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                                          Seven Steps To Not Becoming A Millionaire
                                                            By Kenrick Cleveland

    1. Wait for approval from society, from your family, from your friends, from your colleagues.

2. Be an innovator. (Innovation is a slow process which doesn't necessarily pan out. Instead of
inventing something new, improve on what already exists. Copy. See what works and jump on the
bandwagon. Do it better, more powerfully, maybe with a twist. The Wright Brothers didn't have the
original idea of creating an airplane, but they kept working on it and didn't give up until it was

The Wright Brothers didn't come up with the original idea of flight, but they had an unwillingness to give
up on their dream of flying. They were persistent and when we have persistence and inspiration, that's
when luck happens.

They key is to start the process, to implement something, because it is far easier to go from one
success to another than it is to go from failure to success. You've all heard of the law of physics that
says a body in motion tends to stay in motion. This theory holds true in terms of wealth accumulation
as well. It's easier to change direction slightly while you're moving in the right direction than it is to start
from a standstill and get up and running.

3. Work on salary. (No one on the list of Forbes 500 makes a salary, so if you want to avoid being
super wealthy, keep accepting one. Instead, if you are looking to go off the charts, think ownership.
Being on salary might be 'comfortable' but not outlandishly wealthy. Maybe you're thinking, 'If i could
just earn a bit more salary. . . ' Why not instead ask yourself, 'How can I start a billion dollar business
while still keeping my salary?' Remember, however, that salary alone will not do it.

4. Manage your portfolio adroitly. (This one's going to annoy my adviser clients. But look at it this way,
historically, if you really look at it, portfolio management doesn't create massive wealth. Even Warren
Buffet doesn't make his money passively investing. Managing your portfolio and waiting for the rest of
the world to discovered the stock you bought is not the way to make enormous wealth.)

5. Think up ideas versus capitalizing on tried and true ones. Thinking that you're going to create your
wealth from an original idea has historically shown not to work very well. A lot of us think, 'We've just
got to come up with that really good idea.' There are more really great ideas that have not created

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

billionaires than you can imagine.

6. Allow your desire for wealth to prevent you from taking appropriate action. You most certainly have
to put yourself in the path of affluence.

So now that I've shown you what not to do, stay tuned for more articles on how to install an affluent
mindset and check out Or you can get further on the path to not becoming a
billionaire by trying step seven.

7. Do exactly what you've been doing.

Kenrick Cleveland teaches techniques to earn the business of affluent clients using persuasion. He runs public and private seminars and offers home
study courses and coaching programs in persuasion techniques.

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                                     The Easy Chair Millionaire: Lazy Money Method?
                                                          By Caiden Felix

So, What Exactly Is The Easy Chair Millionaire?

Now, you may or may not of heard of The Easy Chair Millionaire? It's a pretty new program (compared
to some of the titles out there) but it's already started making a bit of a stir.

The Easy Chair Millionaire is a guide that has been put together by a guy who claims to have become
a millionaire despite the fact that hes excessively lazy. This guy promises to guide you “by the hand”
on the road to an Internet fortune. So, what do i think........?

Does The Easy Chair Millionaire Work?

Now, I'm sure that your aware that there are probably thousands of different money making schemes
floating about on the web today. So, does The Easy Chair Millionaire actually do what it claims? It
short, yes! The most outstanding thing about this system is that it eliminates all of the complicated
stuff. The Easy Chair Millionaire proved to be a very clear and concise method that shows you step by
step how to create consistent streams of cash. Seriously though, some of the methods that The Easy
Chair Millionaire guides you though proved to be so quick to set up that i was making a few quid within
about 2 hours!

How Does The Easy Chair Millionaire Compare With Other Programs?

What makes The Easy Chair Millionaire so different is it's simplicity. The individual methods that it
presents to you are explained in such a manner that you really can't fail. The Easy Chair Millionaire
really does have a way of explaining things. It covers just about every form of making money online
that i knew of as well as a couple that i didn't, but each and every one of them is given to you in
blueprint form. It is never assumed that you already know something (when you may not), therefore
you can never really make a mistake.

So Bottom Line, Do You Recommend The Easy Chair Millionaire?

I and many others, make a part/full time income on the Internet using the techniques described within
the The Easy Chair Millionaire. The only difference is I have had to learn as I went which included
making many costly mistakes on the way. If I had a guide like this by my side I could of saved allot of
time and money!.

So bottom line...Yes...The Easy Chair Millionaire comes highly recommended!

Thanks For Reading!

Caiden Felix

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