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            SOUTH AFRICA (PTY) LTD                    TECHNICAL DATA SHEET
                                                                                                  REVISION 1

            Registration No. 2002/015060/07                                                        Page 1 of 2


                         NATFLEX DOP / DOP (Crystal Grade)

 Chemical name                     di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate ( DEHP or DOP )

 Chemical formula                  C6H4(COOC8H17)2

 Molecular Mass                    390

 Description                      Clear , colourless, almost odourless, non – volatile, oily liquid, free from
                                  matter in suspension


 Colour                             Hazen                               30     (Max)

 Colour (crystal grade)             Hazen                               20     (Max)

 Refractive Index                   n25
                                     D                                  1,481 - 1,487
 Density                            kg/m at 25°C                        978 - 983

 Water                              % m/m                               0,1 (Max)

 Ester Content                      % m/m                               99,0 (Min)

 Ester Content                      % m/m                               99,5 (Min)
 (crystal grade)

 Acidity                            % m/m Phthalic Acid                 0,015 (Max)
                                    mg KOH/g                            0,10 (Max)

 Solubility (water )                % m/m in water at 25°C              < 0.01

                                    % m/m water in DOP at 25°C          0.2

 Solubility ( solvents )            Soluble in aliphatic and aromatic
                                    Hydrocarbons. Slightly soluble in
                                    glycerine, glycols and some
                                    amines. Insoluble in cellulose

 Boiling Point                      °C at 101.3 kPa                     370

 Flash point                        °C at 101.3 kPa                     210

 Pour Point                         °C                                  - 41


PREPARED BY         R. MAHADEW                DATE   AUGUST 2005        APPROVED BY
          SOUTH AFRICA (PTY) LTD                    TECHNICAL DATA SHEET
                                                                                                     REVISION 1

          Registration No. 2002/015060/07                                                            Page 2 of 2

 Vapour Pressure                  kPa at 20 °C                           0.001

                                  kPa at 150 °C                          0.008

 Absolute Viscosity               cP at 20 °C                            70

 Flammability                     % by volume                            Lower : 0.28      Upper : N/D

 Auto flammability                °C                                     390

 Industrial Applications          DOP is a very good general purpose plasticizer for polyvinyl chloride and
                                  imparts excellent softness and good low temperature flexibility when
                                  compounded with this polymer. It has a high plasticizing efficiency ( together
                                  with a degree of permanence for the majority of flexible PVC applications )
                                  and affordability. Internationally, DOP is the standard against which all other
                                  plasticizers in flexible PVC industry are measured e.g. the plasticizing
                                  efficiency of DOP is designated as 1.00 Its heat and light stability are good
                                  and it is resistant to hydrolysis. It is used in cable coating compositions
                                  because its dielectric constant and power factor make it highly suitable for
                                  this purpose
                                  DOP is the plasticizer of choice in the medical and food contact applications
                                  because of its high resistance to extraction by water. Other applications are
                                  in the footwear, conveyor belting, film (stationery, furniture),closures ( food,
                                  beverage), medical ( drips, blood bags, tubing, coated fabrics ( tarpaulin,
                                  synthetic leather), automotive and other ( to include toys, profiles, pigment
                                  paste) industries.

 Handling and Storage             DOP has no corrosive action on metals and can be stored or processed in
                                  mild steel, copper or aluminium containers. The area should be cool and
                                  well ventilated. The material should be protected from sources of ignition,
                                  heat, or powerful oxidising agents. Contamination of product with water may
                                  affect product properties.

 Precautions                      The material should be handled in a well ventilated area. Protective clothing,
                                  including safety glasses and rubber gloves, etc, should be worn. Splashes in
                                  the eyes must be flushed with water, a stomach wash is necessary if orally

 Shelf Life                       DOP is stable for a long period of time and as such has no shelf life
                                  provided that proper storage conditions are maintained.

 Packaging                        Drums                                  210 lts.

                                  Bulk                                   Delivered in road tankers

PREPARED BY       R. MAHADEW                DATE   AUGUST 2005          APPROVED BY

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