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                                                            Wedding Cake Tops
                                                               By Joe Palladino

   Wedding Cake Tops come in a complete range of stylish and superb wedding accessories for
embellishing cake tops. What ever be the type and style of your wedding cake, these tops are perfect
matches for every cake. The cake toppers are available at discount price options, variety of
assortments and above all, in a vivid combination of colors to blend easily with the colors of the
auspicious occasion.

These wedding favors are suitably customized and personalized using a variety of methods
Personalization quotes can be hand written or embossed with the help of tools. No wedding cake is a
complete without the customary cake tops. The Glazed Porcelain Doves and Flowers Cake Top is a
blend of modern artwork with a traditional ceremonial display. This makes it an ideal keepsake for
generations so as to remember the mesmerizing wedding occasion. The Butterfly Wishes Cake Top is
creatively designed in a heart shape with a pearl outlining, which is further interspersed and bejeweled
with butterfly ribbons and colorful faux jewel butterflies. The lavender flowers at the base add all the
fragrance and aroma to this cake top. The cake top gives elegance besides being a yummy addition to
your cake.

The Keepsake Calla Lily Cake Top comprises of a uniquely designed and handcrafted mix of Calla Lily
flowers with a large white sheer ribbon and yellow accents.These are nicely packed in a resin finish gift
box, which also has a small hidden space, which is revealed when one removes the top of the lid. The
space is ideally stored for sentimental quotes and a personal phrase blending in with mood of the
wedding ceremony. The Bride and Groom with champagne satin bow bisque porcelain keepsake cake
top is praiseworthy and a much sought after wedding favor for celebrating the cake cutting ceremony.
The blend of traditional style and classy look symbolizes permanence and dedication in love and the
relationship. The Traditional Celtic Cake Top and The Heart Framed Trinity Knot Cake Top is an exotic
styled cake top imprinted with traditional Irish messages that is in sync with the tone of a marriage

The cake top finished in glazed porcelain further gives a sparkle and glinting appeal to the overall
ambiance.The Traditional Script Brushed Silver Asian Double Happiness Cake Tops are especially
themed happiness symbols that go a long way in spreading happiness, laughter, and fun in the
ceremony. The Stylized Hearts Brushed Silver Asian Double Happiness Cake Top are yet another
range of sumptuously handcrafted cake tops that decorate not only the cakes but also enhance the
beauty of your head tables and reception tables.

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The Bridal Beauty Calla Lily Keepsake Cake Top is the most happening and stylized cake top that
adds a touch of elegance and awe-inspiring appeal to the wedding cake. The design of this cake top
enables it to store lovely treasures in the form of memorable quotes, romantic phrases, love poems
and many more. In addition, there is entire line up of cake top themes that include Butterfly Wishes in
Precious Jewels Keepsake Cake Top, Butterfly Wishes in Pure White Keepsake Wedding Cake Top,
Contemporary Couple Cake Topper and many more that will complete wedding cake and make it even

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                                             Castle Wedding Cake Toppers
                                                   By Bill Hansen

 Your wedding cake topper certainly is a vital wedding accessory. It merely not showcases the style of
your wedding, but is among the most noticeable to your visitors. There exists a diversity of wedding
cake toppers to go well with your needs. Castle wedding cake toppers are such a classic and
distinctive cake topper to put emphasis on your themed weddings. Castle wedding cake toppers are
breathtaking for Cinderella, Medieval or Fantasy wedding themes. Among them, you will notice a
simple blown glass castles and carriages which can be used for cake tops under Cinderella and
fantasy category.

Lighting castle figurine is basically a well-off, sculptured crafting and just ideal for any romantic design
of wedding settings. In the range of castle wedding cake toppers, Princess castle wedding cake topper
is just right for a smaller wedding cake. With a customizable color scheme and nameplate option, this
graceful castle wedding cake topper is formed of glass trimmed in gold. Surrounded by loops of ribbon
affixed with flowers, it contains clusters in their center.

Castle wedding cake toppers with two baffling hummingbirds could be a marvelous top for your cake.
Such castle wedding cake toppers with touches of gold, are enclosed by a field of greenery with
yellow, lavender, and white roses. Castle wedding cake toppers with two little reddish-purple song
birds are good to represent any fantasy ridden ceremony. Such castle wedding cake toppers surround
a field of greenery and cascading burgundy, pink, and white roses with puffs of air fern.

Glass castle wedding cake topper is gold-accented glass cake top which features startling artisanship
atop luxurious ruffles of lace and flowing ribbons. This castle wedding cake topper could well be an
enthralling castle on a reflective base. The sculptured crafting of this romantic design Castle wedding
cake topper is perfect for a wedding keepsake. To put a great deal of impression upon your guests,
any of the mentioned Castle wedding cake toppers could worth considering. Wedding Cake Toppers to Complement Your Unique Wedding.

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