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                                        Bridal Shower Decors, Games, Favors and Gifts
                                                           By Janet R.

   Bridal showers consist of so many things, such as the decorations, games, gifts, as well as the
guests, the hostess and of course the bride-to-be. Planning a bridal shower is not always easy, but
despite of this, the main goal is to make the celebration still as perfect as possible. The host of the
bridal shower is basically not the bride, but her maid of honor. Her maid of honor, as the hostess, is the
one responsible of planning what ideas needed to make the party successful. It might be very
challenging to be a hostess, but with a carefully planned event, nothing would go wrong.

 Hosting a bridal shower alone can make an extraordinary gift to the bride-to-be. So, it'll be
inappropriate to include your friend's fund. Let's say, it would be a smart idea if you start the plan by
determining your budget preference. This way, you can avoid overspending the budget over the things
you should have not purchase.

 It is also good to put a theme to the bridal shower. There are so many theme ideas to choose from,
but choose only the one that best suits the bride's personality. The theme will basically tell you what
type of decors, favors, food and games you need to have, making the entire process a lot easier for
you. Theme choices include, tropical theme, beach shower theme, lingerie theme...etc.

 Again, your choice of decors should be according to theme of the party. For instance if you have a
beach themed bridal shower, you need to pick beach-like decorations as well. There are so many
bridal shower decorations to choose from, and they are all available at wide party shops.

 Of course, you need to jazz up the party by providing shower games. There are so many traditional
bridal shower games, as well modern ones. Commonly used games are guessing games and trivia
about the bride and groom. You'll be able to throw a big laugh by those silly games! Other games need
specific materials, and these materials are also available in many party shop outlets.

 Of course, you don't want to end the party without thanking the guests. Bridal shower favors are used
to thank guests for the time they spent with the bride-to-be. This is the most easy and special way to
show appreciation not only to the guests but also to bridesmaids. There are so many shower favors
available in the market, from simple and affordable bridal shower favors to elegant and expensive

Bridal Shower Plans
Information and etiquette on bridal shower planning.
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You can even find personalized favors! These are made straight from the buyers idea.

 Lastly, when you think of bridal shower, it should have lots of gifts. This occasion is the perfect time to
shower the bride-to-be with lots of gifts. Bridal shower gifts are usually household wares and other
thing she can use in her new life. There are also gifts that are meant to be given to the bridesmaids.
Traditional bridesmaids gifts often given during showers, and these gifts are usually the things that
bridesmaids can use at the wedding. Bridesmaids gifts include jewelry gifts, personalized tote bags,
shirts, compact mirrors...etc.

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                                                  The Planning of a Bridal Shower!
                                                                By Mike Yeager

The Planning of a Bridal Shower!
 by: Mike Yeager

Planning a bridal shower? Maybe a dear friend or even sister is getting married and you are in charge
of planning the bridal shower? Bridal showers are customary and traditional. They aren't all about the
bridal shower gifts though! They are a way to welcome new family members and celebrate a new
beginning for the couple. But, they can also be fun if planned to be.

Start with the bridal shower invitations. You can purchase these from any department store with a card
section or you can make them yourself using the computer. Either way, make them bright and colorful.
Next consider what bridal shower games you might play. Some bridal showers are formal in that there
are large amounts of people and a nice dinner atmosphere. Then, there are those that are more
relaxed and laid back. At these, bridal shower games would work well. You can find games to play at
the craft store or search for free bridal shower games online.

More things to consider when planning a bridal shower are bridal shower favors and even bridal
shower themes. Many couples have a theme for their entire wedding. While this can simply be nothing
more then a color pattern, they can also be characters and ideas. An example would be a Disney
theme or a dove theme. Incorporate this theme into the bridal shower is possible.

 Bridal shower favors can be a great way to allow people to remember the event years later. Often
these small gifts given to the guests are ceramics, trinkets, or even just simply sweets. You can find
ideas that will suit your theme or your tastes in craft stores or even in some mall stores. Often times,
people will attach a small message with their names and the date and event title to the favor as a

There are many bridal shower ideas available to those looking. Several sources for more information
include the public library and the Internet. You can find a lot of information at your fingertips no matter
what you are looking for. Making a bridal shower memorable is a great way to honor those you love
who are getting married. Taking the time to plan a bridal shower will give you the opportunity to enjoy it
as well.

Mike Yeager

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