A Serenity Garden For Your Home

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                                              A Serenity Garden For Your Home
                                                             By Tim Sousa

   Most people think about their backyard garden as a place to provide them peace and quiet, a place
to relax after a busy day, or maybe a place to draw closer to God. Whether you rise early, to enjoy your
garden before heading off to work, or come home from work and retreat to your garden to unwind, a
serenity garden can help to induce a state of calmness.

 A serenity garden does take some planning, and some care. There is no real format in how this type of
garden should be structured. You need to think about what serenity means to you. The design of the
garden should reflect your ideas on peace and tranquility. It can include your favorite colors, and
comforting landscapes. You may want to jot your ideas on paper, to get an idea of what you want
before you start planting the garden. Some common themes for a serenity garden are relaxation,
spiritual themes, and memorial themes. You'll want to locate the garden away from loud noises and
strong odors. It should be in a location that will help promote tranquility.

 When you start creating the garden, you should add features that reflect the theme. If you want a
memorial theme, for example, you may want to add items that reflect a loved one who has passed on.
If you want relaxation, a gazebo and/or furniture for lounging would be appropriate. Consider also the
plants that you want in the garden. Varying shades of green fit in well with a relaxation garden, with
touches of color from various flowers. Just be sure to provide a place to sit and relax, and enjoy your

 Rocks are another element that can be incorporated into a serenity garden. Rocks of varying sizes
can be used to build walls or footpaths in the garden, as well as edging for a footpath. Or large rocks
can be placed here and there throughout the garden to provide accents, and a contrast to the plants.

 Wind chimes can add a gentle, relaxing sound to your garden. A waterfall or fountain will also add to
the ambience of the garden. If you desire, you can also add speakers and an outdoor sound system to
play music while you relax.

 If you plan on using your garden after dark, you'll want to think about illumination. Tiki torches or
candles provide a gentle, flickering light. Just be sure the flames are a safe distance from any tree
branches or anything flammable. Low voltage or solar lights can also be used to light a pathway, or to
highlight certain features of the garden at night.

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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

 A garden is ever changing. Season to season, year to year, you'll see the garden growing and
changing. Your garden will continue to grow with you as you make changes to the garden, and as the
garden makes changes to you. Whatever the size of the garden, from a small apartment balcony to a
large backyard, you can create your own personal retreat, where you can relax, and find your peace
and serenity.

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                                 Learning About The Chinese Garden Design Options
                                                               By Ann Marier

 There are many different issues that you need to learn about if you want to learn about the different
Chinese garden design options that are available to you, and so if you are interested in learning about
these fascinating but multitudinous Chinese garden design options, then you are definitely going to
want to read on.

Different Chinese Garden Design Options

One of the most well known Chinese garden design options is that of water, and water is actually very
important in any Chinese garden because water is one of the most representative Chinese symbols,
representing purity and serenity.

Water can be used in many different ways in your Chinese garden, for instance you can put a water
fountain as the centerpiece of your garden, or you could just stick to making a few shallow ponds here
and there with pretty rocks and stones in them as decorations.

Another important Chinese garden design option that you want to take into consideration is that of
magic lanterns, and these are another one of the most popularly used implements in any traditional
Chinese garden.

These lanterns are not only incredibly beautiful and decorative, but as well they are extremely
traditional and meaningful of Chinese culture overall.

There are so many other things that you can put in your Chinese garden as well, but regardless of
what you want to put in it the most important thing to remember is that opposite of Japanese gardens,
which are simple and sparse, Chinese gardens are incredibly dense and complex, and so you are thus
going to want to make sure that you include a lot of different items and many different forums.

Try to incorporate as many different Chinese traditions as you can into your garden, and obviously then
the bigger area of space you have to work with the better, because then you will be able to fit that
many more elements into your available space.

Just remember to take your time while you are creating your Chinese garden, and try not to get
frustrated because this will take the fun away from it, and having fun is the most important thing here.
After all, you want your Chinese garden to come out looking great, but you also want to make sure that
you are thoroughly enjoying yourself while you are actually creating it.

Also remember that doing more research on the issue of Chinese gardens in general before you start
is a good idea, so that you can be that much more informed and have a better idea of what elements
you should include in your garden.

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