World Youth Day 2005

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					                 World Youth Day 2005
“It’s strange to think that only a short while ago I stood
 meters away from the pope, Benedict XVI. It was an experience
never to be forgotten, though it does sadden me a little bit to realise
again how fast life moves on and that it ended so quickly.
I guess God isn’t calling us to a life inside the church, but to rather
“Go out and make disciples of all nations” (some where in John).

Though the experience is over, Germany and all the people,
now have a special place in my heart. The emotion I felt was over whelming,
and I found it difficult to move on from one of the most life influencing
experiences I have ever had. Though once again we are called out of
our comfort zones, to be disciples of Christ.

Relationships were so easily built, as they were built in the
presence of God, and God is the glue that holds us so closely together.

My life back here has started up so quickly it almost seems
as if the experience couldn’t have at all happened, but it did,
and it was real, real people, real feelings, real emotion, real joy
and a real presence of God 24/7.
I knew that at any given time, I was part of the one pilgrimage of Catholics
coming from all over the world to celebrate mass together and be one body
 in Christ as we experienced His joy and love. My heart feels renewed,
and I feel reborn, like a new person, with new outlooks on life,
 I feel filled with Gods love and just want to share it and give it away.
The Catholic faith means much more to me know than it ever has before.
The experience was a personal one for everyone there, even though it was
shared with 1.5 million people. You could see it in everyone that God
had touched them in their own special way, relieving them of all doubt, they ever had.
 I had experienced God in more ways that I even knew possible, wow,
I haven’t ever been that happy. When God touches your heart, he leaves
his finger print behind and we spend the rest of our lives trying to find out
who it is that has touched us, so unexpectedly in such a loving way.

You don’t have to be super human, you just have to be yourself
to be part of Gods bigger plan.

Written by Brad Page

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