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Baby Essentials


									Baby Essentials

You've seen those mile-long checklists of teeny-tiny baby clothes and bedding — think of them as the
newborn's equivalent of a dowery. Grandmas just love filling those hope chests, but the hard truth is you
don't really need a lot of what's traditional. Much of what you will use depends on personal preference and
season. Here is the pared-down version:

Clothing for all babies
    6 one-piece undershirts (onesies) that snap around the crotch

    6 stretchies with feet, and/or 3 to 6 newborn gowns (or sacques) with a drawstring

    4 to 6 one-piece rompers or pants and tops

    3 to 6 bibs or burp cloths

    2 bonnets or hats (the weight depends on the season)

    3 or 4 receiving blankets

    3 or 4 pairs of socks or booties

    1 sweater

Clothing for winter babies
    3 blanket sleepers

    1 snowsuit or heavy bunting

    1 heavy stroller blanket

    extra receiving blankets

    2 crib blankets

    2 or 3 crib sheets

    2 waterproof crib pads

    1 set of bumper pads

    2 hooded bath towels

    3 washcloths

    Wipes or washcloths

    If you're using cloth: 2 dozen diapers if you'll wash daily, 6 dozen if you'll wash weekly or use a diaper

    8 to 10 natural-fabric diaper covers or 6 to 8 pairs of plastic pants

    2 to 4 pairs of diaper pins

    If you're using disposables: 2 to 4 packages of newborn size
Baby Essentials

Nursery needs
    Infant bathtub

    Brush and comb

    Nail clippers

    Nasal aspirator

    Rectal thermometer


    Diaper pail or disposal system

    Cloth diapers (three to four dozen) and four covers, or about 50 disposables

    Baby shampoo

    Diaper-rash ointment

    Infant acetaminophen

    Baby oil

    Rubbing alcohol

    Cotton balls and swabs

    Petroleum jelly

Feeding Supplies
 For breastfeeding:
    Medical-grade lanolin

    Breast pump

    6 four-ounce bottles with nipples

 For bottle-feeding:
    Bottle brush

    8 eight-ounce and 4 four-ounce bottles with nipples


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