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Visualization For Law of Attraction Followers

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					                                           Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                      Visualization For Law of Attraction Followers
                                                     By Gary Evans

   Nothing is impossible to the believer! Jesus was probably the first man who taught this mystical
theory to the masses. Bible provides us with many instances of Jesus himself practicing the art of
creative visualization and imaging, and using the law of attraction in the most astonishing way! Bible is
the most followed book today. These principles are the incorporeal pure energies that are inherent
within the subconscious of humans, and also are the universal forces that govern mind and matter. A
believer can attract the things that are desires through the same principles of the law of attraction,
using the tools that are easily available to him -- creative visualization, imaging, and powers of the
subconscious mind. For ages, the wise of the ancient civilizations practiced these metaphysical

 The followers of the law of attraction use the power of creative visualization to manifest things that are
desired by their mind. They use meditation to charge these powers, to generate pure energy force
fields, and use visualization and imaging techniques as tools enabling them to use the law of attraction
in the most creative way. Their highly disciplined subconscious mind easily understands every
necessary step required and is capable of activating these mysterious and mystical forces.

 Every human being has the latent power to invoke these higher energies through their subconscious
mind and can attract things they desire. It is through the divine will that only a few can really use the
complete power of the forces that are available to everyone. Still, to manifest simpler desires, anyone
can use the power to attract results. Attracting more money, love, health, recognition, and even getting
a job are the lesser desires of humans that can be easily manifested through the gentler use of the law
of attraction techniques, while self-realization and the pure knowledge of the ultimate Truth can be
availed only by the master practitioners of these energetic forces.

 Law of attraction followers use these visualization principles and techniques to materialize their
desires into existence. Like attracts like! This is the principle of the law of attraction. The subconscious
mind understands no difference between the real and the myth. It understands no difference between
the good and the bad and also between the existing and the non-existing. But it possesses the hyper
intelligence that can materialize the conscious mind's desires.

The follower of the law of attraction uses repeated and very gentle influence through visualization and
meditation over the subconscious mind to manifest the desires of the mind into existence in the outer

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                                   Presented by Daniel Toriola

world. Visualization sets higher energies into creative actions. During visualization, the entire future
depiction of the things desired are "seen" by the mind, and faithfully believed by the subconscious mind
that the desires shall manifest in future. Any doubt in the entire process can stop the process entirely,
or in the worst case, can create a negative effect. Hence, even as the powers are so easily available to
the masses, they cannot not see materialization of their visualization efforts. Indeed, not effort or doubt,
but complete gentleness and belief, and creative visualization methods are required to put powerful
forces into action to materialize their desires.

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                                             Stop Visualizing to Get Manifestation
                                                              By Gary Evans

When using visualizations to make the Law of Attraction yield to you your desires, you are in massive
contradiction to the Law of Attraction itself.

The Law of Attraction will yield to you more of what you give your attention.

 So, if you visualize in order to manifest more money, you will be giving two things your attention. You
will be giving more money your attention (which is what you want), but you will also be giving your
attention to where you currently are, since you don’t already have the manifestation.

Can you see the madness in this?

Visualizing for the attainment of something is in contradiction of the Law of Attraction.

 That isn’t to say that visualizing your desires isn’t powerful and does not work. It can work very well,
yet you just need to make a gentle shift in order to see better results.

 Instead of visualizing to attain a desire, visualize for the fun of visualizing. Visualize your desires
because they make you feel good! Not because you will receive something if you do the visualization.

 This is one of the most common mistakes new Law of Attraction practitioners have when they start
out. They see movies like “The Secret” and feel that if you place their attention on more money that
they will get it. By doing that, you’re giving your attention to not having the money you want, and you’re
also giving your attention to having more money.

How could the Law of Attraction possibly decide what to yield you, if you do that? Instead, the Law of
Attraction will yield to you what you expect and believe the most, which tends to be the lack of money.

 Try manifesting more money when you don’t need it as much. Release your “wanting” of it so that can
actually just experience the delights of imaginging what its like with more money. Enjoy the
visualization and allow it to make you feel good. This is when the fun starts happening.

 My first ever deliberate money manifestation happened just like this. I wasn’t attached to the outcome
as I wasn’t desperate for more money. I also didn’t have any resistance to whether the Law of
Attraction worked or not. I simply practiced what I had been taught and let it be at that.

 I carried a check around with me detailing the exact amount of money I wanted to manifest. I made
time to visualize my desire every single day and really enjoyed it. It made me feel more alive than I
often do in “reality”. I wasn’t worried about not having the money, or whether I had it. I was simply
enjoying the experience of visualizing myself with all of that abundance.

 Within 30-40 days, I had received the plans from no where to make the exact figure I desired. Within 2
months, I had successfully done it and from that moment on, I was hooked to the Law of Attraction and
this new way of living.

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

Make time for yourself and visualize to feel good, not to manifest stuff.

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