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                                                  Wedding Rings - The Sorted History
                                                                     By Jill Renee

   The wedding ring is the final gift a couple will give each other prior to marriage. Some might say that
the very first gift a couple gives each other is a promise ring - which most consider a pre-engagement
ring. Then as a couple gets more serious they then give engagement rings to each other.

 Many couples look forward to the moment when they’ll slip a ring on their beloved. The look of love in
their eyes, that moment when the ring is on their finger and they realize that they are theirs forever.
What most don’t realize is that these moments with wedding rings have been happening for centuries.
The meaning and symbolism behind a wedding ring is rich and as intricate as its own love story. It
deserves to be told so that couples know exactly why they use wedding rings.

 This wedding ring is a symbol and throughout time this symbol has stood for love, devotion and at
times simply for an arrangement between families. The physical structure of the wedding ring has
changed and adapted as different cultures have fashioned it into different forms to make it look
beautiful. Some materials are more plentiful in different areas - and other materials or precious metals
are considered to be more valuable in other areas. But the meaning behind the symbol has remained
the same throughout time and over continents. "I love you" "I want to be with you forever" and "You are

 A ring in its simplest forms is a circle: meaning 'eternity.' What more could every couple want than the
pure desire to spend eternity together? Most couples choose to have a sentiment or romantic saying
engraved inside their wedding rings. This makes that universal symbol so much more personal for
each couple.

 Symbols exist throughout our culture. Even the materials the wedding ring is made out of can be seen
as symbols of love and devotion. Most wedding rings include diamonds. Diamonds are literally
indestructible; they are the “forever” stone you want to select to represent your love. Rubies are
another choice that represents love, passion and preciousness. While the wedding ring itself is seen as
valuable – the symbolism of the wedding ring shows that your beloved is valuable to you. By giving
them a valuable ring – you are showing the world just how valuable they are to you. In older days – you
might also be protecting your ‘property’ (when women were considered property and possessions).

The wedding ring was worn in later times just as it is today, on the left hand, third finger. This is

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because of the strong-held belief that the vein in this finger travels directly from the heart. This belief
was affirmed as women began wearing their wedding rings closer to their hand and then their
engagement ring on that same hand - affirming this belief about this hand being so close to your heart.

 Wedding rings have been worn in many traditions. While the traditions may be slightly different - the
sentiment and meaning - to love, treasure and honor one another forever - remains very much the
same. In Eastern Orthodox and Eastern Catholic Christians, rings are exchanged not at the wedding
service - but at the betrothal. The groom's ring is gold and the bride's ring is silver. In Greece rings are
exchanged by couples as they are engaged they are worn on the left hand, fourth finger - and at the
wedding they are switched to the right hand. In England, a wedding ring has traditionally always been
exchanged. This appears to come from the long-standing belief that marriages were made as
arrangements to exchange not just love and honor - but goods or property as well. This belief holds
true for most European countries.

 During World War II and the Korean War it became popular for men to wear wedding rings. This
reminded them of the wonderful wife they had waiting at home for them. After these wars, men began
to wear wedding rings to show their faithfulness, devotion and love. Now most men wear wedding rings
in many cultures around the world.

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                                  A Peek Into The World Of Chinese Wedding Rings
                                                            By Burt Cotton

 Wedding is a special celebration which lasts up to a lifetime. And there could not be anything better
than a wedding ring which serves as an epitome of commitment, love and trust between the two
partners. Since 11th century, the ritual of exchanging wedding rings has been practiced with utmost
excitement and passion. And one Asian country vehemently follows this tradition of wedding rings.
Well, you guessed it right; it’s none other than China.

As the ritual of exchange of wedding rings is prominent in China, the Chinese wedding rings are also
very popular. The land of the mystical dragons and ancient culture blooms with unique styles and
designs of wedding rings. In Chinese weddings, the style and the class of the wedding rings play an
important role. In fact the jewelers constantly keep on updating the materials and designs of the
Chinese wedding rings.

Coming onto the aspect of the materials used in the Chinese wedding rings, there are basically 4 types
of material used. These are diamonds, platinum, yellow gold and white gold.

Let us take a peep into how these materials are incorporated in the making of Chinese wedding rings.

Diamond Wedding Rings

Diamond wedding rings are a very popular choice as Chinese wedding rings. These rings are
prominently made up of two types. The first one is a solitaire Chinese wedding ring and the second one
is the diamonds Chinese wedding rings. Well, the solitaire Chinese wedding rings consist of a single
diamond on the whole of the ring. This diamond is placed on a band which can be made up of any
material like platinum, yellow gold or white gold. Moreover one can choose a colored solitaire to make
the ring look even more beautiful and charismatic.

The other types of diamond Chinese rings are the ones on which more than one diamond is placed.
These rings can have numerous small sized diamonds or three big size diamonds, and various other
diamond combinations.

Platinum Wedding Rings

Platinum Chinese wedding rings are a symbol of class and society. There are several types and styles
of platinum Chinese rings. Some of these rings include the sacred symbols of the Chinese cultures. On
the other hand, some rings contain some famous and holy quotation, while the other rings have the
dragons engraved on them.

If one prefers to have a simple platinum band for a Chinese wedding, he can also buy a plain platinum
wedding band to represent the beauty in simplicity. Some Chinese platinum wedding rings can also
have the inscribed names of both the partners.

Yellow Gold Wedding Rings

Yellow gold wedding rings are the most common types of Chinese wedding rings. These rings are

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available in different karats according to the gold content used in the making of them. On an average, a
Chinese wedding yellow gold ring is made up of 14K gold. This implies that the ring has 58.3 % gold
along with 41.7 % of other metals. Another common category of golf Chinese wedding rings is the 18K
gold ring wherein the gold content is 75%.

White Gold Wedding Rings

Well, many people confuse white gold wedding rings with platinum wedding rings. However, white gold
wedding rings are yet another popular choice as Chinese wedding rings. These rings are made up of a
metal called palladium which is responsible for the white color of the ring.

So which ring have you chosen for your wedding?

Burt Cotton

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