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					                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                                  Time Management - It's Your Life
                                                               By Bob Urichuck

   It's your life and how you manage your time here is your decision. First of all understand that you
cannot control time, but what you do with your time is under your control.

Your time is ticking away. Is effective time management something you would like your life to benefit

Let's start with you, the most important person in the world, by first taking the time to define your life,
and what you want to be, do or have. That alone will start to help you with instilling effective time
management disciplines in your life.

One night I met a lady in a take-out restaurant / bar in Brainerd, MN. While waiting for our orders we
started a conversation. Shortly into our conversation she mentioned she was a Great Grand Mother. I
could not believe it. She looked younger than me, had a beautiful complexion and a great attitude.

She was 67 years old, still working, but had a purpose to live, and that purpose caused her to manage
her time effectively. Naturally, I had to explore what her purpose was, while exploring her time
management disciplines, with her limited time.

Clara used to weight 237 pounds and had no real purpose to live. Through her church she had learned
about having a positive mental attitude and a purpose in life. Once she decided on that purpose, her
life started to change. She took control over the things under her control, one of them being the way
she managed her time here on earth.

Unlike money which comes and goes, Clara understood something more valuable than money - time
management, as time constantly goes and does not come back. Our time here on earth is limited and
goes up in value as we get older. Therefore, we need to be more effective with time management.

Clara's purpose was to take her family, grandchildren and great grandchildren to Africa and tour the
historical slave route of their ancestry. To do that she needed to get in shape. She took control of her
diet and started to exercise on a regular time management basis.

She now weighs only 170 pounds. She is still working and saving money to make her dream come
true. She will continue to work until age 70, at which time she believes she will save enough money to

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

live that purpose and retire healthy. She is doing her best at managing her time - that is the discipline
of time management.

Do you know what your purpose is? This alone is the foundation of time management. Without a
purpose, or goal, you are wondering around aimlessly and wasting time.

Clara's purpose gets her up in the morning. She maintains a great attitude because she knows where
she is going and what she needs to do daily to get there. She will find the time to make things happen,
as opposed to never having the time. That is the bottom line to time management.

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                                         Managing Your Life by Managing Your Time
                                                              By Ronnie Nijmeh

Where does the time go? That is a question that many people ask themselves from time to time but if
you are saying or thinking this often than you may need some help with your time management skills.

 Some people think that time management is something you either have or you don't, but this isn't the
case at all. The fact is that yes, some people find that these skills come easier and others may have to
work a bit harder than others to make time management a reality, but it's certainly not impossible!

A simple tool you can use to better manage your time is positive affirmations.

Make Time Management Part of Your Life

 If you constantly feel like your running around putting out fires, chances are you need some serious
time management skills at your disposal. Using time management affirmations can help get into the
right frame of mind so you can manage your time more effectively.

 There are a lot of free positive affirmations that you could use, or you could make your own depending
on what you need help with and your specific issues with time management. Time management
affirmations such as, "When I stay on task, the job gets done quickly and easily" may be helpful. Or
you may find other affirmations helpful, such as "Time management helps me to live my life on my
watch, not someone else's." These affirmations will remind you that these skills are necessary in all
aspects of your life.

 It doesn’t matter where you live or what you do, you probably have a lot of things going on. Whether
you are a corporate executive, stay a home mom, or a pizza delivery boy you need to know how to
manage your time. How can you get the most done in the least amount of time? How can you assure
that you have enough time to complete each task properly? Time management skills are essential in
every day life. You can build time management skills through positive affirmations, which help to
remind you of your key priorities in life.

Manage Your Priorities to Manage Your Time

 Time management is about prioritization. When you can prioritize the tasks that need to get done,
each day becomes a whole lot easier. With time management affirmations you can remind yourself
each day that prioritizing your tasks is important. On those days when you think about just tossing
your responsibilities to the side and leaving them for tomorrow, you can use these time management
affirmations to keep you moving forward.

 Time management skills are one of the most important skills that you will develop. If you find that
positive affirmations alone are not enough to help you develop these skills, you can read books, take
classes, and use one of many different prioritization methods to help you. Don't forget though, that
affirmations will help you even after you have developed skills from another resource. It's never too
late to develop the time management skills that you need to get through life so you don't always have
to run around putting out fires. Instead, you will be able to deal with problems as they come and
positive affirmations will be a critical part of this continued process.

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Ronnie Nijmeh is the president and founder of http://ACQYR.com - an inspirational resource where you
can download free wallpapers, motivational articles, and inspirational affirmations. Visit
http://www.acqyr.com/Wallpapers/ and http://www.acqyr.com/Positive_Affirmations

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