equipment make sure it is in working order when the company delivers the equipment
(Get a technicians contact details of the venue if problems occur.)

2.5    JOURNAL
Publish a short article in the journal as early as possible. At least 4 months in advance.
(Example attached).

2.6    MEDIA
Publish the same article in the news papers. Try to get a contact person that is familiar with
the media or has contacts to arrange for photos and articles to be published.

If your keynote speaker does not have any back ground of occupational health, use the
attachment in this file. It is part of Karen Michell’s scripting for her Master degree and it
helped us a lot

Ask your conference coordinator to help with R.S.V.P.’s.
Ask her to have invoices ready for delegates that ask for one. Please see attachment.

Special invites for gala dinner to all honorary life members three months before conference.
(List from treasurer)
No charge to HLM for attending gala dinner but they do pay for other activities at conference.
Gift vouchers are purchased for each HLM who attends the gala dinner (or a gift if more

Design the certificate
Get President signature and regional chair signature
Certificates to be printed.
Issue certificates to delegates at conference

Booking forms and proof of payment file
Area to complete the registration process.
Access to a fax and telephone to sort out problems.
Deposit book and cash receipt book.
Delegate badges and conference bags

Originated: January 2003                                                  Review Date: January 2007
Updated: January 2005                                                                    Page 2 of 3
Chair for each session
Speaker list and CV for each session
Microphone, computer and data projector
Copy of all the speakers’ papers
Speaker gifts
Time keeper
Lights to indicate time up
Water and glasses at tables.
Corsages if to be used.
Runner to sort out minor problems
Distinguishing devices for conference helpers.
Transport arrangements for airport collections

Originated: January 2003                         Review Date: January 2007
Updated: January 2005                                           Page 3 of 3

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