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Start in Bronkhorstspruit, visit the Willem Prinsloo Agricultural Museum, drive past the
Zonderwater Italian Prisoners of War cemetery, visit the historical town of Cullinan, Sizanani
Ndebele Village and the Nan Hua Buddist Temple.

Start at the Shell / Toyota Garage in the centre of town : S25 48.293 E28 44.802
Turn into Church street (R104) into a westerly direction, and follow the road out of town for
19.2 km, then turn right into Willem Prinsloo Museum road : S25 47.385 E28 33.430

Willem Prinsloo Museum:
“Willem Prinsloo Museum is one of two agricultural museums in South Africa and the only in
Gauteng. It appeals to lovers of farming, agriculture, farm animals, history and
culture. Willem Prinsloo Agricultural Museum consists of two furnished farmhouses, one built
in 1880 and the other in 1913, and a farmyard exhibition centre with agricultural
implements, vintage tractors, horse-drawn wagons and a recreation of a Ndebele dwelling.
Activities include demonstrations on machines, interaction with farm
animals, guided tours, educational programmes, a restaurant, Mampoer sales, picnic and
braai areas. The museum hosts the Mampoer Festival, Prickly Pear Festival
and an Agriculture Museum Show every year. Willem Prinsloo Agri Museum also provides
conference, team building and wedding facilities”
Opening hours: 9am – 3pm daily, Tel: +27 12 736 2035/6
(No website available)

Back to the main road, turn right and follow the R104 for 4 km to a four-way stop.
Turn right onto the R515 to Cullinan, and follow the road for 5.5 km to the village of Rayton.
Turn right at the first set of traffic lights into Treurnight street, and immediately right into
Rayton Park Plaza Shopping Centre.
Visit “Friends Pub” and enjoy its unique local flavour.: S25 44.721 E28 31.732

Back to the R515, turn right at the traffic lights towards Cullinan.
Drive for 2.2 km and visit the quaint “Coffee Shoppe” on your left : S25 43.590 E28 31.920.
Further north with the R515 towards Cullinan.
En-route you will past the Zonderwater Prison Grounds which also houses the Italian
Prisoners of War Cemetry : S25 42.097 E28 32.036

Zonderwater Italian Prisoner of War Camp:
“Under the command of Col Hendrik Prinsloo, Zonderwater was opened in 1943. At that
stage there were already almost sixty thousand Italian prisoners of war in South Africa. Most
of the Italians who arrived in the country during the years of war were captured in the East
and North African campaigns. This camp, which can more accurately be described as a city,
was the largest of the eighteen known Italian POW camps and held nearly a hundred
thousand prisoners of war before it closed down on 1 January 1947.
 Zonderwater had
fourteen sections, fifty sub-sections, eighteen miles of road, three thousand hospital beds,
seventeen theatres, sixteen soccer fields with tracks and grandstands, six tennis courts,
eighty bowling alleys, seven fencing halls, as well as volleyball fields, basketball fields,
boxing rings and gymnasiums, sport clubs, sport committees and committees promoting the
Visits by prior arrangement only: Tel +27 12 734 2127
(No website available)

Follow the R515 to Cullinan, arrive at a 4-way stop, and turn left to Cullinan (R513) : S25
40.319 E28 31.864. Follow the road past the Golf course to the four way stop, and turn right
onto Oak Avenue (R513). Follow Oak avenue across the railway lines, and turn left into
Cullinan Tourism & Information : S25 40.268 E28 30.988

“The unique village of Cullinan, named after Sir Thomas Cullinan, bears the distinction of
being the site of discovery of the world's largest diamond.
The company was at first registered as the Premier Syndicate on 6th November 1902 but
reregistered on the 1st December 1902 as The Premier (Transvaal) Diamond Mining
Company LTD with Thomas Cullinan as chairperson.
Prospecting started immediately and in early April 1903 William McHardy became the first
general manager. Production began on 24th April 1903 when the first steam plant, which
comprised of three rotary pans, known as No.1 gear, was put into commission.
By 1904 the prosperous mine already employed more than 2000 people. On the 25th
January 1905 a diamond with the mass of 3,106 carats in its uncut state was found in the
side-wall of the open pit.
Thus the history of the Cullinan Diamond began. It is still the largest gemstone ever found.
Two of the stones cut from the Cullinan Diamond are now found in the British Crown Jewels;
the 530-carat "Star of Africa", which is set in the septre and the 317-carat "Lesser Star of
Africa" which is set in the Imperial State Crown.

Take a breathtaking journey into the heart of a diamond mine. Journey on safari through the
plant onto the huge dumps. Take a tranquil ride around the historical streets of the village on
a vintage tram, or enjoy an in depth tour around the many historical sites and restaurants”
Tel: +27 12 734 2127

Now retrace your footsteps back to the R513.
Cross the railway lines, and turn left towards Bronkhorstspruit (R513).
Follow the R513 across the fourway stop in an easterly direction for 20 km to a major
intersection : S25 42.783 E28 42.318
Turn right towards Bronkhorstspruit (R513), and follow the R513 for 3km and turn left to
Bronkhorstspruit (R513) : S25 44.135 E28 42.014. Follow the road for 11 km and turn left
towards Delmas (R25) : S25 47.303 E28 45.042. Follow the road for 1 km and arrive at the
R25 : S25 47.326 E28 45.530
Turn left onto the R25 towards Groblersdal, and drive 1.9 km to Sizanani on your right : S25
46.389 E28 45.988

Sizanani Ndebele Cultural Village
“It is a retreat for those who wish to re-energise their spirits. Activities include themed
evenings, nature walks and labyrinth meditation. Accommodation includes single Ndebele
rondavels and thatched bungalows with swimming pools, braai areas, a restaurant and bar.
The exquisite conference centre can accommodate up to 400 guests making it the perfect
place for corporate functions
with facilities for team building and workshops”
Tel: +27 13 932 2649
Mobile: +27 83 408 0482

Back to Sizanani entrance and turn left onto the R25.
Drive for 6.7 km past Bronkhorstspruit, across the N4 high way and turn right to Cultura Park
: S25 49.759 E28 44.729
Follow the road for 1.4 km to the Nan Hua Temple : S25 49.473 E28 44.075

Nan Hua Buddist Temple
“The Nan Hua Buddhist Temple is the largest Buddhist Temple in the southern hemisphere,
third largest in the world and the only one in Africa. It is a magnifi-
cent sight representing superb architecture with sculptures and interior design incorporating
both Eastern and African styles. The temple welcomes all
religions and cultures to meditate, relax or even just to come and visit the Nan Hua Buddhist
Temple Guesthouse, African Buddhist Seminary (ABS), Nan Hua Village and Assembly Hall.
The Nan Hua Buddhist Temple also celebrates the Chinese New
Year, Festival of Lights and Peace and Dharma functions. Conference facilities are
Tel: +27 13 931 0009


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