Employees Fears and their Motivation during Uncertain Times by toriola1


									                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                            Employees Fears and their Motivation during Uncertain Times
                                                      By Bob Urichuck

   Many people are living in fear during these uncertain times. They listen to all the negative media
around them and become a product of the environment.

In addition, the core of their internal self talk is brimming with negativity and overflows with tremendous
fear. These individuals possess little or no motivation. They fear loosing their jobs and allow the
economic downturn to profoundly impact their personal lives and dreams for the future.

These employees suffer from lack of motivation. Their fear becomes the dominant thought and is
reflected in all conversations. This type of fear tends to encourage external negative gossip which
results in poor morale and reduced productivity in the workplace.

Is this what is happening in your workplace?

If so, it is certainly time to introduce motivation. I am not referring to "the jumping up and down" type of
motivation. This type of exhilarated hype is strictly in the moment and doesn't last very long. It actually
wastes valuable resources within today's economy.

We all need a deep internal form of motivation. We must have motivation that works today and lasts a
lifetime. I am referring to the type of motivation which is individualized yet captivates the team and
builds morale.

This type of motivation must create and maintain self discipline and self confidence. It must generate
self esteem and self respect. Let's strive for a profound motivation which will increase our self worth,
and ultimately, our net worth.

Think about it. What is the most important asset within your organization? What investment are you
making to that asset on an ongoing basis?

The most important asset in every business is the human asset - the employees who are working for
you and with you. If you take care of your employees, your employees will take care of the bottom line.

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                                            Presented by Daniel Toriola

Every employee, in every organization, wants to be part of a team and wants to contribute to the
success of their organization. Do you trust your employees?

Are you engaging your employees to find solutions to sales or production problems, to improving
morale or to relieving their fears? (Please note I used the word engaging, not communicating, as there
is a big difference.)

Of the top ten motivating factors in the workplace, involvement and contribution are ranked second.
People like to feel they are worthy and if they are engaged, they feel trusted and empowered; and they
are happy to be a contributing member of the organization.

This one step alone builds employee self confidence and self esteem. This empowerment leads to self
motivation, providing the employee is dong what he/she wants to do. Of course, this statement will be
addressed in a future article and will delve into the subject of permanent self motivation.

We all know that only you can motivate you, no one else has the inside track. As a leader, all one can
do is create an environment in which people are encouraged to motivate themselves. To do that, you
need to engage your employees in finding a solution.

You need to change your role from a leader or communicator to a facilitator who engages employees
into discussions - individual and team discussions.

I recommend having private discussions with every employee and determine what their personal
dreams are for the future. What do they want to do, to be or to have whether for the short, medium or
long term?

Then, create a plan together to contribute to the realization of the goals. Guess what will happen? You
will find yourself with a motivated and loyal employee even during the down times.

Why? Your employees are now able to see beyond today, or this week, or next month, and more
importantly, beyond an economic crisis. They will realize that their job is a stepping stone to helping
them get what they want out of life and your job, as an employer, is to engage them in that vital

However, an employer should ensure he/she has followed the same process before engaging others.
As a leader, you need to demonstrate appropriate behaviours. You must know what you want out of
life, where you are going, and how you will get there. Only then, will you be able to nurture others
along the way.

The same values apply to team discussions where it is imperative you facilitate the most suitable work
environment required by the team, and entice positive attitudes and appropriate behaviour from the
team. You must set significant ground rules that will lead to success.

Our dominant thoughts affect what we attract into our life. As a leader, it is your responsibility to
ensure those thoughts are positive ones and proceed in the direction that you and your organization
want to go.

You have a choice. If you do nothing, then fear remains the dominant thought. It is far more beneficial
to facilitate a discussion concerning the present situation and develop a solid plan on how to move

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

forward into the future.

The solution is: a discussion on how "we" as a team can get there. The team must take ownership of
their ideas and implement them. All of a sudden, you create different dominant thoughts.

These are the thoughts of personal involvement, contribution, growth, and satisfaction. Hence
motivation and productivity increases in leaps and bounds.

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                                            Presented by Daniel Toriola

                           How to Maintain Sales Motivation in an Uncertain Economy
                                                          By Bob Urichuck

 Maintaining sales motivation in an uncertain economy is tough when we become a product of that
environment. As the world is discussing the downturn in the economy more and more, we are also
attracting a downturn in our behaviors. We spend less, do less and wait it out. That is the wrong thing
to do!

Wake up! Refuse to be part of any negative environment or uncertain economy. It will only bring you
down. It will change your beliefs, your attitude, the way you feel, the actions you take and the results
you get. You need to maintain your sales motivation and sales results.

You are a professional and have to maintain professionalism in all that you do. That means, to keep
doing what you have always done, and when the going gets tough, the tough get going and do more.
That is sales motivation.

This is not the time to slow down, or to waste time discussing the economy. It is time to step up and do
more! This is the time of opportunity. It is not the economy that will or will not give you the results you
are looking for.

It is your attitude towards the economy and the behavior! That you demonstrate on a daily basis. Your
attitude and your behavior is your motivation towards sales results.

You attitude stems from your beliefs. What do you believe about today's economy? How long do you
think it will last? How do you think customers will react to your products and services during this
downturn? And most importantly, how will you react?

Your answers to these questions above will determine your level of sales professional motivation. If
you believe that this is the time of opportunity - opportunity to sell more, as your competition
downsizes, opportunity to hire highly skilled labor, as they are being let go, or opportunity to expand as
prices fall, you will gain positive results. However, the opposite is also true.

Be aware of your beliefs as they will affect your attitude and behaviors. If you maintain a positive
attitude, your actions will be demonstrated in your behaviors and will attract positive results. Sales
motivation starts with your beliefs and ends with your reactions to those beliefs

Believe in who you are, and what you do. Believe in your organization, it's products and services, team
members and the market your sell into. Believe there is opportunity out there and you will find it.

Be disciplined, continue to do what you have to do, even when you do not want to do it and you will
maintain sales motivation, in certain and uncertain economies.

Bob Urichuck is an International Speaker, Trainer and Best-Selling Author. Learn personally from Bob
in the areas of Sales, Motivation, Leadership and Team Skills. Bob presents a series of great ideas
and strategies with combination of facts, humor, and practical concept in a high-energy and

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

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