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                                Is A Dolphin Tattoo Just Another Tattoo?
                                               By Art Nahshon

   Symbolism plays a big part in how we communicate. It was believed to be the earliest form of
communication as evidenced throughout history. Man has an innate need to express his feelings. But
there are some things that we just cannot put into words, or sometimes words aren't enough, that one
single representation is all it takes to deliver the message we want to convey.

One of the most common form of self-expression today is through tattoos. But getting a tattoo is not as
simple as buying a new wardrobe that would make a statement. It takes a lot of decision-making as
well as researching for meanings of different tattoo designs and ideas. And one of the today's favorite
tattoo designs is the dolphin tattoo.

Men and women alike seem to favor dolphin tattoo designs. It could either be a single dolphin, or
multiple ones. It could also be combined with other tattoo designs such as flowers, tribal themes, and
other symbols. A dolphin tattoo is also commonly depicted in the color of the ocean but it could also be
done in colors that the wearer fancies.

But what makes a dolphin tattoo so popular? Aside from it being cute, the meaning that a dolphin tattoo
portrays is deeper than what meets the eye. Dolphins have long been believed to be the link between
humans and the underwater world. Dolphins are mammals just like us. They are warm-blooded,
intelligent, they communicate through their own language, they need air to survive, they give birth to
live young and arrange themselves into families or pods. No wonder us humans identify with these
animals! But the appeal of the dolphin does not end there.

Dolphins are free-spirited, playful, and are often seen frolicking in the water and this is what some of us
want to capture in a dolphin tattoo. They represent freedom, happiness, and love for life. The symbol of
the dolphin is also believed to bring good luck and prosperity to the person wearing it. It is also the
symbol of rebirth and hope for a better life ahead.

In Celtic beliefs, dolphins, which is associated with water, has the power to cleanse and rejuvenate a
person and start life anew. In Chinese philosophy, two dolphins represent harmony. In Native
American culture, these gentle creatures symbolize kindness, play energy, and wisdom. They are
regarded as the messengers of knowledge from deep within us. When dolphins show up in the form of
dreams, it is often positively regarded. Dolphins in dreams represent change, hope, and happiness.

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                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

There are different representations for the dolphin symbol for different people, different cultures and
different beliefs. And through a dolphin tattoo, these positive representations of this gentle creature are
carried by the wearer. But for some, it is solely the beauty of the dolphin that determines whether they
would show up on the surface of their skin or not. And sometimes, even that is enough.

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with the design you have in mind.

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            Dolphin Tattoo Designs – Access the Best Dolphin Tattoo Designs Online
                                                  By Anu

Looking through the internet at different dolphin tattoo designs in hopes that one will soon call your
arm, back, or leg home? You may want to take a stop by one website in particular because in addition
to many different dolphin tattoo designs you can check out over 3000 different tattoos that may soon
have your mind buzzing with ideas. Even if you already have a few dolphin tattoo designs seeing some
more options may help you develop your specific design a little better so that when you head into the
tattoo parlor you walk out with a work of art.

 Additionally, while you can look at many dolphin tattoo designs online this is the only place where you
can see real photos of real people who have chosen to have the same tattoo as you placed on different
areas of their body. Seeing how the dolphin tattoo designs that you had in mind look on different areas
of the body may help you reevaluate if the location you had in mind is really the best spot or if you may
want to get it on your lower back or calf instead of your arm of whatever the case may be. For more
info visit

 If you are looking at dolphin tattoo designs as a first time tattoo consideration it may also be helpful to
take advantage of the interactive capabilities of the website as well since you can talk to other
members who have gotten dolphin tattoo designs. This way if you have any questions about a certain
tattoo or about the actual procedure once you choose one of the many dolphin tattoo designs other
members can help you with their first hand experiences.
 For first timers getting a tattoo can be nerve wrecking so before you get overwhelmed with the dolphin
tattoo designs let an experienced person help guide you through which will look best where.

 Even better, if you have any further questions or would like to combine certain qualities of the dolphin
tattoo designs you can talk to the actual artists and get their advice and aid in the matter as well. There
are certain qualifications that need to be taken into account when developing dolphin tattoo designs
that include size, location, and style which you may not be aware of but the artists can guide you
through so that you are properly prepared when you walk into the tattoo parlor.

 Therefore, if you are serious about checking out the available dolphin tattoo designs available on the
web it is in your best interests to take advantage of all the resources available on

 After all, a tattoo is forever so you want to be careful while looking at dolphin tattoo designs so that
you can make sure your choice is one that you will be able to live with forever. Once you go under the
needle there is no turning back so make use of all the opportunities out there and take all the input on
dolphin tattoo designs that you can get!

Get Instant Access to Dolphin Tattoo Designs and many more Printable Tattoo Designs by simply

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