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					                         Class Description and Schedule October 2009

MONDAY        TUESDAY          WEDNESDAY           THURSDAY            FRIDAY            SATURDAY        SUNDAY
                                                              1                  2                   3            4

         5              6                      7              8                  9                  10            11

                               U Grow Baby                                               Recipe Book
                                7pm- 10pm                                                @ Scrapaway
                                                                                      9.30am – 12.30pm

         12             13                   14               15                16                  17            18

                                Enjoy Life                           Scrap n Chat
                                7pm- 10pm                          9.30am – 12.30pm

         19             20                   21               22                23                  24            25

                                Party Time                           Scrap n Chat
                              (page to come)                       9.30am – 12.30pm
                                7pm- 10pm

         26             27                   28               29                30                  31
                                   Time                              Scrap n Chat    Children’s Party
                             (pack class R120)                     9.30am – 12.30pm 9.30am – 12.30pm
                                7pm- 10pm
                                                                      U Grow Baby

Okay, so I admit it – this month I am LOVING butterflies. I have used them on most of the layouts and had to hold myself back from using them on ALL of the
layouts. But I figured they are unisex and cute so what the heck!!

And yes, my love for circles and cute buttons has been reignited.

I have used copious amounts of ribbon on this layout, along with buttons (lots) and butterflies. I have also used foam squares to create dimension and interest, as
well as glaze and faux stitching on my title.

Photo requirements:
    1 x portrait A5 (6x8)
    2x portrait jumbo
    1 x landscape 2up

Requirements for this page:
    2 x cardstock for the background
    1 x contrasting cardstock to matt pics
    2 x different pattern papers (great if both are double sided)
    Lots of contrasting buttons
    1 x tape measure (cheap Chinese one will do)
    Ribbon
    Foam squares
    Black gel pen
    White gel pen
                                                                         Enjoy Life

This was a great and fun layout of my middle daughter. I took these pics before we left for school one morning as I wanted to record what she was wearing… NOT a
fashion follower this child! She goofed around in our courtyard for about 10 minutes whilst I shot away… Note how I took pics of what she wore close up – the pic of
the red skirt, with the pink pants and bright pink t-shirt! At least she brushed her hair that day!!

Photo requirements:
    1 x landscape A5 (6x8)
    3 x portrait jumbo
    2 x portrait 2ups

For this page you will need:
     2 x cardstock for the background
     2 x cardstock for the middle (my brown)
     4 x different patter or 2 double sided pattern that you can use both sides
     string
     Chipboard title or SLICE title
     Foam squares

NOTE: If you have a SLICE machine, please bring it to class to use to cut your butterflies and title. We can share design cards.
                                                              Time – pack class R120

I know this page probably looks HERITIAGe but those of you who know me will know I don’t like heritiage – ugly pictures with ugly paper! BUT if you look closer at
this layout you will see that the layout is of me. Yes, me. Me today, yesterday and a while ago too.

I have always like this paper range (yes it’s an oldie but a goodie) but have never wanted to use it because of my adversion to heritiage. So I compromised. Pretty
picutres with paper I liked. I have added a bit of a Abbie touch – foam squares, brads, grunged flowers and inking, not to mention the glaze and a butterfly!!

I added the text to my focal picture using Adobe Photoshop elements. I opened a text box, and but the text to right align. I then saved the file as a jpeg and had it
printed at a photo lab. Remember, most photolabs have the facility for you to add text to your pictures too. You may be limited on the font range, but the facility it
there. Just ask the assistant to help you. Alternatively use rub ons to add your sentiment.

Photo requirement:
    1 x landscape A5 (6x8)
    1 x landscape jumbo
    2 x landscape 2up
    3 x 4up (to be cropped 3cm x 3cm

I used black and white pictures, although I think sepia will work just as well. As all these pictures were taken at different times, putting them all into black and white
(or sepia) makes it easier to group the pictures onto one layout.

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