Ways to Prevent Short Term Memory Loss in Children

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                                   Ways to Prevent Short Term Memory Loss in Children
                                                                 By Gregory Frost

   Are you still in disbelief? Yes, true indeed, this article title reads “Ways to prevent short term
memory loss in CHILDREN”. Who said that memory loss can only occur in our later years? Memory
loss can occur to anyone, regardless of his or her age. Unfortunately, unlike flu and coughs, memory
loss does not have a direct medication that you can pop in to help improve your memory conditions.
There are supplements and vitamins off the shelves of every pharmacy, but none of them is proven to
be effective in bring back the memory. Is your child having problems remembering things? Maybe it is
time to do a little check up on her and see how you can help to improve her condition.

 It can be pretty pitiful when short-term memory loss happens in children. This is usually unavoidable
but the good news is that there are ways to help in improving your child’s condition.

 Children in particular love games. Any form of games entices them, hence make use of this and make
them play endless mind-boggling games. Mind games and puzzles are just some of the types of
games that you might want to try on your child. Mind games and puzzles give the child the opportunity
to think and strategize. As such, this allows the brain to be worked and hence enabling the child to
achieve better memory capacity in the future. Although some games like puzzles might not be very
relevant, giving your child the opportunity to get a hold of these games would allow them the be active
mentally. Being mentally ‘dead’ or inactive would just stop the process of retrieving or storing

 Alternatively, you can make your child to be physically active by bringing them to the playground. A
child that is lacking from some kind of contact with the outside world will look and feel lethargic and
lazy. When a child is brought out more often, he will tend to explore new things, and hence this does a
little bit of work on his mental progress. Imagine in a situation whereby the child is taken out to the
playground. He will learn how to play a swing; he will learn how to go down a slide etc. This might
seem pointless to you but take a close look at the kind of activities he is doing. These simple activities
will allow him to build on his mental and memory power as he continues to explore new wonders.

 People have always considered the television as a bad creation. However, studies have shown
instead that TVs can aid in children intellectual development. This of course includes developing their
memory power. Specific genres of television shows can help to boost the intellectual quotient of the
child. Shows like Sesame Streets are definitely great for your child. Cartoons however do not provide

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

the same outcome.

 The whole idea here is to make your child develop his memory power the right way. If you choose to
ignore this problem, then chances are your child will continue with this problem. You will definitely not
want your child to be a laughing stock who is suffering from memory loss only at the age of 5!

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                                       Is There Hope For Short Term Memory Loss?
                                                               By Robert Sifer

? You have recently noticed that you frequently forget a lot of things and worst you are not sure what
exactly is causing this. Before going straight for the resolution, there should be a basic understanding
of what short term memory or working memory loss means. Beginning with short term memory, this is
the ability to hold some information in a span of twenty seconds where as short term memory loss
usually manifests in the manner of unusual forgetfulness.

For some people, short term memory loss is enough to make them worry. But there's still hope for this
condition because a study conducted by the Yale University has proved that short term memory loss
can be reversed by using a drug regimen that yields long-lasting effects. The results from the study
which was led by Stacy Castner can possibly pave the way to new treatment strategies for people who
have short term memory loss.

Meanwhile past studies show that the use of long-term treatment antipsychotic medications for
disorders such as schizophrenia actually reduces the amount of D1 receptors in the cortical neurons.
D1 receptors are considered as one of the dopamine receptors that directly control memory function.
On the other hand, results from the latest study show that long-term treatment using antipsychotic
drugs impairs the memory specifically if the treatment has lasted several months. However, according
to the same study, the memory impairment is reversed when the D1 receptors were stimulated by D1
agonist. The ABT-431 is the agonist used in the study to stimulate the D1 receptors and is still an
experimental therefore it is not yet available.

Scientists consider the return of short term memory, which is lost usually because of old age and
diseases such as Parkinson's and schizophrenia, very important because it this short term memory
that briefly holds the information in the mind while in the process of determining an action.

The treatment that proved successful in resolving short term memory loss only took a brief regimen of
almost 4 weeks to get a positive result. Castner even mentioned that it can be shorter and still have the
same effect. As a matter of fact the improvement of memory went beyond months and years even after
the last treatment. This means that the circuitry involved in the processing of memory had at least been
restored either semi-permanently or for good. This information is a result of the test done on 6 primates
but the ABT-431 has not been used on any human yet.

Although the drug has not been released in the market and is therefore not yet available for
consumers, with future tests further establishing the fact that the ABT-431 can indeed stimulate D1
receptors in humans and restore short term memory then there might be a chance to have this drug
out in the market soon enough. But this will only take place only after the scientists have proven the
ABT-431 is also effective in the restoration of short term memory in humans.

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