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           Co n t ac t d et ail s

                       BERNARD MAKOTOKO MOLAPO (Mr.)
               B.A. Communication Science and Development Administration (UNISA.)

  Contact Details

Home Address:                 Plot 336 Cross Road,
                              Box 4060

Home Telephone Number:        (+27) 016 590 2605

Cell Number:                  (00266) 58140765 or (+27) 73 172 5529

E-mail Address :    

   Personal Details

First names:                  Bernard Makotoko

Known Name/Nick Name:         Ben

Surname:                      Molapo

Gender:                       Male

Citizenship:                  South African

Identity Document No:         65 08 08 623 5088

Marital Status:               Married

Dependants:                   Two

Languages:                     South Sotho    speak, read and write
                              Isizulu         speak, read
                              English         speak, read and write

Drivers License:              Code 10
  Tertiary Education

   Institution               Qualification                             Years Attended

  University of South        B.A. Communication Science &              2001 – 2006
  Africa )                   Development Administration

  Pretoria -
  South Africa

  London School of           Journalism Diploma : News Writing,        1992 – 1995
  Journalism (LSJ)           Sub-Editing, Lay-out and Design
                             News feature writing: Newspaper and
                             magazine feature articles, hard news
                             stories and opinion articles.

 Bachelor of Arts : Final Year Courses Undertaken

- Projects and programmes as development tool (Project      - Marketing Communication
cycle, project monitoring, evaluation and budgeting)        - New Media Technology, {syber culture,
- Blue Print planning and constrains (Different types of    network      technology,     public    policy
project planning)                                           convergence & Digital Video Disk (DVD)}
                                                            - Media Studies : (institutions, theories &
- Popular initiatives and basic need approach
  to development {learning process approach, cost benefit   - Media Studies : (Content, Audiences and
analysis and Participatory Rapid Appraisal (PRA)}           Production)
- Nature of Public Policy & Policy types and Development    - Communication Research : (Research
   Planning: Planners and Planning Agencies.                techniques and methodology)
    Work Experience

Company /             Position
                                    Major Duties                              Duration
Institution           Held                                                                  Reasons for Leaving
The National Union    Media Unit    Production of campaign materials;
Of Mine workers       Head          posters, brochures,                       Aug. ‘96 to   Retrenched
(NUM).                              Bimonthly newsletter of the NUM,          Nov. ‘06
                                    the      NUM      News.      Managed
                                    approximately R3 million annual
                                    budget for the NUM Media Unit
Highlands Church      Community     Animated communities affected by
Action Group          Development   a multi-billion-rand development          ‘92 to        Work was contractual
(HCAG)                officer:      scheme; the Lesotho Highlands             July. ‘94
                                    Water Project. That is establishing
                                    community liaison structures for the
                                    purposes of monitoring the social
                                    and economic impact of the LHWP,
                                    lobbying concerned authorities of
                                    both Lesotho and South African
                                    governments and financial
                                     Institutions; World Bank, Southern
                                    African Development Bank.
                                    Interacted     with    regional   and
                                    international        bodies        like
                                    International     Rivers     Network,
                                    Environment Justice Network ,
                                    National Land Committee, Christian
                                    Aid and Oxfam through regional
                                    and international workshops on
                                    environment, development and the
                                    people as well as developing
                                    lobbying and advocacy networks.
                                    Planned          and        conducted
                                    Participatory Rural/Rapid Appraisal
                                    (PRA) workshops for community
                                    structures, in order to assist them in
                                    identifying needs and compiling
                                    project proposal. Also as a
                                    facilitator I learned to understand
                                    the cognitive map of rural
                                    communities. That is understanding
                                    the way in which they perceived
                                    development benefits, costs and

Development     for   Community     Animating community Development
Peace Education       Development   Groups involved in small-scale
                      Worker:       business enterprises. That is             1990 – 1992   Work was contractual
                                    helping the groups to develop their
                                    own business plans, draw budget
                                    proposal by leading them through
                                    Logical     Framework      Analysis
                                    exercise, used in outlining project
                                    goal, inputs & output, performance
                                    indicators and project assumptions.
             In-Service Training:

   Company / Institution                    Duties                                                      Duration

   Zambia Institute of Mass                 Training workshop on Economic and Business                  June 1999
   Communications.                          reporting.

   Urban Family Magazine :
                                            Writer and an assistant to the sub-editor                   1994 Aug –
   Magazine published by John Parkins                                                                   1995 Aug
   Foundation; a Christian ministry
   involved in development and racial
   reconciliation in Mississippi State,
   Jackson city, U.S.A.

             Current Duties:

Serving as a member of Mid-Vaal Tourism Association.

     Computer Skills

           Microsoft Office XP-Professional
           Page Maker
           PC based lay-out software
           Quark Express and Photoshop - Apple McIntosh based Layout & design software

          Leadership and achievements

                                   - Convened and chaired all the meetings of the NUM News editorial board.
                                   - Coordinated all campaign programs for the NUM

                                   - Managed the production process of a bimonthly newsletter of the NUM i.e. in
                                     charge of the conceptualization of each issue produced, compiling the stories,
                                     coordinating submissions of news stories from different writers, covering news
          Achievements                events of the organization, editing and doing the final layout and design.

           and                     - Directed the production of audio-visual material for the NUM

          Task Teams               - Establish working relationship with service providers in printing industry
                                     and electronic media houses.

                                   - Served as a member of Mining Industry Integrated Rural Development
                                     Committee (a tripartite structure within the mining sector): 2000 -2004

                                   - Coordinated NUM/Mathomo Financial Services campaign: 1998- 2000

                                   - Elected twice as a member of Transformation Resource Centre Management
                                   team and served three terms as a member of Young Christian Student team of
                                   counselors: 1991 -1995

        Extra Mural Activities     Reading and writing African Politics, Playing Tennis, Watching TV news &
                                   sports, Listening to Radio programs on current affairs such as PM Life

         Area of Expertise

Writing skill, Newspaper/magazine layout & design and community development and general development practitioner


        NAME                     COMPANY                   POSITION             CONTACT DETAILS

        Mr. Dillo Mashale                                  Lecturer: -          Tel: (+27) 012 429 6813
                                                                                Cell: (+27) 072 415 6672

                                                                                E-mail :

        Mrs. Gwen Ansel
                                 Africa South              Former Editor:       Tel: (+27) 011 648 1870
                                 Magazine                  currently writing
                                                           own books.           Cell: (+27) 082 859 3118


        Mr. Lehlohonolo .R.
        Taole                    Impala Platinum           Chemical             Work Tel: (+27) 011 360 3094
                                 Refineries                Engineer
                                                                                Cell:(+27) 073 221 8469

                                                                                E-mail :

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