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    Hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help. Hypnosis helps clear you mind and allows you to get to the root of your
     problems and resolve them. Hypnosis can help the unconscious mind to replace feelings of discomfort with
                                         pleasant comfortable feelings.
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                                                     The Uses Of Hypnotherapy
                                                           By Marvin J Markus

    Sadly many people think of stage hypnosis or "movie hypnosis" instead of the great benefits that
can be attained through hypnotherapy. While stage hypnosis can be entertaining, hypnotherapy can be
truly life changing.

Hypnotherapy can be used in many different ways for "self improvement." It can be used to change
bad habits and to get over fears. In this article you'll find out about some of the most common (and
most effective) uses of hypnotherapy.

Quit Smoking. One of the worst habits a person can have is that of smoking cigarettes. It's extremely
harmful to a person's health both in the short term and in the long term (cancer.) It's extremely difficult
to stop smoking cigarettes because they are highly physically addictive. But hypnotherapy has been
proven effective in helping people to quit smoking cigarettes time and time again. In fact my aunt who
had smoked for years was able to stop through the use of hypnotherapy.

Losing Weight. You may be skeptical about this one but hypnosis is actually one of the most effective
ways to lose weight. Why? Because what really causes someone to become (and to stay) overweight
are their bad eating & exercise habits. Those habits are very hard to change consciously but through
the use of hypnosis they can be changed subconsciously. By making the right decisions on a daily
basis weight will be lost.

Sleep. One of the best (and in a way most obvious) uses of hypnosis is to help with sleeping problems.
This is an area I have personal experience with. I had a lot of trouble with not being able to get to sleep
and then I got some "get to sleep" hypnosis mp3s to play in my iPod while I was laying down in bed.
Just by closing my eyes and listening I would be able to fall asleep using this method. No pills
necessary! And that's a very good thing because sleeping pills are a bad habit.

Stop Nail Biting. This is another bad habit that can be stopped through the use of hypnotherapy. A
habit like this is extremely difficult to stop consciously but it can be quite easy to stop subconsciously
using hypnosis.

No More Fear Of Flying. Phobias such as a fear of flying, a fear of the dentist, or a fear of heights are
all very irrational and thus impossible to get rid of with conscious thought. These fears must be

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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

removed subconsciously with the help of hypnosis.

Improved Confidence. Hypnosis isn't just used to get rid of fears and bad habits, it can also be used to
improve your overall self esteem and confidence. Again this is an extremely difficult thing to do

However you use hypnotherapy (and there are a lot of ways) please forget the old idea of hypnosis that
you see in the movies. It is "mind control" and it's not scary. It's a way to make big positive changes in
your subconscious and I do highly recommend it to everyone.

Marvin J. Markus recommends to learn more about hypnosis.

Eft & Hypnotherapy
Using EFT and Hypnotherapy in combination.
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                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

           Hypnotherapy For Personal Development – Is The Truth Within Or Without?
                                        By Richard MacKenzie

 Hypnotherapy for personal development? - I hear you ask. My answer, why not? There is no reason
that hypnotherapy cannot help you become a better person. Most of us today are under constant
pressure to perform better, to look cool, and to be successful. There are hundreds of forces working on
us at all times to shape our own identity in our own eyes. Today, there are millions of people who suffer
from low self confidence, low self esteem; there are thousands of youngsters who live with a negative
self image for years, and worse still when they grow up those ideas that they have harbored all those
years become so inimitable that it is almost impossible for them to overcome it.

Here’s where hypnotherapy for personal development comes in. Recent research has found that
hypnotherapy is a very effective means of personality development, and that it affects virtually every
aspect of human lives. Through hypnotherapy you could cure yourself of anxiety and nervousness; you
could work towards thwarting self doubt and become more confident. You can use hypnotherapy to
lose weight and look better; you can use hypnotherapy to increase your creativity and improve upon
your public speaking skills. Doesn’t it seem like that hypnotherapy is actually too good to be true?

Its actually not. Once you realize the potential of hypnotherapy for personal development, you can
work wonders with it. With the help of a qualified hypnotherapist, you can begin your journey to the
centre of your subconscious mind. Most hypnotherapists provide individual consultations; some
provide group consultations as well to address issues like weight loss or smoking. You could also
purchase books and audio tapes on hypnotherapy or join a reputed hypnotherapy class to get into the

You ask -What are the areas that hypnotherapy for personal development can help me? I answer; it
depends upon what areas you want to improve upon. Hypnotherapy’s arena is nearly limitless,
because it deals with a magnificent mechanism in our body called the brain. If you can train your
subconscious to think a certain way, there is no end to possibilities of what changes you can bring
about. It can help you in increasing your mental and emotional wellbeing, as well as physical health. It
can help you get better scores in your pop-quizzes, or help you crack more deals with your clients. It
can help you have a more enriching relationship with your spouse, or increase the level of your

Let me give you an example. Let’s say that going through hypnotherapy for personal development is
like going deep sea diving. I am sure most of you are fascinated by it, even though you might never
have indulged in it. Like deep sea diving, hypnotherapy takes you to the deepest recesses of your mind
to find your true self. In diving you jump in to witness the exotic marine life, explore the sea bed and if
possible come back with a treasure. Similarly hypnotherapy takes you on a dive to discover yourself,
see the way your mind functions, and come back with a brighter, newer you!

Richard MacKenzie is a leading expert in the field of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy for Personal
Development. Please visit his sites at and for more information

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