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      Stress and anxiety seem to be the new illnesses of the modern age and stress management and stress relief
     therefore assume paramount importance. Stress can adversely affect our relationships with others causing us
                                             to lose healthy relationships.
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                                                        Seven Ways to De-Stress
                                                               By Lynn Powers

  What do moms, grandmas, students, full-time employees, self-employed, singles, married, engaged,
and divorced women all have in common?


 Studies show that women are more likely than men to experience anxiety, depression, and just feel
generally stressed-out. This may be due to hormones, genetics, or because women feel they need to
be and do everything for everyone. Keeping the house up, arranging the kids’ hectic schedules,
working, friends, husbands, church…women tend to have a huge collection of hats of which they wear
several on any given day.

 And Christian women certainly aren’t exempt. Many people think that Christians are supposed to have
it all together. Ha! There are days when I feel like I’ve lost my mind and burst into tears as I look at my
“to-do list” that’s much longer than the hours in the day. And while God offers me His peace, I don’t
always think to ask Him for it before the stress finds its way in.

 But while stress may be right there, banging on your door, you don’t have to invite it in for dinner.
When your muscles are tense and your mind is about to explode, here are seven things you can do to
decompress and de-stress:

 1. Pray! You knew this would be number one, right? God is the first person you should go to when you
feel the reins of stress beginning to tighten. Ask God for His peace before your tension and frustration
blow up all over your husband, your kids or the family dog.

 2. Scented candles. Sneak into your bedroom, lock the door and light a couple of scented candles. Lie
on your bed, breath deeply and meditate on the Word. When you exit your room (if you don’t fall
asleep!), your senses will be refreshed and de-stressed. Suggested soothing scents include lavender,
sandalwood, or peppermint.

 3. Soak away that Stress. No hot tub? No problem! Fill up that tub with warm water and bubbles and
soak until your fingers and toes could be mistaken for prunes. By the time you unplug the stopper, your
tension will be draining along with the water.

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 4. Walk it off. Getting outdoors and filling your lungs with fresh air does wonders for both your body
and mind. Pay attention to the sights and sounds you encounter, like birds singing and children

 5. Aerobic Exercise. There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned workout to release those “runners high”
endorphins that will pump out the stress and leave you feeling reenergized.

 6. Talk it out. It’s no secret that most women are better at expressing their feelings. And sometimes,
when we’re stressed-out and overwhelmed, it helps to release that pent-up tension with our words.
This doesn’t mean we should launch into a complaint or whining session, but simply talking through the
stressful moment often relieves the pressure and gives women a sense of peace.

 7. Indulge! Go ahead and grab that candy bar. Chocolate releases “feel-good” chemicals in your brain
that help alleviate stress. But don’t overdo it. A couple of Hershey’s Kisses or one third of that candy
bar will do.

 You will have plenty of opportunities in your daily life to get frazzled and stressed-out. But you don’t
need to allow stress and anxiety to take control. Recognize the times when you need to step aside and
take a moment to decompress and de-stress. By first asking God for help, you are one step closer to
allowing His peace to rule in your heart and in your life.

Lynn Powers is a staff writer for FaithReaders. Access Thousands of Christian Articles, Christian
Poems, and Christian Stories at FaithReaders: Discuss all Christian
topics at GodLinked: Christian Web Hosting:

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                                                      What Is Stress Management?
                                                                 By James Davis

 When you are at work, do you find yourself stressed to your limits? When you find yourself stressed to
your limits you should try to take a break or get away from the desk whenever you can. Take a walk to
the restroom or to the water cooler. By simply doing a short walk or stretch, you will find that your
stress won't be as intense.

For those who find that they don't have emotional reactions to stress, but physical reactions, stress
management are needed the most. When it comes to stress management, you need to learn
techniques that will slow down your heart rate and allow you to relax. When stress approaches, try
deep breathing techniques or massage therapy.

Since the first step to stress management is to identify stress factors, the second step is to recognize
the steps to help change the situation. Sometimes we are able to eliminate the problem, but most of
the time, we must find ways to grin and bear it. However, you can reduce the time you spend on or with
the causes. You can also find ways to reduce your stress by stretching the task our over time or

Stress management teaches others about self-love and how you can expect some set backs in life.
You will find that stress management will teach you a new way of thinking. You will find that you will be
able to be in control and stay in control of your own destiny with the help of stress management. To
find a good stress management program look at the local colleges to guidance as well as the local
newspapers. Many times, churches and other associations will post announcements about classes

We all have our breaking points. The hard part is learning how to control our emotions and thoughts so
that we don't reach our breaking point. That is why everyone needs to learn about stress management.
Stress management is different for everyone, but the idea is still the same. To practice stress
management successfully you need to find something that allows you to let go of all your worries.

James Davis is a staff writer at and is an occasional contributor to
several other websites, including

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