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									                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

    Hypnosis helps everyday people overcome everyday problems and can help in succeeding when nothing else
    has worked. Hypnosis is one of the fastest growing fields of human achievement. It is the creative, feeling way
                                                     of thinking
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                                            Self Hypnosis Tricks and Techniques
                                                           By Crizza Reyes

   A daily practice of self hypnosis is better than an apple a day. Remember the saying "an apple a day
keeps the doctor away"? Well we know that was a bit farfetched but made the point to eat your daily
fruit. The true fruits to be had for mental, emotional and physical health and well being all stem from
our inner self, the mind. The way we think and feel is what it's all about and self hypnosis is the way to
maintaining that inner balance and positive self.

It's becoming more and more talked about and mentioned in media these days. It seems the use of
meditation and other personal self improvement practices like hypnosis self help methods have gained
in popularity. People are not doing something new, they are just going to what has always been
available and THE way for personal awareness and growth.

 However, the majority of people using CDs self hypnosis programs for personal improvement usually
receive some benefit as just the process of daily relaxation and time alone gives us benefits
emotionally and physically. When using CDs self hypnosis is easier as the listener is being guided
rather than doing this alone, like meditation, but what if the listener doesn't like the speaker's accent or
vocal tone or the background sounds? This is yet a possibility for another disadvantage of using CDs.

It's not only a true benefit to a person's life to use hypnosis recordings for personal change but it's also
fun to do. Sometimes I wish I had more time to devote to creating hypnosis audio programs because I
do really enjoy the process. I know there is potential to help more people I would otherwise never meet
and I'm also able to use the creative part of me that I enjoy. Creating hypnosis recordings can also be
fun as they have such a range in topics and subject matter.

Imagine the thousands of people who have used my hypnosis audio programs and tell their friend, "I
just found the best self hypnosis CDs" and their friend tells them, "No, I just found the best." So they
decide to switch and test each other's "best" and find they didn't like it as much as what they originally
used. Both are good but really, what determines the best self hypnosis anything? Perception is what
determines what is best for anyone.

Hypnosis is a very powerful yet natural and therefore safe process that has been in play since there
was man. We are influenced by suggestion be it intentional or not and hypnosis is 'bypassing the
analytical conscious mind to access the subconscious'. That's one definition but it is the basis of all the

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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

definitions and what hypnosis is. And you can help self hypnosis help you but only if you use it. Isn't
that the problem with all things?

There is a difference between guided hypnosis with a facilitator, such as a certified hypnotist or self
hypnosis hypnosis process either alone or with the use of an audio while alone. With the facilitator you
are guided and with self hypnosis you guide. However, it is said that all hypnosis is self hypnosis
because the individual must allow the process to happen. You see, entering the hypnotic state of mind
is simply the same as when we daydream. Now if you were someone who for some odd reason never
wanted to daydream, once you felt it happening you could pop yourself right back to a complete alert
and aware state.

Self hypnosis has been used for hundreds of years, sometimes even without you knowing that you are
hypnotized. Different Hypnosis Recordings can be found at our web site. Please take a moment to visit

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                      Mind Reading Tricks - Use Mind Reading Tricks to Your Advantage
                                                             By Gregory Frost

Say your goodbyes to street magicians, and Chris Angel a.k.a Mind Freak. These people are so passé.
Who says that mind reading tricks are strictly only for Mind Freaks? Now, you can be one of the mind
freaks and learn how you can use mind reading tricks to your advantage. The only difference is that
YOU are able to use the mind reading tricks for a good cause – to improve yourself and craft your way
up the hill to the peak of success. Sounds great to you?

 Everyone wants his or her fair share of Success. Some worked day in and day out just to get a whiff of
success, while others are just born into Success. Stop yourself from getting overly jealous with these
success grabbers. Now you can also be one of these successful blokes and have your goals met in a
nick of time.

 Yes, it might sound unreal, surreal, fake et cetera, but it IS TRUE indeed that success can easily be
attained if you know how to trick your mind.

 While there are not step-by-step guidebooks around to tell you exactly how to do it, you can read up
on these mind reading tricks and tips, to get an overall idea on how our mind works.

 Have you ever heard of self-hypnosis CDs? Well, these are CDs that are supposed to aid you to
improve in various aspects of life. From habits to goals, all these can be solved by using the magical
tool of self-hypnosis CDs. Self-hypnosis CDs are great self-help aids, for real. These self-hypnosis
CDs work by helping you to reprogram your mind. The positive and relaxing messages that are
embedded in the self-hypnosis tracks are supposed to help you to tune your brain to have positive and
motivating thoughts. It is highly advised that you listen to these tracks while you are reading, cooking or
basically doing something else to distract the conscious mind.

 These self-hypnosis CDs work by influencing the subconscious mind. This simply means that you
would not be able to detect the positive affirmations or messages that are embedded in the tracks.
However, your subconscious mind will be able to detect each and every of these messages clearly,
and hence allowing your mind to slowly tune its way to think positively and confidently.

 Other techniques would involve home made self-hypnosis techniques that usually involves the idea of
relaxing and training the mind and heart to think only about positive things. This is definitely the harder
part of self-hypnosis, as this particular technique would require a lot of discipline and patience.

 Many might still have queries regarding the effectiveness of self-hypnosis CDs and are they really that
beneficial. Some might have heard about subliminal products, images, music and such. The topic
regarding subliminal has always been linked to the devilish ideas of using subliminal products to make
others fall into your spells and tricks. Because of this, many have overlooked to the positive uses of
subliminal and self-hypnosis products. These self-hypnosis tracks are somewhat tools that help to
“trick” the mind to have healthy and positive thoughts. No harm done, right?

 As aforementioned, there are other forms of self-hypnosis techniques that you can use, but most of
these would require constant discipline. The easiest and fastest way out would be to purchase a
trustable self-hypnosis track and you are on your way to success in a nick of time.

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