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                                             The Most Common Cause Of Hair Loss
                                                          By Michael J Harris

  The most common cause of hair loss in men and also a critical problem for many women is the
condition known as Androgenetic alopecia (male and female pattern balding). The three basic
components which are responsible for both

female and male balding are as follows:

1. Inordinate presence of male hormones.

2. Hereditary predisposition for balding to come about.

3. Aging - enough time for the first two factors to occur.

The fact that androgens occur in a good deal greater concentration in men explains why male pattern
baldness is more common than female balding, even though both men and women produce male
hormones that have a valuable role to play in both sexes.

It is the metabolism of male hormones (androgen/testosterone) which is main cause of hair loss and
male and female pattern balding.

The metabolic process of androgen requires an enzyme known as 5 alpha reductase which merges
with the hormone (testosterone) and changes it to DHT (Dihydro-testosterone) which is an elemental
metabolite of our body. This comprises the root cause of hair loss.

There are some individuals, both men and women alike, who are genetically susceptible to produce
more DHT than the rest of us. It is this accumulation of DHT and its consequence on the cells inside
the hair follicle and root which is among the primary causes of male and female pattern balding.

As DHT enters the hair follicle and root, particularly an area called the dermal papilla, it alters the cell's
activity and forestalls essential proteins, vitamins and minerals from supplying sustenance required to
support life in the hairs of those follicles. Accordingly, hair follicles are multiplied at a a great deal
slower pace. This abbreviates the maturing stage (anagen phase) and or lengthens the resting stage
(telogen phase) of the follicle. DHT also induces hair follicles to contract and get increasingly more

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diminished and finer. This action is called miniaturization and causes the hair to ultimately fall. DHT
stimulated androgenetic aloepcia is accountable for 95% of all hair loss.

Blocking the synthesis of DHT at the molecular level shapes the groundwork for the handling of MPHL
(male pattern hair loss) and FPHL (female pattern hair loss). There are several natural DHT blockers
and numerous drugs which are employed for medical hair restoration.

Among them are hair loss shampoos commonly accessible in drugstores including Dr.Proctor's hair
loss shampoo, which consists of natural ingredients. Statistics bear witness that this product
represents the preferred hair loss shampoo. Second is Life Extension Shampoo.

Additional normally used hair loss shampoos include Hairgenesis, Procerin, Tricomin, Revivogen,
nisim, Viviscal, Hair Genesis, Avacor, and Thymuskin. A research study corroborates that Thymuskin
hair loss shampoo is 95% effective in treating female baldness and 67% in treating male pattern

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                                 Female Pattern Hair Loss – It Depends On The Genes
                                                                   By Ash R

 Female pattern hair loss is very common nowadays due to hectic schedules and stress. Stress is the
main cause of female hair loss. Women rarely become bald, but hair loss is common. If more than 100
hairs falls from your head while applying oil or when you shower then you need to take proper steps to
control hair loss.

Men usually become bald if their hair becomes thin, while women do not completely become bald. It is
very rare and if it happens then it could be due to genetic factors. Women could lose some hair or
sometimes the hair becomes thin which could be treated if proper care is taken or by consulting a hair

Androgenic alopecia is the most common type of hair loss in females. If lots of hair falls in a day and if
you feel your hair is becoming thin then it is the perfect time to visit a dermatologist. If your parents
were bald then the chances of you becoming bald is more. Hair loss or balding depends on the gene of
the parents. Female hair loss could start at puberty and it is mainly due to hormonal imbalance.
Women could also lose hair once they discontinue birth control pills, or even when they are pregnant.
Physical and emotional stress could also cause hair loss.

There are various medications available for female hair loss. Homeopathic, ayurvedic, allopathic
medication can be bought from stores. There are many homemade remedies, which would help in
gaining hair and also thicken hair. While going for a treatment or hair restoration surgery it is advised to
take professional advise. Consultation with dermatologists would help in determining the root cause of
your hair loss. Around 25 million American females are affected with this type of hair loss.

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