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                                  Free Landscaping Software, Good Start For Beginners
                                                                By Randy Letter

   If you want to start do-it-yourself designing your own landscaping on a budget, you may not like to
spend big bucks on landscape software for designing your outdoor design. Some companies out there
offer free landscaping design software to help you pick your favorite plants with their specific colors
and sizes to get the most beauty out of your exterior space. The software may include different kind of
plants in different sizes and colors, including seasonal and perennials and capable of altering the size
of images for a more precise design of backyard and how will be when completed.

 There is a weakness of using free landscaping software. It doesn’t allow you to change the style of
garden or the design of the flowerbeds or other plants. To access this feature, you need to pay and
upgrade to full version. In fact the free landscaping software is a demo version. It can be used only for
selecting the proper sizes and colors of plants and flowers to see how the combination of them will look

 There are different type of deal and strategy in market, Some companies offer the free landscaping
software to sell their products include flowers, flower seeds, plants, trees online in return. Of course
they don’t offer high level professional software which cost couple hundred dollar. They trade a basic
version software around $100 fee which is still good deal for individuals who like to start. You can use
the free landscaping software to choose and locate your favorite flowers and plants on layout and ask
the company send you those plants in return.

 Full version of gardening software generally is more capable and includes interesting extra features
like adding stones, rocks, lumber etc for making your garden more beautiful and eye catching while
most free landscaping software lack these features. Different companies offer different free
landscaping software which more and less may includes or eliminates extra functionalities. They may
change features for different customers. If the company realize the customer would constantly
purchase products, may let permanent customers have more access to cool features.

 One of the cool things about most of the online offered free landscaping software is that you don’t
need to register and enter your personal information. Just a click and download the whole thing in few
seconds. Once you figure out software doesn’t fit your needs, easily by a click, delete the whole thing
again. Entire process doesn’t take more than few minutes of your time, but at least you won’t pay a

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                                            Presented by Daniel Toriola

 Always keep in mind you get what you pay for. Totally you can’t expect a free landscaping software
same as a paid one. The producer doesn’t support any help and the major cool features. you get
software as it is. But at least, is a good spot to start for you who want to do-it-yourself. It gives you an
idea, how the system works and if working with program interests you.

If you need more information about landscaping design, you may want to
have a look at my landscaping blog.

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                 How Landscaping Software Could Help You To Create The Best Designs
                                                                By A.Caxton

 If you are serious about landscaping your garden and you are not a very creative person, you may find
that landscaping software will help. Designed especially to help give you ideas and show you the best
ways to design your garden, you should find it easy to find something that you really like.

Gaining Ideas and Getting the Help That You Need

Landscape software is great for giving you ideas and let’s face it – most of us need them every now
and again! Landscaping the garden can be a huge task and it can also be really daunting. If you are
not very creative you might not be able to see what can be done or you might think that it is impossible
to do anything with your garden. Either way, landscaping software will really help you out.

So, just what is special about landscape software then? Well, it actually shows you the picture of a
garden and what it would look like with certain features added to it. There are hundreds of ideas within
the software all waiting to be discovered and it can be exciting seeing what you could create if you
really put your mind to it.

Another great thing about the software is that it shows you what to do step by step. So, if you really like
an idea you could click on it and it will show you exactly what to do. You can either print the
instructions off or write them down if it is easier and that way you will be able to easily follow what to do
to create the perfect feature. Many people just cannot imagine what their garden could look like and so
by actually seeing it on screen, it will make them realize the gardens full potential. Not everybody is
creative and software like this comes in especially handy if you are one of those people.

Overall you can buy landscaping software in your local computer store or online. It will be easy to find
something that you like online as there are literally hundreds of products to choose from. All
landscaping software will vary as will the prices so be sure to shop around to find the best deals for
you. Obviously the better the software, the more expensive it will be so you have to determine what
your needs are and how much you can spend before rushing out to purchase the right software for

Andrew Caxton is a journalist who has written more articles and newsletters on this subject for Find more publications about landscaping at

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