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                                                       Swimming Pool Construction
                                                                   By Jeff Halper

   Many people question why they would hire a landscape firm to handle their swimming pool
construction rather than going directly to a pool contractor. They assume that a pool contractor will
naturally have more expertise when it comes to needed materials and design options. While this is true
on one level, problems arise on a broader scale with swimming pool construction is handled
exclusively by the pool specialist without proper respect to home architecture and the surrounding

 Swimming pools are basically engineering developments in their own right. They consist of a few basic
elements that can be customized and arranged in a near infinity of forms. There is the basin which
actually holds the water, typically sloped from a shallow end toward a much deeper water level at the
far end. Normally a swimming pool is constructed with steps that lead down into the water on the
shallow end. There may be a diving board on the deep end, or ladders that allow people to climb down
into the deep water. Some pools are very posh, featuring spas, water jets, and waterfall fountains.
There is always a coping that surrounds the water, providing both containment for the water, and
human access to the pool.

 Contractors who specialize in swimming pool construction think of ways to combine these basic
elements into designs that look attractive and offer a high-level of recreational enjoyment.
Unfortunately, being specialists only in their given discipline, pool contractors often lack knowledge of
home architecture and outdoor landscaping. This invariably results in problems later down the line. If a
certain style of pool is chosen for its own aesthetic alone, it most often will clash with the architecture of
the home. If the pool elevations are built too high in relation to the surrounding landscape, then
drainage problems can quickly result that can ruin significant portions of a yard or garden, plus accrue
even more expenses when the pool has to be remodeled after the fact.

 We want to make it clear that none of this is the fault of the pool contractor. Specialists like this are
essential to professional landscaping. However, it takes the expertise of a team of specialists,
managed by a landscaping expert who can see the big picture, to ensure that swimming pool
construction is done in a way that complements all surrounding elements and better respects home
architecture with both its size and general design features.

 We always ask our clients to visualize what type of pool they would buy with a home that would be so
perfectly designed originally that it would require no remodeling upon move in. Such a consideration is

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an important one to take into account. Many people buy a home with the full intention of selling it later
down the line. Constructing a swimming pool at any point in time will definitely add or subtract from the
home’s resale value, and therefore should be overseen by a landscaping specialist who can design a
pool that reflects the unique architectural elements of the house, compliments other outdoor structures,
blends with vegetation, and reflects the lifestyle of the homeowner.

 The swimming pool construction plan, of course, will ultimately be part of a larger, master plan where
many specialists are called in to fulfill specific tasks in construction, drainage, and lighting. A
professional landscaping company knows how to manage these many teams and see that each
specialty service combines with all the others in a unity of aesthetic and a continuity of function.

Jeff Halper is passionate for Landscape and wants to share information about that passion.

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             Swimming Pool Safety You Need to Know If You Have a Swimming Pool
                                             By Mike Clarke

In anticipation of the warm summer weather and summer holidays many people dream of spending
their days by the pool. Whether you have a large in-ground or above ground pool, or simply a small
inflatable swimming pool, floating in the cooling water is a relief on those hot summer days. But there
are some precautions you should take to ensure that the time you and your family spend in and around
the swimming pool are safe as well as fun.

 Do you have a swimming pool in your backyard? Then you need to know about swimming pool safety,
especially if you have kids. There are many ways that something bad can happen in and around a pool
if you don’t know pool safety. So, you will want to make sure that you learn all you can about being
safe around a pool to make sure nothing happens to anyone at your home.

Here are some swimming pool safety tips that will help you to start learning about pool safety.

 One: You always need to make sure that if there are kids around the pool, that there is an adult
around who knows how to swim to watch them. Don’t ever leave kids around pools unsupervised. If
you do run into trouble knowing CPR could help save someone's life. Contact your city or local Saint
John’s ambulance for CPR course.

 Two: When you have an underground pool you want to have a fence around it with a gate that will
lock. This will help keep kids out if an adult can’t be there to supervise.

 Three: It is always a good idea even when you have a fence around your pool to add an alarm. This
will tell you when someone has gone through the gate when they are not supposed to. So, if you have
kids and the alarm sounds you can be there in a hurry to stop anything from happening.

 Four: Don’t allow alcohol around your swimming pool. This is one of the swimming pool safety rules
that a lot of adults don’t think about, especially if there are no kids around. Alcohol can alter a person’s
perception, which can be dangerous for the person who has consumed the alcohol but especially if
there are kids around. You just need to remember that alcohol and swimming just doesn’t mix, so don’t
do it.

 Five: When you have an above ground swimming pool you want to remove the steps or ladder when
the pool is not in use. This swimming pool safety tip is very important because kids are very curious
and will always climb stairs or a ladder when they see one. So, you have to remember to remove the
way into the pool each time after you use your pool.

 These are all very important swimming pool safety tips that you need to know but they are not the only
ones. You need to take time to learn as much as you can about pool safety. This is the only way to
make sure you know how to keep kids and adults safe when they are around your pool.

Mike Clarke is real estate sales representative who specializes in Toronto real estate for sale along
with his team of professionals. Search for homes for sale in Toronto and the Mike Clarke Team will be
happy to assist with all of your real estate needs. http://www.mikeclarketeam.com/

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