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									                                                                   District Advisory Committee
                                                                                 (DAC) Meeting
                                                                             6:30 pm – 8:00 p.m.
                                                                  Serna Center Community Room

                                         November 10, 2009
Call to Order
Wanda Yanez, DAC Chairperson, called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm. She welcomed and thanked
School Site Council (SSC) representatives for coming, and introduced the Executive Board.

Pledge of Allegiance was led by Mary Alvarez Jett, principal of Joseph Bonnhein Elementary.

Agenda was reviewed by Wanda Yanez . Motion was made by John Winthrop, seconded by Darlene
Anderson and carried unanimously to approve the agenda.

Roll Call
Attendees were determined from the sign-in sheets. The following schools/departments and community
members were represented:

  Albert Einstein                  Gary Prentice
  AM Winn                          Cynthia Schafer
  Bowling Green Charter            Liz Aguirre
  California                       Beth Herse
  Camellia Basic                   Kathy Kingsbury
  Capital City                     Alex Visaya, Jr.
  Caroline Wenzel                  Tom Hope
  CK McClatchy                     Jim Haas
  Clayton B. Wire                  Susan Gibson
  Community                        Karen Swett
  Community                        Leo Bennett-Cauchon
  Community                        Nekesha Bell de Castanon
  Community                        Renee An Lu
  DAC: Chairperson                 Wanda Yanez
  DAC: Parliamentarian             John Gross
  DAC: Vice Chairperson            Joe Sison
  District: Parent Engagemen       Mauel Guillot
  District: Parent Engagement      Chian Seng Yangh
  District: Parent Engagement      Crystal Vang
  District: Budget                 Patty Hagemeyer
  District: State and Federal      Corrie Buckmaster
  District: State and Federal      Norm Tanaka
  District: State and Federal      Wanda Shironaka
  Earl Warren                      Pablo Abreu
  Edward Kemble                    Laura Villegas
  Elder Creek                      Glenda Reed, Rex Reed
  Engineering & Sciences           Jenifer Mojonnier
  Ethel I. Baker                   Scott Calhoun, Trish Calhoun
  Fern Bacon                       Paul DeLong, Lynn Bradley
  Freeport                         Talis Hoak-Dayton

DAC Minutes
November 10, 2009
  Fruitridge                        Ed Hart
  Genevieve Didion                  Joe Sison
  Golden Empire                     Jon Renfrow
  HW Harkness                       Eric Chapman
  John Cabrillo                     Jaqueline Antolin
  John Morse Waldorf                William Alston, Peter Quady
  John Still Middle                 Talis Dayton
  Joseph Bonnheim                   Dr. Mary Alvarez Jett, Rebecca Statton
  Luther Burbank                    Ben…. H….(Illegible)
  Mark Hopkins                      Laura Reed, Gabriel Ortiz
  Mark Twain                        Darlene Anderson
  OW Erlewine                       Terry Smith
  Parent Teacher HVP                Carrie Rose, Jennifer Garcia
  Phoebe Hearst                     Joe Sison
  Pony Express                      Emily Bacchini
  Rosa Parks                        Laura Shirley
  Sam Brannan                       Nancy Garcia
  Susan B. Anthony                  Leng Vue
  Sutterville                       David Ross
  Tahoe                             Jennifer Garcia
  Theodore Judah                    Chuck Czajkowski, Ken Scarberry
  Washington                        Cyndi Salazar
  Washington Art & Science          William Alston
  Will C. Wood                      Maria McVay
  William Land                      Beverly Taylor
  Woodbine                          Alicia Richardson

Schools Absent
The following schools were unrepresented: AB Health Professions, Abraham Lincoln, American Legion,
Bret Harte, Caleb Greenwood, Cesar Chavez, Collis P. Huntington, Crocker/Riverside, David Lubin, Ethel
Phillips, Fr. Keith B. Kenny, Hiram Johnson, Hollywood Park, Hubert Bancroft, Isador Cohen, James W.
Marshall, Jedediah Smith, John Bidwell, John F. Kennedy, John Sloat, John Still Elementary, Kit Carson,
Leonardo da Vinci, Maple, Martin Luther King, Jr., Matsuyana, New Technology, Nicholas, Oakridge,
Pacific, Parkway, Peter Burnett, Rosemont, Sequoia, Success Academy, Sutter, the MET, West Campus

Motion was made by Alex Visaya, seconded by Jennifer Mojonnier, and carried by majority vote to
approve the minutes from the last meeting with one correction of the next meeting being on December 18,
2009. Additionally, Leo Bennett-Cauchon stated that he is no longer the representative for Parkway
School, even though he was listed as such in the last minutes.

Bylaws Committee Report:
     Nancy Garcia asked for volunteers for the bylaws committee.
     Membership voting discussed.
     A question was asked to clarify where the most recent bylaws are located. Karen Swett remarked
        that there was an April 8, 2009 amendment but recent amendments not currently published. She
        commented however, that the current issues we are in the process of amending is not related to the
        April 8 changes. Discussion ensued on need to have a hard copy of the most recent bylaws. Ken
        Scarberry (parent from Theodore Judah) made a motion to postpone the vote and discussion of the

DAC Minutes
November 10, 2009
         current bylaws amendment until a hard copy of the bylaws be distributed. This was seconded by
         Karen Swett. During discussion, Leo commented that the original bylaws were posted on Sac-
         DAC and that the current amendment recommendations are recommendations related to the
         original bylaws. After discussion, Mr. Hopson from Luther Burbank motioned to close the
         discussion and vote to postpone this discussion until next month. This was seconded by Scott
         Calhoun from Ethel I. Baker and majority approved the closure of the discussion and voted to
         table this issue until next month.

New Business
Bylaw Article II vote – postponed until next month (see above)

ConApp: Title I Money Set Aside to Benefit Students
    Wanda discussed administrative costs allocations: 15% of current Title I entitlement
    Visual handout: 2008-2009 Title I, Part A, End of Year Expenditure Report for School Choice
       and SES
    Wanda discussed issue related to PI schools and need to set aside funds to provide support
       specifically for Program Improvement (PI) schools. For example, parents of PI schools have a
       choice to send their children to a non-PI school and the district will provide transportation for this
       or provide allotment to help with transportation to the school. Funding comes from the 5% of the
       adjusted total allocations that is set aside for this specific requirement. Additionally free tutoring
       (SES) is also provided by a program approved by the California Department of Education (CDE)
       – minimum of 5%. Law allows the district to put the money in whichever program is deemed
       more necessary and currently, about 18-19% of the allocation goes to SES (for tutoring) and the
       other 1% is allocated to choice. Next month, Wanda will come back to brief DAC again on
       further component of ConApp. She added that there is a mechanism that if the application has an
       error, it returns the application with error marks for correction.

The Difference Between Parent Involvement and Parent engagement: Presented by Larry Ferlazzo who is a
teacher at Luther Burbank. Larry shared a personal story to introduce the concept of being “right.” He
then connected the concept of being “right” vs. being effective. He then went on to use this analogy to talk
about parent involvement vs. parent engagement, as being “right” (using our mouths) vs. being effective
(using our ears). He introduced the concept of “Parent Universities” and its current popularity. He further
talked about teachers being key components in the school, but is limited primarily at the school site and that
parents become more an important component in the rest of the students’ education. He made sure to
comment that parent involvement is not necessarily bad but that there are differences between parent
involvement vs. parent engagement:
      Parent Involvement
              o Using mouths and talking
              o Tends to Irritate
              o Conversation based
              o Improve school
              o Partnership – shallow and narrow

        Parent Engagement
             o Using ears and listening
             o Tends to agitate

DAC Minutes
November 10, 2009
             o   Communication based
             o   Improve community
             o   Partnership – broad and deep

DAC membership then was split up for discussions within individual group settings to further discuss
parent involvement vs. parent engagement.

Resource: Elisa Gonzales at Luther Burbank may be of some help for some parents; Larry Ferlazzo also
made reference to his book on parent engagement. Wanda Yanez also recommended parents go to the
SacDac website:

Public Comment
       Darlene Anderson commented on the success of last weekend’s open enrollment fair and made
        references to Nancy Compton in adult education for help in providing parent classes. She also
        encouraged everyone to participate in open enrollment this year.
       SES – Leo Bennett-Cauchon commented on need for parents to be given more information related
        to SES for program improvement schools. He suggested possibly creating a network to share
        information regarding possibly ranking these SES programs.
       Corrie Buckmaster-Celeste also stated that she can do trainings for school sites and school site

       2009 D.I.V.A. Conference for African American Young Ladies (ages 12-18 y/o)
       See SAC DAC Website:

Moved to adjournment made by Daniel Nuth (Luther Burbank) and seconded by another DAC member
and unanimously approved by the DAC membership.
     Next meeting will be December 8, 2009 from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
     Free dinner and childcare is provided before the meeting about 6:15 pm.

DAC Minutes
November 10, 2009

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