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									                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

    Hypnosis helps everyday people overcome everyday problems and can help in succeeding when nothing else
    has worked. Hypnosis is one of the fastest growing fields of human achievement. It is the creative, feeling way
                                                     of thinking
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                                                Using Hypnosis To Cure Phobias
                                                              By Carl Walker

    The big question is "Can hypnosis cure phobias?".

When the hypnotist you are asking answers with a resounding "yes", the next thought is usually along
the lines of "yeah, right".

But you'd be amazed at the high success rate that hypnosis has with phobias.

Top athletes regularly use hypnosis in all areas of their career. One of these areas that they may not
be quite as public about is a fear of flying. After all, how can something as common place as flying be
something to be afraid of? Surely almost every plane that takes off lands again safely?

Yet fear of flying is a biggie.

Hypnosis to the rescue!

By getting to the core of the fear, hypnosis can turn round the fear of flying and let you face an airport
without turning into a quivering wreck.

The same goes for any other fear or phobia you've got.

For instance, if you've been afraid of heights since childhood, you can listen to a hypnosis MP3 and
watch the fear melt away. This won't mean that you will lose the natural fear that kicks in when you are
about to do something stupid from a height. But it will mean that you can climb a tower or tall building
and admire the view, without your knuckles turning white while they are gripping the nearest safe

Public speaking is another very common fear. Truth be known, most of the audience probably don't
care what you are saying in your presentation. They're just glad that it's you who drew the short straw
rather than them. You can use hypnosis to boost your confidence in public speaking so that you don't
break out into a cold sweat the next time you are asked to speak in public.

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                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                                          The Use of Hypnosis
                                                              By Regie Lions

The use of hypnosis is to get rid of bad behaviors, have more self-confidence, and unlock secret
talents. Hypnosis is a very powerful tool and can help you achieve many things in your life, especially
with your personal development.

 Your personal development affects many realms of your life and your goals. Reaching your goals has
never been easier to get what you really want with hypnosis.

Evaluate your Life

 First, you will need to do a thorough evaluation and examination of your life, goals, talents, behaviors,
habits and addictions. Write them down. How many of these things do you wish to eliminate from your
life? How many things on this list do you wish to further develop?

 Is there anything holding you back in life? Phobias, fears or anxieties that keep you from fully
experiencing life can be overcome when you get what you really want with hypnosis. What you really
want with the use of hypnosis is a smooth, calm voice that will relax all your fears and phobias away.
Hypnosis will be reaching into your unconscious mind and gently stroking the phobias and fears away,
not to mention the anxieties. I know you are already interested to a high degree in this because you are
reading this.

 What you really want with hypnosis, you can get on your own with CD’s and MP3’s, or you may
choose to go to a voice hypnotist. It all depends on your comfort level and your time availability in your
life right now. Just remember that a voice hypnotist will take every caution and care to be gentle and
soothing with their voice to get you relaxed and calm during your sessions. The use of hypnosis is just
what millions of people are looking for when they turn to self-hypnosis on CD’s and MP3’s to soothe
their troubles away; and the use of hypnosis is how they get the bad behaviors to go away out of their

 There are multiple reasons why the use of hypnosis may prompt you to go to a voice hypnotist. You
can go to raise your self-confidence or to quit smoking. For instance, have you ever tried quitting cold
turkey, with the nicotine gum or other ways and failed? Well, a voice hypnotist can get you to quit
smoking now! Weight loss with the use of hypnosis is how many people choose to lose weight after
several failed attempts with other methods.

 Other phobias and problems to use voice hypnosis as a solution for are anger management,
depression, anxiety, self-esteem, alcoholism, public speaking, and insomnia. You can also use CD’s or
MP3’s through self-hypnosis to get what you really want with hypnosis too with these topics.

 Do not continue to live your life this way! Fix what can be fixed and get rid of the bad behaviors in your
life that are holding you back from your full potential! Raise your self-esteem and your self-confidence
through hypnosis. Finally turn those urges to alcohol and gambling off with hypnosis. What you really
want with hypnosis you can actually have if you just believe. Would you like to be able to get in front of
a crowd and speak without getting full of doubt, sweating, and stage fright? It is possible with the use of

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