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1(a)    Yes. The supply chain management policy of the SAWS caters for deviation that is in line
with the Regulations in terms of the Public Finance Management Act 01 of 1999 and the
Framework for Supply Chain Management as published in Gazette No. 25767 dated 5 December
2003, section 6.4. This clause can be invoked when it is impractical to invite competitive bids such
as single source suppliers, emergencies, or for the appointment of individuals with expert

1(b)    The South African Weather Service, since January 2004 used the clause predominately
related to single source suppliers due to the specialized nature of the role and mandate of the
Weather Service. The relevant details of each case are as follows:

             Date               Description of service            Reason for deviation
        September 2004     Procurement of weather          Sole agent.
        October 2004       Automatic weather station for   Foreign single supplier
                           the S A Agulhas
        January 2005       Lightning detection system      Foreign single supplier.
        February 2005      Purchase of various plastic     Sole manufacturer of the moulds.
                           and metal moulds for the        The designs of the moulds are the
                           building of automatic weather   property of the company.
        February 2005      Procurement of 79 CR10XM        Sole agent and supplier in South
                           Measurement & Control           Africa.
        March 2005         Human Resources                 Closed bid to 3 companies.
                           Information Management
        June 2005          Disaster recovery plan          Closed bid to 4 companies. Reason
                                                           for the closed bid was the urgency
                                                           of the matter and expert knowledge
                                                           in the field.
        June 2005          Executive search for the        Closed bid to 5 companies. Proven
                           position of a CFO               track record.
        June 2005          Request for Quotes for the      Three companies were invited to
                           Innovation & Research           quote. Reason was the urgency of
                           Strategy Development and        the matter and expert knowledge.
                           SETI review
        June 2005          Procurement of 265 Tipping      Sole supplier.
                           Bucket Rain Gauges
        June 2005          Procurement of 2 Hydrogen       Foreign single supplier.
        August 2005        Procurement of R.M. Young       Sole agent and importer.
                           wind monitors
        December 2005      Appointment of Regulatory       Single source - continuation of a
                           Advisors for the SAWS           project.
        January 2006       Implementation of the           Single source - continuation of a
NATIONAL ASSEMBLY                         QUESTION 305                                    N331E
                           rewards and remuneration            project.
        January 2006       Procurement of weather radar        Sole certified agent in South Africa.
        January 2006       Assessment of the Board of          Closed bid. Urgency of the project
        March 2006         Purchasing of Ozonesondes           Foreign single supplier
        March 2006         RS92 GPS Radiosondes                Foreign single supplier
        March 2006         Procurement of forecasting          Foreign single supplier
                           workstation software.
        March 2006         Procurement of microwave            Sole distributor and importer of the
                           power meter , Sensor,               equipment.
                           Spectrum Analyzer, Tracking
                           Generator, Oscilloscope and
                           Signal Generator

 2(a) At the time circumstances related to urgency and the need for expert knowledge prevailed
that made it impractical to invite competitive bids. To ensure expert knowledge different
comparable institutions were consulted to obtain references from them of specialised suppliers who
did similar studies and exercises needed by the Weather Service. This investigation showed only
one company to have the necessary and comprehensive experience to deliver fully on the stated
Terms of Reference.

2(b)    The bid adjudication committee did not have to approve the process as the South African
Weather Service Supply Chain Management Policy as well as the Regulations in terms of the Public
Finance Management Act state that approval must be obtained from the accounting officer. This
was duly done and signed by the Accounting Officer on 8 June 2005.

3 (a) Research was done by consulting different comparable institutions to obtain references for
specialised suppliers who have carried out similar studies and exercises. The Agricultural Research
Council recommended, amongst others, the specialists from the firm Innovation Systems Strategy
and Solutions that had successfully completed a similar exercise for them. In addition the Supply
Chain Management of the Weather Services invited quotations from James Forson Consultants cc,
and PMA Consulting (Pty) Ltd.

3(b)    Invitations for the bids were issued on 9 June 2005.

3(c)    Only Innovation Systems Strategies and Solutions responded to the invitation.

3(d)    An undated quotation was received in writing.

4(a)     Yes, a representative of the SAWS met with the prospective company as well as with the
following companies: Face Languta, CSIR, PMA Consulting, and James Forson Consultants.

4(b)   The meetings were needed as part of the investigation and prior research to ensure expert
knowledge of the prospective companies.

5(a)    Yes, the prospective company started working at own risk.
NATIONAL ASSEMBLY                         QUESTION 305                                         N331E

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