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                                                   Oily Skin Or Hormonal Changes?
                                                               By Louise Forrest

   Having skin with pimples, acne, blackheads, or the color is shiny or dullish; it is most probably oily
skin. It normally found in teenagers as they move from adolescence to teenage level. This is the time
when hormonal changes are taking place.

Sometimes in this hormonal change, there is a possible overactive hormone, which triggers a danger
signal to one of the glands that provide oil to the skin. To protect itself, the skin absorbs more than
what is really required. The balance of the oil it received is released on to the skin.

Since skin breathes, its own function misinforms it of an abnormality. The White Blood Cells in your
body, which are antibodies in the sense that they are the Marines of the body rush to protect that area.
And you have got what you have got. It is a traumatic experience for most of the youngsters who are
between the adolescent and teenager.

For that is the time, when they want to look good, feel good, and join in the fun that is best at that age.
Having such a condition as described, makes them feel abnormal, and therefore they tend to shy away
from normal contact with others of their own age. Some become so conscious that it causes mental

This disappears as the hormones adjust themselves after their transit. So it is question of time
generally speaking. The best way of course to help yourself would be to bathe, twice a day, with a soft
soap, comprising natural vitamins, and more of moisturizers, used with HOT water. Hot, means that
degree of temperature of water you're your body can take. Otherwise you could scald yourself. That
problem we do not need now.

Please try to avoid squeezing those pimples or acne, or try to dislodge them. You would be causing
more harm to your skin than otherwise. If you do, you have the chance of having getting another scar
on your face. It is because of change from childhood to teenager status.. Be confident of yourself and
no self pity please. Don't shy away from accepting what you have. Be intelligent about it, not ignorant.
Try the Internet and find out more information about this condition.

If it persists, then you see a dermatologist, who should normally be recommended by your family
physician. There are a number of lotions and creams which help oily skin. These are best prescribed

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

by the dermatologist.

While it is most common in people of your age, it also occurs in adults. Use of drugs, birth control pills,
other drugs, and both prescription and off the shelf medication has been identified as possible
"triggers" for this condition. Researchers are still trying to find out how, why, where and when.

Till then, choose the natural way, and talk to your dermatologist. If under emotional stress or trauma,
take help by becoming a member of a society of people like you. If somebody doesn't talk to you
because of your problem, the loss is his. Just wait. It's not the end of the world. Cheer Up!

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                                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                                    The Many Dilemmas of Oily Skin
                                                                By Louise Forrest

One of the dilemmas having oily skin is that it can create outbreaks of acne and spots to occur on the
skin as well as other skin blemishes such as scarring. For anyone that is suffering from oily skin, this
can prove to be quite a nightmare. It is therefore important to care of skin that is oily in order to help
restore the skin and to also bring back the confidence a person may have lost.

 What causes oily skin is when the oil glands are secreting too much oil that the surface of the skin is
not able to manage the excess amounts. This then makes the skin look very shiny and the pores of the
skin are often enlarged.
 Some of the reasons for this include hormonal changes, pregnancy, the temperature and even certain
medications including birth control pills.

 Oily skin is generally seem amongst teenagers as they are experiencing puberty, but oiliness can also
appear in adults too, and it affects both women and also men. But one thing that normally does happen
after puberty is that the oil glands to begin to stabilise and the skin does generally become less oily.
Normally oily skin, if looked after, is able to be controlled and it is quite possible for the natural pH level
of the skin to return.

 There are many treatments that are available for oily skin and for also treating spots that are often a
result of excess oils on the skin. As well as these creams and lotions that you can buy, there are many
self help tips that can also be practiced in order to help control the secretion of excess oils.

 Some care and attention does need to be exercised when treating oily skin such as not over washing
the skin and not using skin care products that are oil based. Being harsh on the skin can create
additional problems such as causing the skin to over compensate and therefore releasing more oils
and therefore allowing more spots being born.

 You should also avoid alcohol coming into contact with your skin as this causes the skin to become
dehydrated, which again cause the skin to over compensate. It is important that the skin care products
you use are free from any oil based ingredients and do not contain any alcohol at all.

 You should also make sure that have a healthy lifestyle, not just for the sake of making sure that you
have healthy skin but for your general health also. Generally if there is something wrong with your skin
then it is a sign from your body that there is an imbalance within your body and that it needs to be

 It is essential that you eat well and exercise to make sure that all your organs are functioning correctly
and if you body is healthy on the inside then your are bound to look well on the outside.

 Also it is important that you are use skin care with natural healing antiseptic properties that will help to
absorb excess oils and will also help to keep your skin free of blemishes.

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