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                                           Wedding Gifts For The Bride And Groom
                                                             By Joe Palladino

    You have been invited to a wedding and now have to decide what gift to give the happy couple.
Choosing the best gift is sometimes difficult. You definitely want to avoid the last minute dash to find
something to give. Besides thinking of what to give you also want to keep it unique. No couple wants to
get 10 gravy boats. How do you buy that unique wedding gift? There are a few ways to make sure your
gift is an original. You can make it yourself, get it personalized or be creative. Trying one of these three
ideas will ensure that nobody else will be giving a duplicate of your gift.

If you are blessed with a special creative talent you can whip up a gift the couple will surely love. Some
great handmade gifts are paintings, soaps, candles or knitted items. You can also put together a recipe
book with family favorites in it. Go a step further and put together some jars of dry ingredients with
recipes attached where the cook adds some of the ingredients to whip up a soup or casserole. If you
want to give a gift from the heart offer to sing the couple a song at the reception or even cook the
dinner for them. Use your special talent to create a gift that nobody else can ever give and the couple
with be delighted.

Adding personalization to gifts will also help set them apart from the crowd. Give the couple
monogrammed bath robes with matching slippers. Play to each of their hobbies or interests with a pen
set for him and knitting supplies for her. If you know the couple well you should be able to find
something that seems perfect for them. You can always have a personal message added to any gift,
like glasses with their last name etched on them. Make the gifts unique to them and they will
appreciate the thought you put into it.

For those who just have no clue what to buy - get creative. There are some things the couple will need
but nobody will think to buy these things for a wedding gift. Put together kits that provide the couple
with essentials in a nice package. Every new home needs cleaning supplies, so put various cleaning
items in a mop bucket and you have a useful gift. Buy a large pot and every spice you can think of for a
gift that will tempt their taste buds. These creative gifts are very helpful to the new couple, but at the
same time quite simple.

Most people try to go way out and buy the best gift they can, but in the end others have the same
thought and the couple ends up with duplicate gifts. To make sure your gift won't be returned turn it
into a project that you put some work into, so you end up with a unique wedding gift for a deserving

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couple. They will be sure to enjoy your unique gift for years to come.

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                               Personalized Wedding Gifts for the Bride and Groom
                                                By Mary Braun

There are many ways that you can find exactly what you are looking for with personalized wedding
gifts for the bride and groom. When two people get married, they are joining their lives together, and
there is going to be a lot of stuff that they need for this journey. Most likely, they have a registry, but
you might not want to get them something from that. Perhaps you feel as if you want to get them
something better – something more personalized, and something that is more special. If this is the
case, then you might want to think about getting them personalized wedding gifts.

 With personalized wedding gifts, you can be sure that your gift is something that they will always
cherish. Personalized wedding gifts are not just the same old, same old, run of the mill gifts. In fact,
they are gifts that are different, unique, and are personalized to the exact specifications for the bride
and groom.

 There are several reasons that personalized wedding gifts are best for you. First of all, you can really
choose what you would like to get them. With a huge selection to choose from, you can look at all of
the different things there are to offer, and pick the personalized wedding gifts that you are going to like
the most. This is often easy to do, because believe it or not, there are going to be lots of different types
of personalized wedding gifts that you can choose from.

 For many people, the idea of choosing personalized wedding gifts might be difficult. Therefore, there
are some things that you can do to insure that you have given the best gifts, and that you have chosen
well. First of all, think about the bride and groom as a couple. Who are they? What do they like to do
together? Are they interested in sports, activities, or causes? Then, think about each of them
individually. Who are they? What colors do they like, and what are their hobbies. As you start to think
about them individually and together, you'll find that you are coming to a common ground and
discovering some of those things that attract them to each other. From there, you can easily get an
idea of what they might like to have.

 After you know a little bit about what they might like, you can browse through the selection of
personalized wedding gifts. No matter what you are going to give them, if you give them something that
is personalized, you are going to allow them to be even happier with what you have chosen. No matter
how many items they get, even if the items are similar, the personalized version is going to be much
more special to them, because of the thought and care that goes into personalizing a gift. Therefore, if
you truly want to give the bride and groom something that they will enjoy, cherish, and love for all of the
days of their lives, you'll want to go with personalized wedding gifts.

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