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                                                               Wedding Paper Crafts
                                                                   By Bridget Mora

   The two biggest trends in weddings right now are to spend less and to personalize more. A fantastic
way to achieve both of these goals simultaneously is to take on some diy projects. These are some
ideas for wonderful crafts that you can create for your wedding with paper.

 The floral budget is one place where substituting paper flowers for real blossoms can really make a
difference. Handmade paper flowers can be beautiful and whimsical and have none of the negative
connotations of fake fabric flowers. In addition, paper flowers are very sweet and can be made in any
color. Slightly translucent tissue and crepe papers work wonderfully for creating your own flowers, and
they can be used for everything from the bouquets to the boutonierres to accents for small tables such
as the guest book table. The paper flowers are best used for smallish projects; unless your wedding is
really tiny or you have a huge circle of willing hands, attempting to make all of the flowers for the
centerpieces would be an overwhelming task.

 A very cool and unique idea for decorations that you can make with paper is origami. One of the most
popular shapes to create with folded paper is a crane, and for very good reason. In Japan, the crane
symbolizes loyalty and honor, as it is a bird that mates for life. This makes it a perfect symbol to include
in a wedding! The best way to display origami cranes is in abundance. They look particularly grand
when hung in long strings from a ceiling or a wedding canopy. If you are having an Asian inspired
wedding, make your cranes from origami papers in shades of red. Otherwise, feel free to make them in
any color or pattern that strikes your fancy.

 Another great thing that you can handmake with paper is boxes or vessels. Special paper can be
applied to the outside of a generic favor box to dress it up, or you can use a heavy paper to make your
own boxes (perhaps topped with a handmade paper flower?). Fancy little boxes are also a terrific
presentation for bridesmaid gifts. If you have selected dainty gifts such as bridesmaid jewelry, you
could easily craft tiny little paper boxes to make them even more special. The traditional shape of a
Christmas cracker (long tubes of paper, twisted at each end and filled with gifts) can be adapted to
hold your favors or bridesmaid gifts as well.

 Of course, one of the most obvious diy projects involving paper is the wedding stationery. Your
invitations, thank you cards, and the rest of the wedding suite are one of the easier tasks for even a
novice crafter to undertake. When you make your own invitations, you will have complete control over

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

the design, and not be limited to what is available in stores. As a bonus, you will save big bucks.

 The place cards are one more idea for diy paper projects. The possibilities are nearly endless. You
can cut out little shapes like birds, hearts, or flowers to perch on the rim of a wine glass with the name
of the guest. Simple origami folds can be used to make little stands for the menus. Add the name of the
guest to the stand in calligraphy, and you will have an elegant and unique addition to your reception

 Making things for your wedding is such a fantastic way to add style and character to your special day
while also reining in costs. Paper is versatile material that lends itself to countless diy projects. Best of
all, when your guests are admiring your lovely paper flowers, favors, or other decorations, you will be
able to say, "I made that!".

Bridget Mora writes for Silverland Jewelry about weddings, style, and gift ideas. Visit us at for help with your bridesmaid gifts.

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                                         Important Steps In Your Wedding Program
                                                               By Ken Donald

 You have probably heard of others who have used one. A wedding program. Do you really need one
to manage your upcoming wedding? It all depends on how big a wedding you are planning. A regular
wedding has thousands of things and stuff who needs to be taken care of on the right moment. If each
thing is not done at the proper time and place, the whole wedding can get side tracked and course a lot
of trouble.

You need to take care of wedding invitations in good time before the wedding. The invitation of your
guests is very important to get done early in your preparations. Things like wedding flowers for
decoration, the wedding dress for the bride, ordering a wedding band perhaps, etc.. The list goes on
and on. Planning your wedding can be difficult on a piece of paper. You really need a plan where every
aspect has been thought of.

You also have to think about wedding favors, wedding rings and wedding accessories. Not to forget
your honeymoon? Where should you go on this special occasion?

You have to think ahead. Try a search on the internet for wedding programs. You can find information
in abundance. It is all out there on the internet online: wedding music, wedding photographers,
wedding ideas and wedding cakes, etc.

With the wedding process written down on paper step by step, you are in control of the situation. And
you know that you can relax and even enjoy the process from beginning of planning and all the way to
your grand wedding day.

If your budget is a bit tight and your wedding program must save money where it is possible, you can
make your own wedding invitations, and perhaps you know someone who can make the wedding
flowers for example. The wedding party could be held at a less expensive place. The great thing about
doing many things yourself is the personal touch you wedding will get. Great idea for creative people.

A wedding program is the most important step to stay on track from start to finish. Planning a wedding
is no easy task to manage. Get a wedding program, and make that special wedding day perfect.

Thank you for your time.

You can find more wedding information and mostly about wedding programs at Check it out!

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