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									How To Trim A Baby’s Nails

By Joy Darlington

Babies love to wave their hands and feet around their faces and can scratch themselves, so it’s important to
keep nails trim.

For parents who are nervous about cutting a newborn’s tiny nails, Annamarie Greco, M.D., a pediatrician at
Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, offers these tips:

       For the first weeks after birth, use an emery board to smooth nails down. After that, baby clippers
        can be used. Clip nails straight across while pressing the tip of the finger downward to avoid catching
        the skin. (Don’t bite off nails, as this can lead to infection.)
       Fingernails grow fast and should be trimmed twice a week. After a bath is a good time, or if your
        baby squirms a lot, while he’s sleeping.
       Toenails can be clipped once a month. To avoid ingrown toenails, never round the edges.
       If the skin around the nail becomes red or puffy, it may be infected. Keep it clean with warm water
        and soap; if it doesn’t look better within a day, your pediatrician may recommend an antibiotic

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