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					                  Ford: exporting to the Middle East

We work hard to deliver the kinds of products that our costume’s wants
and needs". The famous say for Orlando Anderson, the head manager of
the exporting section of GM. Being one of the big companies world wide, it
assures that it is exporting the satisfaction to its customers all over the
world with a quality driving experience.

When the target was the Middle East, GM studied the different kind
environments and way of living in each and every country there so it can
deliver the right project to the customer. Let’s take Egypt for example, the
cities are "loaded" with citizens over there "Cairo for example, has
1,000,000 citizen living there". One can imagine how crawdy it is, and how
many hours one could stuck in a traffic jam or having hard time finding a
place to park a car. Being one of the low-income countries, people in Egypt
cannot effort expensive cars, big cars, paying gas or paying for the parts of
the cars that needs to get fixed or replaced if anything bad happened to it.

The perfect solution that GM found to solve all these problems Egyptians
are facing is:Light- and medium duty cars and trucks with Isuzu and
Chevrolet and Bedford brand name and mini-busses and micro-buses built
on Isuzu chases badge "GME", and Opel cars.All of these cars upon are
small size, economic and with cheap price and available parts. That’s all
what one would think of as a car to get in a country like Egypt.

GM is one of the pioneers with delivering the satisfaction. Lately, GM’ve
got increases in it’s exporting income between %7.5 and %9 for this year,
which mean that they are improving their markets all over the globe and
that all their marketing plans are successful. And that’s what they, GM
managers of exporting, described in what they called it "the GM cancer
taking over the world"