; Ways to prevent stress
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Ways to prevent stress


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									                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

      Stress and anxiety seem to be the new illnesses of the modern age and stress management and stress relief
     therefore assume paramount importance. Stress can adversely affect our relationships with others causing us
                                             to lose healthy relationships.
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                                                         Ways to prevent stress.
                                                                   By Benz Ms

    Preventing stress is easy. Stress is the number one health problem for most people. Although stress
it self cannot be a cause of death, the side effects from stress can be. So many things cause stress in
daily life. Stress can appear in the body in many ways and forms. Stress is brought on differently in
every person and for some people; it is a debilitating disease that can ruin an entire life.

Some of the reasons for stress can be work, family, a terrible or sudden loss of a loved one, an ended
marriage or relationship or problems in health and diet. Stress can come from anything and take over a
person’s life very quickly. It is important for people to learn to prevent stress or more stress in their life.

One way to help prevent stress is to have a good diet. You need to make sure that you are filling your
body with healthy foods that will support your mental and physical health. The more junk that you eat
will in turn make you gain weight or hurt your health. Eating too much of this junk food will only make a
person feel bad and may cause depression for some people.

Having a good exercise program is another important factor in relieving stress. Exercise can make a
person feel better, when they are feeling bad. Exercise will help take stress out of the body and help
you feel better inside and out. You will be burning off calories and helping your body becomes stronger
and healthier by reducing stress that you are accumulating. Visit http://cosmichealing.blogspot to know
more about aerobic exercises for brain.

There are also medications for people that are dealing with stress. There are different forms of
prescription medication that that a doctor can prescribe for a person. There are also forms of vitamins
that can be used to help a person deal with stress as well. These vitamins are going to help with the
support of the mind and help people to maintain a better outlook.

One of the most important things in preventing stress is to have a good support system. This means
that you should have the help that you are going to need from your friends and family. You will want
have someone to lean on when you are in need and they will be there with your through all of your
stressful situations. You will be able to manage your stress and feel more confident in finding a way out
of it.

Meditation is useful to relief stress. Regular practice of meditation will remove stress and gives relief to

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                                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola


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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                                       Stress Management Videos
                                                                By John Furnem

 In today’s world stress is an omnipresent factor. It pervades almost every aspect of modern life.
Stress-related diseases represent an ever-increasing share of health care expenditures. Over the
years, the experts have devised several techniques to combat stress. Some of them include:

•Yoga •Deep breathing techniques •Taking breaks and finding effective support systems. •Other
methods of healing like Reiki, Pranic healing etc,

However these things are easier said than done. Often a stressed out person fails to find a remedy to
his stress problems and consequently becomes even more stressed. It is here that these videos have
an important role to play. Not only do they teach people how to manage stress but also, at times, make
them aware of symptoms of stress and what stress is.

Who should buy stress management videos:

•Any individual who is feeling stressed •Any individual undergoing treatment for stress/depression
•Corporations for training their employees to cope with stress.

Advantages of stress management videos:

•You can see them at your convenience in your own home. •They are a step-by step guide to
relaxation •The stress management videos teach you to identify symptoms of stress.

Content/Program of stress management videos:

A stress management video usually presents strategies and techniques that can help prevent stress
from accumulating to potentially harmful levels. The video also discusses how to manage any stress
you have by changing attitudes in order to prevent greater levels of stress. The program includes:

•How a stressor becomes a symptom, •The signs and symptoms of stress, •The sources of stress:
How to identify them •Common coping strategies that can help you prevent stress •Intense coping
strategies for managing stress.

Characteristic features of the video:

1.Soothing music: This feature of the stress management video will help you to relax while you do your
exercises. It has been proven that music can do wonders in combating stress. The stress management
videos use this feature to its best advantage.

2.Beautiful pictures: Landscapes and other beautifully soothing pictures in the stress management
video help one to do the visualization exercises that can enable one to relieve stress.

3.Time management techniques: In most cases, stress occurs due to ineffective time management.
These stress management videos teach you to manage time effectively, balance life and therefore
reduce stress.

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

Where can you shop for them?

The best place to shop for them is online. There are numerous websites that offer stress management
videos and you can just shop online. Leading book and music shops will also have stress management
videos. The prices vary according to the length and content of the program. Usually they are in the
range $10 to $ 500. You can look for them in video parlors as well. You can buy a membership and
select any video of your choice. After seeing it, they can be returned. Your friends can provide you with
great tips on stress videos. You may take their suggestions and get the video from any online store or

John Furnem is a dot com veteran, specializing in human resources and work psychology he has
written articles and held workshops/seminars for stress relief and stress management. John currently
writes articles for http://stressmanagement.zupatips.com/

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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

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