Federal Court Records as to Edilberto Berrio Ortiz, Alejandro Palacios Rengif and Anderson Chamapuro Dogirama by backgroundnow


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									         Case 1:09-cr-00109-UA                   Document 10               Filed 05/12/2009              Page 1 of 6


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and distr butes case complaints, indictments, plea agreements and other court documents to analysts, bloggers, journalists, reporters and interested
readers. Always keep in mind that indictments, complaints or informations are not evidence of guilt. These are descriptions of accusations made
against defendants. Those accused are presumed innocent until guilt beyond a reasonable doubt is proven or until guilt is admitted or plead.
         Case 1:09-cr-00109-UA                   Document 10               Filed 05/12/2009              Page 2 of 6

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