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					               Implementing Trigger Statute (AB3X 16)
                       March 17, 2009 Public Hearing
                     State Capitol, Room 4203 – 10 a.m.
                    Hearing Structure and Public Record

I.     Opening Remarks by State Treasurer and Director of Finance

II.    Testimony on Implementing Trigger Statute (AB3x 16)

       a. Scoring of Medicaid Money

       b. Adding to Department of Finance (DOF) List of Offsets

                1. Scoring Effect of Reduction in Estimate of General Fund

       c. Subtracting from DOF List of “Offsets”

III.   Additional Public Testimony

The hearing room must be vacated by 1:30 p.m. At the discretion of the State
Treasurer and Director of Finance, testimony may be limited.

The State Treasurer and Director of Finance will keep the public record open for
written testimony through March 24, 2009. Written material may be forwarded to the
State Treasurer, c/o CDIAC, 915 Capitol Mall, Room 400, Sacramento, CA 95814.
Testimony also may be submitted via email.