; 3 August 2001
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3 August 2001


3 August 2001

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									                                                                       The Premier Networking event!

Sandton Region takes pleasure in inviting you to join us:

                                                          Mark Bernberg
                                               “The Business of the Game”
                                     Sponsored by the Gaffney Group
                         “The only difference between a Boardroom table and a Poker table …
                                           is the shape!” – Bobby Baldwin
       In today’s world of economic shift, reduced barriers to entry and complex markets – whether it is products or
    services – it’s not about what you sell. It’s about who you sell to. The old adage still rings true. Good Business is all
                                                   about Great Relationships.
    Relationships are defined as the simple interactions between people. Interactions that happen every day and
   everywhere in the workplace, and… interactions that happen every minute of every game around a poker table!
                                        “If you know Poker, you know People”
 Mark is the new rising star of the Professional Speaking Circuit, do not miss this opportunity to see the biggest-selling
                                            sales presentation in the country!

        DATE:      19 August 2009
        VENUE:     Sandton Convention Centre (Committee Room, Level 4)
        TIME:      06:45 For registration – Starts 07:00 – 09:00
        COST:      R225 pp or R195 pp (Booking of 5 or more)
                    R275 pp (Non Members)

            Tel no:
  Email Address Tax Invoice
      must be sent to:
    Number of bookings                  1             2            3          4            5
 Guest Details        Title                    First Name                                      Surname

Please send the completed form to our event partner: nadia@1618events.co.za
                                                     086 695 4780 (FAX)

Upon receipt of this booking form, you will receive a Tax Invoice with the banking details for the payment of this event.
Each delegate will also receive a booking summary to ensure that we have captured their name and company correctly.

If you have any additional further enquiries, please contact us:
Chamber of Commerce and Industry Johannesburg                      Event Partners: 1618 Event Management
T: 011 315 1063                                                    T: 076 628 5412
E: management@midrandchamber.co.za                                 E: nadia@1618events.co.za

Mark Bernberg proudly represented by Speakers Inc. www.speakersinc.co.za

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