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                                                          The Williamsburg Collection
                                                                     By Sarah Martin

   Whether you are a seasoned landscaper, or simply enjoy outdoor home improvement as a novice,
the Williamsburg Collection is a collection both types of outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy. If elegance,
class, and simplicity are all things you would like to incorporate into your outdoor haven, consider
investing in Campania International’s latest collection. The Williamsburg Collection offers a broad
spectrum of products all designed to integrate an eighteenth century theme with both English and
American influence.

 This collection is ideal for all backyards, landscapes, and gardens. It incorporates polished, refined
pieces with the perfect amount of embellishment and decoration. The collection will fit nicely with
heavily ornamented areas that are missing that one special piece, as well as smaller, more uninhabited
landscapes that need just one amazing garden furnishing to bring the area to life.

 Envision boxwood hedges, elegant terraces, and classical urns. This unique, distinctive style inspired
by American gardens from the eighteenth century is influenced by particular architectural patterns and
garden design books fashionable in England at the time. Volumes of these design books can even be
found in Colonial Williamsburg’s rare books collection.

 The urns, stands, basins, columns, and other various garden accents displayed in these English
design books were a huge influence on American landscapers; however these gardeners generally
preferred simpler, less adorned versions of these outdoor water features. Campania International’s
new Williamsburg garden arrangements pay homage to these American gardeners by offering pieces
that celebrate form over ornamentation and display a decidedly refined, aesthetically pleasing design
which is still quite modern.

 There are a couple of exceptions in this collection however, that are more appropriately grouped with
the intricate English design of the eighteenth century. Campania International could not resist including
their duplication of the spectacularly ornate urns that are a central focal point of the Governor’s Palace
Grounds: Colonial Williamsburg’s most renowned and elaborate garden.

 The garden is known for its cool green areas, neat flower gardens, fenced pastures, carefully trimmed
boxwoods, and large shade trees. Typical types of flowers found in the gardens include the dogwood,
redbud, peony, German and Siberian iris, and the Oriental poppy. Other colonial sites that can be

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found in historical Williamsburg include the Bruton Parish Churchyard, the Carpenter’s Yard, the Duke
of Gloucester Street, Great Hopes Plantation, Market Square, Palace Green, and the Play Booth
Theater, each of which have its own special influence on the Williamsburg Collection.

 The beautifully meticulous urn replicas are the perfect complement to the simpler, more traditional
American pieces that make up the most of the Williamsburg Collection. The various urns the collection
offers include the Classical Frieze Urn, the Cherub Urn, the Swan Urn, the Neoclassic Urn, and the
Orangery Urn, just to name a few. There are also countless other beautiful garden additions offered by
this charming collection, not limited to pedestals, stepping stones, birdbaths, and planters.

 In combination, the two extremes of the same era come together to offer an amazing selection of
historically influenced garden furnishings and outdoor water features. Any of these pieces are sure to
turn any garden or outdoor oasis into an environment of elegance, sophistication, and beauty.

Sarah Martin is a freelance marketing writer based out of San Diego, CA. She specializes in travel,
leisure, home improvement, life insurance, and fine wines. For great deals and discounts on garden
fountains and other outdoor water features, please visit

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                                     Williamsburg Virginia: A Mecca for Retirement
                                                        By Elaine VonCannon

Williamsburg Virginia: A Mecca for Retirement by Elaine VonCannon

Williamsburg Virginia is a familiar name for many because it is steeped in colonial history. In the 1920s,
Rockefeller sunk millions into the renovation of historic homes, pubs, and properties. Today,
Williamsburg is an early American gem, as well as a mecca for retirement.
A Temperate Climate
The greater Williamsburg area includes James City and York Counties, and these areas are also
steeped in early American history. Many retirees prefer this part of Southeastern Virginia because it
has a temperate climate and an excellent mid point location on the Eastern seaboard. The temperature
in winter months rarely dips below 40 or 30 degrees, and snow is a rarity. For six to eight months out of
the year, temperatures range from 55-90 degrees.
For the plant lover, this area of Virginia represents the northernmost tip of a sub-tropical zone, so the
variety of plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees are vast. Outdoor gardening can be done 9-10 months out
of the year. Near coastal or tidal areas a good deal of the soil is mixed with sand, which makes for
fertile gardening.
Bird lovers will find it an excellent place for birding, because it's a flyover zone for many species of
migrating birds heading south for the winter. From November through March, there are an abundance
of flocks of feathered visitors to the area.
Golfing in Williamsburg
The golfing enthusiast will find much to love in Williamsburg. There are 10 major golf courses in and
around the Wiliamsburg area. Three highly regarded courses are located at Kingsmill, Fords Colony,
and the Golden Horsehoe , James City County and York County. Williamsburg is known for its highly
coveted signature golf courses.

Low Property Taxes
Many retirees relocate to the Williamsburg area because the property taxes are much lower than other
regions. In the City of Williamsburg property tax is .57 cents per hundred dollars (as of 2005.)
Bordering James City County is currently .87 per hundred and York County is .86 per hundred.

Williamsburg’s Proximity to Norfolk and Richmond
Williamsburg is situated between Norfolk and Richmond, each approximately 45 minutes away. Both
cities have international airports, and larger cultural and sports venues to choose from. Norfolk is home
to the largest Naval Base on the East Coast, and Richmond has preserved some of the olde southern
charm that once made it capital of the South.

Continuing Education
The Christopher Wren Association for Lifelong Learning is part of the prestigious College of William
and Mary. Continuing Education courses are offered for adults interested in such areas as historical,
cultural, and technological education. Other topic areas are included in Lifelong Learning and are
geared towards the mature adult audience.

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Cultural Events in Williamsburg
Diverse and interesting cultural events are available regularly in the city of Williamsburg. A sampling of
this includes, Williamsburg Symphony, Shakespeare Festival at the College of William & Mary,
Williamsburg Library performances, Colonial Williamsburg Early American Theater and Colonial
Williamsburg Living History Performances. There are other historical and local seasonal diversions.

If you do not like your relatives and friends visiting you frequently, don’t move to Southeastern Virginia
or Williamsburg. The Tidewater area and Williamsburg is a premiere tourist destination. You’ll find your
home filled with long lost acquaintances, family members, and friends with plenty of activities to choose
from to keep everyone interested and happy.

 Elaine VonCannon is a REALTOR with RE/Max Capital in Williamsburg, Virginia, and she manages
investment property as part of her business. Elaine is also an Accredited Buyer's Representative as
well as a Senior Real Estate Specialist. She has helped numerous clients invest in and make money
on property in Southeastern Virginia.

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