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                          Wedding Picture Frames – Saving the Perfect Wedding Moment
                                                                  By Janet R.

   No wedding couple would want to end their wedding day without any keepsake from their very
special day. There are should be always photo shooting! Weddings should have lots of pictures in
order to reminisce a grateful event that had happened. So, a beautiful picture frame may be the ideal
gift to give for the bride and groom. Here are some precious wedding picture frames to choose from:

 Grow Old With Me Wedding Picture Frame. Beautifully printed, this wedding photo frame makes a
heartwarming gift for the happy couple! Just a perfect gift at a beach-themed wedding. Adorned with a
beach-inspired scene of two deck chairs, this wedding photo frame features the familiar phrase "Grow
Old with Me…The Best is Yet to Be." Newlyweds will love this sentimental wedding photo frame,
happily displaying a wedding photo for all to see!

 Unite We Stand Wedding Photo Frame. The beautiful image of a pair of wedding rings distinguishes
this wedding photo frame as an elegant offering for the happy couple! This wedding photo frame is
exquisitely embellished with the phrase, “United we stand, divided we fall, and if our backs should ever
be against the wall…we’ll be together, together.” Sophisticated and sentimental, this lovely wedding
photo frame is a wonderful tribute to the newlyweds. They’ll be pleased to display this prominent
wedding picture frame in their new home.

 Personalized 4x6 Silver Wedding Photo Album. A beautiful keepsake to display in the happy couple’s
new home, this Personalized 4 x 6 Silver Wedding Photo Album is a timeless wedding gift with elegant
appeal. Easily accentuating traditional and modern décor, this snapshot-size wedding album will be
treasured for years to come. You may also give this silver picture frame album as a bridesmaid’s
gift…or to thank your parents. Very bridal and very chic, this Personalized 4 x 6 Silver Wedding Photo
Album is an indispensable gift.

 Mr. & Mrs. Wedding Frame. Celebrate the joy of your special day. Share and display a memory in a
special picture frame. For years of enjoyment. Carefully selected as a wedding gift for the newlyweds.
This elegant black and white wedding-themed photo frame provides the ideal place to highlight a
favorite wedding or honeymoon photo. The design is simple yet classic and is a fitting tribute to the
newly announced husband and wife.

Wedding Memories Engravable Signature Mat & Frame with Scribe Pen. A classic keepsake with a

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contemporary edge, this Wedding Memories Engravable Signature Mat & Frame is a tribute to your
wedding day that you’ll treasure for a lifetime! Big enough to hold over 300 signatures, this silver alloy
mat is a fun and practical alternative to a traditional wedding guest book, making it easy to display your
guests’ signatures and warm wishes visibly in your home.

 These are only few wedding albums and frames that can make a memorable and long lasting gift for
the newly wed. Find these wonder wedding gifts online. Online stores have thousands of wedding gift
ideas, from brides and grooms gifts, bridesmaids gifts, groomsmen gifts, parents gifts to many others.

Jnet is an author for a variety of lifestyle issues and topics including weddings. If you're looking for
wedding anniversary gifts, visit the website and browse their extensive
collection. Find engagement gifts to make your wedding extra special!

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                 Wedding Frames - 4 Unique Wedding Frames that Every Bride Will Love
                                                       By Autumn Lockwood

 Weddings are one of the most celebrated, joyous and happy celebrations that a couple experiences in
their life. So, why not remember the happiness of the day with a gorgeous wedding frame? Wedding
frames make fantastic wedding presents and great gifts for newlywed couples.

Here are four unique wedding picture frames that will be sure to make every wedding picture look

Wedding Collage Frames:

Collage frames are a wonderful way to share multiple wedding photos in a single picture frame. These
could be formal wedding portraits, candid pictures or your favorite silly picture from a disposable

With wedding collage frames, you can also customize your wedding collage by using a mat. You can
write your vows, special poems or have guests write special messages on the mat. You can either buy
a collage frame with a mat for a personalized or casual look or select a more formal looking collage
frame with framed openings.

Wedding Scrapbook Frames:

If you love creating scrapbook pages, you'll love displaying your favorite wedding scrapbook pages in a
beautiful scrapbook frame. Scrapbook wedding frames let you create a wedding keepsake that can
protect and display your gorgeous wedding memories. You can add all kinds of wedding keepsakes to
these frames like wedding cake napkins, vows, invitations and many others.

There are lots of options in creating a wedding scrapbook frame and you'll have fun sharing your
artistic talents and wedding memories with those you love.

Engraved Picture Frames:

An engraved wedding frame is perhaps the most simple and most highly valued wedding frame you
can give as a gift. The three most common wedding frames for engraving are silver plated frames,
pewter frames and sterling silver picture frames.

Keep in mind that when considering engraving wedding frames, the frame should be of high quality so
it can be enjoyed for years to come. If you use an inexpensive metal frame or one that's not designed
for engraving it will usually result in a poor quality engraving and not give you the look you want. Only
engrave a wedding frame if it's a high quality precious metal like pewter, silver plate or sterling silver
that will be kept as a wedding keepsake or family heirloom.

Wedding Shadow Boxes:

Every wedding has a lot of special keepsakes and mementos that are kept to help remember the day.
From the invitations to the napkins, the figures on top of the wedding cake, and the bride's veil, there

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are more than pictures that can be combined to make a wonderful and heartfelt wall display in a
wedding shadow box frame.

Wedding shadow box frames are wonderful for brides who want to remember their special day and
keep their wedding mementos protected for years to come. Too often, wedding keepsakes are
improperly stored and get damaged by moisture or heat and can never be enjoyed again. Wedding
shadow box frames solves of both these problems easily.

By framing wedding pictures and mementos, every bride can cherish her special day and keep her
memories beautifully displayed and protected for decades to come.

Autumn Lockwood is a writer for and is passionate about picture
frames, hiking and photography. Your Picture Frames offers a large selection of beautiful, quality
picture frames with free design assistance to help you find the perfect picture frame quickly and easily.
If you're looking for a gorgeous wedding frame call us at 1-800-780-0699 or visit us at =>

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