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                                             Relationship Breakups Can Be Saddening
                                                                By Shanat Kuphur

    Relationship breakups can occur amongst unmarried as well as married people, this kind of
breakup is within two partners. In the unmarried couples breakups are stated as `dumping" as for the
ones that are married it is a "divorce". Breakups are a harsh reality of your life, so if you weren't ready
for one you might be taken by surprise when your partner asks for one. So the best thing is to avoid
breakups or if you don't want to, then try overcoming it. Wouldn't it mean that you would no longer be
able to share the lovely times with your loved one? So, before losing on your spouse try sorting out
problems that are forcing you to get through this torturing phase of life "breakups". However it is very
important to know what has made him/her think of taking such a drastic step.

Break ups are caused due to various reasons. This includes betraying your life partner, jealousy,
financial problems, and anything can add to your problems. You possibly married because you thought
that you have found true love and that you would like to spend your rest your life with your soul mate.
But what unfortunately happens is that you break up with each other for the smallest of reasons. You
might have tried your best to get your loved one back and tried sorting it all out, but yet your hard work
went in vain. After all this why are you supposed to suffer from depression, anger, hatred, and so on?
Why are you put to the ultimate test for just loving someone from the heart? Why is your normal life
supposed to be disturbed? The first thing you got to do is try moving ahead in life, as something that is
gone is gone so why waste your precious and productive time for no good reason.

Break ups is a heart-breaking experience, which leads to a sorrowful state for those involved.
However, it is very important to move on in life by leaving the past behind. But for some people it is just
not possible to realize the truth that they have actually fallen apart with their loved one. So for you to
move on in life you need to forget the past and start thinking about your present and future. So for you
to get out of this help is available in the form of hypnosis.

Hypnosis can help you come out of this depressing state of mind, as hypnosis is the one are the best
effective treatment as far as treating a mind is concerned. This treatment allows your mind to relax and
forget the past sadness that you went through. This is made possible by taking your mind to a
subconscious state. A subconscious mind can be given all the necessary positive thoughts and once
all this is done you can lead you normal life. This treatment is available in the form of mp3 where you
yourself can conduct the hypnosis session. Imagining how? This treatment guides you to a
self-hypnosis treatment where it will teach you to hypnotize your own mind and work for your cause.

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                                            relationship breakups and their reasons
                                                              By Chris Meagher

 When two people come to share a certain bond, there is no assurance that the bond will remain strong
until the end of their lives. Relationship breakups arise when one or both parties feel the need to end
the relationship they are in. Love comes into your life, but may leave after a certain period of time.
People break free from relationships for many different reasons. This article will explore relationship

Relationship breakups as mentioned above happen for many different reasons. Distrust is one. When
you commit yourself to a person, you automatically put your trust in that person. You wouldn’t have
committed yourself had you not loved the person from the start. The trust you give a person
encompasses faith, love, and security. You trust that your partner will remain faithful to you, and will
love you wholeheartedly. But sometimes, out of recklessness, or stupidity; trust is broken by the one
person you have willingly given it to. Love dies along with trust. Sometimes, when that trust is broken
and love is gone, you don't want to be in the relationship anymore. This is one common reason for
relationship breakups. .

Another reason for relationship breakups is differences. Usually, when you start a relationship with
someone, it's because you have at least one major factor in common with that other person. But
sometimes, at a certain point; you or the other person in your relationship will find big differences about
you or the other person. Things just aren’t the way they were before and if that commonality isn't there
anymore, the relationship may wither and die. As relationships mature, they become comfortable. And
as the saying goes; “comfort often breeds contempt.” Even if contempt isn't the right word, boredom
often sets into a mature relationship.

When you are put in this situation, you find yourself having a difficulty handling your relationship, your
differences. And then you or the other person may want out of the relationship because the relationship
has lost its excitement. If the relationship doesn't match your needs or those of your significant other,
then that's usually when the relationship will start to sour.

The ultimate reason for relationship breakups is loss of love. Sometimes, even if things seem to always
be right, when love leaves, relationships have to end. It is true that most of the time love is the reason
two people got into a relationship in the first place, but it also is the reason why couples drift apart. You
may certainly feel so in love with your partner now, and your partner in love with you, but there may
come a time, as there have been for others, that love will leave you or them behind. It's an unfortunate
fact, but people fall out of love every day. When love leaves, there is no reason to for you or your
partner to stay. It is love that put you together, and most of the time it will be lack of love that will break
you apart.
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