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                                                 A                   Panelboards, use in, 408.36(C)                  Luminaires (lighting fixtures), 547.8                 Leakage current detection and inter-
                                                                     Ratings, type loads, 408.36(C)                  Motors, 547.7                                                 ruption (LCDI) protection,
                        AC and DC conductors in same en-
                                                                   AC resistance and reactance conver-               Service equipment, separately de-                             440.65
                                  closure, 300.3(C)(1), 725.26
                                                                             sion, Chap. 9, Table 9                          rived systems, feeders, dis-                     Definition, 440.2
                        AC armored cable. see Armored cable
                                                                   AC systems                                                connecting means, and                         Mobile homes, 550.20
                                  (Type AC)
                                                                     Conductor to be grounded, 250.26                        grounding, 547.9                              Nameplate requirements, 440.4
                        Access and working space. see also
                                                                     Grounding connections, 250.24(A)                Surface temperatures, 547.4                           Overload protection, 440–VI
                                  Working space                                                                      Switches, receptacles, circuit break-
                                                                     Grounding electrode conductor,                                                                           Application and selection of,
                          Audio signal processing, amplifica-                                                                ers, controllers, and fuses,
                                                                             250.66                                                                                                440.52
                                  tion, and reproduction equip-                                                              547.6
                                                                     Grounding of, 250.20, 250.30                                                                             Branch-circuit conductors for,
                                  ment, 640.46                                                                       Wiring methods, 547.5
                                                                     In same metallic enclosures,                                                                                  440.52(B)
                          Elevator machine room, 620.71                                                            Air conditioners, room, 440–VII
                                                                             215.4(B), 300.20                                                                                 General, 440.51
                          Induction and dielectric heating                                                           Branch-circuit requirements, 440.62
                                                                     Sensitive electronic equipment,                                                                          Motor-compressors, 440.52(A)
                                  equipment, 665.22                                                                  Definition, 440.60
                                                                             647.3, 647.5                                                                                       On 15- or 20-ampere branch cir-
                          Manholes, 110.72, 110.73, 110.75                                                           Disconnecting means, 440.63
                                                                   Administration and enforcement,                                                                                 cuits, 440.54
                          Not over 600 volts, 110.26                                                                 Grounding, 440.61
                                                                             Annex G                                                                                       Park trailers, 552.59(B)
                          Over 600 volts, 110–III                                                                    Nameplate marking, 440.4
                                                                     Adoption of Code, Annex G 80.5                                                                        Rated-load current
                          Portable substations, 530.62                                                             Air-conditioning and refrigerating
                                                                     Application of Code, Annex G 80.9                                                                        Definition, 440.2
                          Switchboards, 408.18                                                                               equipment, Art. 440
                                                                     Authority, Annex G 80.13                                                                                 Marking on nameplate, 440.4(A)
                          Transformers, electric signs,                                                              Arc-fault circuit-interrupter protec-
                                                                     Connection to electricity supply,                                                                     Room air conditioners. see Air condi-
                                  600.21(D)                                                                                  tion, 440.65
                                                                             Annex G 80.25                                                                                         tioners, room
                          Vaults and tunnels, 110.76                                                                 Branch circuit
                                                                     Definitions, Annex G 80.2                                                                             Single machine, when considered,
                        Accessible                                                                                      Conductors, 440–IV
                                                                     Effective date, Annex G 80.35                                                                                 440.8
                          Air-conditioning and refrigeration                                                              Ampacity, determination of,
                                                                     Electrical board, Annex G 80.15                                                                     Aircraft hangars, Art. 513
                                  disconnects, 440.14                                                                        440.6
                                                                     Inspector’s qualifications, Annex G                                                                   Aircraft batteries, 513.10
                          Conduit bodies, junction, pull, and                                                             Combination loads for, 440.34
                                                                             80.27                                                                                         Aircraft electrical systems,
                                  outlet boxes, 314.29                                                                    General, 440.31
                                                                     Liability for damages, Annex G                       Multimotor equipment for,                                513.10(A)
                          Definition, Art. 100–I
                                                                             80.29                                           440.35                                        Classification of locations, 513.3
                          Grounding electrode connection,
                                                                     Notice of violations, penalties,                     Several motor-compressors for,                   Definitions, 513.2
                                                                             Annex G 80.23                                   440.33                                        Equipment, 513.4, 513.7, 513.8,
                          Motor disconnects, 430.107
                                                                     Occupancy of building or structure,                  Single motor-compressor for,                             513.10
                          Overcurrent devices, 240.24
                                                                             Annex G 80.11                                   440.32                                        Ground-fault circuit interrupters,
                          Panels, cables, raceways, busways,
                                                                     Permits and approvals, Annex G                     Outlets, 210.63                                            513.12
                                  and equipment installed be-
                                                                             80.19                                      Selection current                                  Grounding, 513.16
                                  hind, 368.10(B), 725.7,
                                                                     Plans review, Annex G 80.21                          Definition, 440.2                                Mobile servicing equipment,
                                  760.7, 770.21, 800.21, 830.21
                                                                     Records and reports, Annex G 80.17                   Marking on nameplate,                                    513.7(F), 513.10(D)
                                                                     Repeal of conflicting acts, Annex G                     440.4(C)
                            Definition, Art. 100–I                                                                                                                         Portable equipment, 513.10(E)
                                                                             80.33                                      Short-circuit and ground-fault pro-
                          Sealing fittings, 501.15(C)(1),                                                                                                                  Sealing, 513.9
                                                                     Title of Code, Annex G 80.7                             tection, 440–III
                                  502.15, 505.16(D)(1),                                                                                                                    Stanchions, rostrums, and docks,
                                                                     Validity of article, Annex G 80.31                   Equipment for, 440.22(B)
                                  506.16. see also Hazardous                                                                                                                       513.7(E)
                                                                   Aerial cables                                             General, 440.21
                                  (classified) locations                                                                                                                   Wiring, 513.4, 513.7, 513.8
                                                                     Identification, 200.6(A)                                Individual motor-compressor
                          Services, 230.70                                                                                                                               Air plenums. see Plenums
                                                                     Installation, 820.44                                       for, 440.22(A)
                          Splices and taps in auxiliary gutters,     Messenger supported wiring, Art.                                                                    Air terminals. see Lightning rods;
                                                                                                                     Controllers for, 440–V
                                  366.56(A)                                  396                                                                                                   Lightning (surge) arresters
                                                                                                                        Marking, 440.5
                          Splices and taps in wireways, 376.56,      Network-powered broadband com-                                                                      Alarms
                                                                                                                        Rating, 440.41
                                  378.56                                     munications systems — aerial            Definitions, 440.2, 551.2                             Burglar. see Remote-control, signal-
                          Transformers, signs, outlet lighting,              cables, 830.44                          Disconnecting means, 440–II                                   ing, and power-limited cir-
                                  600.21(A)                        Agricultural buildings, Art. 547                     Cord-connected equipment,                                  cuits
                          Transformers and vaults, 450.13            Bonding and equipotential plane,                        440.13                                        Fire, 230.82(5), 230.94 Ex. 4. see
                          Unfinished attics and roof spaces,                 547.10                                     Ratings and interrupting capacity,                         also Fire alarm systems
                                  knob-and-tube wiring,              Definitions, 547.2                                      440.12                                      Alarm systems, health care facilities,
                                  394.23(A)                          Equipotential planes, bonding,                     Room air conditioners, 440.63                              517.32(C), 517.42(C)
                        AC-DC general-use snap switches                      547.10                                  Hermetic refrigerant motor-compres-                 Alternate power source
                          Marking, 404.15                            Feeder and service loads, calculation                   sor. see Hermetic refrigerant                 Definition, 517.2
                          Motors, 430.83(C)                                  of, 220–V                                       motor-compressors                           Alternators. see Generators


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                 Aluminum conduit. see Rigid metal              Overcurrent protection, 422.11          Attachment plugs (caps). see also                               Grounding, 366.60
                           conduit                                 Single, 210.20, 422.11(E)                      Hazardous (classified) loca-                          Indoors
                 Aluminum siding, grounding of,                 Portable                                          tions; Receptacles, cord con-                           Listing requirements, 366.6(B)
                           250.116 FPN                             Definition, 550.2, 551.2                       nectors and attachment plugs                            Marking, 366.120(B)
                 Ambient temperature, 310.10 FPN.               Recreational vehicles, in, 551.41C                (caps)                                                  Uses permitted, 366.10(A)(1),
                           see also Temperature limita-                 Ex. 1, 551.42                     Construction of, 406.6                                                366.10(B)(2)
                           tions                                Signal transmission between, 517.82       Definition, Art. 100–I                                        Installation, 366–II
                 Ambulatory health care centers. see            Small, 550.12(B)                          Flexible cords on, 210.50(B),                                 Listing, 366.6
                           also Health care facilities          Stationary                                        400.7(B), 400.24                                      Marking, 366.120
                   Definition, 517.2                               Definition, 550.2, 551.2               Grounding type, 406.9                                         Metallic
                   Essential electrical systems, 517.45         Subject to immersion, 422.41              Polarized, terminal identification,                             Conductors, 366.22(A), 366.23(A)
                 Ampacities. see also subhead, Ampaci-          Terminals, identification, 200.10(E)              200.10(B)                                               Definition, 366.2
                           ties, under entries for specific   Approval, approved                        Attics                                                            Securing and supporting,
                           wiring and equipment                 Definition, Art. 100–I                    Armored cable, 320.23                                                 366.30(A)
                   Conductors, 310.15, Tables 310.16            Equipment and materials, 90.4, 90.7,      Knob and tube, 394.23                                           Uses permitted, 366.10(A)
                           through 310.21, 310.61                       110.2, 500.8(A), Annex G          Lighting outlets required,                                    Nonmetallic
                           through 310.86, 366.23,                      80.19                                     210.70(A)(3)                                            Conductors, 366.22(B), 366.23(B)
                           B.310.1 through B.310.10           Arc-fault circuit interrupters, 210.12      Metal clad cable, 330.23                                        Definition, 366.2
                   Crane and hoist conductors, Table            Definition, 210.12(A)                     Nonmetallic-sheathed cable, 334.23                              Marking, 366.120
                           610.14(A)                            Protection, 210.12(B), 440.65,            Open wiring, 398.23                                             Securing and supporting,
                   Definition, Art. 100–I                               550.25                            Sign transformers in, 600.21(E)                                       366.30(B)
                   Fixture wires, 402.5                       Arcing parts, 240.41                      Audio signal processing, amplifica-                               Uses permitted, 366.10(B)
                   Grounding, 250.122                           Enclosure of, 110.18, 430.14(B),                  tion, and reproduction                                Outdoors
                   Tables, 0-2000 volts, 310.16 through                 511.7(B)(1), 513.7(C),                    equipment, Art. 640                                     Listing requirements, 366.6(A)
                           310.21, Annex B                              515.7(B), 516.7(B),               Access, 640.5, 640.46                                           Marking, 366.120(A)
                 Anesthetizing locations, 517–IV. see                   517.61(B)(2)                      Conduit or tubing, 640.23                                       Uses permitted, 366.10(A)(1),
                           also Health care facilities        Arc lamps, portable                         Definitions, 640.2                                                    366.10(B)(1)
                   Definition, 517.2                            Motion picture studios, 530.17            Environmental protection, 640.44                              Sound recording, similar equipment,
                   Flammable                                    Stage equipment, 410.2, 520.61            Flexible cords, use of, 640.21,                                       640.7(A), 640.24
                      Definition, 517.2                       Arc-welder motors. see Welders, elec-               640.42, 640.45                                        Splices and taps, 366.56
                 Antenna discharge units, 810.20,                       tric                              Grounding, 640.7                                              Supports, 366.30
                           810.57                             Arc welders. see Welders, electric          Grouping of conductors, 640.8                                 Uses not permitted, 366.12
                 Antenna systems, radio and televi-           Arenas, 410.4(E), Art. 518, Art. 520        Locations and other articles, 640.3                           Uses permitted, 366.10
                           sion. see Community antenna          Emergency lighting system, Art. 700       Loudspeakers in fire resistant con-
                           television and radio distribu-     Armored cable (Type AC), Art. 320                   struction, 640.25
                           tion (CATV) systems; Radio           Accessible attics, 320.23                 Mechanical execution of work, 640.6
                           and television equipment             Ampacity, 320.80                          Motion picture projectors, 540.50
                 Apparatus                                                                                Permanent installations, 640–II                           Back-fed devices, 408.36(F)
                                                                Bends, 320.24                                                                                       Backfill, 300.5(F), 300.50(D)
                   Associated, grounding of, 504.50(A)                                                    Portable and temporary installations,
                                                                Boxes and fittings, 320.40                                                                          Ballasts, electric discharge lamps,
                      Definition, 504.2                                                                           640–III
                                                                Conductor type, 320.104                                                                                       410–XIII, 410–XIV
                   Intrinsically safe, grounding of,                                                      Protection of electrical equipment,
                                                                Construction, 320.100, 320–III                                                                        Protection in fluorescent fixtures,
                           504.50(A)                                                                              640.4
                                                                Definition, 320.2                                                                                             410.73(E)
                      Definition, 504.2                                                                   Theaters, 520.4
                                                                Equipment grounding, 320.108                                                                          Protection in recessed HID fixtures,
                   Simple                                                                                 Transformers, 640.9(D)
                                                                Exposed work, 320.15                                                                                          410.73(F)
                      Definition, 504.2                                                                      Definition, 640.2
                                                                Marking, 320.120                                                                                    Bare conductors
                 Appliances, Art. 422. see also Motors                                                    Underwater, 680.27(A), 680.43(G)
                                                                Supports, 320.30                                                                                      Ampacities, 310.15(B)(3)
                   Battery-powered, 517.64(E)                                                             Water, near, 640.10
                                                                Through or parallel to framing mem-                                                                   Contact conductors, cranes and
                   Branch circuits. see Branch circuits,                                                  Wireways, gutters, auxiliary gutters,
                                                                        bers, 320.17                                                                                          hoists, 610–III
                           appliances                                                                             640.24
                                                                Uses not permitted, 320.12                                                                            Definition, Art. 100–I
                   Cords. see Cords, flexible                                                             Wiring methods, 640.9
                                                                Uses permitted, 320.10                                                                                Service entrance, Type SE, USE,
                   Definition, Art. 100–I                                                                 Wiring of equipment racks, 640.22,
                                                              Armories, Art. 518                                                                                              338.100
                   Disconnecting means, 422–III                                                                   640.43
                                                                Emergency lighting system, Art. 700                                                                   Sizing conduits for, Chap. 9, Note 3
                   Dwelling units, outlets, 210.52                                                      Auditoriums, Art. 518, Art. 520
                   Feeder calculations for, 220.40            Array, solar photovoltaic systems           Emergency lighting system, Art. 700                                 to Table 1
                   Fixed, 550.12(D), 551.42(A) to (C)           Definition, 690.2                       Authority having jurisdiction, 90.4.                          Underground conduits, grounded
                      Definition, 550.2, 551.2                Arresters, surge. see Lightning (surge)             see also Approval                                           neutral, 230.30 Ex., 230.41
                   Grounding, 250–VI, 550.16, 551.54                    arresters                         Definition, Art. 100–I                                              Ex.
                   Hazardous (classified) locations. see      Artificially made bodies of water. see    Automatic                                                   Barriers, 408.3(A)(2)
                           Hazardous (classified) loca-                 Natural and artificially made     Definition, Art. 100–I                                    Basements (cellars)
                           tions                                        bodies of water, electrical     Autotransformers. see Transformers                            Armored cable, 320.15
                   Household cooking, demand factors                    wiring and equipment for        Auxiliary gutters, Art. 366                                   Lighting outlets required,
                           and loads for, Table 220.55        Askarels                                    Conductors                                                          210.70(A)(3)
                   Installation, 422–II                         Definition, Art. 100–I                       Ampacities, 366.23                                       Nonmetallic extensions, 382.12(1)
                   Load calculations, 220.14, 220.40,           Transformers, 450.25                         Clearance, bare live parts,                              Nonmetallic sheathed cable, 334.15
                           Table 220.55                       Assembly, places of, 410.4(E), Art. 518             366.100(E)                                          Receptacles in, 210.8(A)(5),
                   Marking, 422–V                               Classifications, 518.2                       Insulated, 366.58                                                210.52(G), 406.8(A)
                   Mobile homes, in, 550.12(B) and              Emergency lighting system, Art. 700          Number of, 366.22                                        Unfinished, 210.8(A)(5)
                           (D), 550.14                          Supply, 518.5                             Construction specifications, 366–III                      Bathroom
                   Motor-driven, 422.10(A)                      Theaters, audience areas, Art. 520        Covers, 366.100(D)                                          Branch circuits for, 210.11(C)(3)
                      Disconnecting means, 422.32               Wiring methods, 518.4                     Definitions, 366.2                                          Definition, Art. 100–I
                      Load, 220.18(A)                         Atmospheric groups. see Hazardous           Extension beyond equipment,                                 Fixed electric space-heating equip-
                      Marking, 422.62                                   (classified) locations                    366.12(2)                                                   ment cables, 424.44(G)

                 1302                                                                                                                    2005 National Electrical Code Handbook

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                                                                         Lighting outlets required,                   Liquidtight flexible metal conduit                Not required, 590.4(G)                                Small appliance, 210.11(C)(1)
                                                                                 210.70(A)(1), 210.70(B)                      (Type LFMC), 350.60                       Over 600 volts, 314.IV                                Stage or set, 530.23
                                                                         Receptacles in, 210.8(A)(1),                 Liquidtight flexible nonmetallic con-             Plugging (motion picture and TV stu-                  Taps from, 210.19(A), Table 210.24,
                                                                                 210.8(B)(1), 406.8(C),                       duit (Type LFNC), 356.60                          dios)                                                 240.4(E), 240.5(B)(2)
                                                                                 550.12(E), 550.12(F),                Loosely jointed raceways, 250.98                     Definition, 530.2                                  Through luminaires (fixtures),
                                                                                 551.41(C), 552.41(F)                 Manufactured buildings, 545.11                    Portable, in theaters, 520.62                                 410.11, 410.31
                                                                       Bathtubs                                       Naturally and artificially made bod-              Repairing plaster around, 314.21                      Two or more outlets on, 210.24
                                                                         Hydromassage, 680–VI, 680–VII                        ies of water, electrical equip-           Required location, 300.15                             Voltage drop, 210.19(A) FPN No. 4
                                                                            Definition, 680.2                                 ment for, 682–III                         Round, 314.2                                          Voltage limitations, 210.6
                                                                            Fixed electric space-heating              Network-powered broadband com-                    Secured supports, 300.11, 314.23                      X-ray equipment, 517–V, 660.4,
                                                                                 equipment cables, 424.44(G)                  munications systems,                      Snap switches over 300 volts, not                             660.6(A)
                                                                         Luminaires (lighting fixtures),                      830.100(D), 830.106(B)                            ganged, 404.8(B)                            Branch-circuit selection current
                                                                                 410.4(D), 550.14(D),                 Other enclosures, 250.96                          Unused openings, closed, 110.12(A)                    Definition, 440.2
                                                                                 551.53(B)                            Outside raceway, 250.102(E)                       Vertical raceway runs, 300.19                         Marking on nameplate, 440.4(C)
                                                                       Batteries. see also Storage batteries          Over 250 volts, 250.97                            Volume calculations, 314.16(A)                      Building
                                                                         Aircraft, 513.10                             Panelboards, 408.40, 517.14                       Wall or ceiling, 314.20                               Definition, Art. 100–I
                                                                         Installations, Art. 480, 690.4, 690.71       Park trailers, 552.57                             Wet locations, 314.15(A)                              First floor of, 362.10
                                                                         Nominal voltage                              Piping systems and exposed struc-               Branch circuits, Art. 210, Art. 220                   Building component
                                                                            Definition, 480.2                                 tural steel, 250.104                      Air conditioners, 440–IV, 440–VII                     Definition, 545.3
                                                                         Sealed                                       Raceways. see Raceways                            Appliances, 210.23, 422–II                          Building system
                                                                            Definition, 480.2                         Receptacles, 250.146                                 Calculations, 220–II                               Definition, 545.3
                                                                            Insulation, 480.6(D)                      Recreational vehicles, 551.55(B),                    Definition, Art. 100–I                           Building wire. see Conductors
                                                                            Vents, 480.10(B)                                  551.56                                    Arc-fault circuit-interrupter protec-               Bulk storage plants, Art. 515. see also
                                                                       Battery charging equipment,                    Separately derived systems,                               tion, 210.12                                          Hazardous (classified) loca-
                                                                                 511.10(A)                                    250.104(D)                                Audio equipment, 640.10(A),                                   tions
                                                                         Aircraft hangars, 513.10(B)                  Service equipment, 250.92, 250.94                         640.41, 640.42(E)                             Class I locations, 515.3
                                                                       Bedrooms                                       Swimming pools. see Swimming                      Bathrooms, 210.11(C)(3)                               Definition, 515.2
                                                                         Arc-fault circuit-interrupter protec-                pools                                     Busways as branch circuits, 368.17                    Gasoline dispensing, 515.10
                                                                                 tion, 210.12(B), 550.25(B)           Switches, general-use snap, 250.147               Calculation of loads, 220–II, Annex                   Grounding, 515.16
                                                                       Bell circuits. see Remote-control, sig-        Tunnels, 110.54                                           D                                             Sealing, 515.9
                                                                                 naling, and power-limited cir-     Bonding jumpers. see Jumpers, bond-                 Color code, 210.5                                     Underground wiring, 515.8
                                                                                 cuits                                        ing                                       Common area, 210.25                                   Wiring and equipment, 515.4, 515.7
                                                                       Bends, 300.34. see also subhead under        Bored holes through studs, joists,                  Conductors, minimum ampacity and                    Bull switches
                                                                                 entries for specific wiring sys-             300.4(A)(1)                                       size, 210.19                                  Definition, 530.2
                                                                                 tem                                Bowling alleys, Art. 518                            Critical, 517.33, 517.43                            Burglar alarm systems. see Remote-
                                                                       Block (city, town, or village)                 Emergency lighting system, Art. 700                  Definition, 517.2                                          control, signaling, and power-
                                                                         Definition, 800.2                          Boxes (outlet, device, pull, and junc-              Definition, Art. 100–I                                        limited circuits
                                                                       Blocking diode, solar photovoltaic                     tion), Art. 314. see also Haz-            Fixed electric space heating equip-                 Busbars
                                                                                                                              ardous (classified) locations                     ment, 424.3
                                                                                 systems                                                                                                                                      Aboveground wiring methods,
                                                                                                                      Accessibility, 314.29                             General, 210–I
                                                                         Definition, 690.2                                                                                                                                            300.37
                                                                                                                      Concealed work, 314.20                            General-purpose
                                                                       Boat houses and boat hoists, ground-                                                                                                                   Auxiliary gutters, 366.100(E)
                                                                                                                      Conductors, number in box, 314.16                    Definition, Art. 100–I
                                                                                 fault circuit interrupters,                                                                                                                  Industrial control panels, 409.102
                                                                                                                         Entering boxes, conduit bodies or              Health care facilities, 517.18(A)
                                                                                 210(8)(A)(8), 210.8(C)                                                                                                                       Motor control centers, 430.97
                                                                                                                              fittings, 314.17                          Individual
                                                                       Boatyards. see Marinas and boatyards                                                                                                                   Switchboards, 408.51
                                                                                                                      Construction specifications, 314–III                 Definition, Art. 100–I
                                                                       Bodies, conduit. see Conduit bodies                                                                                                                  Bushings
                                                                                                                      Covers, 314.25, 314.28(C), 314.41,                   Overcurrent protection, 210.20
                                                                       Boilers                                                                                                                                                Fiber. see Fiber bushings
                                                                                                                              314.42, 314.72(E)                            Permissible loads, 210.23
                                                                         Electrode-type                                                                                                                                       Generators, 445.16
                                                                                                                      Cutout. see Cabinets, cutout boxes,                  Rating or setting, 430.52
                                                                            600 volts or less, 424–VIII                                                                                                                       High density polyethylene conduit,
                                                                                                                              and meter socket enclosures                  Required, 490.72, 520.53(F)(2),
                                                                            Over 600 volts, 490–V                                                                                                                                     353.46
                                                                                                                      Damp locations, 314.15(A)                                 600.5, 605.8(B), 620.22 to
                                                                         Resistance-type, 424–VII                                                                                                                             Insulated, 300.4(F), 312.6(C)
                                                                                                                      Depth, 314.24                                             620.25
                                                                       Bonding, 250–V                                                                                                                                            Lampholders attached to flexible
                                                                                                                      Drop, 520.46                                      Infrared lamps, 422.14
                                                                         Carnivals, circuses, fairs, and similar                                                                                                                      cord, 410.30(A)

                                                                                                                         Definition, theaters, etc., 520.2              Isolated power systems, 517.160
                                                                                 events, 525–IV                       Enclosures, handhole, 314.29,                     Maximum loads, 220.18                                    Securing fittings or raceways,
                                                                         CATV and radio distribution sys-                     314.30                                    Mobile homes, 550.11, 550.12                                  300.4(F)
                                                                                 tems, 820.100(B), 820.106            Exposed surface extensions, 314.22                Motor, on individual branch circuit.                  Intermediate metal conduit, 342.46
                                                                         Communications circuits,                     Fill calculations, 314.16(B)                              see Motors                                    Motors, 430.13
                                                                                 800.100(D), 800.106(B)               Floor, for receptacles, 314.27(C)                 Multiwire, 210.4, 501.40, 502.40,                     Outlet boxes, conduit bodies, and
                                                                         Definition, Art. 100–I                       Grounding, 250.148, 250–VI                                505.21                                                outlet fittings, 314.17(D),
                                                                         Equipotential, 547.10, 680.26,               Gutters, auxiliary, used as, 366.58(B)               Definition, Art. 100–I                                     314.42
                                                                                 682.33                               Insulating. see Boxes, nonmetallic                Outside. see Outside branch circuits                  Rigid metal conduit, 344.46
                                                                         Flexible metal conduit (Type FMC),           Junction, pull. see Junction boxes                        and feeders                                   Rigid nonmetallic conduit, 352.46
                                                                                 348.60                               Lighting (luminaires) outlets. see                Overcurrent protection, 210.20,                       Snow-melting and deicing equip-
                                                                         Floating buildings, 553.11                           Lighting outlets                                  240.3                                                 ment, 426.22(C)
                                                                         Grounding-type receptacles, 250.146          Metal                                             Patient bed location, 517.18(A),                      Underground installations, 300.5(H)
                                                                         Hazardous (classified) locations. see           Construction, 314.40, 314–III                          517.19(A)                                     Use in lieu of box or terminal fitting,
                                                                                 Hazardous (classified) loca-            Grounding, 314.4                               Permissible loads, 210.23                                     300.16(B)
                                                                                 tions                                   Installation, 314–II                           Ratings, 210.3, 210–II                              Busways, Art. 368
                                                                         Induction and dielectric heating             Nonmetallic, 314.3, 314.17(C),                    Recreational vehicles, 551.42                         Branches from, 368.56
                                                                                 equipment, 665.26                            314.43, 334.40                            Requirements for, Table 210.24                        Construction, 368–II
                                                                         Intrinsically safe systems, 504.60              Wireways used as pull boxes,                   Selection current, 440.4(C)                           Dead ends closed, 368.58
                                                                         Irrigation machines, 675.14                          378.23(B)                                    Definition, 440.2                                  Definition, 368.2

                                                                       National Electrical Code Handbook 2005                                                                                                                                                1303

Copyright National Fire Protection Association                                                                                                                  Document provided by IHS Licensee=ExxonMobil/1890500101, 05/05/2005 16:40:27
Provided by IHS under license with NFPA                                                                                                                         MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy
                                                                                                                                                                Group at 303-397-2295.

                   Extension through walls and floors,                         Flexible. see Cords, Flexible               Definition, 800.2                                        Ground-fault circuit-interrupter
                           368.10(C)                                           Grouped                                   Cable suspension, 300.19                                        protection, 525.23
                   Feeder or branch circuits, 368.17                              Definition, 520.2                      Cable trays, Art. 392                                      Portable distribution or terminal
                   Grounding, 368.60                                           Heating. see Heating cables                 Ampacity, 392.11, 392.13                                      boxes, 525.22
                     Over 600 volts, 368.260                                   Installation in cable trays, 392.8          Cable fill, 392.9, 392.10, 392.12                        Rides, 525.21
                   Installation, 368–II                                        Installed in shallow grooves,               Cable installation, 392.8                                Tents, 525.21
                   Marking, 368.120, 368.320                                           300.4(E)                            Conduits and cables supported from,                 Cartridge fuses, 240–VI
                   Overcurrent protection, 368.17                              Instrumentation tray (Type ITC). see                392.6(J)                                      Disconnection, 240.40
                   Over 600 volts, 368–IV                                              Instrumentation tray cable          Construction specifications, 392.5                  CATV systems. see Community an-
                   Reduction in size, 368.17(B)                                        (Type ITC)                          Definition, 392.2                                             tenna television and radio dis-
                   Support, 368.30                                             Integrated gas spacer cable (Type           Grounding, 392.7                                              tribution (CATV) systems
                   Under 600 volts, 368.240                                            IGS). see Integrated gas            Installation, 392.6                                 Ceiling fans, 680.22(B), 680.43(B)
                   Through walls and floors, 368.10(C)                                 spacer cable (Type IGS)             Separation, 392.6(F)(2)                               Support of, 314.27(D), 422.18
                   Uses not permitted, 368.12                                  Medium voltage cable (Type MV).             Uses not permitted, 392.4                           Cell
                   Uses permitted, 368.10                                              see Medium voltage cable            Uses permitted, 392.3, 392.6(A)                       Cellular concrete floor raceways
                 Bypass isolation switch, 700.6(B),                                    (Type MV)                         Calculations, Annex D. see also Loads                      Definition, 372.2
                           701.7(B)                                            Metal-clad cable (Type MC). see           Camping trailer. see also Recreational                  Cellular metal floor raceways, 374.2
                   Definition, Art. 100–I                                              Metal-clad cable (Type MC)                  vehicles (camping trailers,                   Electrolytic. see Electrolytic cells
                                                                               Mineral-insulated metal-sheathed                    motor homes, park trailers,                   Sealed, storage batteries, 480.6(D),
                                                                                       (Type MI). see Mineral-                     travel trailers, truck campers)                       480.10(B)
                                                                         C             insulated metal-sheathed          Camping trailer                                            Definition, 480.2
                 Cabinets, cutout boxes, and meter                                     cable (Type MI)                     Definition, 551.2                                     Solar
                           socket enclosures, Art. 312                         Nonmetallic extension. see Nonme-         Canopies                                                   Definition, 690.2
                   Construction specifications, 312–II                                 tallic extensions                   Boxes and fittings, 314.25                          Cellars. see Basements
                   Damp, wet, or hazardous (classified)                        Nonmetallic-sheathed (Types NM,             Live parts, exposed, 410.3                          Cell line, electrolytic cells
                           locations, 312.2                                            NMC, and NMS). see Non-             Luminaires (lighting) fixtures                        Attachments and auxiliary equipment
                   Definitions, Art. 100–I                                             metallic-sheathed cable               Conductors, space for, 410.10                          Definition, 668.2
                   Deflection of conductors, 312.6                                     (Types NM, NMC, and NMS)              Cover                                               Definition, 668.2
                   Installation, 312–I                                         Nonmetallic underground conduit                  At boxes, 410.12                               Cellular concrete floor raceways, Art.
                   Insulation at bushings, 300.4(F),                                   with conductors. see Nonme-              Combustible finishes, covering                           372
                           312.6(C)                                                    tallic underground conduit                  required between canopy and                   Ampacity of conductors, 372.17
                   Position in walls, 312.3                                            with conductors                             box, 410.13                                   Connection to cabinets and other en-
                   Switch enclosures, splices, taps,                           Optical fiber. see Optical fiber cables       Mechanical strength, 410.38                                 closures, 372.6
                           312.8                                               Other types of. see names of systems      Capacitors, Art. 460. see also Hazard-                  Definitions, 372.2
                   Unused openings, 110.12(A)                                  Point of entrance                                   ous (classified) locations                    Discontinued outlets, 372.13
                   Wire-bending space at terminals,                               Definition, 800.2, 820.2, 830.2          Enclosing and guarding, 460.2                         Header, 372.5
                           312.6(B)                                            Portable. see Cords, flexible               Induction and dielectric heating,                     Inserts, 372.9
                   Wiring space, side or back, 312.9                           Power and control tray cable (Type                  665.24                                        Junction boxes, 372.7
                 Cable bending. see type of cable                                      TC). see Power and control          600 volts and under, 460–I                            Markers, 372.8
                 Cablebus, Art. 370                                                    tray cable (Type TC)                  Conductors, 460.8                                   Number of conductors, 372.11
                   Conductors, 370.4                                           Preassembled in nonmetallic conduit.          Grounding, 460.10                                   Size of conductors, 372.10
                      Overcurrent protection, 370.5                                    see Nonmetallic underground           Marking, 460.12                                     Splices and taps, 372.12
                      Terminations, 370.8                                                                                                                                        Uses not permitted, 372.4
                                                                                       conduit with conductors               Means for discharge, 460.6
                   Definition, 370.2                                                                                                                                           Cellular metal floor raceways, Art.
                                                                               Protection against physical damage,           Overcurrent protection, 460.8(B)
                   Fittings, 370.7                                                                                                                                                       374

                                                                                       300.4                                 Rating or setting of motor overload
                   Grounding, 370.9                                                                                                                                              Ampacity of conductors, 374.17
                                                                               Sealing, 501.15(D), 501.15(E),                      device, 460.9
                   Marking, 370.10                                                                                                                                               Connection to cabinets and extension
                                                                                       505.16(A)(2), 505.16(B)(5),         Phase converters, 455.23
                   Support and extension through walls                                                                                                                                   from cells, 374.11
                                                                                       505.16(B)(6), 505.16(B)(7),         Over 600 volts, 460–II
                           and floors, 370.6                                                                                                                                     Construction, 374–II
                                                                                       505.16(C)(2)                          Grounding, 460.27
                   Use, 370.3                                                                                                                                                    Definitions, 374.2
                                                                               Secured, 300.11, 314.17(B) and (C)            Identification, 460.26
                 Cable connectors                                                                                                                                                Discontinued outlets, 374.7
                                                                               Service. see also Service-entrance            Means for discharge, 460.28
                   Definition, 324.2                                                                                                                                             Inserts, 374.10
                   Theater, 520.67                                                     cable (Types SE and USE)              Overcurrent protection, 460.25                      Installation, 374–I
                 Cable end fittings, changing from                                Definition, Art. 100–I                     Switching, 460.24                                   Junction boxes, 374.9
                           cable to knob-and-tube,                             Service-entrance (Types SE and              X-ray equipment, 660.36                               Markers, 374.8
                           300.16(A)                                                   USE). see Service-entrance        Caps. see Attachment plugs                              Number of conductors, 374.5
                 Cables                                                                cable (Types SE and USE)          Carnivals, circuses, fairs, and similar                 Size of conductors, 374.4
                   Aerial, 820.44, 830.40                                      Splices in boxes, 300.15                            events, Art. 525                              Splices and taps, 374.6
                   Armored (Type AC). see Armored                              Stage, 530.18(A)                            Conductor overhead clearance, 525.5                   Uses not permitted, 374.3
                           cable (Type AC)                                     Supported from cable trays, 392.6(J)        Grounding and bonding, 525–IV                       Chair lifts. see Elevators, dumbwaiters,
                   Border lights, theater, 520.44(B)                           Through studs, joists, rafters, 300.4         Equipment bonding, 525.30                                   escalators, moving walks,
                   Bundled                                                     Traveling, elevator, 620.11(B),               Equipment grounding, 525.31                                 wheelchair lifts, and stairway
                      Definition, 520.2                                                620.12(A), 620–V                      Grounding conductor continuity                              chair lifts
                   CATV, Art. 820                                              Underground, 230–III, 300.5, 300.50                 assurance, 525.32                           Churches, Art. 518
                   Continuity, 300.12                                          Underground feeder and branch cir-          Power sources, 525–III                              Cinder fill
                   Definition, 800.2                                                   cuit Type UF. see Under-              Multiple sources of supply, 525.11                  High density polyethylene conduit,
                   Flat cable assemblies (Type FC). see                                ground feeder and branch-             Services, 525.10                                            353.10(3)
                           Flat cable assemblies (Type                                 circuit cable (Type UF)             Protection of electrical equipment,                   Intermediate or rigid metal conduits
                           FC)                                                 Vehicle supply equipment, 625.17                    525.6, 525.23                                         and electrical metallic tubing,
                   Flat conductor (Type FCC). see Flat                         Welding, 630–IV                             Wiring methods, 525–III                                       in or under, 342.10(C),
                           conductor cable (Type FCC)                        Cable sheath                                    Concessions, 525.21                                         344.10(C)

                 1304                                                                                                                                     2005 National Electrical Code Handbook

Copyright National Fire Protection Association                                                                           Document provided by IHS Licensee=ExxonMobil/1890500101, 05/05/2005 16:40:27
Provided by IHS under license with NFPA                                                                                  MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy
                                                                                                                         Group at 303-397-2295.

                          Rigid nonmetallic conduit, 352.10(C)           Photovoltaic source, 690.1, 690.6 to               Clothes dryers                                          Mobile homes, 800.106
                        Circuit breakers, Art. 240. see also                     690.9                                        Calculations for, 220.53                              Protection, 800–III
                                  Hazardous (classified) loca-             Definition, 690.2                                  Feeder demand factors, Table 220.54                     Devices, 800.90
                                  tions                                  Power-limited. see Remote-control,                   Grounding, 250.114(3), 250.140                          Grounding, 800.100, 800.106(A)
                          Accessibility and grouping, 404.8                      signaling, and power-limited                 Mobile homes, 550.15(E),                                Mobile homes, grounding and
                          Circuits over 600 volts, 490.21                        circuits                                             550.16(A)(1)                                          bonding at, 800.106
                          Definition, Art. 100–I, Art.100–II             Protectors required, 800.50, 800.90,               Clothing manufacturing plants,                            Primary protectors, 800.50,
                          Disconnection of grounded circuits,                    800.100, 800.106, 800.170,                           500.5(D), Art. 503, Art. 506.                         800.90, 800.100, 800.106,
                                  404.2(B), 514.11(A)                            830.90                                               see also Hazardous (classi-                           800.170(A), 830.90
                          Enclosures, 404.3                              Remote-control. see Remote-control,                          fied) locations                                 Secondary protectors, 800.90(D),
                          General, 110.9, 240–I                                  signaling, and power-limited               CO/ALR                                                          800.170(B)
                          Indicating, 404.7                                      circuits                                     Receptacles, 406.2(C)                                 Raceways, 800.133(A)(1),
                          Overcurrent protection, 230.208,               Signal. see Remote-control, signal-                  Switches, 404.14(C)                                           800.154(B) and (E), 800.182
                                  240–I, 240–VII                                 ing, and power-limited cir-                Collector rings, 490.54, 675.11                         Types of cable, 800.179
                             Generators, 445.12                                  cuits                                        Definition, 675.2                                     Underground circuits entering build-
                             Motors, 430.52(A), 430.58,                  Telegraph. see Communications cir-                 Collectors, cranes and hoists, 610.22                           ings, 800.47
                                  430.110, 430.111                               cuits                                      Color code                                            Community antenna television and
                             Transformers, 450.3                         Telephone. see Communications cir-                   Branch circuits, 210.5                                        radio distribution (CATV)
                          Panelboards, 408–III                                   cuits                                        Conductors, 310.12, 504.80(C),                                systems, Art. 820
                          Rating, motor branch circuits, 430.58          Underground. see Communications                              647.4(C)                                      Access to electrical equipment,
                          Rating, nonadjustable trip, 240.6(A),                  circuits                                       Grounded conductor, 200.6, 200.7,                           820.21
                                  240.83(C)                              Ungrounded, 210.10, 215.7, 410.48;                           400.22                                        Cables
                          Service disconnecting means,                           see also Conductors, un-                       Grounding conductor, 250.119,                         Aerial entrance, 820.44
                                  230.70, 230.205                                grounded                                             310.12(B), 400.23                               Within buildings, 820–V
                          Service overcurrent protection,              Circuses. see Carnivals, circuses, fairs,              Heating cables, 424.35                                  Entering buildings, 820.47
                                  230.90, 230.91                                 and similar events                           Higher voltage to ground                                Listing and marking, 820.113,
                          Switches, use as, 240.83(D), 404.11,         Clamp fill, boxes, 314.16(B)(2)                          Panelboards, 408.3(E)                                       820.154, 820–VI
                                  410.81(A)                            Clamps, ground, 250.8, 250.10,                           Sensitive electronic equipment,                       Outside, 820.44
                          Wet locations, in, 404.4                               250.70                                               647.4(C)                                        Types of, 820.179
                        Circuit directory, panelboards,                Class 1, 2, and 3 circuits. see Remote-                  Service-entrance conductors,                          Underground, 820.47
                                  110.22                                         control, signaling, and power-                       230.56                                        Definitions, 820.2
                        Circuit interrupters, ground-fault.                      limited circuits                           Combustible dusts, Art. 502. see also                   Energy limitations, 820.15
                                  see Ground-fault circuit inter-      Class I, II, and III locations. see Haz-                       Hazardous (classified) loca-                  Grounding, 820–IV
                                  rupters                                        ardous (classified) locations                        tions                                           Cables, 820.93, 820–IV
                        Circuits                                       Clean surfaces, grounding conductor                  Commercial garages. see Garages,                          Equipment, 820.103
                          Anesthetizing locations, 517.63(F)                     connections, 250.12                                  commercial                                    Installation of cables and equipment,
                          Branch. see Branch circuits                  Clearances. see also Enclosures; Space               Common grounding electrode. see                                 820.113, 820.133
                          Burglar alarm. see Remote-control,             Antennas, 810.13, 810.18, 810.54                             Electrodes, grounding, com-                   Locations, 820.3
                                  signaling, and power-limited           Community antenna systems, Art.                              mon                                           Mechanical execution of work,
                                  circuits                                       820                                        Common neutral                                                  820.24
                          Central station. see Fire alarm sys-           Conductors                                           Feeders, 215.4                                        Mobile homes, 820.106
                                  tems                                     Open, outside branch circuits and                  Outside wiring, 225.7(B)                              Protection, 820–III, 820.100(A)(6)
                          Communication. see Communica-                          feeders, 225.18, 225.19                    Communications circuits, Art. 800                       Raceways, 820.133(A) and (C),
                                  tions circuits                           Service drop, 230–II                               Access to electrical equipment,                               820.154(B) and (D)
                          Fire alarm                                     Lighting luminaires (fixtures),                              800.21                                      Compressors, refrigeration, Art. 440
                             Circuits extending beyond one                       410.66, 410.76                               Bonding, 800.100(D), 800.106(B)                     Computer rooms. see Information
                                  building, 760.11                       Live parts                                           Cable marking, 800.113                                        technology equipment
                             Definitions, 760.2                            Auxiliary gutters, 366.100(E)                      Cable substitution, 800.154(G)                      Concealed
                          Fuel cell systems, 692–II                        Circuits over 600 volts, 110–III                   Conductors                                            Definition, Art. 100–I
                          Grounding, Art. 250                            Network-powered broadband com-                         Other circuits with, 800.154(E)                     Knob-and-tube wiring. see Knob-
                          Impedance, 110.10                                      munications systems, 830.44                    Overhead, 800.44                                            and-tube wiring
                          Information technology equipment,              Swimming pools, 680.8                                  Within buildings, 800–V                           Concentric knockouts. see Knockouts
                                  645.5                                  Switchboards, 408.5, 408.18                          Definitions, 800.2                                  Concrete
                          Intrinsically safe, 504.30                   Climbing space, line conductors on                     Essential electrical systems,                         Electrodes encased in, 250.50 Ex.,
                             Definition, 504.2                                   poles, 225.14(D)                                     517.32(D), 517.42(D)                                  250.52(A)(2)(a) and (A)(3),
                          Inverter input and output circuits,          Closed-loop and programmed power                       Grounding, 800.93, 800–IV                                     250.66(B), 250.68(A) Ex.1
                                  690.1, 690.6, 690.8, 690.10                    distribution, Art. 780                       Health care facilities, 517.32(D),                    Metal raceways and equipment in,
                             Definitions, 690.2                          Cables and conductors, Art. 334                              517.42(D), 517–VI                                     300.6(A)(3) and (B)
                          Less than 50 volts, Art. 720                           (Type NMS cable), 780.6                      Hybrid power and communications                     Conductive surfaces, exposed
                             Class 1, 725–II                             Control, 780.3                                               cables, 800.3, 800.154(F),                    Definition, 517.2
                             Grounding, 250.20(A)                          Hybrid cable, 780.6(A)                                     800.179(J)                                  Conductor fill
                          More than 600 volts. see Over 600                Noninterchangeability, 780.7                       Installation, 800.113, 800.133                        Audio systems, 640.23(A)
                                  volts                                    Power limitation, in signaling cir-                Lightning conductors, 800.53                          Auxiliary gutters, 366.22
                          Motor, 430–II                                          cuits, 780.5                                 Listing of communications wires and                   Boxes, 314.16(B)(1) and (5)
                          Motor control, 430–VI                            In same cabinet, panel, or box,                            cables, 800.113, 800.179                      Cable trays, 392.9, 392.10
                             Definition, 430.2                                   780.6(B)                                     Listing of equipment, 800–18,                         Cellular concrete floor raceways,
                          Number of, in enclosures, 90.8(B)            Clothes closets                                                800–VI                                                372.11
                          Photovoltaic output, 690.1, 690.7,             Heating, 424.38(C)                                   Marking, 800.113                                      Cellular metal floor raceways, 374.5
                                  690.8                                  Luminaires (lighting fixtures), 410.8                Mechanical execution of work,                         Control circuits, 517.74(A)
                             Definition, 690.2                           Overcurrent devices, 240.24(D)                               800.24                                        Electrical metallic tubing, 358.22

                        National Electrical Code Handbook 2005                                                                                                                                                   1305

Copyright National Fire Protection Association                                                                        Document provided by IHS Licensee=ExxonMobil/1890500101, 05/05/2005 16:40:27
Provided by IHS under license with NFPA                                                                               MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy
                                                                                                                      Group at 303-397-2295.

                                                                Electrical nonmetallic tubing, 362.22        Fire alarm, Art. 760                       Continuity of, 300.13(B)                           Metal enclosures, spacing from light-
                                                                Elevators, 620.32, 620.33                    Less than 50 volts, Art. 720               Definition, Art. 100–I                                     ning rods, 250.106 FPN No.
                                                                Fixture wire, 402.7                          Over 600 volts, Art. 490                   Different systems, 200.6(D)                                1 and No. 2
                                                                Flexible metal conduit, 348.22, Table       Signal, remote-control, power-              Electrode-type boilers, over 600                   Mineral-insulated metal-sheathed
                                                                        348.22                                    limited, Art. 725                          volts, 490.72(E)                                      cable. see Mineral-insulated
                                                                Flexible metallic tubing, 358.22          Combinations, Chap. 9, Table 1                Fuses in, 430.36                                           metal-sheathed cable (Type
                                                                                                                                                        Overcurrent protection,

                                                                General installations, 300.17             Communications circuits, 800–II,                                                                         MI)
                                                                Hazardous (classified) locations,                 800–V                                      230.90(B), 240.22                             Minimum size, 230.42, 310.5,
                                                                        sealing fittings, 501.15(C)(6),   Concealed knob-and-tube. see Knob-            Separately derived systems,                                517.74(B), 620.12, 650.6(A),
                                                                        505.16(D)(5)                              and-tube wiring                            250.30(A)                                             660.9, 725.27(A), 760.27(A),
                                                                High density polyethylene conduit,        Conduit or tubing, number in,                 Services                                                   760.57, 810.17
                                                                        353.22                                    342.22, 344.22, 348.22, Table            Disconnection of, 230.70,                       Motion picture projectors, sizes,
                                                                Intermediate metal conduit, 342.22                348.22, 350.22, 352.22,                    230.75                                                540.13
                                                                Liquidtight flexible metal conduit,               353.22, 354.22, 356.22,                  Overcurrent protection,                         Motor circuits, 430–II
                                                                        350.22                                    358.22, 360.22, 362.22,                    230.90(B)                                     Multioutlet assembly. see Multioutlet
                                                                Liquidtight flexible nonmetallic con-             Chap. 9 Tables, Annex C               Switches, disconnection, 404.2(B)                          assembly
                                                                        duit, 356.22                      Construction, general, Table 310.13           Use and identification, Art. 200                   Multiple, 250.30(A)(8)(b),
                                                                Maximum permitted, 300.17                 Cooling of electric equipment,             Grounded power systems in anesthe-                            250.102(C), 250.122(F),
                                                                Nonmetallic underground conduit                   110.13(B)                                  tizing locations, 517.63                              300.20, 310.4, 392.8(D),
                                                                        with conductors, 354.100(D)       Copper, 110.5, 505.18(A), 760.27(C)        Grounding. see Grounding conduc-                              520.27(A)(2), 620.12(A)(1)
                                                                Outlet boxes, etc., 314.16                  Ampacities, Tables 310.16 through                tors                                          Nonmetallic extensions. see Nonme-
                                                                Remote control circuits, 725.28                   310.21, Tables 310.69              Grounding electrode. see Grounding                            tallic extensions
                                                                Rigid metal conduit, 344.22                       through 310.86, B.310.1                    electrode conductors                          Nonmetallic sheathed cable, Types
                                                                Rigid nonmetallic conduit, 352.22                 through B.310.10                   Grouped                                                       NM, NMC, and NMS. see
                                                                Signs, 600.31(C)                             Properties, Chap. 9, Table 8               Definition, 520.2                                          Nonmetallic-sheathed cable
                                                                Surface raceways, 386.22, 388.22          Copper-clad aluminum                       Identification, 310.12                                        (Types NM, NMC, and NMS)
                                                                Theaters, 520.6                              Definition, Art. 100–I                  Induction and dielectric heating                      Number of, in. see Conductor fill
                                                                Underfloor raceways, 390.5                Cords, flexible. see Cords, flexible               equipment, ampacity of sup-                   Organs, 650.6, 650.7
                                                                Wireways, 376.22, 378.22                  Corrosive conditions. see Corrosive                ply, 665.10                                   Outlet boxes, temperature limits,
                                                                X-ray equipment, 660.8                            conditions                         Industrial control panels, 409.20                             410.11
                                                              Conductors. see also Cords, flexible;       Covered                                    Installation with other systems, 300.8                Outside wiring, Art. 225
                                                                        Fixture wires                        Definition, Art. 100–I                  Insulated                                             Overcurrent protection, 240.3, 240.4
                                                                Adjustment factors for more than          Crane and hoists, 610–II, 610–III,            Definition, Art. 100–I                               Cablebus conductors, 370.5
                                                                        three current-carrying con-               610.41                             Insulating materials, 310.13                            Grounded conductors, 230.90(B),
                                                                        ductors in raceway, cable,        Damp locations, 310.8(B), Table            Insulation, Art. 310                                          240.22
                                                                        Table B.310.11                            310.13                                At bushings, 4 AWG and larger,                       Service-entrance conductors,
                                                                Aluminum, conductor material,             Definitions, Art. 100–I                            300.4(F), 312.6(C)                                    230.90, 230.91, 230.208
                                                                        310.14                            Deflection of. see Deflection of con-         Construction and application,                      Overhead, 800.44
                                                                Aluminum, properties of, Chap. 9,                 ductors                                                                                  Over 600 volts, Art. 490
                                                                                                                                                        Elevators, dumbwaiters, escala-
                                                                        Table 8                           Different systems, 300.3(C), 725.26                                                              Paralleled, 250.30(A)(8)(b),
                                                                                                                                                             tors, moving walks, wheel-
                                                                Ampacities of, 310.15, Tables 310.16      Dimensions of, Chap. 9, Table 4                                                                          250.102(C), 250.122(F),
                                                                                                                                                             chair lifts, and stairway chair
                                                                        through 310.21, Tables            Dry locations, 310.8(B), Table                                                                           300.20, 310.4, 392.8(D),
                                                                                                                                                             lifts, 620.11
                                                                        310.69 through 310.86,                    310.13                                                                                           520.27(A)(2), 620.12(A)(1)
                                                                                                                                                        Fire alarm systems, 760.27(B)
                                                                        B.310.1 through B.310.10          Electrical metallic tubing. see Elec-                                                            Pendant fixtures, 410.27
                                                                                                                                                        Fixtures, 410.24, 410.67
                                                                Applications, 310.13                              trical metallic tubing                                                                   Properties of, Chap. 9, Table 8
                                                                                                                                                        Hazardous (classified) locations,
                                                                Armored cable, Type AC. see Ar-           Electrical nonmetallic tubing. see                                                               Raceways, number of conductors in.
                                                                                                                                                             501.13, 501.20, 505.18(B)
                                                                        mored cable (Type AC)                     Electrical nonmetallic tubing                                                                    see Conductor fill
                                                                                                                                                        Identification, 310.12
                                                                Bare. see Bare conductors                 Elevators, dumbwaiters, escalators,                                                              Radio and television
                                                                                                                                                        Line-type fire detectors, 760.82(J)
                                                                Bending radius, 300.34                            moving walks, 620–II                                                                       Antenna distribution systems,
                                                                                                                                                        Marking, 310.11
                                                                Boxes and fittings, junction, 314.16,             through 620–IV                                                                                   810.4, Art. 820
                                                                                                                                                        Motion picture projectors, 540.14
                                                                        314.17                            Enclosure, grounding, 250–IV                                                                       Antenna systems, Art. 810
                                                                                                                                                        Service conductors, 230.22,
                                                                Branch circuits, Art. 210. see also          Grounding electrode conductors,                                                                 Equipment, Art. 810
                                                                                                                                                             230.30, 230.41
                                                                        Branch circuits                           250.64(E)                             Splices and joints, 110.14(B),                     Railway, power and light from,
                                                                Bundled, in theaters, etc.                Equipment grounding. see Equip-                    400.9, 530.12, 590.4(G)                               110.19
                                                                   Definition, 520.2                              ment grounding conductors             Switchboards, 408.19                               Recreational vehicle site feeder cir-
                                                                Buried, 310.7                             Feeder, Art. 215                              Theaters, 520.42                                           cuit, 551.73, 551.80
                                                                Busways. see Busways                      Fire alarm systems, 760.26, 760.27,        Intrinsically safe, 504.30, 504.50                      Definition, 551.2
                                                                Cabinets and cutout boxes, 312.5                  760.52                             Length in boxes, 300.14                               Remote-control circuits, Art. 725
                                                                        through 312.7                     Fixture wires, Art. 402                    Length in transient voltage surge sup-                Rigid metal conduit. see Rigid metal
                                                                Cablebus. see Cablebus                    In free air, Tables 310.17, 310.19,                pressors, 285.12                                      conduit
                                                                Calculations, examples, Annex D                   310.20                             Lightning rods, spacing from,                         Same circuit, 300.5(I)
                                                                Capacitors, 460.8                         Gauges (AWG), general provisions,                  250.106, 800.53,                              Selection of, examples, Annex D
                                                                Cellular concrete floor raceways. see             110.6                                      820.44(F)(3)                                  Service. see Service-entrance cable
                                                                        Cellular concrete floor race-     General wiring, Art. 310                   Liquidtight flexible metal conduit.                           (Types SE and USE); Ser-
                                                                        ways                              Generators, size, 445.13                           see Liquidtight flexible metal                        vice-entrance conductors
                                                                Cellular metal floor raceways. see        Grounded                                           conduit                                         Definition, Art. 100–I
                                                                        Cellular metal floor raceways        Alternating current systems,            Liquidtight flexible nonmetallic con-                 Service-entrance. see Service-en-
                                                                Circuit                                           250.24, 250.26                             duit. see Liquidtight flexible                        trance conductors
                                                                   Communications, Art. 800                    Identification, 200.6, 200.7,                 nonmetallic conduit                           Signal circuits, Art. 725, Art. 760
                                                                   Control, health care facilities,               210.5(A)                           Metal-clad cable. see Metal-clad                      Signs and outline lighting, 600.31,
                                                                        517.74                              Change in size, 240.23                           cable                                                 600.32

                                                              1306                                                                                                                 2005 National Electrical Code Handbook

Copyright National Fire Protection Association                                                                                                    Document provided by IHS Licensee=ExxonMobil/1890500101, 05/05/2005 16:40:27
Provided by IHS under license with NFPA                                                                                                           MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy
                                                                                                                                                  Group at 303-397-2295.

                          Single, 392.8(E), 392.10, 392.11(B),      Intermediate metal. see Intermediate                          Extension cord sets, 590.6(A) and                   Operation
                                  392.13(B)                                 metal conduit                                                 (B)(2)                                        Definition, 620.2
                          Sizes, 110.6, Chap. 9, Tables 5 and       Liquidtight flexible metal. see Liq-                          Ground-fault circuit-interrupter, pro-              Ratings, 430.83
                                  5A. see also subhead: Mini-               uidtight flexible metal con-                                  tection for, 590.6(A) and                   Resistors and reactors. see Resistors
                                  mum size                                  duit                                                          (B)(1)                                              and reactors
                          Spliced, 230.33, 230.46                   Liquidtight flexible nonmetallic. see                       Continuity                                          Control panels. see also Industrial con-
                          Stranded, 310.3                                   Liquidtight flexible nonme-                           Electrical                                                  trol panels
                          Support of, in vertical raceways,                 tallic conduit                                           Equipment grounding conductors,                  Working space, 110.26
                                  300.19                            Metallic, grounding runs 7.5 m (25                                    250.124                                   Control room
                          Surface raceway. see Strut-type chan-             ft), 250.86 Ex.1                                         Gutters, auxiliary, 366.100(A)                   Definition, 620.2
                                  nel raceway; Surface metal        Number of fixture wires in, 402.7                                Metal raceways and cables,                     Control space
                                  raceways; Surface nonmetal-       Outside wiring, 225.10                                                250.96, 250.97, 300.10                      Definition, 620.2
                                  lic raceways                      Rigid metal. see Rigid metal conduit                               Service equipment, 250.92(B),                Control system
                          Switchboards and panelboards,             Rigid nonmetallic. see Rigid nonme-                                   250.94                                      Definition, 620.2
                                  408.3(A), 408.19                          tallic conduit                                        Grounding, metal boxes, grounding-                Convenience outlets. see Receptacles
                          Temperature, limitations of, 310.10,    Connections                                                             type receptacles, 250.146,                Conversion table, AC conductor re-
                                  338.10(B)(3)                      Aluminum, copper conductors,                                          250.148                                             sistances and reactances,
                          Theaters, portable stage equipment,               110.14                                                Mechanical                                                  Chap. 9, Table 9
                                  520.68                            Cellular metal floor raceways to cabi-                           Gutters, auxiliary, 366.100(A)                 Converters
                          Underfloor raceway. see Underfloor                nets and extensions, 374.11                              Raceways and cables, 300.10,
                                                                                                                                                                                      Definition, 551.2
                                  raceways                          Essential electrical systems, 517.34,                                 300.12
                                                                                                                                                                                      Phase. see Phase converters
                          Underground feeder and branch-                    517.42, 517.43, 517.45                                     Conductors, 300.13
                                                                                                                                                                                      Recreational vehicle
                                  circuit cable. see Under-         Feed-through. see Feed-through con-                                Grounded conductor of
                                                                                                                                                                                        Definition, 551.2
                                  ground feeder and branch-cir-             nections of neutral conduc-                                   multiwire circuits, 300.13(B)
                                                                                                                                                                                    Cooking unit, counter-mounted. see
                                  cuit cable (Type UF)                      tors                                                Continuous duty
                                                                                                                                                                                              also Ovens, wall-mounted;
                          Ungrounded                                Fuel cell systems to other circuits,                          Definition, Art. 100–I
                            Identification, 210.5(C)                        692–VII                                             Continuous industrial processes
                            Services, 230.90(A)                     Grounding conductor, 250–III,                                 Coordination, electric system, 240.12               Branch circuits, 210.19(A)(3),
                            Tapped from grounded system,                    250–VI                                                Ground-fault protection, 230.95 Ex.                         210.23(C), Note 4 to Table
                                  210.10                            High-impedance grounded neutral                                       1                                                   220.55
                          Welders, electric                                 system, 250.164, 250.186(C)                           Orderly shutdown, 430.44                            Definition, Art. 100–I
                            Ampacity of supply, 630.11,             Integrity of, 110.12(C)                                       Power loss hazard, 240.4(A)                       Cooling of equipment, 110.13(B)
                                  630.31                            Multiple circuit. see Multiple circuit                      Continuous load                                     Coordination, electrical systems,
                            Overcurrent protection,                         connections, grounding                                Applications, 210.19(A), 210.20(A),                         240.12
                                  630.12(B), 630.32(B)              Point of interconnected power pro-                                    215.2(A)                                    Definition, Art. 100–I
                          Wet locations, 225.4, 310.8(C), Table             duction sources, 705.12                               Definition, Art. 100–I                              Feeders, 240.100(C), 517.17(B)
                                  310.13                            Splices, 110.14(B)                                          Control. see also Hazardous (classi-                  Overcurrent protective devices
                          Wireways. see Wireways, metal;            Switches, 404.2                                                       fied) locations                               Emergency systems, 700.27
                                  Wireways, nonmetallic             Temperature limitations, 110.14(C),                           Remote                                                Legally required standby systems,
                          X-ray equipment, 517–V, 660.6                     110.40                                                   Circuits. see Remote-control, sig-                       701.18
                                  through 660.9                     Terminals, general provisions,                                        naling, and power-limited cir-            Copper-clad aluminum conductors.
                        Conduit bodies. see also Boxes (outlet,             110.14(A)                                                     cuits                                               see Conductors, copper-clad
                                  device, pull, and junction)       X-ray installations, 517.71                                      Of induction and dielectric heating                      aluminum
                          Definition, Art. 100–I                  Connectors                                                              equipment, 665.7                          Copper conductors. see Conductors,
                          Number of conductors, 314.16(C)           Armored cable, 320.40                                         X-ray equipment, 517–V, 660–II                              copper
                          Pull and junction box, 314.28             Boxes, 314.17                                               Control centers                                     Cords. see also Hazardous (classified)
                          Short radius, 314.5                       Cabinets and cutout boxes, 312.5(C)                           Flash protection, 110.16                                    locations
                          Support of, by rigid nonmetallic con-     Cable                                                         Guarding live parts, 110.27                         Flexible, Art. 400, 422.16, 422.43
                                  duit, 352.10(H)                      Definition, 324.2                                          Headroom, 110.26(E), 110.32                           Ampacities, Table 400.5
                        Conduit fill. see also Conductor fill          Theater, 520.67                                            Illumination at, 110.26(D),                           Audio signal processing, amplifi-
                          Equipment grounding conductors,           Electrical metallic tubing, 358.42                                    110.34(D)                                           cation, and reproduction
                                  Chap. 9, Note 3 to Table 1        Electric vehicle, 625.19                                      Motor, 430–VIII                                             equipment grouping conduc-
                          Grounding conductor, 310.15(B)(5)            Definition, 625.2                                             Definition, Art. 100–I                                   tors, 640.8, 640.42, 640.45
                        Conduit nipples, Chap. 9, Note 4 to         Flexible metal conduit, 348.42                                Working space, 110.26, 110.32                         Equipment grounding conductor
                                  Table 1                           Intermediate metal conduit, 342.42                                    through 110.34                                      in, size of, 250.122(E)
                        Conduits                                    Liquidtight flexible metal conduit,                         Control circuit, 430–VI
                                                                                                                                                                                        Identified conductors within,
                          Boxes supporting, 314.23(H)(2)                    350.42                                                Definition, 430.2
                                                                                                                                                                                              200.6(C), 400.22, 400.23
                          Circuits, physical protection of re-      Liquidtight flexible nonmetallic con-                       Control drawing, 504.10(A)
                                                                                                                                                                                        Lampholders, insulating bushings,
                                  mote control, 725.11(B)                   duit, 356.42                                          Definition, 504.2
                          Conductors, number in, Chap. 9,           Pressure (solderless)                                       Controllers. see also Hazardous (clas-
                                  Table 1, Annex C, Tables C.1         Definition, Art. 100–I                                             sified) locations                             Marking, 400.6
                                  through C.12(A)                   Rigid metal conduit, 344.42                                   Cases, grounding, 250.112(D)                          Minimum size, 400.12
                          Dimensions, Chap. 9, Table 4              Single-pole separable                                         Definition, Art. 100–I, 430.2                         Motion picture projectors, 540.15
                          Electrical metallic tubing. see Elec-        Definition, 530.2                                          Enclosures, grounding, 250.112(D)                     Outlets, required, 210.50(B)
                                  trical metallic tubing          Constant-voltage generators, Art. 445                           Motion                                                Overcurrent protection, 240.5,
                          Electrical nonmetallic tubing. see        Overcurrent protection for,                                      Definition, 620.2                                        400.13
                                  Electrical nonmetallic tubing             445.12(A)                                             Motor, 430–VII                                        Over 600 volts, 400–III
                          Flexible metal. see Flexible metal      Construction, closed                                               Definition, 620.2                                  Power-limited and signal circuits,
                                  conduit                           Definition, 545.3                                                Electrically operated pool covers,                       remote-control, 725.27(A)
                          High density polyethylene conduit       Construction, types of, Annex E                                         680.27(B)(1)                                  Pull at joints and terminals, 400.10
                                  (Type HDPE). see High den-      Construction sites                                                 Hazardous (classified) locations,                  Repair of, hard service, 400.9
                                  sity polyethylene conduit         Assured equipment grounding con-                                      501.115, 502.115, 503.115                     Solar photovoltaic systems,
                                  (Type HDPE)                               ductor program, 590.6(B)(2)                              Tunnels, 110.55                                          690.31(C)

                        National Electrical Code Handbook 2005                                                                                                                                                      1307

Copyright National Fire Protection Association                                                                          Document provided by IHS Licensee=ExxonMobil/1890500101, 05/05/2005 16:40:27
Provided by IHS under license with NFPA                                                                                 MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy
                                                                                                                        Group at 303-397-2295.

                      Splices and taps, 400.9, 400.36,       Marinas and boatyards, 555.23                        Deflection of conductors                                 Remote control, signaling, and power
                           530.12(A) and (B)                 Motors and controllers, discon-                        Auxiliary gutters, 366.58(A)                                   limited circuits, Class 2 and
                        Construction sites, 590.4(G)                 necting means, 430.112 Ex.                     Cabinets and cutout boxes, 312.6                               3 circuits, Fig. 725.41
                      Swimming pools, fountains, and         Overcurrent protection, 610–V                        Deicing installations. see Fixed out-                    Services, Fig. 230.1
                           similar installations, 680.7,   Critical branch, 517.33, 517.43                                  door electric deicing and                      Solar photovoltaic systems, identifi-
                           680.21(A)(5), 680.23(B)(3),       Definition, 517.2                                              snow-melting equipment                                 cation of components, Fig.
                           680.42(A), 680.55(B), 680.56    Critical care areas, 517.19                            Delta breakers, 408.36(E)                                        690.1(A) and (B)
                      Types, Table 400.4                     Definition, 517.2                                    Delta-connected                                          Spray application, dipping, and coat-
                      Uses not permitted, 400.8            Cross sectional areas                                    Identifying high-leg, 3-phase supply,                          ing, Figs. 516.3(B)(1), (B)(2),
                      Uses permitted, 400.7                  Conductors, Chap. 9, Tables 5                                  4-wire, 110.15, 230.56,                                (B)(4), and (B)(5)
                   Heater, Table 400.4, 422.43(A)                    through 8                                              408.3(E), 409.102                              Swimming pools, clearance from
                   Tinsel                                    Conduits, Chap. 9, Table 4                           Demand factor. see also Loads                                    pool structures, Fig. 680.8
                      Overcurrent protection, 400.13       Current-carrying capacities. see Am-                     Definition, Art. 100–I                               Dielectric heating. see also Induction
                      Types, Table 400.4                             pacities                                     Detached buildings, oil-insulated                                and dielectric heating equip-
                 Cord sets. see Extension cord sets        Current-limiting devices. see also Cir-                          transformers in, 450.26                                ment
                 Correction factors, ambient tempera-                cuit breakers; Fuses                                   Ex. 5                                          Definition, 665.2
                           ture, B.310.1 through             Definition, 240.2                                    Detearing equipment, electrostatic,                    Different systems, conductors in
                           B.310.10, Tables 310.16         Curtain machines, theaters, 520.48                               516.4(E)                                               same enclosure, 300.3(C),
                           through 310.20                  Cutout bases. see Fuseholders                          Deteriorating agents, 110.11                                     392.6(F), 725.26, 725.55(B),
                 Corrosion protection. see Protection,     Cutout boxes. see also Cabinets, cutout                Device. see also Receptacles; Switches                           760.26, 760.55, 800.47(A),
                           corrosion                                 boxes, and meter socket en-                    Definition, Art. 100–I                                         800.133(A), 810.18(C),
                 Corrosive conditions                                closures                                     Device or equipment fill for boxes,                              820.133(A)
                   Bushing, 430.13                           Definition, Art. 100–I                                         314.16(B)(4)                                 Dimensions
                   Cablebus, 370.3                         Cutouts, thermal. see Thermal cutouts                  Diagnostic equipment, 517.73(A)                          Conductors, Chap. 9, Tables 5
                   Cable trays, nonmetallic, 392.3(E)      Cutting tables, motion picture,                        Diagrams                                                         through 8
                   Conductors and conductor insulation,              530–IV                                         Adjustable speed drive control, Fig.                   Conduits and tubing, Chap. 9, Table 4
                           300.6, 310.9, 501.13,                                                                            D.10                                         Dimmers
                           505.18(B)                                                                                Autotransformer overcurrent protec-                    Stage switchboard, 520.25,
                      High density polyethylene con-                                                                        tion, Fig. 450.4                                       520.53(E)
                           duit, 353.10(2)                                                                          Cable installation dimensions, under-                  Switch, 404.9(B), 404.14(E). see also
                      Rigid nonmetallic conduit,           Dampers (flue), control
                                                                                                                            ground, Fig. 310.60 for use                            Snap switches
                           352.10(B)                         Fixed stage equipment, smoke venti-
                                                                                                                            with Tables 310.77 through                   Dining areas, essential electrical sys-
                   Deteriorating agents, 110.11                      lator control, 520.49
                                                                                                                            310.86, Figs. B.310.2 through                          tems, 517.42(E)
                   Nonmetallic wireways, 378.10(2)           Ventilating openings, transformer
                                                                     vaults, 450.45(E)                                      B.310.5 for use with Tables                  Dip tanks, Art. 516
                 Countertops, outlets, 210.52(C),                                                                           B.310.5 through B.310.10                     Direct burial
                           406.4(E)                        Damp or wet locations, 110.11. see
                                                                     also Wet locations                             Cable substitution hierarchy                           Ampacities, modification of,
                   Ground-fault circuit-interrupters,                                                                  Communications systems, Fig.                                310.60(C)(2), Tables 310.81
                           210.8(A)(6)                       Boxes and fittings, 314.15(A)
                                                             Busways, 368.12(D)                                             800.154                                                through 310.85
                                                             Cabinets and cutout boxes, 312.2(A)                       Community antenna TV and radio                      Grounding conductor connection,
                   Electrical metallic tubing, 358.42
                                                             Cablebus, 370.3                                                distribution systems, Fig.                             250.68(A) Ex., 250.70
                   Intermediate metal conduit, 342.42
                                                             Conductors, types, 310.8, Table                                820.154                                        Liquidtight flexible metal conduit,
                   Rigid metal conduit, 344.42
                                                                     310.13                                            Fire alarm systems, Fig. 760.61                             350.10(3), 350.120
                   Rigid nonmetallic conduit, expansion
                                                             Definition, Art. 100–I                                    Optical fiber cables, Fig. 770.154                  Liquidtight flexible nonmetallic con-
                           fittings, 352.44
                                                             Fixed electric space heating equip-                       Remote control, signaling, and                              duit, 356.10(4)
                   Running threads at, 342.42(B),
                                                                     ment, 424.12(B)                                        power limited circuits, Fig.                   Over 600 volts, 300.50
                                                             Lampholders, 410.49                                            725.61                                         Rigid nonmetallic conduit, Table
                   Threaded and threadless, 250.92(B)
                                                             Luminaires (lighting fixtures),                        Elevators, dumbwaiters, escalators,                            300.5, 300.50, 352.10(G)
                 Cove lighting, space for, 410.9
                                                                     410.4(A)                                               etc.                                              Bulk storage plants, 515.8
                                                             Open wiring, 398.15(B)                                    Control system, Fig. 620.2                             Service stations, 514.8
                   Auxiliary gutters, 366.100(D)
                                                             Overcurrent protection, enclosure,                        Single line diagram, Fig. 620.13                    Underground feeder and branch-
                   Boxes and fittings, 314.25,
                                                                     240.32                                         Feeders, 215.5                                                 circuit cable, 340.10(1)
                           314.28(C), 314.41, 314.42,
                                                             Panelboards, 408.37                                    Generator field control, Fig. D.9                      Underground service cable, 230.49,
                   Cable, 650.6(D)                           Receptacles, 406.8                                     Hazardous (classified) locations,                              Table 300.5, 310.7
                   Faceplates. see Faceplates                Rigid nonmetallic conduit,                                     Class I, Zones 0, 1, and 2,                  Disconnecting means
                   Pool cover, electrically operated,                352.10(D) and (E)                                      marking, 505.9(C)(2)                           Agricultural buildings, 547.9
                           680.27(B)                       Dance halls, Art. 518                                    Hazardous (classified) locations ad-                   Air-conditioning and refrigerating
                      Definition, 680.2                    Data processing systems. see Informa-                            jacent to dispensers, Fig.                             equipment, 440.63, 440–II
                   Strut-type channel raceways,                      tion technology equipment                              514.3                                          Appliances, 422–III
                           384.100(C)                      DC systems, 250–VIII                                     Luminaires, closet storage space, Fig.                 Capacitors, 460.8(C)
                   Wireways, 376.2, 378.2                    Grounding, 250.162, 250.164                                    410.8                                          Cranes, 430.112 Ex., 610–IV
                 Cranes, Art. 610. see also Hoists         Dead ends                                                Marine terminal handling flammable                     Definitions, Art. 100–I, Art.100–II,
                   Conductors, 610–II, 610–III               Busways, 368.58                                                liquids, Fig. 515.3                                    551.2
                   Control, 610–VI                           Cablebus, 370.7(2)                                     Mobile homes, receptacle and attach-                   Electric deicing, snow-melting
                   Disconnecting means, 430.112 Ex.,         Flat cable assemblies, 322.40(A)                               ment plug, Fig. 550.10(C)                              equipment, 426.50
                           610–IV                            Wireways, 376.58, 378.58                               Motor feeder and branch circuits,                      Electric pipeline, vessel heating
                   Electrolytic cells, 668.32              Dead front                                                       Fig. 430.1                                             equipment, 427.55
                   Flexible cords, 400.7(A)(5)               Definition, Art. 100–I, 551.2                          Park trailers, receptacles and attach-                 Electric space heating equipment,
                   Grounding, 250.22(1), 250.112(E),         Recreational vehicles, 551.2,                                  ment plugs, Fig. 552.44(C)                             424–III
                           250.116(1), 610–VII                       551.45(C)                                      Recreational vehicles, receptacles                     Electric vehicle charging system
                   Hazardous (classified) locations,         Stage switchboards, 520.21                                     and attachment plugs, Fig.                             equipment, 625.23
                           503.155, 610.2(A)               Definitions, Art. 100                                            551.46(C)                                      Electrolytic cells, 668.13

                 1308                                                                                                                               2005 National Electrical Code Handbook

Copyright National Fire Protection Association                                                                     Document provided by IHS Licensee=ExxonMobil/1890500101, 05/05/2005 16:40:27
Provided by IHS under license with NFPA                                                                            MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy
                                                                                                                   Group at 303-397-2295.

                                                                          Electroplating systems, 669.8             Double locknuts. see Locknuts, dou-                  Branch-circuit voltages, 210.6(A)                    Number of conductors in, 362.22
                                                                          Elevators, 620–VI, 620.91(C)                        ble, required                              Definitions, Art. 100–I                              Securing and supporting, 362.30
                                                                          Fixed electric heating equipment for      Drainage                                             Farm, services, 220.102(A), 220.103                  Size, 362.20
                                                                                  pipelines and vessels, 427.55       Equipment, 501.15(F), 505.16(E)                    Feeder load, calculations for,                       Splices and taps, 362.56
                                                                          Fixed outdoor electric deicing and          Oil-insulated outdoor transformers,                        220.14(J), 220.82 through                    Through metal framing members,
                                                                                  snow-melting equipment,                     450.27                                             220.85, Annex D                                      300.4(B)
                                                                                  426.50                              Raceways. see Raceways, drainage                   Lighting loads for, Table 220.12                     Trimming, 362.28
                                                                          Fuel cell systems. see Fuel cell sys-       Transformer vaults, 450.46                         Lighting outlets required, 210.70(A)                 Uses not permitted, 362.12
                                                                                  tems                              Dressing rooms                                       Luminaires (lighting fixtures),                      Uses permitted, 362.10
                                                                          Fuses and thermal cutouts, 240.40           Motion picture studios, 530–III                            410.75, 410.80(B)                          Electric discharge lighting
                                                                          Generators, 445.18                          Theaters, 520–VI                                   Panelboards as services, 408.3(C),                   Connection to luminaires (lighting
                                                                          Identification, 110.22, 230.70(B),        Drip loops                                                   408.36(A) Ex. 2                                      fixtures), 410.14, 410.30(C)
                                                                                  620.51(D)                           Conductors entering buildings,                     Receptacle circuits required, 210.11                 Definition, 600.2
                                                                          Induction and dielectric heating                    230.24(B)(1), 230.52,                      Receptacle outlets required, 210.52,                 More than 1000 volts, 410–XIV
                                                                                  equipment, 665.12                           230.54(F), 398.15(B),                              680.22(A)                                    Signs and outline lighting, Art. 600
                                                                          Industrial control panels, 409.30                   800.12(C)                                    Protection by ground-fault circuit                 1000 volts or less, 410–VIII
                                                                          Industrial machinery, 670.4(B)              Service heads, 230.54(F)                                   interrupters, 210.8(A),                      Wiring, equipment, 410.73(A),
                                                                          Information technology equipment,         Driveways                                                    680.22(A)(5)                                         410–XIV
                                                                                  645.4(1), 645.10                    Clearance of conductors, 225.18                                                                       Electric heating equipment, fixed. see
                                                                          Interconnected electric power pro-          Clearance of service drop, 230.24(B)                                                                            Fixed electric heating equip-
                                                                                  duction sources, 705.20,          Drop. see Service drops; Voltage and                                     E                                        ment for pipelines and ves-
                                                                                  705.21, 705.22                              volts, drop                             Eccentric knockouts. see Knockouts                              sels; Fixed electric space
                                                                          Irrigation machines, 675.8                Dryers, clothes. see Clothes dryers               Elbows, metal, protection from cor-                             heating equipment; Fixed
                                                                          Marinas and boatyards, 555.17             Dry location, 110.11. see also Damp                         rosion, 300.6                                         outdoor electric deicing and
                                                                          Mobile homes, 550.11                                or wet locations                        Electrical datum plane, 555.23,                                 snow-melting equipment
                                                                          Motors and controllers, 430.74.             Conductors, types, 310.8, Table                           682.10 to 682.12, 682.14,                   Electric power production sources.
                                                                                  430.95, 430–IX, 430.128,                    310.13                                            682.15                                                see Generators; Intercon-
                                                                                  430.227                             Definition, Art. 100–I                            Definition, 555.2, 682.2                                      nected electric power produc-
                                                                          Naturally and artificially made bod-        Electric signs, portable or mobile,             Electrical ducts. see Ducts                                     tion sources; Solar
                                                                                  ies of water, electrical equip-             600.10(D)                               Electrical life support equipment                               photovoltaic systems
                                                                                  ment for, 682.14                    Nonmetallic extensions, 382.10(B)                 Definition, 517.2                                   Electric signs. see Signs, electric
                                                                          Outside branch circuits. see Outside        Rigid nonmetallic conduit, 352.10(E)            Electrically operated pool covers. see                Electric vehicle charging system
                                                                                  branch circuits and feeders         Surface metal raceways, 386.10(1)                         Covers                                                equipment, Art. 625
                                                                          Phase converters, 455.8, 455.20           Dry-type transformers, 450.1 Ex. 2,               Electrical metallic tubing (Type                        Automatic de-energization, 625.19
                                                                          Pools, spas, and hot tubs, 680.12                   450.21, 450.22                                    EMT), Art. 358                                Cable, Table 400.4, 625.17
                                                                          Portable equipment, 517.17(C)             Dual-voltage motor, locked-rotor rat-               Bends, 358.24, 358.26                                 Coupler, 625.9
                                                                                                                                                                        Connectors and couplings, 358.42
                                                                          Receptacles, cord connectors and at-                ing, 430.7(B)(3)                                                                                Coupling method, 625.16
                                                                                                                                                                        Construction specifications, 358–III
                                                                                  tachment plugs (caps),            Duct heaters, installation of, 424–VI                                                                     Definitions, 625.2
                                                                                                                                                                        Definition, 358.2
                                                                                  422.33, 440.63                    Ducts                                                                                                     Disconnecting means, 625.23
                                                                                                                                                                        Grounding, 358.60
                                                                          Recreational vehicle parks,                 Definition, 820.2                                                                                       Interactive system, 625.26
                                                                                                                                                                        Installation, 358–II
                                                                                  551.77(B)                           Electrical, 310.15, 310.60(C), Fig.                                                                     Listed, 625.5
                                                                                                                                                                        Listing, 358.6
                                                                          Recreational vehicles, 551.45(C)                    310.60, Tables 310.77                                                                           Marking, 625.15
                                                                                                                                                                        Marking, 358.120
                                                                          Sensitive electronic equipment, light-              through 310.80,                                                                                 Primary source, loss of, 625.25
                                                                                                                                                                        Maximum number of conductors and
                                                                                  ing equipment, 647.8(A)                     B.310.15(B)(4)                                    fixture wires in, Tables C.1                  Protection and control, 625–IV
                                                                          Separate building on same premises,           Definition, 310.60(A)                                   and C.1(A)                                    Rating, 625.14
                                                                                  250.32(D)                           Luminaires (lighting fixtures) in,                Number of conductors in, 358.22                       Supply equipment, 625.13
                                                                          Services, 230–VI                                    410.4(C)                                  Reaming and threading, 358.28                            Construction, 625–III
                                                                             Connections, ahead of, 230.82            Wiring in, 300.21, 300.22, 725.3(C),              Securing and supporting, 358.30                          Definition, 625.2
                                                                             Over 600 volts, 225.51 through                   760.3(B), 770.3(B),                       Size, 358.20                                             Interlock, 625.18
                                                                                  225.53, 230.205, 230.206                    800.133(D), 800.154(A),                   Splices and taps, 358.56                                 Locations, 625–V
                                                                          Shore power connections, 555.17                     800.182, 820.113,                         Uses not permitted, 358.12                               Markings, 625.15
                                                                          Signs and outline lighting, 600.6                   820.154(A), 830.154(B),                   Uses permitted, 358.10                                Ventilation not required, 625.29(C)
                                                                          Solar photovoltaic systems, 690–III                 830.179(A)(2)                             Wet locations, in, 358.10(C)                          Ventilation required, 625.29(D),
                                                                          Standby systems, optional, 702.11         Dumbwaiters. see Elevators, dumb-                 Electrical noise, 647.3. see also Sensi-                        Table 625.29(D)
                                                                          Temporary circuits, 590.4(E)                        waiters, escalators, moving                       tive electronic equipment                     Voltages, 625.4
                                                                          Thermal cutouts, 240.40                             walks, wheelchair lifts, and              Grounding, 250.96(B), 250.146(D)                      Wiring methods, 625–II
                                                                          Tunnels, 110.58                                     stairway chair lifts                                                                          Electric vehicles

                                                                                                                                                                        Panelboards, 408.40 Ex.
                                                                          Welders, 630.13, 630.33                   Dust-ignitionproof, 500.7(B),                       Receptacles, 406.2(D)                                 Definition, 625.2
                                                                          X-ray equipment, 517.72, 660.5,                     506.8(A)                                Electrical nonmetallic tubing (Type                   Electric welders. see Welders, electric
                                                                                  660.24                              Definition, 500.2                                         ENT), Art. 362                              Electrodes, grounding, 250.64(F). see
                                                                        Discontinued outlets. see Outlets, dis-     Dusts. see Hazardous (classified) loca-             Bends, 362.24, 362.26                                         also Grounding electrode
                                                                                  continued                                   tions                                     Bushings, 362.46                                              conductors
                                                                        Dissimilar metals. see Metals, dissimi-     Dusttight, 500.7(C), 506.8(D)                       Construction specifications, 362–III                  Aluminum, 250.52(B)(2)
                                                                                  lar                                 Definition, Art. 100–I, 500.2                     Definition, 362.2                                     Common, 250.58
                                                                        Distribution panelboards. see Pan-          Duty, types                                         Grounding, 362.60                                     Concrete-encased, 250.50 Ex.,
                                                                                  elboards                            Definitions, Art. 100–I                           Installation, 362–II                                          250.52(A)(2)(a) and (3),
                                                                        Doors, transformer vaults, 450.43           Duty cycle, welding, 630.31(B) FPN                  Joints, 362.48                                                250.66(B), 250.68(A) Ex.1
                                                                        Double insulated                            Dwellings. see also Appliances; Boxes;              Listing, 362.6                                        Definition, Art. 100–I
                                                                          Appliances and tools, 250.114 Ex.,                  Branch circuits; Grounding,               Marking, 362.120                                      Gas piping as, 250.52(B)(1)
                                                                                  422.16(B)(1) Ex.,                           and similar general catego-               Maximum number of conductors and                      Made, 250.50, 250.52
                                                                                  422.16(B)(2) Ex.                            ries; Luminaires (lighting fix-                   fixture wires in, Tables C.2                  Metal frame of building as,
                                                                          Pool pumps, 680.21(B), 680.31                       tures)                                            and C.2(A)                                            250.52(A)(2)

                                                                        National Electrical Code Handbook 2005                                                                                                                                             1309

Copyright National Fire Protection Association                                                                                                                  Document provided by IHS Licensee=ExxonMobil/1890500101, 05/05/2005 16:40:27
Provided by IHS under license with NFPA                                                                                                                         MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy
                                                                                                                                                                Group at 303-397-2295.

                   Metal water piping system,                                Control, 700–V                             Energy-limited, Class 2 and Class 3                   Exposed. see also Enclosures
                           250.52(A)(1)                                      Definitions, 517.2                                   control and signal circuits,                  Conductive surfaces
                   Resistance to ground of, 250.56                           Elevators, dumbwaiters, escalators,                  725.41                                          Definition, 517.2
                   Separately derived systems,                                       moving walks, wheelchair           Enforcement of code, 90.4, 510.2,                       Extensions, boxes, and fittings,
                           250.30(A)(7), 250.30(B)(2)                                lifts, and stairway chair lifts,             Annex G                                              314.22
                   System installation, 250.53                                       620–X                              Equipment. see also specific types of                   Hazardous (classified) locations,
                 Electrolytic cells, Art. 668                                Equipment approval, 700.3                    Approval, 90.4, 110.2, Annex G                               501.25, 502.25, 503.25,
                   Auxiliary nonelectric connections,                        Health care facilities, 517.30, 517.31               80.19                                                505.19
                           668.31                                            Overcurrent protection, 700–VI               Cooling of, 110.13(B)                                 Live parts, 110.26
                   Cell line conductors, 668.12                              Service disconnecting means,                 Definition, Art. 100–I                                  Definition, Art. 100–I
                   Cell line working zone, 668.10                                    230.72(B)                            Examination of, 90.7, 110.3                           Structural metal, grounding,
                   Cranes and hoists, 668.32                                 Services, 230.2(A)(2)                        Grounding, 250–VI                                            250.52(A)(2)
                   DC cell line process power supply,                        Signals, 700.7                               Installation, general provisions, Art.                Wiring methods
                           668.11                                            Signs, 700.8                                         110                                             Definition, Art. 100–I
                   Definitions, 668.2                                        Sources of power, 700–III                    Less than 50 volts, Art. 720                        Extension cord sets
                   Disconnecting means, 668.13                               Tests and maintenance, 700.4                 More than 600 volts, Art. 490                         On construction sites, 590.6(A) and
                   Enclosures, 668.40                                        Transfer equipment, 695.4, 700.6             Mounting. see Mounting of equip-                             (B)(2)
                   Fixed electrical equipment, 668.30                        Unit equipment, 700.12(E)                            ment                                          Overcurrent protection, 240.5
                   Grounding, 668.15                                         Wiring, 700.9                                Sealable. see Sealable equipment                    Extensions

                                                                                                                          Service                                               Auxiliary gutters, 366.12(2)
                   Portable electrical equipment,                          Enamel, coating of
                                                                                                                             Definition, Art. 100–I                             Boxes and fittings, exposed, 314.22
                           668.20, 668.21, 668.30                            General equipment, indoor use only,
                                                                                                                          Signal                                                Cellular metal floor raceways, 374.11
                   Shunting means, 668.14                                            300.6(A)(1)
                                                                                                                             Definition, 620.2                                  Flat cable assemblies, 322.40(D)
                 Electronically actuated fuse                                Metal boxes, 314.40(A)
                                                                                                                        Equipment grounding conductor fill                      Nonmetallic. see Nonmetallic exten-
                   Definition, Art. 100–II                                   Metal cabinets, 312.10(A)
                                                                                                                                  and boxes, 314.16(B)(5)                              sions
                 Electronic computer/data processing                         Removing for grounding connec-
                                                                                                                        Equipment grounding conductors                          Surface metal raceways, 386.10(4)
                           equipment. see Information                                tions, 250.96(A)
                                                                                                                          Connections at outlets, 250.146,                      Wireways, 376.70, 378.70
                           technology equipment                              Rigid metal conduit, 344.10(A)                       250.148
                 Electroplating systems, Art. 669                          Enclosed                                                                                           Externally operable. see Operable, ex-
                                                                                                                          Fuel cell systems, 692.44                                    ternally
                   Branch-circuit conductors, 669.5                          Definition, Art. 100–I                       Identification, 400.23
                   Disconnecting means, 669.8                              Enclosures. see also Hazardous (classi-        Installation, 215.6, 250.120, 250.130
                   Overcurrent protection, 669.9                                     fied) locations                      Metallic cable trays as, 392.3(C)
                   Warning signs, 669.7                                      Arcing parts, 110.18                         Sizing, 250.122                                                               F
                   Wiring methods, 669.6                                     Bonding, 250.96, 250.146                     Tunnels, 110.54(B)                                  Faceplates
                 Electrostatic equipment, spraying                           Cabinets and cutout boxes, 312.7             Types recognized, 250.118, 250.120,                   Grounding, 404.9(B), 406.5(B),
                           and detearing paint,                                      through 312.9, 312.11(D)                     250.134                                               550.15(D)
                           516.4(E), 516.10                                  Circuits in, number of, 90.8(B)            Equipment system                                        Material, 404.9(C), 406.5
                 Elevators, dumbwaiters, escalators,                         Cranes, hoists, resistors, 610.2(B)          Definition, 517.2                                     Minimum thicknesses for, 404.9(C),
                           moving walks, wheelchair                          Definition, Art. 100–I                     Equipotential plane, 547.10, 682.33                             406.5
                           lifts, and stairway chair                         Electrolytic cells, 668.40                   Definition, 682.2                                     Mobile homes, 550.15(D)
                           lifts, Art. 620                                   Elevators, dumbwaiters, escalators,        Escalators. see Elevators, dumbwait-                    Mounting surfaces, against,
                   Cables                                                            moving walks, wheelchair                     ers, escalators, moving walks,                        404.9(A), 404.10(B), 406.4,
                      Flexible, Table 400.4, 400.7(4)                                lifts, and stairway chair lifts,             wheelchair lifts, and stairway                        406.8(E)
                      Traveling, 620.11(B), 620.12(A),                               620.4, 620–VIII                              chair lifts                                 Fairs. see Carnivals, circuses, fairs, and
                           620–V                                             Grounding, 250.64(E), 250–IV               Essential electrical systems, health                            similar events
                   Clearances, working, 620.5                                Handhole enclosures, 314.29, 314.30                  care facilities. see Health                 Fans, ceiling. see Ceiling fans
                   Conductors, 620–II through 620–IV                            Definition, Art. 100–I                            care facilities                             Farm buildings, feeder calculations,
                   Definitions, 620.2                                        Hazardous (classified) locations. see      Examples (calculations), Annex D
                                                                                                                                                                                        220.102. see also Agricul-
                   Disconnecting means and control,                                  also subhead under entries for     Exciters
                                                                                                                                                                                        tural buildings
                           620–VI, 620.91(C)                                         specific hazardous location          Leads in enclosure with other con-
                                                                                                                                                                              Feeder assembly, mobile homes,
                   Emergency and standby power sys-                                  involved                                     ductors, 300.3(C)(2)(c)
                           tems, 620–X                                       High-intensity discharge lamp auxil-         Overcurrent protection for,
                                                                                                                                                                                Definitions, 550.2
                   Essential electrical systems,                                     iary equipment, 410.54(A)                    445.12(A)
                                                                                                                                                                              Feeders, Art. 215, Art. 220
                           517.32(F), 517.42(G)                              Induction and dielectric heating,          Exhaust ducts. see Ducts
                                                                                                                                                                                Busways, 368.17(C)
                   Ground-fault circuit interrupters,                                665.20                             Exits, emergency lighting for,
                                                                                                                                  517.32(A) & (B),                              Calculation of loads, 215.2(A),
                           620.85                                            Industrial control panels, 409.100                                                                         220.40, 220–IV, Annex D
                   Grounding, 250.112(E), 250.116,                           Installations over 600 volts, 110.31                 517.42(A) & (B), 700.1 FPN
                                                                                                                                  No. 3, 700.12(E), 700.16                      Definition, Art. 100–I
                           250.136, 620–IX                                   Intrinsically safe conductors in,                                                                  Farm buildings, for, 220.102
                                                                                                                        Exit signs. see Signs, exit
                   Live parts, 620.4                                                 504.30(A)(2)                                                                               Ground-fault circuit interrupters,
                                                                                                                        Expansion joints (fittings), 250.98,
                   Machine room, 620–VIII                                    Overcurrent protection, 240–III                                                                            with, 215.9
                                                                                                                                  300.7(B), 352.44, 366.44,
                   Overcurrent protection, 620–VII                           Panelboards, 408.38                                                                                Grounding means, 215.6
                                                                                                                                  368.238, 368.244, 424.44(C),
                   Voltage limitations, 620.3                                Radio equipment, 810.71(A)                           424.98(C), 424.99(C)(1),                      Hoistways and machine rooms,
                   Wiring, 620–III                                           Signs, 600.8, 600.42(G)                              426.20(E), 426.21(C),                                 620.37(C)
                   Working clearances, 620.5                                 Subsurface, 110.12(B)                                426.22(D), 427.16                             Identification, 225.37
                 Emergency systems, Art. 700. see also                       Switches, 404.3, 404.12, 404.18,           Explanatory material FPN, 90.5(C)                       Kitchen equipment, commercial,
                           Legally required standby sys-                             450.8(C)                           Explosionproof apparatus, 500.2,                                220.56
                           tems; Optional standby sys-                       Underground. see Underground en-                     500.7(A), 502.5,                              Loads. see Loads, feeder
                           tems                                                      closures                                     505.16(B)(2)                                  Mobile homes and parks, 550.10(A),
                   Capacity, 700.5                                         Energized                                      Definition, Art. 100–I                                        550–III
                   Circuits for lighting and power,                          Definition, Art. 100–I                     Explosive atmospheres, gases, liq-                      Motion picture studios, 530.18(B)
                           700–IV, 700–V                                   Energized parts. see also Live parts                   uids, dusts, ignitable fibers,                Motors, 430–II
                   Circuit wiring, 700–II                                    Motors, motor circuits, and control-                 lints and flyings. see Hazard-                Outside. see Outside branch circuits
                   Connections at services, 230.82                                   lers, 430–XII                                ous (classified) locations                            and feeders

                 1310                                                                                                                                    2005 National Electrical Code Handbook

Copyright National Fire Protection Association                                                                          Document provided by IHS Licensee=ExxonMobil/1890500101, 05/05/2005 16:40:27
Provided by IHS under license with NFPA                                                                                 MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy
                                                                                                                        Group at 303-397-2295.

                          Overcurrent protection, motor,                   Circuit integrity cable, 760.82(H)           Induction heating, 427–V                              Marking, 424–IV
                                   430–V                                   Circuit markings, 760.42                       Induced current, 427.37                                Heating elements, 424.29
                          Recreational vehicle sites, 551.73,              Conductors                                     Personnel protection, 427.36                          Nameplates, 424.28
                                   551.80                                     Separation, 760.55                          Scope, 427.35                                       Overcurrent protection for, 424.22
                          Restaurants, 220.88                                 Size, 760.57                              Installation, 427–II                                  Radiant heating panels and heating
                          Services, 220–III                                   Support, 760.58                             General, 427.10                                             panel sets, 424–IX,
                          Stage switchboard, 520.27                        Installation, 760.54, 760.56                   Identification, 427.13                                      427.23(B)
                          Taps, 240.21(B), 430.28                          Line-type fire detectors, 760.59,              Thermal protection, 427.12                             Clearances, wiring
                          Television studio sets, 530.19                        760.82(J)                                 Use, 427.11                                               Ceilings, 424.94
                        Feed-through conductors, 312.11(D)                 Listing, 760.82                              Resistance heating elements, 427–III                        Walls, 424.95
                        Ferrous metals, protection from cor-               Marking, 760.82                                Definition, 427.2                                     Connection, 424.96
                                   rosion, 300.6(A)                        Overcurrent protection, Chap. 9,               Electrical connections, 427.19                         Definitions, 424.91
                        Festoon lighting                                        Tables 12(A) and 12(B)                    Equipment protection, 427.22                          Installation, 424.93, 424.98,
                          Conductor size, 225.6(B)                         Power sources, 760.41                          Expansion and contraction, 427.16                           424.99
                          Definition, Art. 100–I                           Wiring methods and materials                   Flexural capability, 427.17                           Markings, 424.92
                          Portable stage equipment, 520.65                    Load side, 760.52                           Grounded conductive covering,                          Nonheating leads, 424.97
                        Festoon wiring, portable stage equip-                 Supply side, 760.51                               427.23                                        Resistance-type boilers, 424–VII
                                   ment, 520.65                       Fire detectors, line-type, 760.82(J)                Marking, 427.20                                   Fixed equipment, grounding,
                        Fiber bushings, AC cable ends,                Fire pumps, Art. 695                                Not in direct contact, 427.15                               250.110, 250.112, 250.116,
                                   320.40                               Connection at services, 230.72(A)                 Power supply leads, 427.18                                  250.134, 250.136, 517.13
                        Fibers, lint, flyings, ignitible, Art. 503,             Ex., 230.82(5), 230.94 Ex. 4              Secured, 427.14                                   Fixed outdoor electric deicing and
                                   Art. 506. see also Hazardous         Continuity of power, 695.4                      Skin effect heating, 427–VI                                   snow-melting equipment,
                                   (classified) locations               Control wiring, 695.14                            Conductor ampacity, 427.45                                  Art. 426
                        Figures. see Diagrams                           Definitions, 695.2                                Grounding, 427.48                                   Branch circuits for, 210.19(A)(4)
                        Films, motion picture. see also Projec-         Emergency power supply, Art. 700                  Pull boxes, 427.46                                          Ex.1(e)
                                   tor rooms, motion picture            Equipment location, 695.12                        Single conductor in enclosure,                      Connections, 426.24
                          Storage vaults, 530–V                         Listing, 695.10                                         427.47                                        Continuous load, 426.4
                          Viewing, cutting, patching tables,            Motor, overcurrent protection,                Fixed electric space-heating equip-                     Control and protection, 426–VI
                                   530–IV                                       430.31 FPN                                      ment, Art. 424                                Cord-and-plug-connected,
                        Fine Print Notes (FPNs), mandatory              Power sources to electric motor-                Boilers, protection of, 424.72                                426.50(B), 426.54
                                   rules, permissive rules, and                 driven, 695.3                           Branch circuits for, 424.3                            Definitions, 426.2
                                   explanatory material, 90.5           Power wiring, 695.6                             Cables, 424–V                                         Disconnecting means, 426.50
                        Finish rating                                   Remote-control circuits, 430.72(B)                Area restrictions, 424.38                           General, 426.10
                          Definition, 362.10 FPN 2                              Ex. 1                                     Clearances, wiring                                  Ground-fault circuit interrupters,
                        Fire alarms. see Alarms; Alarm sys-             Service equipment overcurrent pro-                   Ceilings, 424.36                                         210.8(A)(3) Ex.
                                   tems, health care facilities;                tection, 230.90 Ex. 4                        Other objects, openings,                         Grounding, 426.22(A), 426.27,
                                   Fire alarm systems                   Services, 230.2(A)(1)                                   424.39                                                426.34, 426.44
                        Fire alarm systems, Art. 760                    Supervised connection, 695.4(B)                   Construction, 424.34                                Identification of, 426.13
                          Access to electrical equipment, 760.7         Transformers, 695.5                               Finished ceilings, 424.42                           Impedance heating, 426–IV
                          Circuits extending beyond one build-          Voltage drop, 695.7                               Installation                                           Induced currents, 426.33
                                   ing, 760.11                        Fire spread                                            Cables, 424.44                                      Isolation transformer, 426.31
                          Connections at services, 230.82(5),           Prevention of, wiring methods,                       Nonheating leads, 424.43                            Personnel protection, 426.30
                                   230.94 Ex. 4                                 300.21, 725.3(B), 760.3(A),               Marking, 424.35                                       Voltage limitations, 426.32
                          Definitions, 760.2                                    770.3(A)                                  Splices, 424.40, 424.41(D)                          Installation, 426–II
                          Grounding, 250.112(I), 760.9                Fire-stopped partitions, 300.21. see                Tests and inspections, 424.45                       Marking, 426.25
                          Health care facilities, 517–VI                        also Firewalls                          Control and protection, 424–III                       Nonheating leads, installation of,
                          Identification, 760.10                      Firewalls, wiring through, 300.21                   Controllers, 424.20(A)                                      426.22, 426.23
                          Installation, 760.11                        Fittings, Art. 314. see also Wiring                 Disconnecting means, 424.19                         Protection
                          Location, 760.3                                       methods, Types and materials                    through 424.21, 424.65                          Corrosion, 426.26, 426.43
                          Mechanical execution of work, 760.8           Conduit bodies, 314.16                               Indicating, 424.21                                  Ground fault, 210.8(A)(3) Ex.,
                          Nonpower-limited circuits, 760–II             Definition, Art. 100–I                            Overcurrent protection, 424.22                              426.28
                             Cable marking, 760.81, Table               Expansion, 352.44                               Duct heaters, 424–VI                                     Overcurrent, 426.52
                                   760.81(G)                            Insulation, 300.4(F)                              Airflow, 424.59                                       Thermal, 426.12
                             Conductors, 760.27                         Integrated gas spacer cable,                      Condensation, 424.62                                Resistance heating elements, 426–III
                               Different circuits in same race-                 326.40                                    Disconnecting means, location,                        Embedded, 426.20
                                   way, etc., 760.26                  Fixed electric heating equipment for                      424.65                                           Exposed, 426.21
                               Number of conductors in race-                    pipelines and vessels, Art.               Elevated inlet temperature, 424.60                  Skin effect heating, 426–V
                                   way, etc., and derating,                     427                                       Fan circuit interlock, 424.63                         Conductor ampacity, 426.40
                                   760.28                               Continuous load, 427.4                            Identification, 424.58                                Pull boxes, 426.41
                             Listing, 760.81                            Control and protection, 427–VII                   Installation, 424.61, 424.66                          Single conductor in enclosure,
                             Marking, 760.81                               Controls, 427.56                               Limit controls, 424.64                                      426.42
                             Multiconductor cable, 760.30                  Disconnecting means, 427.55                  Electrode-type boilers, 424–VIII                      Special permission, 426.14

                             Overcurrent protection, 760.23,               Overcurrent protection, 427.57               Installation, 424–II                                  Thermostats for, 426.51
                                   760.24                               Definitions, 427.2                                Location                                            Use of, 426.11
                             Power source requirements,                 Impedance heating, 427–IV                            Exposed to physical damage,                    Fixtures. see Luminaires (lighting fix-
                                   760.21                                  Grounding, 427.29                                    424.12(A)                                             tures)
                             Requirements, 760.15                          Induced currents, 427.28                          Wet areas, 424.12(B)                           Fixture wires, Art. 402
                             Wiring method, 760.25, 760.30(A)              Isolation transformer, 427.26                  Spacing, combustible materials,                     Ampacities, 402.5
                          Power-limited circuits, 760–III                  Personnel protection, 427.25                         424.13                                        Grounded conductor, identification,
                             Cable markings, 760.82                        Secondary conductor sizing,                    Special permission, 424.10                                  402.8
                             Cable substitutions, 760.61(D),                    427.30                                    Supply conductors, 424.11                           Marking, 402.9
                                   Table 760.61                            Voltage limitations, 427.27                  Listed, 424.6                                         Minimum size, 402.6

                        National Electrical Code Handbook 2005                                                                                                                                             1311

Copyright National Fire Protection Association                                                                  Document provided by IHS Licensee=ExxonMobil/1890500101, 05/05/2005 16:40:27
Provided by IHS under license with NFPA                                                                         MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy
                                                                                                                Group at 303-397-2295.

                   Number in conduits or tubing, 402.7         Metal shield connectors,               Autotransformers in ballasts, 410.78                  Wiring methods, 692–IV
                   Overcurrent protection, 240.4,                   324.10(J), 324.40(E)              Auxiliary equipment, remote from,                        Wiring systems, 692.31
                           402.12                              Receptacles, 324.42                            410.77                                      Full-load current motors
                   Types, 402.3                                Shields, 324.10(J), 324.40(C),         Ballast protection required,                          Alternating current
                   Uses not permitted, 402.11                       324.40(E)                                 410.73(E)                                        Single-phase, Table 430.248
                   Uses permitted, 402.10                      Supports, 324.30                       Circuit breakers used to switch,                         Three-phase, Table 430.250
                 Flame spread. see Fire spread                 System height, 324.10(G)                       240.83(D)                                        Two-phase, Table 430.249
                 Flammable anesthetics. see also Anes-      Polarization, 324.40(B)                   Connection of, 410.14, 410.30(C)                      Direct current, Table 430.247
                           thetizing locations              Systems alterations, 324.56(A)            Load calculations                                   Furnaces. see Heating equipment, cen-
                   Definition, 517.2                        Uses not permitted, 324.12                  Ampere ratings, ballasts,                                   tral
                 Flammable gases and vapors. see            Uses permitted, 324.10                            220.18(B)                                   Fuseholders
                           Hazardous (classified) loca-   Flatirons                                     Branch circuits, 210.23                             Cartridge fuses, 240–VI
                           tions                            Cords, 422.43(A)                          Raceways, 410.31                                      Over 600 volts, 490.21(B)
                 Flammable liquids. see Hazardous           Signals, 422.42                           Snap switches for, 404.14(A)(1) and                   Plug fuses, 240–V
                           (classified) locations           Stands for, 422.45                                (B)(2)                                        Rating, motor controllers, 430.90
                 Flashers, time switches, etc., 404.5,      Temperature-limiting means, 422.42,       Surface-mounted or recessed,                          Type S, 240.53, 240.54
                           600.6(B)                                 422.46                                    410.8(B)(2), 410.8(D)(2) and                Fuses, Art. 240. see also Hazardous
                 Flat cable assemblies (Type FC), Art.    Flexible cords. see Cords, flexible                 (4)                                                   (classified) locations
                           322                            Flexible metal conduit (Type FMC),          Thermal protection, 410.73(E)                         Cartridge. see Cartridge fuses
                   Boxes and fittings, 322.40                       Art. 348                        Fluoroscopic equipment. see X-ray                       Definition, over 600 volts, Art.
                   Branch-circuit rating, 322.10(1)         Bends, 348.24, 348.26                             equipment                                             100–II
                   Conductor insulations for, 322.112       Couplings and connectors, 348.42        Footlights, theaters, 520.43                            Disconnecting means, 240.40
                   Conductor size, 322.104                  Definition, 348.2                         Definition, 520.2                                     Electronically actuated
                   Construction, 322–III                    Grounding and bonding, 348.60             Disappearing, 520.43(C)                                  Definition, Art. 100–II
                   Dead ends, 322.40(A)                     Installation, 348–II                    Formal interpretations, 90.6                            Enclosures, 240–III
                   Definition, 322.2                        Liquidtight. see Liquidtight flexible   Forming shells, underwater pool                         Generators, constant-voltage,
                   Extensions from, 322.40(D)                       metal conduit                             lighting fixtures, 680.23(B),                         445.12(A)
                   Fittings for, 322.40(C)                  Listing, 348.6                                    680.24(B), 680.26(B)(2),                      Group installation of motors,
                   Identification grounded conductor,       Maximum number of conductors and                  680.27(A)(3)                                          430.53(C)

                           322.120(B)                               fixture wires in, Tables C3       Definition, 680.2                                     Location in circuit, 240.21
                   Luminaire (fixture) hangers,                     and C3A                         Fountains. see Swimming pools, foun-                    Location on premises, 240.24
                           322.40(B)                        Number of conductors, 348.22                      tains, and similar installations              Motor branch circuit protection,
                   Marking, 322.120                         Securing and supporting, 348.30         FPN, explanatory material, 90.5(C)                              430–IV
                   Number of conductors in, 322.100         Size, 348.20                            Frame                                                   Motor overload protection, 430–III
                   Size of conductors in, 322.104           Splices and taps, 348.56                  Definition, 551.2                                     Multiple. see Multiple fuses
                   Splices, 322.56                          Trimming, 348.28                        Fuel cell systems, Art. 692                             Over 600 volts, 490.21(B)
                   Supports for, 322.30                     Uses not permitted, 348.12                Circuit requirements, 692–II                          In parallel, not permitted, 240.8,
                   Terminal block identification,           Uses permitted, 348.10                    Circuit sizing, 692.8                                         404.17
                                                                                                                                                            Plug, Edison-base type, 240–V
                           322.120(C)                     Flexible metallic tubing (Type FMT),        Connection to other circuits, 692–VII
                                                                                                                                                            Potential (voltage) transformers,
                   Uses not permitted, 322.12                       Art. 360                            Identified interactive equipment,
                   Uses permitted, 322.10                   Bends, 360.24                                     692.60
                                                                                                                                                            Ratings, 240.6
                 Flat conductor cable (Type FCC), Art.      Boxes and fittings, 360.40                  Loss of interactive system power,
                                                                                                                                                            Services over 600 volts, 230.208
                           324                              Construction specifications, 360–III              692.62
                                                                                                                                                            Type S, 240.53, 240.54
                   Branch-circuit rating, 324.10(B)         Definition, 360.2                           Output characteristics, 692.61
                                                                                                                                                          Future expansion and convenience,
                   Cable connections and ends,              Grounding, 360.60                           Point of connection, 692.65
                           324.40(A)                        Installation, 360–II                        Transfer switch, 692.59
                   Construction, 324–III                    Listing, 360.6                              Unbalanced interconnection,
                      Conductor identification,             Marking, 360.120                                  692.64
                           324.120(B)                       Number of conductors, 360.22              Definitions, 692.2                                                            G
                      Corrosion resistance, 324.10(I),      Sizes, 360.20                             Disconnecting means, 692–III                        Gages (AWG), conductors, 110.6
                           324.101                          Splices and taps, 360.56                    All conductors, 692.13                            Garages, commercial, Art. 511
                      Insulation, 324.112                   Uses not permitted, 360.12                  Provisions of, 225.31, 692.14                      Battery charging equipment,
                      Markings, 324.120(A)                  Uses permitted, 360.10                      Switch or circuit breaker, 692.17                          511.10(A)
                      Receptacles and housings,           Floating buildings, Art. 553                Grounding, 692–V                                     Classification of locations, 511.3
                           324.42(B)                        Bonding of noncurrent carrying              Equipment grounding conductor,                     Definition, Art. 100–I
                      Shields, 324.100(B)                           metal parts, 553.11                       692.44, 692.45                               Electric vehicle charging, 511.10(B)
                         Definitions, 324.2                 Definition, 553.2                           Grounding electrode system,                        Elevators, dumbwaiters, escalators,
                      Transition assemblies, 324.56(B)      Feeder conductors, 553.6                          692.47                                               moving walks, in, 620.38
                   Definitions, 324.2                       Grounding, 553–III                          System grounding, 692.41                           Equipment, 511.4, 511.7
                   Installation, 324–II                     Insulated neutral, 553.9                  Installation, 692.4                                  Ground-fault circuit-interruption
                      Alterations, 324.56(A)                Service conductors, 553.5                 Marking, 692–VI                                              protection, 511.12
                      Boxes and fittings, 324.40            Service equipment location, 553.4           Fuel cell power sources, 692.53                    Grounding, 250.112(F), 511.16
                      Cable connections and insulating      Services and feeders, installation,         Fuel shutoff, 692.54                               Locations, 511.3, 511.4
                           ends, 324.40(A)                          553.7                               Stored energy, 692.56                              Sealing, 511.9
                      Connections to other systems,       Floor pockets, 520.46                       Overcurrent protection, 692.8(B),                    Special equipment, 511.10
                           324.40(D)                      Floors, receptacles, 210.52(A)(3),                  692.9                                        Wiring, 511.4, 511.7
                      Coverings, 324.10(H)                          250.146(C), 314.27(C)             Over 600 volts, 692–VIII                            Gases. see Hazardous (classified) loca-
                      Crossings, 324.18                   Flue damper control. see Dampers              General, 692.80                                            tions
                      Enclosure and shield connections,             (flue), control                   Stand-alone system, 692.10                          Gasoline bulk storage plants. see Bulk
                           324.10(J)                      Fluorescent luminaires (lighting fix-       Standby systems, legally required,                           storage plants; Hazardous
                      Heated floors, 324.10(F)                      tures), 410–XIII, 410–XIV                 701.11(F)                                            (classified) locations

                 1312                                                                                                                2005 National Electrical Code Handbook

Copyright National Fire Protection Association                                                      Document provided by IHS Licensee=ExxonMobil/1890500101, 05/05/2005 16:40:27
Provided by IHS under license with NFPA                                                             MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy
                                                                                                    Group at 303-397-2295.

                        Gasoline dispensing and service sta-          Grounding, 250.34, 250.112                           Health care facilities, 517.20(A),                   Dishwashers, 250.114
                                  tions. see Motor fuel dispens-      Guards for attendants, 445.15                              517.21                                         Electrode system, 250–III
                                  ing facilities                      Health care facilities, 517.30, 517.35,              Kitchens in dwelling units,                          Elevators, 250.112(E), 250.116,
                        Gas pipe                                              517.44                                             210.8(A)(6)                                            250.136, 620–IX
                          As grounding electrode,                     Location, 445.10                                     Marinas and boatyards,                               Enclosures, 250.64(E), 250–IV
                                  250.52(B)(1)                        Marking, 445.11                                            555.19(B)(1)                                   Equipment, cord-and-plug-
                        General care areas, 517.18                    Overcurrent protection, 445.12                       Mobile homes, 550.13(B),                                     connected, 250.114
                          Definition, 517.2                           Portable, 250.34                                           550.32(E)                                      Fire alarm systems, 250.112(I), 760.9
                        General provisions, installation of           Protection of live parts, 445.14                     Outdoors, dwelling units,                            Fixed equipment, 250.110, 250.112,
                                  wiring and equipment, Art.          Recreational vehicles, 551.30                              210.8(A)(3)                                            250.134, 517.13
                                  110                                 Standby systems, Art. 701, 702                       Park trailers, 552.41(C)                             Fixtures, lampholders, etc.,
                        General requirements for wiring               Terminal housings, 445.17                            Pools, 680.5, 680.6, 680.22(A)(5),                           410.105(B), 410–V
                                  methods, Art. 300. see also       Goosenecks, service cables, 230.54                           680.32, 680.62(E)                              Fountains, 680.54, 680.55
                                  Wiring methods                    Grooves, shallow, cables and race-                     Recreational vehicles, 551.40(C),                    Freezers, 250.114
                          Boxes, conduit bodies, or fittings,                 ways installed in, 300.4(E)                        551.41(C)                                      Fuel cell systems, 692–V
                                  where required, 300.15            Ground                                                 Required, 210.8                                      Generators, 250.34, 250.112
                          Changing raceway or cable to open           Definition, Art. 100–I                               Rooftops in other than dwelling                      Hazardous (classified) locations,
                                  wiring, 300.16                      Voltage to                                                 units, 210.8(B)(3)                                     501.30, 502.30, 503.30,
                          Conductors, 300.3                             Definition, Art. 100–I                             Sensitive electronic equipment,                              505.25, 506.25
                            Different systems, 300.3(C)             Ground clamps, 250.8, 250.10, 250.70                         647.7(A)                                       Health care facilities, 517.13, 517.19
                            Installation with other systems,        Grounded                                               Spas and hot tubs, 680.43(A),                        High density polyethylene conduit,

                                  300.8                               Definition, Art. 100–I                                     680.44                                                 353.60
                            Insulated fittings, 300.4(F)              Effectively                                          Wet bar sinks, 210.8(A)(7)                           Induction and dielectric heating
                            Number and sizes of, in raceways,           CATV system, 820.100, 820–IV                     Swimming pools. see Swimming                                   equipment, 665–II
                                  300.17                                Communication system, 800–IV                             pools, fountains, and similar                  Information technology equipment,
                            Supporting of conductors in verti-          Definition, Art. 100–I                                   installations                                          645.15
                                  cal raceways, 300.19                Solidly                                          Ground-fault protection                                  Instrument transformers, relays, etc.,
                          Exhaust and ventilating ducts, wir-           Definition, Art. 100–I                           Deicing and snow-melting equip-                                250–X
                                  ing, 300.22                       Grounded conductor. see Conductors,                          ment, 426.28                                   Intrinsically safe systems, 504.50
                          Expansion joints, raceways, 300.7(B)                Grounded; Neutral                          Emergency systems, not required,                       Lightning surge arresters, 280.25
                          Free length of wire at outlets, junc-     Ground-fault circuit interrupters                            700.26                                         Metal boxes, 314.40(D)
                                  tion and switch points, 300.14      Accessory buildings, dwelling units,               Equipment, 215.10, 240.13                              Metal enclosures for conductors,
                          Induced currents in metal enclosures,               210.8(A)(2)                                  Definition, Art. 100–I                                       250.80, 250.86
                                  300.20                              Aircraft hangars, 513.12                           Health care facilities, 517.17                         Metal faceplates, 404.9(B), 406.5(B)
                          Mechanical and electrical continuity,       Basements, dwelling units, unfin-                  Personnel. see Ground-fault circuit                    Metal siding, 250.116 FPN
                                  conductors, raceways, cables,               ished, 210.8(A)(5)                                 interrupters                                   Methods, 250–VII
                                  300.10, 300.12, 300.13              Bathtubs, hydromassage, 680.71                     Pipeline heaters, 427.22                               Mobile homes, 550.16
                          Over 600 volts, 110–III, 300–II, Art.       Carnivals, circuses, fairs, and similar            Service disconnecting means, 230.95                    More than 600 volts between conduc-
                                                                              events, 525.23                             Solar photovoltaic systems, 690.5
                                  490                                                                                                                                                   tors, 300.40
                                                                      Definition, Art. 100–I                           Grounding, Art. 250. see also subhead
                          Protection against                                                                                                                                    Motion picture studios, 530.20
                                                                      Electrically operated pool covers,                         under entries for specific wir-
                            Corrosion, 300.6                                                                                                                                    Motors and controllers, 250–VI,
                                                                              680.27(B)(2)                                       ing and equipment
                            Physical damage, 300.4                                                                                                                                      430.12(E), 430.96, 430–XIII
                                                                      Electric signs, portable or mobile,                AC systems, 250.20, 250.24, 250.26
                          Raceway installations, 300.18                                                                                                                         Naturally and artificially made bod-
                                                                              600.10(C)(2)                               Air-conditioning units, 250.114
                          Raceways and cables with other sys-                                                                                                                           ies of water, electrical equip-
                                                                      Elevators, dumbwaiters, escalators,                Anesthetizing locations, 517.62
                                  tems, 300.8                                                                                                                                           ment for, 682–III
                                                                              moving walks, wheelchair                   Antenna, 810.15, 810.21, 810.58,
                          Raceways and fittings, metric desig-                                                                                                                  Nonelectrical equipment, 250.116
                                                                              lifts, and stairway chair lifts,                   810.71(B)
                                  nator and trade size, 300.1(C)                                                                                                                Organs, 650.5
                                                                              620.85                                     Appliances, 250.114
                          Raceways as a means of support,                                                                                                                       Over 600 volts, 300.40, 490.36,
                                                                      Fixed electric space-heating equip-                Audio signal processing, amplifica-
                                  300.11(B)                                                                                                                                             490.37, 490.74
                                                                              ment cables, 424.44(G)                             tion, and reproduction equip-
                          Raceways exposed to different tem-                                                                                                                    Over 1000 volts, 250–X
                                                                      Fountains, 680.51(A)                                       ment, 640.7
                                  peratures, 300.7                                                                                                                              Panelboards, 408.40, 517.19(D)
                                                                      Garages, commercial, 511.12                        Bonding. see Bonding
                          Sealing, raceways, change in temper-                                                                                                                  Patient care areas, 517.13, 517.19(C)
                                                                      Garages, dwelling units, 210.8(A)(2)               Busways, 368.60
                                  ature, 300.7(A)                     Naturally and artificially made bod-                 Over 600 volts, 368.260                              Portable equipment, 250.114
                          Securing and supporting, 300.11                     ies of water, electrical equip-            Cablebus, 370.9                                        Radio and television, 810.15, 810.21,
                          Spread of fire or products of combus-               ment for, 682.15                           Capacitors, 460.10, 460.27                                     810.58, 810.71(B)
                                  tion, 300.21                        Permitted uses, 210.8, 215.9                       CATV systems, 820.93, 820–IV                           Ranges and similar appliances,
                          Temperature limitations., 310.10            Personnel, protection for, 426.32                  Circuits, 250–I                                                250.140
                          Through studs, joists, rafters, 300.4       Pipeline heating, 427.27                             Less than 50 volts, 250.20(A),                       Receptacles, 210.7, 250.146,
                          Underground installations, 300.5,           Pools and tubs for therapeutic use,                        720.10                                                 250.148, 406.3, 517.13,
                                  300.50                                      680.62(A) and (E)                          Clothes dryers, 250.114(3), 250.140                            517.19(G)
                          Voltage limitations, 300.2                  Receptacles, 210.8                                 Clothes washers, 250.114                               Recreational vehicles, 551.54,
                          Wiring in ducts, plenums, air-han-            Bathrooms, in dwelling units,                    Communications systems, 800.93,                                551.55, 551.75, 551.76
                                  dling spaces, 300.22                        210.8(A)(1)                                        800–IV                                         Refrigerators, 250.114
                        Generators, Art. 445                            Bathrooms in other than dwelling                 Continuity, 250.96                                     Sensitive electronic equipment,
                         Bushings, 445.16                                     units, 210.8(B)(1)                         Control, radio equipment, 810.71(B)                            647.6
                         Conductor, ampacity of, 445.13                 Boathouses, 555.19(B)(1)                         Control panels, 409.60                                 Separate buildings, 250.32
                         Disconnecting means, 445.18                    Construction sites, at, 590.6                    Cranes and hoists, 610–VII                             Separately derived systems,
                         Emergency systems, 700.12(B)                   Existing, 406.3(D)(2)                            DC systems, 250.162, 250.164                                   250.20(D), 250.30
                         Essential electrical systems, task illu-       Fountains, 680.57(B), 680.58                     Deicing, snow-melting systems,                         Signs and outline lighting, 600.7
                                  mination, 517.32(E),                  Garages, in dwelling units,                              426.22(A), 426.27, 426.34,                     Spas and tubs, 680.6, 680.7(B),
                                  517.42(F)                                   210.8(A)(2)                                        426.44                                                 680.43(F)

                        National Electrical Code Handbook 2005                                                                                                                                                 1313

Copyright National Fire Protection Association                                                                   Document provided by IHS Licensee=ExxonMobil/1890500101, 05/05/2005 16:40:27
Provided by IHS under license with NFPA                                                                          MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy
                                                                                                                 Group at 303-397-2295.

                   Surge arresters, 280.25                  Generators, 445.15                         Dusttight, 500.7(C)                                   Utilization equipment, 501.135
                   Swimming pools, 680.6, 680.7(B),         Handlamps, portable, 410.42(B)             Equipment, 500.8                                      Wiring methods, 501.10
                           680.23(B)(3) and (F)(2),         Induction and dielectric heating           Explosion proof apparatus, 500.7(A)                   Zone 0, 1, and 2 locations. see Haz-
                           680.24(D) and (F), 680.25(B)             equipment, 665–II                  Fiber optic cable assembly, 500.8(E)                           ardous (classified) locations,
                   Switchboards, 250.112(A), 408.22         Lamps, theaters, dressing rooms, etc.,     Fibers, flyings, lint, highly combusti-                        Class I, Zone 0, 1, and 2 loca-
                   Switches, 404.9(B), 404.12                       520.44(A)(3), 520.47,                      ble material, Art. 503, Art.                           tions
                   Systems, 250–I, 250–II                           520.65, 520.72                             506                                          Hazardous (classified) locations,
                   Theaters and similar locations,          Live parts                                 Flammable liquids, Arts. 500 and 501                           Class I, Zone 0, 1, and 2 lo-
                           520.81                              General, 110.27                         Garages, commercial, 511.3, 511.4                              cations, Art. 505
                   Tools, motor operated, 250.114              On stage switchboards, 520.22           Gases, flammable, Arts. 500 and 501                   Class I, Zone 0, 1, and 2 group classi-
                   Transformers, 450.5, 450.6(C),              In theaters, 520.7                      Gasoline service stations. see Motor                           fications, 505.6(A)
                           450.10                           Motion picture studios, 530.15,                    fuel dispensing facilities                    Classification of locations, 505.5
                   Transient voltage surge suppressors,             530.62                             General, 500.4                                           Class I, Zone 0, 505.5(B)(1)
                           285.25                           Motors and motor controllers,              Group classifications, 500.6                             Class I, Zone 1, 505.5(B)(2)

                   X-ray equipment, 517.78, 660–IV                  430.243, 430–XII                   Hoists, 503.155                                          Class I, Zone 2, 505.5(B)(3)
                 Grounding conductors, 250–III,             Over 600 volts, 110.34, 590.7. see         Inhalation anesthetizing locations.                   Conductors and conductor insulator,
                           250–VI. see also Equipment               also Protection, Physical                  see Anesthetizing locations                            505.18
                           grounding conductors;                    damage                             Intrinsic safety, 500.7(E). see also                  Definitions, 505.2
                           Grounding electrode conduc-         Portable cables, 400.31(B), 400.32              Intrinsically safe systems                    Documentation, 505.4(A)
                           tors                             Transformers, 450.8                        Lighting systems, less than 30 volts,                 Equipment construction, 505.9
                   Communications circuits, 800.100         Ventilation openings, 110.78                       411.7                                            Listing, 505.9(B)
                      CATV coaxial cable, 820.100(A)        X-ray installations, 517.78, 660–IV        Marking, 500.8(B)                                        Marking, 505.9(C)
                      Network-powered broadband            Guest rooms or suites                          Temperature, 500.8 (C)                                Suitability, 505.9(A)
                           communications cable,            Branch-circuit voltages, 210.6(A)          Material groups, 500.6                                Equipment for use in, 505.20
                           830.100(A)                       Definition, Art. 100–1                     Protection techniques, 500.7                          Exposed parts, 505.19
                      Radio and television equipment,       Outlets, 210.60, 210.70(B), 220.14(J)      Specific occupancies, Art. 510                        General, 505.4
                           810.21, 810.58                  Gutters, auxiliary. see Auxiliary gut-      Spray application, dipping and coat-                  Grounding and bonding, 505.25
                   Definition, Art. 100–I                           ters                                       ing processes, 516.3                          Material groups, 505.6
                   Earth as, 250.4(A)(5), 250.54                                                       Threading, 500.8(D)                                   Protection techniques, 505.8
                   Enclosures, 250–IV                                                                  Vapors, flammable, Art. 500, 501                         Combustible gas detection system,
                   Identification, multiconductor cable,                                              Hazardous (classified) locations,                               505.8(I)
                           250.119                                                                             Class I, 500.5(B), 500.6(A),                     Encapsulation, 505.8(G)
                                                           Hallways, outlets, 210.52(H)                        Art. 501. see also Hazardous
                   Installation, 250.64, 250.120                                                                                                                Flameproof, 505.8(A)
                                                           Handlamps, portable, 410.42(B)                      (classified) locations, Classes
                   Material, 250.62                        Hangars, aircraft. see Aircraft hangars                                                              Increased safety, 505.8(F)
                   Objectionable current over, 250.6                                                           I, II, and III, Divisions 1 and                  Intrinsic safety, 505.8(C)
                                                           Hazard current                                      2; Hazardous (classified) lo-
                   Sizes, 250.122                           Definition, 517.2                                                                                   Oil immersion, 505.8(E)
                 Grounding electrode conductors. see                                                           cations, Class I, Zone 0, 1,                     Powder filling, 505.8(H)
                                                           Hazardous areas. see Hazardous (clas-               and 2 locations
                           also Electrodes, grounding               sified) locations                                                                           Purged and pressurized, 505.8(B)
                                                                                                       Bonding, 501.30(A), 504.60
                   Connection to electrodes, 250.24(D),    Hazardous atmospheres, Art. 500                                                                      Type of protection ‘‘n’’, 505.8(D)
                                                                                                       Circuit breakers, 501.115
                           250–I, 250–III                   Class I locations, 500.5(B)                                                                      Reference standards, 505.4(B)
                                                                                                       Conductor insulation, 501.13
                   Definition, Art. 100–I                   Class II locations, 500.5(C)                                                                     Sealing and drainage, 505.16
                                                                                                       Control transformers and resistors,
                   Installation, 250.64                     Class III locations, 500.5(D)                                                                    Special precaution, 505.7
                                                                                                               501.105(B)(2), 501.120
                   Intersystem, connecting, 250.94          Groups A through G, 500.6                                                                        Wiring methods, 505.15
                                                                                                       Cranes and hoists, 610.2(A)(1)
                   Material, 250.62, 250.118                Specific occupancies, Art. 510                                                                  Hazardous (classified) locations,
                                                                                                       Drainage of equipment, 501.15(F)
                   Separately derived systems, 250.30      Hazardous (classified) locations,                                                                          Class II, 500.5(C), Art. 502.
                                                                                                       Exposed parts, 501.25
                   Sizing, 250.30(A)(4)(a), 250.66,                 Classes I, II, and III, Divi-                                                                     see also Hazardous (classi-
                                                                                                       Flexible cords, 501.140
                           250.166                                  sions 1 and 2, Art. 500. see                                                                      fied) locations, Classes I, II,
                                                                                                       Fuses, 501.115
                 Grounding electrodes. see Electrodes,              also Hazardous (classified)                                                                       and III, Divisions 1 and 2
                                                                                                       Grounding, 501.30
                           grounding                                locations, Class I, Zone 0, 1,                                                           Bonding, 502.30(A)
                                                                                                       Hermetically sealed, 500.7(J)
                 Grounding point                                    and 2 locations                                                                          Circuit breakers, 502.115
                                                                                                       Induction and dielectric heating
                   Patient equipment                        Aircraft hangars, 513.3                                                                          Control transformers and resistors,
                                                                                                               equipment, 665.4
                      Definition, 517.2                     Anesthetizing locations, 517.60(A),                                                                       501.120
                                                                                                       Luminaires (lighting fixtures),
                   Reference                                        517.61                                     501.130                                       Cranes and hoists, 610.2(A)(2)
                      Definition, 517.2                     Approval for class and properties,         Meters, instruments, and relays,                      Exposed parts, 502.25
                 Grounding-type attachment plugs,                   500.8(A)                                   501.105                                       Flexible cords, 502.140
                           406.9                            Bulk storage plants, 515.3                 Motor controllers, 501.115                            Fuses, 502.115
                 Ground ring, 250.50(A)(4), 250.53(F),      Class I. see Hazardous (classified) lo-    Motors and generators, 501.120                        Grounding, 502.30
                           250.66(C), 250.166(E)                    cations, Class I                   Nonincendive circuit, 500.7(F)                        Luminaires (lighting fixtures),
                 Grouping, switches, circuit breakers,      Class I, Zone 0, 1, and 2. see Hazard-     Nonincendive component, 500.7(H)                               502.130
                           404.8. see also Accessible               ous (classified) locations,        Nonincendive equipment, 500.7(G)                      Motor controllers, 502.115
                 Grouping of disconnects, 230.72                    Class I, Zone 0, 1, and 2 loca-    Oil immersion, 500.7(I)                               Motors and generators, 502.125
                 Group installation, motors. see Mo-                tions                              Receptacles and attachment plugs,                     Multiwire branch circuits, 502.40
                           tors, grouped                    Class II. see Hazardous (classified)               501.145                                       Receptacles and attachment plugs,
                 Guarded                                            locations, Class II                Sealing, 501.15                                                502.145
                   Definition, Art. 100–I                   Class III. see Hazardous (classified)      Signaling, alarm, remote-control, and                 Sealing, 502.15
                 Guarding, guards. see also Enclo-                  locations, Class III                       communications systems,                       Signaling, alarm, remote-control, and
                           sures; Live parts                Combustible gas detection system,                  501.150                                                communications systems,
                   Circuit breaker handles, 240.41(B)               500.7(K)                           Surge protection, 501.35                                       meters, instruments, and re-
                   Construction sites, 590.7                Definitions, 500.2                         Switches, 501.115                                              lays, 502.150
                   Elevators, dumbwaiters, escalators,      Dust ignitionproof, 500.7(B)               Transformers and capacitors,                          Surge protection, 502.35
                           moving walks, 620.71             Dusts, explosive, Art. 502                         501.100                                       Switches, 502.115

                 1314                                                                                                                  2005 National Electrical Code Handbook

Copyright National Fire Protection Association                                                        Document provided by IHS Licensee=ExxonMobil/1890500101, 05/05/2005 16:40:27
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                         Transformers and capacitors,                Reference standards, 506.4(B)                    X-ray installations, 517–V                                    Hermetic refrigerant motor-com-
                                  502.100                             Sealing, 506.16                                    Connection to supply circuit,                                        pressors. see also Air condi-
                         Utilization equipment, 502.135               Special precautions, 506.6                              517.71                                                          tioning and refrigerating
                         Ventilating piping, 502.128                  Wiring methods, 506.15                             Control circuit conductors,                                          equipment
                         Wiring methods, 502.10                     Headers                                                   517.74                                                  Ampacity and rating, 440.6(A)
                         Zone 20, 21, and 22 locations for           Cellular concrete floor raceways,                   Disconnecting means, 517.72                                  Definition, 440.2
                                  flammable dusts, fibers, and               372.2, 372.5, 372.9                         Equipment installations, 517.75                              Marking, 440.4
                                  flyings, Art. 506                  Cellular metal floor raceways, 374.2,               Guarding and grounding, 517.78                               Rating and interrupting capacity,
                        Hazardous (classified) locations,                    374.6                                       High tension x-ray cables, 517.77                                    440.12(A)
                                  Class III, 500.5(D), Art. 503.     Definition, 372.2, 374.2                            Overcurrent protection, 517.73                             High density polyethylene conduit
                                  see also Hazardous (classi-       Health care facilities, Art. 517                     Rating of supply conductors,                                         (Type HDPE), Art. 353
                                  fied) locations, Classes I, II,     Communications, signaling systems,                      517.73                                                  Bends, 353.24, 353.26
                                  and III, Divisions 1 and 2                 data systems, less than 120                 Transformers and capacitors,                                 Bushings, 353.46
                         Bonding, 503.30(A)                                  volts, nominal, 517–VI                           517.76                                                  Construction specifications, 353–III
                         Circuit breakers, 503.115                      Other-than-patient care areas,               Heater cords. see Cords, heater                                  Definition, 353.2
                         Control transformers and resistors,                 517.81                                  Heat generating equipment. see In-                               Grounding, 353.60
                                  503.120                               Patient care areas, 517.80                            duction and dielectric heating                          Installation, 353–II
                         Cranes and hoists, 503.155,                    Signal transmission between ap-                       equipment                                               Joints, 353.48
                                  610.2(A)(3)                                pliances, 517.82                        Heating. see also Heating systems; In-                           Listing, 353.6
                         Exposed parts, 503.25                       Definitions, 517.2                                       duction and dielectric heating                          Marking, 353.120
                         Flexible cords, 503.140                     Essential electrical systems, 517–III                    equipment                                               Number of conductors, 353.22
                         Fuses, 503.115                                 Ambulatory health care centers,               Dielectric                                                      Size, 353.20
                         Grounding, 503.30                                   517.45                                      Definition, 665.2                                            Splices and taps, 353.56
                         Luminaires (lighting fixtures),                Clinics, medical and dental offices,          Induction                                                       Trimming ends, 353.28
                                  503.130                                    and other health care facili-               Definition, 665.2                                            Uses not permitted, 353.12
                         Motor controllers, 503.115                          ties, 517.45                            Heating appliances, Art. 422. see also                           Uses permitted, 353.10
                         Motors and generators, 503.126                 Connections                                           Infrared lamp industrial heat-                        High-impedance grounded neutral
                         Receptacles and attachment plugs,                 Alternate power source, 517.34                     ing appliances; Water heaters                                   systems, 250.21(4), 250.36
                                  503.145                                  Critical branch, 517.43                   Heating cables, Art. 424                                       Hoists, Art. 610. see also Cranes
                         Signaling, alarm, remote-control, and             Life safety branch, 517.42                Heating elements                                                 Conductors, contact, 610–III
                                  local loudspeaker intercom-           Critical branch, 517.33, 517.43               Marking, 422.61                                                 Control, 610–VI
                                  munications, 503.150                  Definition, 517.2                              Resistance. see Fixed electric heating                         Electrolytic cells, 668.32
                         Storage battery charging equipment,            Emergency system, 517.31                              equipment for pipelines and                             Flexible cords, 400.7(A)(5)
                                  503.160                               Essential electrical systems,                         vessels                                                 Grounding, 250.22(1), 250.112(E),
                         Switches, 503.115                                   517.41                                  Heating equipment                                                        250.116(1), 610–VII
                         Transformers and capacitors,                   Hospitals, 517.30                              Central, 422.12                                                Hazardous (classified) locations,
                                  503.100                               Life safety branch, 517.32                    Definition, 665.2                                                       503.155
                         Utilization equipment, 503.135                 Nursing homes and limited care                Fixed. see Fixed electric heating                               Marinas and boatyards, 555.23
                         Ventilation piping, 503.128                                                                                                                                  Motors and controllers, discon-
                                                                             facilities, 517.40                               equipment for pipelines and
                         Wiring methods, 503.10                                                                                                                                               necting means, 430.112 Ex.,
                                                                        Power sources, 517.35, 517.44                         vessels; Fixed electric space
                         Zone 20, 21, and 22 locations for                                                                                                                                    610–IV
                                                                     General, 517–I                                           heating equipment; Fixed
                                  flammable dusts, fibers, and                                                                                                                        Overcurrent protection, 610–V
                                                                     Inhalation anesthetizing locations,                      outdoor electric deicing and
                                  flyings, Art. 506                                                                                                                                   Wiring, 610–II
                                                                             517–IV                                           snow-melting equipment
                        Hazardous (classified locations), spe-                                                                                                                      Hoistways
                                                                        Classification, 517.60                         Induction and dielectric. see Induc-
                                  cific, Art. 510                                                                                                                                     Busways in, 368.12(B)
                                                                        Grounded power systems in anes-                       tion and dielectric heating
                        Hazardous (classified) locations,                                                                                                                             Cablebus in, 370.3
                                                                             thetizing locations, 517.63                      equipment
                                  Zone 20, 21, and 22, Art. 506                                                                                                                       Definition, Art. 100–I
                                                                        Grounding, 517.62                             Outside, 550.20(B)
                         Bonding, 506.25(A)                                                                                                                                           Surface metal raceways, 386.12(4)
                                                                        Line isolation monitor, 517.160(B)             Swimming pools. see Swimming
                         Classification of locations, 506.5                                                                                                                           Wiring in, 620.37, 725.55(I),
                                                                        Low-voltage equipment and in-                         pools, fountains, and similar
                         Definitions, 506.2                                                                                                                                                   760.30(A)(3), 760.52(B)(2),
                                                                             struments, 517.64                                installations
                         Documentation, 506.4(A)                                                                                                                                              760.55(F)
                                                                        Wiring and equipment, 517.61,                Heating panels and heating panel
                         Equipment installation, 506.20                                                                                                                             Hoods, metal, stage switchboard,
                                                                             517.160                                          sets, radiant. see Fixed elec-
                            Manufacturer’s instructions,                                                                                                                                      520.24
                                  506.20(D)                          Isolated power systems, 517.19(F),                       tric space heating equipment,                         Hoods, range, cord-and-plug-con-
                            Temperature, 506.20(E)                           517–VII                                          radiant heating panels and                                      nected, 422.16(B)(4)
                         Equipment requirements, 506.9               Wiring and protection, 517–II                            heating panel sets                                    Hoods for commercial cooking, light-
                            Listing, 506.9(B)                           Applicability, 517.10                        Heating systems                                                          ing in, 410.4(C)
                            Marking, 506.9(C)                           Critical care areas, 517.19                   Impedance                                                     Hospitals. see also Health care facili-
                            Suitability, 506.9(A)                       Fixed electrical equipment and                   Definition, 427.2                                                    ties
                            Temperature, 506.9(D)                            grounding of receptacles,                Induction. see also Induction and di-                           Definition, 517.2
                            Threading, 506.9(E)                              517.13                                           electric heating equipment                              Essential electrical systems, 517.30
                         Flexible cords, 506.17                         General care areas, 517.18                       Definition, 427.2                                            Patient care areas. see Patient care
                         General, 506.4                                 General installation/construction             Integrated                                                              areas
                         Grounding, 506.25                                   criteria, 517.11                            Definition, 427.2                                            Psychiatric
                         Multiwire branch circuits, 506.21              Ground-fault circuit-interrupter              Skin effect                                                       Definition, 517.2
                         Protection techniques, 506.8                        protection, 517.20(A), 517.21               Definition, 427.2                                          Hotels and motels
                            Dust ignitionproof, 506.8(A)                Ground-fault protection, 517.17              Heavy-duty lampholders                                           Branch-circuit voltages, guest rooms
                            Dusttight, 506.8(D)                         Grounding, 517.13                             Branch circuits, 210.21(A), 210.23,                                     and suites, 210.6(A)
                            Intrinsic safety, 506.8(C)                  Panelboard bonding, 517.14                            Table 210.24                                            Lighting load, Table 220.12
                            Nonincendive circuit and equip-             Receptacles, 517.13, 517.16                   Unit loads, 220.14(E)                                           Lighting outlets required, 210.70(B)
                                  ment, 506.8(E) and (F)                Wet locations, 517.20                        Hermetically sealed, 500.7(J)                                    Receptacle ground-fault circuit inter-
                            Pressurization, 506.8(B)                    Wiring methods, 517.12                        Definition, 500.2                                                       rupter protection, 210.8(B)

                        National Electrical Code Handbook 2005                                                                                                                                                      1315

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                  Receptacle outlets, guest rooms and        Definitions, 665.2                     Inhalation anesthetizing locations.                        Conductors, 326.104
                          suites, 210.60, 210.70(B),         Disconnecting means, 665.12                      see Anesthetizing locations                      Conduit, 326.116
                          220.14(J)                          Guarding, grounding, and labeling,     Inserts                                                    Insulation, 326.112
                 Hot tubs. see Spas and hot tubs                     665–II                           Cellular concrete floor raceways,                        Marking, 326.120
                 Houseboats. see Floating buildings             Access to interior equipment,                 372.9                                         Definition, 326.2
                 Hydromassage bathtubs, 680–VII                      665.22                           Cellular metal floor raceways, 374.10                 Installation, 326–II
                  Definition, 680.2                             Capacitors, 665.24                    Underfloor raceways, 390.14                              Ampacity, 326.80
                                                                Component interconnection,          In sight from                                              Bending radius, 326.24
                                                                     665.19                           Air-conditioning or refrigerating                        Bends, 326.26
                                                                Control panels, 665.21                        equipment, 440.14                                Fittings, 326.40
                                                                Enclosures, 665.20                    Center pivot irrigation machines,                        Uses not permitted, 326.12
                 Identification. see also Color code;           Grounding and bonding, 665.26                 675.8(B)                                         Uses permitted, 326.10
                            Markings                            Marking, 665.27                       Definition, Art. 100–I                              Interactive systems
                    Disconnecting means, 110.22,                Shielding, 665.25                     Duct heaters, 424.65                                  Definition, 690.2, 705.2
                            230.70(B), 620.51(D)                Warning labels or signs, 665.23       Electric-discharge lighting,                          Fuel cell systems, connection to,
                    Emergency circuits and systems,          Hazardous (classified) locations,                410.81(B)                                              692–VII
                            700.9(A)                                 665.4                            Fixed electric space heating equip-                 Intercommunications systems. see
                    Flexible cords                           Output circuits, 665.5                           ment, 424.19(A)                                        Communications circuits;
                       Equipment grounding conductors,       Overcurrent protection, 665.11           Motor driven appliances, 422.32                                Hazardous (classified) loca-
                            400.23                           Remote control, 665.7
                                                                                                      Motors, motor controllers, 430.102                             tions
                       Grounded conductors, 200.6(C),      Induction heating
                                                                                                      Room air conditioners, 440.63                       Interconnected electric power pro-
                            400.22                           Definition, 665.2
                                                                                                      Signs, 600.6(A)                                                duction sources, Art. 705
                    Fuel cell systems, 692.4(B)            Inductive loads
                                                                                                    Institutions, emergency lighting, Art.                  Connection point, 705.12
                    Grounded conductors, Art. 200,           Motors, 430.83, 430.109
                                                                                                              700                                           Definition, 705.2
                            400.22, 402.8                    Signs, 600.6(B)
                                                                                                    Instructions, 110.3(B), 230.95(C)                       Directory, 705.10
                    Grounding-pole, 406.9(B)                 Switches, types, ratings, 404.14
                                                                                                    Instrumentation tray cable (Type                        Disconnect device, 705.22
                    High-leg, 110.15, 230.56, 408.3(E),    Industrial control panels, Art. 409
                                                             Conductors                                       ITC), Art. 727                                Disconnecting means, equipment,
                                                                Busbars, 409.102                      Allowable ampacity, 727.8                                      705.21
                    Intrinsically safe systems, 504.80
                                                                Minimum size and ampacity,            Bends, 727.10                                         Disconnecting means, sources,
                    Panelboard circuits, 408.30
                                                                     409.20                           Construction, 727.6                                            705.20
                    Service disconnecting means,
                                                             Construction specifications, 409–III     Definition, 727.2                                     Ground-fault protection, 705.32
                                                             Definition, 409.2                        Marking, 727.7                                        Grounding, 705.50
                    Ungrounded conductors, 210.5(C)
                                                             Disconnecting means, 409.30              Overcurrent protection, 727.9                         Interrupting and short-circuit current
                    Wiring device terminals, 250.126,

                            504.80                           Enclosures, 409.100                      Uses not permitted, 727.5                                      rating, 705.16
                 Identified                                  Flash protection, 110.16                 Uses permitted, 727.4                                 Loss of primary source, 705.40
                    Definition, Art. 100–I                   Grounding, 409.60                      Instruments, meters, relays                             Output characteristics, 705.14
                 Illumination. see also Lighting; Lumi-      Installation, 409–II                     Grounding, 250–IX                                     Overcurrent protection, 705.30
                            naires (lighting fixtures)       Marking, 409.110                         Hazardous (classified) location,                      Point of connection, 705.12
                    Means of egress, 517.32(A),              Overcurrent protection, 409.21                   501.105, 502.150                              Synchronous generators, 705.43
                            517.42(A)                        Service equipment, 409.108               Low-voltage, 517.64                                   Unbalanced interconnections, 705.42
                    Task, 517.33(A)                          Spacing, minimum, 409.106              Instrument transformers. see Trans-                   Intermediate metal conduit (Type
                       Definition, 517.2                     Wiring space in, 409.104                         formers, instrument, ground-                           IMC), Art. 342
                 Immersible appliances, 422.41             Industrial machinery, Art. 670                     ing                                           Bends, 342.24, 342.26
                 Immersion heaters, cord-and-plug-           Definition, 670.2                      Insulation                                              Bushings, 342.46
                            connected, 422.44                Disconnecting means, 670.4(B)            Conductors. see Conductors, insula-                   Construction, 342–III
                                                             Nameplates, 670.3                                tion                                          Couplings and connectors, 342.42
                 Incandescent lamps, Art. 410. see also
                                                             Supply conductors and overcurrent        Double. see Double insulated                          Definition, 342.2
                            Hazardous (classified) loca-
                                                                     protection, 670.4                Equipment, 110.3(A)(4)                                Dissimilar metals, 342.14
                                                           Industrial manufacturing system            Fixture wire, 402.3, Table 402.3                      Installation, 342–II
                                                             Definition, 670.2                        Flexible cords, 400.4, Table 400.4,                   Listing, 342.6
                       Aircraft hangars, 513.7(C)
                                                           Information technology equipment,                  400–II                                        Maximum number of conductors and
                       Garages, 511.7(B)
                                                                     Art. 645                         Heating cables, 424–V                                          fixture wires in, Tables C4
                       Theater dressing rooms, 520.72
                                                             Cables not in information technology     Integrity, 110.7                                               and C4A
                    Lamp wattage, marking on luminaire               equipment rooms, 645.6
                            (fixture), 410.70                                                       Insulation levels                                       Number of conductors, 342.22
                                                             Disconnecting means, 645.4(1),
                    Medium and mogul bases, 410.53                                                    Definitions, 100 percent, 133 per-                    Reaming and threading, 342.28
                    Snap switches for, 404.14(B)(3)                                                           cent, Table 310.64                            Size, 342.20
                                                             Grounding, 645.15
                 Independent                                                                        Insulators                                              Splices and taps, 342.56
                                                             Marking, 645.16
                    Circuits for emergency lighting,                                                  Nonabsorbent, 230.27, 394.30(A)                       Standard lengths, 342.130
                                                             Penetrations, 645.7
                            700.17                           Power distribution units, 645.17         Open wiring. see Open wiring on in-                   Supports and securing, 342.30
                    Supports, services, over buildings,      Special requirements for information             sulators                                      Uses permitted, 342.10
                            230.29                                   technology equipment rooms,    Integrated electrical systems, Art. 685                 Wet locations, 342.10(D)
                    Wiring, emergency circuits, 700.9(B)             645.4                            Applications of other articles, 685.2               Intermittent duty
                    X-ray control, 660.24                    Supply circuits and interconnecting      DC system grounding, 685.12                           Definition, Art. 100–I
                 Individual branch circuits. see Branch              cables, 645.5                    Orderly shutdown, 645.10 Ex.,                         Motors, 430.22(E)
                            circuits, individual             Uninterruptible power supplies                   645.11, 685–II                              Interpretations, formal. see Formal
                 Induced currents, metal enclosures,                 (UPS), 645.11                    Overcurrent protection, location of,                           interpretations
                            300.20, 330.31                 Infrared lamp industrial heating ap-               685.10                                      Interrupter switch. see Switches, in-
                 Induction and dielectric heating                    pliances, 422.14, 422.48         Ungrounded control circuits, 685.14                            terrupter
                            equipment, Art. 665              Branch circuits, 210.23(C),            Integrated gas spacer cable (Type                     Interrupting rating, 110.9,
                    Ampacity of supply conductors,                   422.11(C), 424.3(A)                      IGS), Art. 326                                         240.60(C)(3), 240.83(C)
                            665.10                           Overcurrent protection, 422.11(C)        Construction, 326–III                                 Definition, Art. 100–I

                 1316                                                                                                                2005 National Electrical Code Handbook

Copyright National Fire Protection Association                                                      Document provided by IHS Licensee=ExxonMobil/1890500101, 05/05/2005 16:40:27
Provided by IHS under license with NFPA                                                             MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy
                                                                                                    Group at 303-397-2295.

                        Intrinsically safe apparatus                 Grounding electrode conductor,                     Supports, 314.23                                   Pendant
                          Definition, 504.2                                  250.64(C)                                  Swimming pools, 680.23(C), 680.24                     Bathrooms, 410.4(D)
                          Grounding, 504.50(A)                       High density polyethylene conduit,                 Switch enclosures, 110.59, 312.8,                    Not in clothes closets, 410.8(C)
                        Intrinsically safe circuits                          353.48                                            404.3(B)                                       Not in theater dressing rooms,
                          Definition, 504.2                          Insulating, fixtures, 410.16(E)                    Underfloor raceways, 390.13                                520.71
                          Different                                  Insulation of, 110.14(B)                                                                              Screw-shell types for lamps only,
                             Definition, 504.2                       Strain at, 400.10                                                                                             410.47
                        Intrinsically safe systems, Art. 504       Joists                                                                          K                       Unswitched over combustible mate-
                          Bonding, 504.60                            Air-handling, space, 300.22(C) Ex.            Kitchen equipment, commercial,                                  rial, 410.6
                          Conductors, separation of, 504.30          Armored cable, 320.23(A)                                220.56                                      Lamps, Art. 410. see also Luminaires
                          Definitions, 504.2                         Concealed knob-and-tube wiring,               Knife switches                                                  (lighting fixtures); Hazardous
                          Equipment installation, 504.10,                    394.23                                  Butt contacts, 404.6(C)                                       (classified) locations
                                  506.8(C)                           Electric space heating cables,                  Connection, 404.6(C)                                  Arc. see Arc lamps, portable
                          Equipment listing, 504.4                           424.41(J)                               Construction specifications, 404–II                   Backstage (bare bulb), 520.47
                          Grounding, 504.50                          Holes through or notches in,                    Enclosures, 404.3                                     Clothes closets, in, 410.8
                          Identification, 504.80                             300.4(A)                                General-use, 404.13(C)                                Electric discharge, 410.30(C),
                          Sealing, 504.70                            Nonmetallic sheathed cable,                     Interrupt current, 404.13(B)                                  410.54, 410–XIII, 410–XIV
                          Separation of intrinsically safe con-              334.15(C)                               Isolating, 404.13(A)                                  Electric discharge, enclosure,
                                  ductors, 504.30                    Open wiring, crossing, 398.15(C)                Motor-circuit, 404.13(D)                                      410.54(A)
                          Wiring methods, 504.20                     Parallel to framing members, cables             Position, enclosed and open types,                    Fluorescent. see Fluorescent lumi-
                        Introduction, Art. 90                                and raceways, 300.4(D)                          404.6                                                 naires (lighting fixtures)
                        Inverter                                   Jumpers, bonding, 250.28, 250.102,                Ratings, 404.14                                       Guards. see Guarding, guards
                          Definition, 690.2                                  250.168                                 600-volt, 404.16                                      Headlamps. see Handlamps, portable
                        Irons. see Flatirons                         Definition, Art. 100–I                        Knob-and-tube wiring, Art. 394                          Incandescent. see Incandescent
                        Irrigation machines, Art. 675                Equipment, 250.102                              Accessible attics, 394.23                                     lamps
                          Bonding, 675.14                               Definition, Art. 100–I                       Clearances, 394.19                                    Infrared. see Infrared lamp industrial
                          Center pivot, 675–II                          Size, 250.30(A)(2)                           Conductors, 394.104                                           heating appliances
                             Definition, 675.2                       Expansion joints, telescoping sec-              Definition, 394.2                                     Motion picture projectors, 540.14,
                          Collector rings, 675.11                            tions of raceways, 250.98               Devices, 394.42                                               540.20
                          Conductors, 675.9                          Grounding electrode system,                     Installation, 394–II                                  Motion picture studios
                             Derating of, 675.5                              250.53(C), 250.64(C)(3)                 Securing and supporting, 394.30                          Film storage vaults, 530.51
                          Current ratings, equivalent, 675.7         Grounding-type receptacles, 250.146             Splices and taps, 394.56                                 Stages, portable, 530.16, 530.17
                          Definitions, 675.2                         Hazardous (classified) locations,                                                                        Viewing, cutting tables, 530.41
                                                                                                                     Through or parallel to framing mem-
                          Disconnecting means, 675.8                         250.100, 501.30(A),                                                                           Outdoor, location, 225.25
                                                                                                                             bers, 394.17
                          Grounding, 675.12, 675.13                          502.30(A), 503.30(A)                                                                          Portable. see Portable lamps
                                                                                                                     Uses not permitted, 394.12
                          Irrigation cable, 675.4                    Health care facilities, 517.19(C) and                                                                 Stand
                                                                                                                     Uses permitted, 394.10
                          Lightning protection, 675.15                       (D)                                                                                              Definition, 520.2, 530.2
                          Marking, 675.6                             Main, 250.24(B)                                                                                       Theaters
                          Motors on branch circuit, 675.10              Definition, Art. 100–I                                                                                Border and proscenium, 520.44
                                                                                                                        Over 250 volts, 250.97 Ex.
                          Supply source, more than one, 675.16          Wire or busbar, as, 250.24(A)(4)                                                                     Dressing rooms, lamp guards,
                                                                                                                        Service equipment, 250.92(B)
                        Isolated                                     Metal, structural, 250.104(C)                                                                                 520.72
                                                                                                                     Openings to be closed, 110.12(A),
                          Arcing parts, 110.18                       Network-powered broadband com-                                                                          Festoons, 520.65
                          Circuits, low voltage, 517.64(C)                   munications system,                                                                             Footlights, 520.43
                          Definition, Art. 100–I                             830.100(D)                                                                                       Stage, arc, portable, 520.61
                          Equipment grounding conductor,             Piping systems, 250.104                                                                                 Switchboards, pilot lights,
                                  250.146 FPN                                                                                                      L
                                                                     Separately derived systems,                                                                                   520.53(G)
                          Phase installations, 300.5(I) Ex. 2                250.30(A)                             Labeled                                                 Wattage marking, flush and recessed
                          Power systems, 517.160, 517–VII            Service equipment, 250.28,                      Definition, Art. 100–I                                        luminaires (fixtures), 410.70
                             Definition, 517.2                               250.92(B), 250.102(C)                 Labels required, 550.20(B),                           Laundry
                             Essential electrical systems,         Junction boxes. see also Boxes; Pull                      550.32(G), 551.46(D),                         Circuit load, 220.52(B)
                                  517.30(C)(2)                               boxes                                           551.47(Q)(3), 551.47(R)(4),                   Outlets
                             Grounding, 517.19(F), 647.7(B)          Accessibility, 314.29                                   552.44(D), 552.48(P)(3),                        Dwelling, 200.14, 210.11(C)(2),
                             Installation, 517.160(A)                Cellular concrete floor raceways,                       552.59(B). see also Warning                           210.50(C), 210.52(F)
                        Isolating means, over 600 volts,                     372.7                                           signs (labels), at equipment                     Ground-fault circuit interrupters,
                                  490.22                             Cellular metal floor raceways, 374.9          Lacquers and paints                                             210.8(A)(7)
                        Isolating switches. see Switches, iso-       Covers, 314.28(C), 314.72(E)                    Application, Art. 516                                   Mobile homes, 550.13(D)(7)
                                  lating                             Deicing and snow-melting cables,                Atmospheres, 500.5(B), 500.6(A),                    Laundry area, 210.52(F), 550.12(C),
                        Isolation by elevation                               426.22(E), 426.24(B)                            Art. 501, 505.5(B), Art. 505                          550.13(D)(7)
                          Circuits over 600 volts, 110.34(E)         Motor controllers and disconnects,            Lampholders                                             Definition, 550.2
                          Circuits under 600 volts, 110.27(A)                430.10(A)                               Branch circuits supplying, 210.23                   Leakage current detection and inter-
                          Resistors and reactors over 600 volts,     Nonheating cable leads, 424.43                  Circuits less than 50 volts, 720.5                            ruption (LCDI) protection,
                                  470.18(B)                          Over 600 volts, 314–IV                          Construction, 410–IX                                          440.65
                        Isolation equipment, systems (mo-            Sensitive electronic equipment,                 Damp or wet locations, 410.4(A),                      Definition, 440.2
                                  tors), 430.109(A)(7)                       647.4(B)                                        410.49                                      Legally required standby systems,
                          Definition, 430.2                          Separation from motors, 430.245(B)              Double-pole switched, 410.48                                  Art. 701
                        Isolation transformer. see Transform-        Size                                            Heavy-duty. see Heavy-duty lamp-                      Accessibility, 701.15
                                  ers, Isolation                        Conductors 4 AWG and larger,                         holders                                       Approval, equipment, 701.4
                                                                             314.16, 314.28(A)                       Infrared lamps, 422.14                                Capacity and rating, 701.6
                                                                        Conductors 6 AWG and smaller,                Installation, 410–VIII                                Circuit wiring, 701.10, 701–II
                                                 J                           314.16(C)(1)                            Mogul base. see Mogul base lamp-                      Definition, 701.2
                        Joints. see also Splices and taps               Construction specifications,                         holders                                       Ground-fault protection of equip-
                          Expansion. see Expansion joints                    314–III                                 Outdoor, 225.24                                               ment, 701.17

                        National Electrical Code Handbook 2005                                                                                                                                           1317

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                   Overcurrent protection, 701–IV                           Construction requirements, 410.105         Installation, 356–II                                  Elevator motor disconnecting means,
                   Signals, 701.8                                           Definition, 410.100                        Listing, 356.6                                                620.51(C)
                   Signs, 701.9                                             Fastening, 410.104                         Marking, 356.120                                      Foreign pipes, accessories, trans-
                   Sources or power, 701–III                                Heavy-duty, 410.103                        Maximum number of conductors and                              former vaults, 450.47
                   Tests and maintenance, 701.5                             Installation, 410.101                              fixture wires in, Tables C5                   Generators, 445.10
                   Transfer equipment, 701.7                                Load calculations, 220.43(B)                       through C6A                                   Grounding connections at electrodes,

                   Wiring, 701.10                                         Lightning rods                               Number of conductors or cables in,                            250.68
                 Lengths                                                    As a ground, 250.60                                356.22                                        Hazardous. see Hazardous (classi-
                   Branches from busways, 368.56(B)                         Irrigation machines, 675.15                Securing and supporting, 350.30,                              fied) locations
                   Free conductors at outlets and                           Spacing from, 250.106 FPN                          356.30                                        Lamps, outdoors, 225.25
                           switches, 300.14, 424.43,                      Lightning (surge) arresters, Art. 280        Size, 356.20                                          Luminaires (lighting fixtures),
                           426.23                                           Antenna discharge units, 810.20            Splices and taps, 356.56                                      410–II
                   High density polyethylene conduit,                       Connections at services, 230.82(4)         Trimming, 356.28                                      Mobile homes disconnecting means
                           marking, 353.120                                 Definition, 280.2                          Uses not permitted, 356.12                                    and branch-circuit protective
                   Intermediate metal conduit, 342.130                      Grounding, 250.60, 250.106, 280.25         Uses permitted, 356.10                                        equipment, 550.11
                   Open wiring in nonmetallic flexible                      Radio and television equipment           Listed                                                  Motion picture projection equipment,
                           tubing, 398.15(A)                                   Receiving stations (antenna dis-        Definition, Art. 100–I                                        540.11
                   Pull and junction boxes, 314.28,                                 charge units), 810.20            Live parts. see also Enclosures; Ener-                  Motor disconnecting means, 430.102
                           314.71                                              Transmitting stations, antenna dis-             gized parts; Guarding, guards                 Motor feeder taps, 430.28 Ex.
                   Rigid metal conduit, 344.120,                                    charge units, 810.57               Capacitors, 460.2                                     Motors, 430.14
                           344.130                                          Services over 600 volts, 230.209           Definition, Art. 100–I                                Outlet boxes and conduit boxes,
                   Rigid nonmetallic conduit, marking,                    Lightning (surge) protection, Art. 280       Exposed, 110.26                                               314.29
                           352.120                                          Communication circuit conductors,          Flash protection, 110.16                              Overcurrent devices, 240–II
                   Space heating cable, nonheating                                  800.53                             Guarding, 110.27                                      Overhead service, 230.54
                           leads, 424.34                                    Hazardous (classified) locations,          Lampholders, 410.3, 410.82                            Panelboards, damp or wet, 408.37
                   Taps, 210.19(A)(4)Ex. 1, 240.21                                  501.35, 502.35                     Lamp terminals, 410.82                                Protective devices for communica-
                      Motor branch circuit, 430.53(D)                       Hoistways and machine rooms,               Lighting systems, electric discharge,                         tions circuits, 800.90(B),
                      Motor feeders, 430.28                                         620.37(B)                                  410–XIII, 410–XIV                                     830.90(B)
                 Life safety branch                                         Network-powered broadband com-             Luminaires (lighting fixtures) and                    Recreational vehicle disconnecting
                   Definition, 517.2                                                munications systems,                       lamps, 410.3, 410.46                                  means and distribution pan-
                   Essential electrical systems, 517.32,                            830.40(I)(3)                       Over 600 volts, 490.24, 490.35                                elboard, 551.45(B)
                           517.42                                         Lights. see also Lamps; Lighting; Lu-        In theaters, 520.7                                    Resistors and reactors, 470.2
                 Life support equipment, electrical                                 minaires (lighting fixtures)       Transformers, guarding, 450.8(C)                      Service disconnecting means,
                   Definition, 517.2                                        Border, 520.44(A)                          In tunnels, 110.56                                            230.70(A), 230.72(A) Ex.
                 Lighting                                                      Cables for, theaters, 520.44(B)       Loads                                                   Service overcurrent protection,
                   Branch circuits, calculation of load,                       Definition, 520.2                       Appliances, household cooking, de-                            230.91, 230.92
                           220.12                                           From railway conductors, 110.19                    mand table, 220.55                            Shooting
                   Cove, 410.9                                              Scenery, theaters, halls, 520.63           Branch circuits                                         Definition, 530.2
                   Decorative, 410–XVI                                      Strip                                         Calculations, Art. 220, Annex D                    Sign switches, 600.6(A)
                   Electric discharge. see Electric dis-                       Definition, 520.2                          Maximum, 210.25, 220.18                            Splices and taps
                           charge lighting                                Limited care facilities. see also Health        Mobile homes, 550.12                                 Auxiliary gutters, 366.56
                   Emergency, Art. 700                                              care facilities                       Permissible, 210.23, 210.24, Table                   Wireways, 376.56, 378.56
                   Exits. see Exits, emergency lighting                     Definition, 517.2                                  210.24                                        Surge arresters, 280.11
                   Feeders, calculation of load, 220.42,                    Essential electrical systems, 517.40       Continuous. see Continuous load                       Swimming pool junction box and
                           220–IV                                         Line isolation monitor, 517.160(B)           Demand                                                        transformer enclosures,
                   Festoon. see Festoon lighting                            Definition, 517.2                             Clothes dryers, 220.54                                     680.24
                   Fixtures. see Luminaires (lighting                     Lint, flyings, Art. 503, Art. 506               Household cooking appliances,                      Switchboards, 408.16, 408.17
                           fixtures)                                      Liquidtight flexible metal conduit                   220.55                                        Switches, wet, 404.4
                   Outlets. see Lighting outlets                                    (Type LFMC), Art. 350              Farm, 220–V                                           System grounding connections,
                   Outline. see Outline lighting                            Bends, 350.24, 350.26                      Feeder, 220–III, Annex D                                      250–II
                   Sensitive electronic equipment,                          Couplings and connectors, 350.42              Calculations, Art. 220                             Transformers and vaults, 450.13
                           647.8                                            Definition, 350.2                          Inductive. see Inductive loads                        Transient voltage surge suppressors,
                   Systems. see Lighting systems, 30                        Grounding and bonding, 350.60              Mobile home parks, 550.31                                     285.11
                           volts or less                                    Installation, 350–II                       Mobile homes, 550.18                                  Ventilation openings for transformer
                   Track. see Lighting track                                Listing, 350.6                             Motors, conductors, 430–II                                    vaults, 450.45(A)
                 Lighting assembly, cord-and-plug-                          Maximum number of conductors and           Nonlinear                                             Wet, see Wet locations; Damp or wet
                           connected                                                fixture wires in, Tables C7           Definition, Art. 100–I                                     locations
                   Definition, 680.2                                                and C7A                            Stage equipment, circuit loads,                     Locked rotor motor current
                 Lighting outlets, 210.70, 314.27(A),                       Number of conductors and cables in,                520.41                                        Code letters, 430.7(B), Table
                           410.16(A), 410–III                                       350.22                           Location board                                                  430.7(B)
                   Definition, Art. 100–I                                   Securing and supporting, 350.30            Definition, 530.2                                     Conversion, Tables 430.251(A) and
                 Lighting systems, 30 volts or less, Art.                   Size, 350.20                             Locations                                                       (B)
                           411                                              Uses not permitted, 350.12                 Capacitors, 460.2(A)                                  Hermetic refrigerant motor-compres-
                   Branch circuit, 411.6                                    Uses permitted, 350.10                     Crane and hoist disconnecting                                 sors, 440.4(A)
                   Definition, 411.2                                      Liquidtight flexible nonmetallic con-                means, 610–IV                               Locknuts, double, required
                   Hazardous (classified) locations,                                duit (Type LFNC), Art. 356         Damp or wet. see Damp or wet loca-                    Hazardous (classified) locations,
                           411.7                                            Bends, 356.24, 356.26                              tions                                                 501.30(A)
                   Listing required, 411.3                                  Construction specifications, 356–III       Definition, Art. 100–I                                Mobile homes, 550.15(F)
                   Locations not permitted, 411.4                           Couplings and connectors, 356.42           Dry. see Dry location                                 Over 250 volts to ground, 250.97
                   Secondary circuits, 411.5                                Definition, 356.2                          Electric discharge lighting transform-                        Ex. 2
                 Lighting track, 220.43(B), 410–XV                          Grounding and bonding, 356.60                      ers, over 1000 volts, 410.84                  Recreational vehicles, 551.47(B)

                 1318                                                                                                                                 2005 National Electrical Code Handbook

Copyright National Fire Protection Association                                                                       Document provided by IHS Licensee=ExxonMobil/1890500101, 05/05/2005 16:40:27
Provided by IHS under license with NFPA                                                                              MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy
                                                                                                                     Group at 303-397-2295.

                        Low-voltage circuits. see also Remote-       Show windows, 410.7                         Marinas and boatyards, Art. 555                       Metal frame of building
                                  control, signaling, and power-     Supports, 410–IV                             Circuit breakers, 555.11                              Bonding, 250.104(C)
                                  limited circuits                   Swimming pools, spas, and similar            Connections, 555.9                                    Grounding electrode, 250.52(A)(2)
                          Definition, 551.2                                 installations, 680.22(B),             Cranes, 555.23                                        Not permitted as equipment ground-
                          Less than 50 volts, Art. 720                      680.23, 680.26(B)(2),                 Definitions, 555.2                                            ing conductor, 250.136(A)
                        Lugs                                                680.33, 680.43(B), 680.51,            Disconnecting means, 555.17                          Metal gutters. see Auxiliary gutters
                          Connection to terminals, 110.14(A)                680.62(F), 680.72                     Distribution system, 555.4                           Metal hoods, stage switchboard,
                          Listed type at electrodes, 250.70          Theaters, Art. 520                           Enclosures, 555.10                                            520.24
                        Luminaire (fixture) stud construc-           Wet, 410.4(A)                                Ground-fault circuit interrupters,                   Metal outlet boxes. see Boxes, metal
                                  tion, 410.16(D)                    Wet-niche, 680.23(B)                                 555.19(B)(1)                                 Metals
                        Luminaires (lighting fixtures), Art.           Definition, 680.2                          Grounding, 555.15                                     Corrosion, protection against. see
                                  410. see also Hazardous            Wiring, 410–VI                               Hazardous (classified) locations,                             Protection, Corrosion
                                  (classified) locations                                                                  555.21                                        Dissimilar, 110.14, 250.70, 342.14,
                          Arc, portable, 520.61, 530.17                                                           Hoists, 555.23                                                344.14
                          Autotransformers                                          M                             Load calculations, 555.12                             Ferrous., 300.6(A)
                            Ballasts supplying fluorescent lu-                                                    Marine power outlets, 555.11                         Metal siding, grounding of, 250.116
                                  minaires, 410.78                 Machine rooms                                     Definition, 555.2                                          FPN
                            Supply circuits, 210.9, 215.11          Definition, 620.2                             Motor fuel dispensing, 555.21                        Metal wireways. see Wireways, metal
                                                                    Guarding equipment, 620.71
                          Auxiliary equipment, 410.77                                                             Panelboards, 555.11                                  Metal working machine tools and
                                                                    Wiring, 620.37
                          Bathtubs, near, 410.4(D), 550.14(D),                                                    Railways, 555.23                                              plastic machinery. see In-
                                                                   Machinery space
                                  551.53(B)                                                                       Receptacles, 555.19                                           dustrial machinery
                                                                    Definition, 620.2
                          Boxes, canopies, pans, 410.38,                                                          Service equipment, location, 555.7                   Meters
                                                                   Machine tools. see Industrial machin-
                                  410–III                                                                         Switches, 555.11                                      Connection and location at services,
                          Branch circuits                                                                         Transformers, 555.5                                           230.82, 230.94 Ex. 5
                                                                   Made electrodes, 250.50, 250.52
                            Computation of, 210.19(A),                                                            Wiring methods and installation,                      Grounding of cases, 250.174,
                                                                   Mandatory rules, 90.5(A)
                                  220.12, 220.14                                                                          555.13                                                250.176
                                                                   Manholes, 110–V
                            Sizes, 210.23, 220.18                                                                Markings, 110.21. see also Identifica-                 Grounding to grounded circuit con-
                                                                    Access, 110.75
                            Voltages, 210.6, 410.73                                                                       tion; subhead under entries                           ductor, 250.142(B) Ex. 2
                                                                      Covers, 110.75(D)
                          Clothes closets, 410.8                                                                          for specific wiring and equip-                Hazardous (classified) locations,
                                                                      Dimensions, 110.75(A)
                            Definition, 410.8(A)                                                                          ment                                                  501.105, 502.150
                                                                      Location, 110.75(C)
                          Combustible material, near, 410.5,                                                     Means of egress                                       Meter socket enclosures. see Cabinets,
                                                                      Marking, 110.75(E)
                                  410.76                                                                          Health care facilities, 517.32(A)                             cutout boxes, and meter
                                                                      Obstructions, 110.75(B)
                          Connection, fluorescent, 410.14,                                                        Illumination, 517.32(A), 517.42(A)                            socket enclosures
                                  410.30(C)                           Bending space for, 110.74                  Mechanical execution of work,                         Metric equivalents
                          Construction, 410.105, 410–VII,             Class 1, of different circuits,                     110.12, 640.6, 720.11, 725.8,                 Raceways, trade sizes, 300.1(C)
                                  410–X                                     725.55(F)                                     760.8, 770.24, 800.24,                       Metric units of measurement, 90.9
                          Cords, flexible. see Cords, Flexible        Class 2, 3 installation, 725.54,                    820.24, 830.24                               Mineral-insulated metal-sheathed
                          Damp, wet, or corrosive locations,                725.55(F)                            Medium voltage cable (Type MV),                                cable (Type MI), Art. 332
                                  410.4(A) and (B)                    Over 600 volts, 300.3(C)(2)(e)                      Art. 328                                      Ampacity, 332.80
                          Decorative lighting, 410–XVI              Fixed ladders, 110.79                         Construction specifications, 328–III                  Bends, 332.24
                          Definition, Art. 100–1                    Ventilation, 110.77, 110.78                   Definition, 328.2                                     Conductors, 332.104
                          Dry-niche, 680.23(C)                      Work space, 110.72, 110.73                    Installation, 328–II                                  Construction specifications, 330–III
                            Definition, 680.2                      Manufactured buildings, Art. 545              Messenger supported wiring, Art. 396                   Definition, 332.2
                          Ducts or hoods, in, 410.4(C)              Bonding and grounding, 545.11                 Definition, 396.2                                     Fittings, 332.40
                          Electric discharge. see Electric dis-     Boxes, 545.9                                  Grounding, 396.60                                     Installation, 332–II
                                  charge lighting                   Component interconnections, 545.13            Installation, 396–II                                  Insulation, 332.112
                          Fluorescent. see Fluorescent lumi-        Definitions, 545.3                            Messenger support, 396.30                             Sheath, 332.116
                                  naires (lighting fixtures)        Grounding electrode conductor,                Splices and taps, 396.56                              Single conductors, 332.31
                          Flush, 410–XI, 410–XII                            545.12                                Uses not permitted, 396.12                            Supports, 332.30
                          Fountains, 680.51                         Protection of conductors and equip-           Uses permitted, 396.10                                Terminal seals, 332.40(B)
                          Grounding, 410–V                                  ment, 545.8                          Metal-clad cable (Type MC), Art. 330                   Through or parallel to framing mem-
                          Indoor sports, mixed-use, and all-        Receptacle or switch with integral            Accessible attics, 330.23                                     bers, 300.4, 332.17
                                  purpose facilities, use in,               enclosure, 545.10                     Ampacity, 330.80                                      Uses not permitted, 332.12
                                  410.4(E)                          Service-entrance conductors, 545.5,           Bends, 330.24                                         Uses permitted, 332.10
                          Live parts, 410.3                                 545.6                                 Boxes and fittings, 330.40                           Mobile home lot
                          Location, 410–II                          Service equipment, 545.7                      Conductors, 330.104                                   Definition, 550.2
                          Mounting, 410.76, 410.77                  Supply conductors, 545.5                      Construction specifications, 330–III                 Mobile home parks, Art. 550
                          No-niche, 680.23(D), 680.24(B),           Wiring methods, 545.4                         Definition, 330.2                                     Definitions, 550.2
                                  680.26(B)(2)                     Manufactured homes. see also Mobile            Grounding, 330.108                                    Distribution system, 550.30
                            Definition, 680.2                               homes; Recreational vehicles          Installation, 330–II                                  Electrical wiring system
                          Outlets required, 210.70. see Light-      Definition, 550.2                             Insulation, 330.112                                      Definition, 550.2
                                  ing outlets                      Manufactured phase                             Marking, 310.11                                          Feeder and service demand fac-
                          Overcurrent protection, wires and         Definition, 455.2                             Sheath, 330.116                                               tors, 550.18, 550–III, Table
                                  cords, 240.4                      Marking, 455.6(B)                             Single conductors, 330.31                                     550.31
                          Polarization, 410.23                     Manufactured wiring systems, Art.              Supports, 330.30                                         Minimum allowable demand fac-
                          Raceways, 410.15(B), 410.31                       604                                   Through or parallel to framing mem-                           tor, 550.31
                          Recessed. see Recessed luminaires         Construction, 604.6                                   bers, 300.4(A), 330.17                        Mobile home service equipment,
                                  (lighting fixtures)               Definition, 604.2                             Uses not permitted, 330.12                                    550.32

                          Recreational vehicles, 551.53             Unused outlets, 604.7                         Uses permitted, 330.10                                   Definition, 550.2
                          Showers, near, 410.4(D), 550.14(D),       Uses not permitted, 604.5                    Metal-enclosed switchgear. see                        Mobile homes, Art. 550. see also Park
                                  551.53(B)                         Uses permitted, 604.4                                 Switchgear, metal-enclosed                            trailers; Recreational vehicles

                        National Electrical Code Handbook 2005                                                                                                                                         1319

Copyright National Fire Protection Association                                                             Document provided by IHS Licensee=ExxonMobil/1890500101, 05/05/2005 16:40:27
Provided by IHS under license with NFPA                                                                    MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy
                                                                                                           Group at 303-397-2295.

                  Accessory buildings or structures                      Motor control center. see Control cen-     Guards for attendants, 430.233                       Multiple fuses (fuses in parallel),
                     Definitions, 550.2                                           ters                              Hazardous (classified) locations,                             240.8, 404.17
                  Appliances, 550.12(B) and (D),                         Motor fuel dispensing facilities, Art.             501.125, 502.125, 503.126,                    Definition, Art. 100–II

                          550.14                                                  514. see also Hazardous                   505.16(E)(2), 505.22                         Multispeed motors
                  Arc-fault circuit interrupter protec-                           (classified) locations            Highest-rated or smallest-rated,                      Branch circuits, 430.22(B)
                          tion, 550.25                                    Circuit disconnects, 514.11                       430.17                                        Locked-rotor code letters,
                  Branch circuit protective equipment,                    Classification of locations, 514.3        Industrial machinery, Art. 670                                430.7(B)(1)
                          550.11                                          Definition, 514.2                         Liquids, protection from, 430.11                      Marking, 430.7(B)(1)
                  Branch circuits, 550.12                                 Equipment, 514.4, 514.7                   Live parts, protection of, 430–XII                    Overload protection, 430.32(A) and
                  Calculations of loads, 550.18                           Grounding, 514.16                         Location, 430.14                                              (C)
                  CATV coaxial cables, bonding and                        Maintenance and servicing, 514.13         Maintenance, 430.14(A)                               Multiwire branch circuit, 210.4
                          grounding of, 820.106                           Sealing, 514.9                            Marking, 430.7                                        Definition, Art. 100–I
                  Communications circuits, 800.106                        Underground wiring, 514.8                    Motor control centers, 430.98                      Hazardous locations, 501.40, 502.40,
                  Definitions, 550.2                                      Wiring, 514.4, 514.7, 514.8                  Terminals, 430.9(A)                                        505.21
                  Disconnecting means, 550.11                            Motor-generator arc welders. see           Motor control centers, 430–VIII
                  Expandable and dual units, wiring,                              Welders, electric                 Multispeed. see Multispeed motors
                          550.19                                         Motor homes. see also Mobile homes;        Overcurrent protection
                  Feeder, 550.33                                                  Recreational vehicles                Branch circuits, 430–IV
                  General requirements, 550.4                                                                          Combined overcurrent protection,                  Nameplates. see subhead under entries
                                                                          Definition, 551.2
                  Ground-fault circuit interrupter,                                                                         430.55                                                 for specific wiring and equip-
                                                                         Motors, Art. 430
                          550.13(B)                                                                                    Control circuits, 430.72                                    ment
                                                                          Adjustable speed drive and drive sys-
                  Grounding, 550.16                                                                                    Motor control centers, 430.94                     Natural and artificially made bodies
                                                                                  tems, 430.88, 430–X
                  Insulated neutral required,                                                                          Motor feeders, 430–V                                        of water, electrical wiring
                                                                            Definitions, 430.2
                          550.16(A)(1)                                                                                 Over 600 volts, 430.225                                     and equipment for, Art. 682
                                                                          Air conditioning units, Art. 440
                  Luminaires (fixtures), 550.14, 550.20                                                             Overheating, dust accumulations,                       Definitions, 682.2
                                                                          Appliances, motor-driven. see Appli-
                  Multiple section, wiring, 550.19                                                                          430.16                                         Grounding and bonding, 682–III
                  Nameplates, 550.11(D)                                                                             Overload protection, 430–III, 430.55,                  Installation, 682–II
                                                                          Branch circuits, 430–II
                  Network-powered broadband com-                                                                            430.124, 430.225(B), 460.9                   Neat and workmanlike installation,
                                                                            Combination loads, 430.63
                          munications cables, bonding                                                               Overtemperature protection, 430.126                            110.12, 640.6, 720.11, 725.8,
                                                                            Overload protection, 430–III
                          and grounding of, 830.106                                                                 Over 600 volts, 430–XI                                         760.8, 770.24, 800.24,
                                                                            Short-circuit and ground-fault pro-
                  Outdoor outlets, luminaires, air-cool-                                                            Part winding. see Part-winding mo-                             820.24, 830.24
                                                                                  tection, 430–IV
                          ing equipment, 550.20                                                                             tors                                         Neon tubing, 600.41
                                                                            Taps, 430.28, 430.53(D)
                  Power supply, 550.10                                                                              Rating or setting of branch-circuit                    Definition, 600.2
                                                                            Torque motors, 430.52(D)
                  Receptacle outlets, 550.13                                                                                short-circuit and ground-fault               Network-powered broadband com-
                                                                          Bushing, 430.13                                                                                          munications systems, Art.
                  Service equipment, 550.32                               Capacitor, 460.9                                  devices, Table 430.52
                     Definition, 550.2                                                                              Restarting, automatic, 430.43                                  830
                                                                          Circuit conductors, 430–II                                                                       Buildings, 830–II, 830–V
                  Testing, 550.17                                         Code letters, Table 430.7(B)              Short circuit protection, 430–IV,
                  Wiring methods and materials,                                                                             430–V                                            Cables outside and entering build-
                                                                          Conductors, 430–II                                                                                       ings, 830–II
                          550.15                                                                                    Starting, shunting, 430.35
                                                                            Adjustable speed drive systems,                                                                     Aerial cables, Above roofs
                 Mobile X-ray equipment, 660.4(B),                                                                  Swimming pools, fountains, and sim-
                                                                                  430.122                                                                                          830.44(F), Between buildings
                          660.21                                                                                            ilar installations, 680.21,
                                                                            Combination loads, 430.25                                                                              830.44(H), On buildings
                  Definition, 660.2                                                                                         680.27(B)(1)
                                                                            Continuous duty, 430.22(A)                                                                             830.44(I), Clearance from
                 Module, solar voltaic systems                                                                      System isolation equipment,
                                                                            Feeder demand factor, 430.26                                                                           ground 830.44(D), Climbing
                  Definition, 690.2                                                                                         430.109(A)(7)
                                                                            Intermittent duty, 430.22(E)                                                                           space 830.44(B), Final spans
                 Mogul base lampholders, 210.6(C)(3),                                                                  Definition, 430.2
                                                                            Motor and other loads, 430.24                                                                          830.44(G), Lead–in clearance
                          410.53                                                                                    Tables, 430–XIV
                                                                            Several motors, 430.24                                                                                 830.44(C), 830.44, On poles
                 Monorails, 555.23, Art. 610                                                                        Taps, 430.28, 430.53(D)
                                                                            Single motor, 430.22                                                                                   830.44(A), Over pools
                 Motion picture and television studios,                                                             Terminal housings, 430.12,
                                                                            Wound rotor secondary, 430.23                                                                          830.44(E)
                          Art. 530                                                                                          430.245(A)
                                                                          Control centers. see Control centers                                                                  Entrance cables, 830.40
                  Definitions, 530.2                                                                                Terminals, 430.9
                                                                          Control circuits, 430–VI                                                                              Low-power circuits, 830.40(B)
                  Dressing rooms, 530–III                                                                           Three overload units, Table 430.37
                                                                          Controllers. see Controllers, motor                                                                   Medium power circuits,
                  Feeder conductors, sizing, 530.19                                                                 Ultimate trip current, 430.32(A)(2)
                                                                          Current, full load. see Full-load cur-                                                                   830.40(A)
                  Film storage vault, 530–V                                                                         Ventilation, 430.14(A), 430.16
                  Grounding, 530.20                                               rent motors                       Wiring diagram, Fig. 430.1                               Underground circuits entering
                  Lamps, portable, 530.16, 530.17                         Curtain, theater, 520.48                  Wiring space in enclosures, 430.10                             buildings, 830.47
                  Live parts, 530.15                                      Definitions, 430.2                       Mounting of equipment, 110.13,                               Direct-buried cables and race-
                  Overcurrent protection, 530.18,                         Disconnecting means, 430.74,                      314.23, 404.9(A), 404.10,                              ways, 830.47(B)
                          530.63                                                  430.95, 430–IX, 430.128,                  410–IV                                              Mechanical protection,
                  Portable equipment, 530.6                                       430.227                          Moving walks. see Elevators, dumb-                              830.47(C)
                  Stage or set, 530–II                                    Feeder demand factor, 430.26                      waiters, escalators, moving                         Pools, 830.47(D)
                  Substations, 530–VI                                     Feeders, calculation of load, 220.40,             walks, wheelchair lifts, and                        Underground systems,
                  Viewing, cutting, and patching ta-                              220–IV                                    stairway chair lifts                                   830.47(A)
                          bles, 530–IV                                    Full-load current. see Full-load cur-    Multioutlet assembly, Art. 380                            Wiring methods within, 830–V
                  Wiring                                                          rent motors                       Calculation of load, 220.14(H)                              Installation of, 830.133
                     Permanent, 530.11                                    Fuseholder, size of, 430.57               Definition, Art. 100–I                                      Low-power wiring, 830.154,
                     Portable, 530.12                                     General, 430–I                            Metal, through dry partitions, 380.3                           Ducts, plenums, other air
                 Motion picture projector rooms. see                      Ground-fault protection, 430–IV,          Use, 380.2                                                     handling spaces 830.154(B),
                          Projector rooms, motion pic-                            430–V                            Multiple circuit connections, ground-                           plenums, Other wiring
                          ture                                            Grounding, 250–VI, 430.12(E),                     ing, 250.144                                           830.154(D), Riser
                 Motion picture theaters. see Theaters                            430.96, 430–XIII                 Multiple conductors (conductors in                              830.154(C)
                 Motor-circuit switches                                   Grouped, 430.24, 430.42, 430.53,                  parallel). see Conductors,                          Medium power wiring, 830.151,
                  Definition, Art. 100–I                                          430.87, 430.112 Ex.                       multiple                                               Ducts, plenums, other air

                 1320                                                                                                                               2005 National Electrical Code Handbook

Copyright National Fire Protection Association                                                                     Document provided by IHS Licensee=ExxonMobil/1890500101, 05/05/2005 16:40:27
Provided by IHS under license with NFPA                                                                            MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy
                                                                                                                   Group at 303-397-2295.

                                  handling spaces 830.151(A),     Nonincendive component, 500.7(H)                  Uses permitted, 354.10                                         Grounding of entrance cables, 770.93
                                  plenums, Other wiring             Definition, 500.2                             Nonmetallic wireways. see Wireways,                              Installation, 770.52, 770.113
                                  830.151(C), Riser               Nonincendive equipment, 500.7(G),                         nonmetallic                                             Listing requirements, 770.82,
                                  830.151(B)                                506.8(F)                              Nonpower-limited fire alarm circuit                                       770.113
                          General, 830–I                            Definition, 500.2                                       (NPLFA), 760–II                                        Location, 508.8(E), 770.3
                            Access to electrical equipment be-    Nonlinear load                                    Definition, 760.2                                               Marking, Table 770.113
                                  hind panels, 830.21               Definition, Art. 100–I                        Nontamperable                                                    Mechanical execution of work,
                            Definitions, 830.2                    Nonmetallic boxes. see Boxes, nonme-              Circuit breakers, 240.82                                                770.24
                            Locations and other articles, 830.3             tallic                                  Type S fuses, 240.54(D)                                         Optical fibers and electrical conduc-
                            Mechanical execution of work,         Nonmetallic conduit. see Liquidtight            Number of services, 230.2                                                 tors, 770.52
                                  830.24                                    flexible nonmetallic conduit;         Nurses’ stations                                                 Protection, 770–II
                            Power limitations, 830.15                       Nonmetallic underground                 Definition, 517.2                                               Raceway system, 770.6
                            Scope, 830.1                                    conduit with conductors               Nursing homes. see also Health care                              Types, 770.5, 770.6, 770.82
                          Grounding methods, 830–IV               Nonmetallic extensions, Art. 382                          facilities                                            Optional standby systems, Art. 702
                            Bonding and grounding at mobile         Bends, 382.26                                   Definition, 517.2                                              Capacity and rating, 702.5
                                  homes, 830.106                    Boxes and fittings, 382.40                      Essential electrical systems, 517.40                           Circuit wiring, 702–II
                            Cable network interface unit, and       Definition, 382.2                                                                                               Definition, 702.2
                                  primary protection, 830.100       Exposed, 382.15                                                                                                 Equipment approval, 702.4
                            Metallic members, 830.93                Installation, 382–II                                                 O                                          Grounding, 702–III
                          Listing requirements, 830–VI              Splices and taps, 382.56                                                                                       Portable generator grounding, 702.10
                                                                                                                  Occupancy, lighting loads, 220.12,
                          Marking, 830.179(A)                       Supporting and securing, 382.30                                                                                Power sources, 702–IV
                                                                                                                             Table 220.12
                          Protection, 830–III                       Uses not permitted, 382.12                                                                                     Signals, 702.7
                                                                                                                  Office furnishings, Art. 605
                            Grounding of metallic members,          Uses permitted, 382.10                                                                                         Signs, 702.8
                                                                                                                    General, 605.2
                                  830.93                          Nonmetallic rigid conduit. see Rigid                                                                             Transfer equipment, 702.6
                                                                                                                    Lighting accessories, 605.5
                            Physical damage, protection                     nonmetallic conduit                                                                                   Organs
                                  against, 830.44(I)(4),          Nonmetallic-sheathed cable (Types                                                                                 Electronic, 640.1
                                                                                                                       Fixed-type, 605.6
                                  830.47(C), 830.100(A)(6),                 NM, NMC, and NMS), Art.                                                                                 Pipe, Art. 650
                                                                                                                       Freestanding type, 605.7, 605.8
                                  830.157                                   334                                                                                                       Conductors, 650.6
                                                                                                                       Interconnections, 605.4
                            Primary electrical protection,          Accessible attics, 334.23                                                                                         Grounding, 250.112(B), 650.4
                                                                                                                    Wireways, 605.3
                                  830.90                            Ampacity, 334.80                                                                                                  Installation of conductors, 650.7
                                                                                                                  Official interpretations. see Formal
                          Types, 830.179                            Bends, 334.24                                                                                                     Overcurrent protection, 650.8
                        Neutral. see also Conductors, grounded      Boxes and fittings, 334.40                                                                                        Source of energy, 650.4
                                                                                                                  Oil (filled) cutouts, 490.21(D)
                          Bare, 230.22 Ex., 230.30 Ex., 230.41      Conductors, 334.104                                                                                           Outdoor receptacles, 210.8(A)(3),
                                                                                                                    Definition, Art. 100–II
                                  Ex.                               Construction, 334–III                         Oil-filled equipment, 490.3. see also                                     210.52(E), 406.8, 680.22(A),
                          Bonding to service equipment,             Definition, 334.2                                        Transformers, oil-insulated                                    680.32
                                  250.92                            Devices of insulating material,               Oil immersion, 500.7(I)                                         Outlet boxes. see Boxes
                          Busways, over 600 volts, 368.258                  334.40(B)                             Oil-insulated transformers. see                                 Outlets
                          Common. see Common neutral                Devices with integral enclosures,                        Transformers                                          Appliance, 210.50(C)
                          Conductor, 310.15(B)(4),                          334.40(C)                             Openings in equipment to be closed,                              Definition, Art. 100–I
                                  310.15(B)(6), Tables B.310.1      Exposed work, 334.15                                     110.12(A), 312.5(A),                                  Devices, branch circuits, 210.7
                                  through B.310.10                  Grounding, 334.108                                       314.17(A)                                             Discontinued
                          Continuity of, 300.13                     Installation, 334–II                          Open wiring on insulators, Art. 398                                 Cellular concrete floor raceways,
                          Direct current generators, 445.12(D),     Insulation, 334.112                             Accessible attics, 398.23                                               372.13
                                  445.13                            Listed, 334.6                                   Clearances, 398.19                                                Cellular metal floor raceways,
                          Equipment, grounding to, 250.142          Marking, 310.11                                 Conductors, types permitted,                                            374.7
                          Feeder load, 220.61                       Nonmetallic outlet boxes, 334.40(A)                      398.104                                                  Underfloor raceways, 390.7
                          Grounding of                              Sheath, 334.116                                 Construction specifications, 398–III                           Heating, air-conditioning, and re-
                            AC systems, 250.4, 250.24,              Supports, 334.30                                Definition, 398.2                                                       frigeration equipment,
                                  250.26, 250.34, 250.36            Through or parallel to framing mem-             Exposed work, 398.15                                                    210.63, 550.12(D)
                            DC systems, 250.4, 250.34,                      bers, 300.4, 334.17                     Flexible nonmetallic tubing,                                   Laundry. see Laundry
                                  250.36, 250.162(B)                Unfinished basements, 334.15(C)                          398.15(A)                                             Lighting. see Lighting outlets
                          Identification, Art. 200                  Uses not permitted, 334.12                      Installation, 398–II                                           Multioutlet assembly. see Multioutlet
                          Ranges and dryers, grounding,             Uses permitted, 334.10                          Securing and supporting, 398.30                                         assembly
                                  250.140, 250.142                Nonmetallic underground conduit                   Through or parallel to framing mem-                            Outdoor, 550.20, 551.53(C),
                          Uninsulated, where permitted,                     with conductors (Type                            bers, 398.17                                                   552.41(E), 552.59
                                  230.22 Ex., 230.30 Ex.,                   NUCC), Art. 354                         Uses not permitted, 398.12                                     Power
                                  230.41 Ex., 250.140(3),           Bends, 354.24, 354.26                           Uses permitted, 398.10                                            Definition, Art. 100–I
                                  338.10(B)                         Bushings, 354.46                              Operable, externally                                             Receptacle, 210.50
                        Nightclubs, Art. 518                        Conductor terminations, 354.50                  Definition, Art. 100–I                                            Definition, Art. 100–I
                        Nipples, conduit. see Conduit nipples       Construction specifications, 354–III          Operating device                                                    Dwellings, where required, 210.52
                        Noise. see Electrical noise                 Definition, 354.2                               Definition, 620.2                                              Required, 210–III
                        Nonautomatic                                Grounding, 344.60                             Operating rooms, hospital, 517–IV                               Outlet spacing, dwelling baseboard
                          Definition, Art. 100–I                    Installation, 354–II                            Emergency lighting system, Art. 700                                     heaters, 210.52
                        Nonelectrical equipment, grounding,         Joints, 354.48                                Optical fiber cables, Art. 770                                  Outline lighting, Art. 600. see also
                                  250.116                           Listing, 344.6                                  Access to electrical equipment,                                         Signs
                        Nongrounding-type receptacles, re-          Marking, 354.120                                         770.21                                                Definitions, Art. 100–I, 600.2
                                  placements, 250.130(C),           Number of conductors, 354.22                    Within buildings, 770–III                                      Grounding, conductor size, 600.7
                                  406.3(D)                          Size, 354.20                                    Cables                                                        Output circuits
                        Nonincendive circuits, 500.7(F),            Splices and taps, 344.56                           Application, 770.154                                        Amplifiers, 640.9(C)
                                  506.8(E)                          Trimming, 354.28                                   Substitutions, 770.154(F)                                   Fuel cell systems, 692.61, 692–VIII
                          Definition, 500.2                         Uses not permitted, 354.12                      Definition, 770.2, 770.4                                       Heat generating equipment, 665.5

                        National Electrical Code Handbook 2005                                                                                                                                                   1321

Copyright National Fire Protection Association                                                              Document provided by IHS Licensee=ExxonMobil/1890500101, 05/05/2005 16:40:27
Provided by IHS under license with NFPA                                                                     MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy
                                                                                                            Group at 303-397-2295.

                 Outside branch circuits and feeders,    Capacitors, 460.8(B), 460.25                  Panelboards, 408.35, 408.36                                 Accessibility of energized parts,
                          Art. 225                       Circuit breakers, 240–VII                     Paralleled fuses and circuit breakers,                            490.35
                  Calculation of load, 225.3             Circuits, remote control, signaling,                  240.8, 404.17                                       Arrangement of devices in assem-
                     Branch circuits, 220–I, 220–II,             and power-limited                     Park trailers, 552.10(E)                                          blies, 490.31
                          225.3(A)                          Class 1 systems, 725.23                    Phase converters, 455.7                                     Circuit breakers — interlocks,
                     Feeders, 220–III, 225.3(B)             Class 2 and Class 3 systems, Chap.         Recreational vehicle parks, 551.74                                490.45
                  Circuit entrances and exits, build-            9, Tables 11(A) and 11(B)             Recreational vehicles, 551–IV,                              Clearance for cable conductors en-
                          ings, 225.11                   Circuits less than 50 volts, 720.8                    551.43, 551.45                                            tering enclosure, 490.34
                  Conductors                             Communications systems. see Com-              Remote-control circuits, 240.4(G),                          Door stops and cover plates,
                     Clearance                                   munications circuits, protec-                 Art. 725                                                  490.38
                       From buildings, 225.19, 225.61            tion                                  Sensitive electronic equipment,                             Enclosed equipment, 110.31,
                       From ground, 225.18, 225.60       Conductors. see Conductors                            647.4(A)                                                  490–III
                     Covering, 225.4                     Cords, flexible and tinsel, 240.5,            Services                                                    Fused interrupter switches, 490.44
                     Size, 225.5, 225.6, 225.50                  400.13                                   Equipment, 230–VII                                       Gas discharge from interrupting
                  Disconnection, 225.31, 225.51          Cord sets, extension, 240.5                      Over 600 volts, 230.208                                       devices, 490.39
                          through 225.53                 Cranes and hoists, 610–V                      Solar photovoltaic systems,                                 General, 490.30
                  Lighting equipment installed out-      Current-limiting                                      690.6(E), 690.9                                     Grounding, 490.36
                          doors, 225.7                      Definition, 240.2                          Storage battery prime movers, 480.4                         Grounding of devices, 490.37
                  Location of outdoor lamps, 225.25      Disconnecting and guarding, 240–IV            Supervised industrial installations,                        Guarding, 490.32, 490.33
                  Mechanical protection, 225.20          Electric deicing, snow-melting                        240–VIII                                            Inspection windows, 490.40
                  More than one building or structure,           equipment, 426.52                     Supplementary, 240.10                                       Interlocks — interrupter switches,
                          225–II                         Electric pipeline, vessel heating                Definition, Art. 100–I                                        490.42, 490.45
                     Access to occupants, 225.35                 equipment, 427.57                     Switchboards, 408.2                                         Location of devices, 490.41
                     Access to overcurrent protective    Electric space heating equipment,             Television studios. see Motion pic-                         Service equipment, 490.46
                          devices, 225.40                        424.22                                        ture and television studios                         Stored energy for opening, 490.43
                     Disconnect                          Electric vehicle supply equipment,            Theaters, stage switchboards, 520.23,                    Enclosure for electrical installations,
                       Construction, 225.38                      625.21                                        520.25(A), 520.50(C),                                    110.31
                       Disconnecting means, 225.31       Electroplating systems, 669.9                         520.52, 520.62(B)                                Equipment, Art. 490
                       Grouping of, 225.34               Elevators, dumbwaiters, escalators,           Transformers, 450.3, 450.4(A),                           Fuel cell systems, 692–VIII
                       Location of, 225.32                       moving walks, wheelchair                      450.5(A)(2) and (B)(2)                           Fuses and fuseholders, 490.21(B)
                       Maximum number, 225.33                    lifts, stairway chair lifts,          Vertical position, enclosures, 240.33                    Grounding, Art. 250, 490.36, 490.37,
                       Rating of, 225.39                         620–VII                               Welders, 630.12, 630.32                                          490.74
                       Suitable for service equipment,   Emergency systems, 700–VI                     Welders, electric, 630.12(B),                            Headroom above working spaces,
                          225.36                         Enclosures, 240–III                                   630.32(B)                                                110.32
                     Identification, 225.37              Exciters, 445.12(A)                           X-ray equipment, 517.73, 660.6                           Illumination of working spaces,
                     Number of supplies, 225.30          Feeder taps, 240.21(B), 240.92,              Overhead spans, 225.6(A)                                          110.34(D)
                  Outdoor lampholders, 225.24, 225.25            430.28                               Overload                                                  Indoor installations, 110.31(B)
                  Over 600 volts, 225–III                Fire alarm systems, 760.23, 760.24,           Definition, Art. 100–I                                   Insulation shielding, 300.40
                  Point of attachment, 225.16                    Chap. 9, Tables 12(A) and             Protection. see also Overcurrent pro-                    Isolating means, 490.22
                  Spacing, open conductors, 225.14               12(B)                                         tection                                          Load interrupters, 490.21(E)
                  Supports                               Fire pumps, 230.90 Ex. 4, 430.3 FPN              Cranes and hoists, 610.43                             Mobile and portable equipment,
                     Open conductors, 225.12             Fixture wires, 240.5, 402.12                     Motors, motor circuits, and con-                               490–IV
                     Over buildings, 225.15              Flexible cords. see Cords, flexible                   trollers, 430–III, 430.55,                          Collector rings, 490.54
                  Vegetation, 225.26                     Fuel cell systems, 692.8, 692.9                       430.225(B), 460.9,                                  Enclosures, 490.53
                  Wiring on buildings, 225.10            Fuses and fuseholders, 240.8, 240–V,                  610.43(A) to (C), 620.61(B)                         General, 490.51
                 Outside of buildings, when services             240–VI, 404.17                       Over 600 volts, Art. 490                                     High voltage cables for main
                          considered, 230.6              Generators, 445.12                            Ampacity, 310.15, 310.60, 392.11,                                power supply, 490.56
                 Ovens, wall-mounted. see also Cook-     Induction and dielectric heating                      392.13                                              Overcurrent protection, 490.52
                          ing unit, counter-mounted;             equipment, 665.11                     Bending, 300.34                                             Power cable connections to mobile
                          Ranges                         Industrial control panels, 409.21             Boxes, pull and junction, 314.IV                                 machines, 490.55
                  Branch circuits, 210.19(A)(3),         Industrial machinery, 670.4(C)                Busways, 368–IV                                          Moisture, mechanical protection,
                          210.23(C), 220.55, Table       Instrumentation tray cable (Type              Capacitors, 460–II                                               metal-sheathed cables,
                          220.55 Note 4                          ITC), 727.9                           Circuit breakers. see Circuit breakers                           300.42
                  Connections, 422.16(B)(3),             Integrated electrical systems, 685.10         Circuit conductors, 110.36                               Oil-filled equipment and cutouts,
                          422.31(B)                      Interconnected electric power pro-            Circuit interrupting devices, 490.21                             490.3, 490.21(D)
                  Demand factors and loads, Table                duction sources, 705.30               Conductors, 110–III, 300.39                              Outdoor installations, 110.31(C)
                          220.55                         Legally required standby systems,             Definitions, Art. 100–II, 490.2                          Outside branch circuits and feeders,
                  Grounding, 250.134, 250.140                    701–IV                                Distribution cutouts, 490.21(C)                                  225–III
                 Overcurrent                             Lighting track, 410.103                       Electrode-type boilers, 490–V                            Overcurrent protection, 110.52,
                  Definition, Art. 100–I                 Location, 230.91, 240.92, 240–II                 Branch circuit requirements,                                   240.100, 240.101, 240–IX,
                 Overcurrent devices. see also Over-     Mobile home, 550.11                                   490.72                                                   460.25, 490.52
                          current protection             Motion picture and television stu-               Electricity supply system, 490.71                     Portable cables, 400.36
                  Enclosed, 230.208(B)                           dios, 530.18, 530.63                     General, 490.70                                       Protection of equipment, 110.34(F)
                  Standard, 240.6                        Motors. see Motors                               Grounding, 490.74                                     Resistors and reactors, 470–II
                 Overcurrent protection, Art. 240        Multiple fuses and circuit breakers              Pressure and temperature limit                        Separation, 490.24, Table 490.24
                  Air-conditioning and refrigerating             (in parallel), 240.8, 404.17                  control, 490.73                                  Services, 230–VIII
                          equipment, 440–III             Occupant access to, 240.24(B)                 Elevation of unguarded live parts,                       Shielding solid dielectric-insulated
                  Appliances, 422.11                     Organs, 650.8                                         110.34(E)                                                conductors, 310.6
                     Single appliance, 210.20            Over 600 volts, 110.52, 240.100,              Enclosed power switchgear and in-                        Solar photovoltaic systems, 690–IX
                  Branch circuits, 210.20, 240.3                 240.101, 240–IX, 460.25,                      dustrial control assemblies,                     Temporary, Art. 590
                  Busways, 368.17                                490.52                                        490–III                                          Tray installations, Art. 392

                 1322                                                                                                                              2005 National Electrical Code Handbook

Copyright National Fire Protection Association                                                        Document provided by IHS Licensee=ExxonMobil/1890500101, 05/05/2005 16:40:27
Provided by IHS under license with NFPA                                                               MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy
                                                                                                      Group at 303-397-2295.

                                                                         Tunnel installation, 110–IV                Grounding, 552.55, 552.56                     Physical damage. see Protection, phys-                  Double insulation, 250.114 Ex.
                                                                         Voltage regulators, 490.23                 Low-voltage systems, 552.10,                            ical damage                                   Generators, 250.34
                                                                         Wiring methods, 300.37, 300.50,                    552.60(B)                             Pipe, gas. see Gas pipe                                 Grounding, 250.114, 250.138
                                                                                Table 300.50, 300–II                Luminaires (lighting fixtures),               Pipe electrodes, 250.52(A)(1),                             Conductor size, 250.122, Table
                                                                                                                            552.10(G), 552.54, 552.59                       250.52(A)(5), 250.53,                                 250.122
                                                                                                                    Nominal 120- or 120/240-volt sys-                       250.56, 250.66(A), 250.70                     Stage and studio, 520.5(B), 520–V,
                                                                                          P                                 tems, 552.40, 552.60(A)               Pipe heating cable outlet, mobile                               530.6
                                                                       Panel, solar photovoltaic systems            Outdoor outlets, fixtures, equipment,                   home, 550.13(E)                               X-ray, 660.4(B), 660.21
                                                                         Definition, 690.2                                  552.41(E), 552.59                     Pipeline. see also Fixed electric heating                  Definition, 660.2
                                                                       Panelboards, Art. 408                        Power supply, 552.43                                    equipment for pipelines and                 Portable handlamps, 410.42(B)
                                                                         Bonding, 408.40, 517.14                    Receptacle outlets required, 552.41,                    vessels                                     Portable lamps, 410.42, 511.4(B)(2),
                                                                         Circuit directory, 408.4                           552.53                                  Definition, 427.2                                             513.10(E)(1), 515.7(C),
                                                                         Component parts, 408.53                    Switches, 552.52                              Pipe organs. see Organs, pipe                                   516.4(D), 530.16, 530.17
                                                                         Damp or wet locations, 408.37              Tests, factory, 552.60                        Piping systems, bonding, 250.104                        Flexible cords for, Table 400.4, 400.7
                                                                         Definition, Art. 100–I                     Wiring methods, 552.48                        Places of assembly. see Assembly,                       Handlamps, 410.42(B)
                                                                         Distribution, 550.10(B), 550.11,         Parts. see specific type such as Live                     places of                                     Motion picture studios, in, 530.16,
                                                                                 551.45, 551.54(B), 552.45,                 parts                                 Plants                                                          530.17
                                                                                 552.55(B)                        Part-winding motors, 430.4                        Bulk storage, Art. 515                                Show windows, show cases, 400.11
                                                                           Definition, 550.2, 551.2                 Code letter markings, 430.7(B)(5)               Cleaning and dyeing, 500.5(B)(1),                             Ex. 2
                                                                         Enclosure, 408.38                        Patching tables, motion picture,                          Art. 501, Art. 505                          Portable power distribution unit,
                                                                         Flash protection, 110.16                           530–IV                                  Clothing manufacturing, 500.5(D),                             520.62
                                                                         General, 408.30                          Path, grounding, 250.2, 250.4(A)(5),                      Art. 503, Art. 506                            Definition, 520.2
                                                                         Grounding, 408.40, 517.19(D)                       250.28                                Plate electrodes, 250.52(A)(6), 250.53,               Portable switchboards, theater
                                                                         Installation, 110.26(F)                  Patient bed location, 517.18, 517.19                      250.56, 250.66(A)                                     stages, 520–IV
                                                                         Lighting and appliance branch-cir-         Definition, 517.2                             Plenums, 300.22                                       Portable wiring, motion picture stu-
                                                                                 cuit                             Patient care areas, 517.13, 517.80. see           Definition, Art. 100–I                                        dios, 530.12
                                                                           Definition, 408.34(A)                            also Health care facilities             Network-powered broadband com-                      Positive-pressure ventilation,
                                                                           Number of overcurrent devices,           Definition, 517.2                                       munications cables,                                   500.7(D), 501.125(A)(2),
                                                                                 408.35                           Patient vicinity                                          830.154(B), 830.179(A)(2)                             502.125(A)(2), 502.125(B),
                                                                         Overcurrent protection, 408.35,            Definition, 517.2                               Wiring in, 300.22                                             505.8(B), 506.8(B)
                                                                                 408.36                           Pediatric locations, 517.18(C)                       CATV coaxial cable, 820.113,                     Power, emergency systems. see Emer-
                                                                         Relative arrangement of switches and     Pendant conductors, lamps, 410.27                         820.154(A), 820.179(A),                               gency systems
                                                                                 fuses, 408.39                    Pendants                                                  820.182                                     Power and control tray cable (Type
                                                                         Sensitive electronic equipment,            Aircraft hangars, 513.7(B)                         Communications circuits,                                   TC), Art. 336
                                                                                 647.4(A)                           Anesthetizing locations,                                800.154(A), 800.179(A),                       Ampacity, 336.80
                                                                         Service equipment, 230.79,                         517.61(B)(3) Ex. 2,                             800.182                                       Bends, 336.24
                                                                                 408.3(C), 408.36(A)                        517.61(C)(1) Ex.                      Pliable raceways. see Raceways, pli-                    Conductors, 336.104
                                                                         Spacing, minimum, 408.56                   Bathrooms, 410.4(D)                                     able                                          Construction specifications, 336–III
                                                                         Support for busbars and conductors,                                                                                                              Definition, 336.2
                                                                                                                    Clothes closets, 410.8(C)                     Plugging boxes, motion picture stu-
                                                                                 408.3                                                                                                                                    Installation, 336–II
                                                                                                                    Connector, cord, 210.50(A)                              dios, 530.14, 530.18(E)
                                                                         Use as enclosure, 312.8                                                                                                                          Jacket, 336.116
                                                                                                                    Dressing rooms, theater, 520.71                 Definition, 530.2
                                                                         Wire bending space, 408.55                                                                                                                       Marking, 336.120
                                                                                                                    Flexible cord, 400.7(A)(1)                    Plugs, attachment. see Attachment
                                                                       Pans, fixture, 410.13                                                                                                                              Uses not permitted, 336.12
                                                                                                                    Garages, commercial, 511.7(A)(2)                        plugs
                                                                       Paralleled                                                                                                                                         Uses permitted, 336.10
                                                                                                                    Mobile homes, 550.14(C)                       Point of entrance
                                                                         Alternate sources, Art. 705                                                                                                                    Power factor
                                                                                                                  Periodic duty                                     Definition, 800.2, 820.2, 830.2
                                                                         Elevators, dumbwaiters, escalators,                                                                                                              Definition, Annex D
                                                                                                                    Definition, Art. 100–I                        Polarization

                                                                                 moving walks, 620.12(A)(1)                                                                                                             Power-limited fire alarm circuit
                                                                                                                  Permanent plaque or directory,                    Appliances, 422.40
                                                                         Power production sources, Art. 705                                                                                                                       (PLFA)
                                                                                                                            225.37, 230.2(E), 705.10                Connections, 200.11
                                                                       Paralleled circuit breakers and fuses,                                                                                                             Definition, 760.2
                                                                                                                  Permission, special                               Luminaires (lighting fixtures),
                                                                                 240.8, 404.17                                                                                                                          Power-limited tray cable (Type
                                                                                                                    Definition, Art. 100–I                                  410.23
                                                                       Paralleled conductors. see Conduc-                                                                                                                         PLTC), 725.61, 725.71(E)
                                                                                                                  Person, qualified                                 Plugs, receptacles, and connectors,
                                                                                 tors, paralleled                                                                                                                         Class I, Division 2 locations,
                                                                                                                    Definition, Art. 100–I                                  200.10(B)
                                                                       Park trailers, Art. 552. see also Mobile                                                                                                                   501.10(B)(4)
                                                                                 homes; Recreational vehicles     Phase converters, Art. 455                        Portable handlamps, 410.42(A)                         Marking, 310.11
                                                                         Appliance accessibility and fasten-        Capacitors, 455.23                              Receptacle adapters, 406.9(B)(3)                    Power outlet. see Outlets, power
                                                                                 ing, 552.58                        Conductors, 455.6                               Screw-shell type lampholders,                       Power production sources. see Inter-
                                                                         Bonding, 552.57                            Definition, 455.2                                       410.47                                                connected electric power pro-
                                                                         Branch circuits, 552.46                    Different types of, 455–II                    Poles                                                           duction sources
                                                                         Calculations, 552.47                       Disconnecting means, 455.8, 455.20              Climbing space, conductors,                         Power source, alternate
                                                                         Combination electrical systems,            Equipment grounding connection,                         225.14(D)                                     Definition, 517.2
                                                                                 552.20                                     455.5                                   Conductors, mechanical protection,                  Power supply, mobile homes, 550.10
                                                                         Conductors and boxes, 552.48,              Marking, 455.4                                          225.20, 230.50                              Power supply assembly, recreational
                                                                                 552.49                             Overcurrent protection, 455.7                   Supporting luminaires (lighting fix-                          vehicles, 551.44
                                                                         Connection of terminals and splices,       Power interruption, 455.22                              tures), 410.15(B)                             Definition, 551.2
                                                                                 552.51                             Rotary                                        Pool covers. see Covers                               Preassembled cable in nonmetallic
                                                                         Cord, 552.44                                  Definition, 455.2                          Pools. see also Swimming pools, foun-                           conduit. see Nonmetallic un-
                                                                         Definition, 552.2                          Start-up, 455.21                                        tains, and similar installations                      derground conduit with con-
                                                                         Distribution panelboard, 552.45,           Static                                          Definitions, 680.2                                            ductors
                                                                                 552.55(B)                             Definition, 455.2                          Portable appliances. see Appliances                   Premises wiring (system)
                                                                         Grounded conductors, 552.50                Terminal housings, 455.10                     Portable equipment                                      Definition, Art. 100–I
                                                                         Ground-fault circuit interrupters,       Photovoltaic systems. see Solar photo-            Definition, 520.2                                   Pressure (solderless) connectors
                                                                                 552.41(C)                                  voltaic systems                         Disconnecting means, 517.17(C)                        Definition, Art. 100–I

                                                                       National Electrical Code Handbook 2005                                                                                                                                           1323

Copyright National Fire Protection Association                                                                                                              Document provided by IHS Licensee=ExxonMobil/1890500101, 05/05/2005 16:40:27
Provided by IHS under license with NFPA                                                                                                                     MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy
                                                                                                                                                            Group at 303-397-2295.

                 Prevention of fire spread. see Fire           Audio signal processing, amplifi-     Public assembly places, Art. 518                        Flexible metallic tubing (Type FMT).
                           spread                                   cation, and reproduction           Emergency lighting system, Art. 700                           see Flexible metallic tubing
                 Programmed power distribution. see                 equipment, 640.45                Pull boxes. see also Boxes; Junction                            (Type FMT)
                           Closed-loop and programmed          Busways, 368.12(A)                              boxes                                         Grounding, 250.132, 250–IV
                           power distribution                  Cabinets, cutout boxes, and meter       Accessibility, 314.29                                    Short sections, 250.86 Ex. 2,
                 Projector rooms, motion picture, Art.              socket enclosures, 312.5           Construction specifications, 314.72,                          250.132
                           540                                 Conductors, 250.64(B), 300.4,                   314–III                                       Induced currents, 300.20
                   Audio signal equipment, 540.50,                  300.50(B)                          Gutters, auxiliary, used as, 366.58(B)                Installed in shallow grooves,
                           540–IV                                 CATV coaxial cable,                  Nonmetallic wireways used as,                                 300.4(E)
                   Definitions, 540.2                               820.100(A)(6)                              378.23(B)                                     Insulating bushings, 300.4(F),
                   Projectors, nonprofessional, 540–III           Network-powered broadband            Over 600 volts, 314–IV                                        300.16(B)
                     Listing, 540.32                                communications cable,              Sizes                                                 Intermediate metal conduit (Type
                     Projection rooms, 540.31                       830.44(I)(4), 830.47(C),              4 AWG and larger conductors,                               IMC). see Intermediate metal
                   Projectors, professional type, 540–II            830.100(A)(6), 830.157                     314.28(A)                                             conduit (Type IMC)
                     Conductor size, 540.13                       Radio and television receiving          6 AWG and smaller conductors,                      Liquidtight flexible metal conduit
                     Conductors on hot equipment,                   station, 810.21(D)                         314.16                                                (Type LFMC). see Liq-
                           540.14                              Cords, flexible, 400.8(7), 400.14,         Over 600 volts, 314.71                                     uidtight flexible metal con-
                     Flexible cords, 540.15                         640.45                           Pumps. see also Fire pumps                                      duit (Type LFMC)
                     Listing, 540.20                           Electrical metallic tubing,             Canned, Class I hazardous (classi-                    Liquidtight flexible nonmetallic con-
                                                                    358.12(1)                                  fied) locations, 501.15(F)(3),
                     Location of equipment, 540.11                                                                                                                   duit (Type LFNC). see Liq-
                                                               Electrical nonmetallic tubing,                  505.16(E)(3)
                     Marking, 540.21                                                                                                                                 uidtight flexible nonmetallic
                                                                    362.12(10)                         Pool
                     Projector room, 540.10                                                                                                                          conduit (Type LFNC)
                                                               Emergency system, 517.30(C)(3)             Double insulated, 680.21(B),
                     Work space, 540.12                                                                                                                      Luminaires (fixtures) as, 410.31
                                                               Lamps, electric discharge lighting,             680.31
                 Proscenium                                                                                                                                  Network-powered broadband com-
                                                                    410.85                                Storable pools, 680.31
                   Definition, 520.2                                                                                                                                 munications cables,
                                                               Lighting track, 410.101(C)(1)
                 Protection                                                                                                                                          830.133(A)(1), 830.154(C)
                                                               Liquidtight flexible metal conduit,
                   Combustible material, appliances,                350.12(1)                                                                                        and (D)
                           422.17                                                                                          Q                                 Number of conductors, 300.17. see
                                                               Liquidtight flexible nonmetallic
                   Communications systems. see Com-                 conduit, 356.12(1)               Qualified person. see Person, qualified                         also Conductor fill
                           munications circuits                Luminaires (fixtures) in indoor                                                               Optical fiber cable, 770.6, 770.12,
                   Corrosion                                        sports, mixed-use, and all-                                                                      770.182(A) through (G)
                     Boxes, metal, 314.40(A),                       purpose facilities, 410.4(E)                           R                                 Pliable, 362.2
                           314.72(A)                           Metal-clad cable, 300.42, 330.12                                                              Rigid metal conduit (Type RMC). see
                     Cable trays, 392.5                        Mineral-insulated metal-sheathed        Adjustment factors for more than                              Rigid metal conduit (Type
                     Conductors, 310.9                              cable, 332.10(10)                          three current-carrying con-                           RMC)
                     Deicing, snow-melting equipment,          Multioutlet assembly, 380.2(B)(2)               ductors in raceway, Table                     Rigid nonmetallic conduit (Type
                           426.26, 426.43                      Nonmetallic-sheathed cable,                     B.310.11                                              RNC). see Rigid nonmetallic
                     Electrical metallic tubing,                    334.15(B)                          Bonding, 250–V, 501.30(A),                                    conduit (Type RNC)
                           358.10(B)                           Open conductors and cables,                     502.30(A), 503.30(A),                         Secured, 300.11(A)
                     Flat conductor cable, 324.10(I),               230.50                                     505.25(A)                                     Service. see Service raceways
                           324.101                             Open wiring, 398.15(A) and (C)          Busways. see Busways                                  Signaling Class I circuits, 725.26,
                     General equipment, 300.6                  Overcurrent devices, 240.24(C)          CATV coaxial cable, 820.110,                                  725.28
                     Intermediate metal conduit,               Raceways, 300.5(D)(4), 300.50(B)                820.133(A) and (C),                           Strut-type channel. see Strut-type
                           342.10(B) and (D)                   Recreational vehicle park under-                820.154(B) and (D)                                    channel raceway
                     Metal-clad cable, 330.116                      ground branch circuits and         Cellular concrete floor. see Cellular                 Support for nonelectrical equipment,
                     Metal equipment, 300.6(A) and                  feeders, 551.80(B)                                                                               300.11(B)
                                                                                                               concrete floor raceways
                           (B)                                 Remote-control circuits,                                                                      Supporting conductors, vertical,
                                                                                                       Cellular metal floor. see Cellular

                     Mineral-insulated metal-sheathed                                                          metal floor raceways                                  300.19
                           cable, 332.12                       Resistors and reactors, 470.18(A)                                                             Surface metal. see Surface metal
                                                                                                       Communications circuits, 800.110,
                     Rigid metal conduit, 344.10(B)            Rigid nonmetallic conduit,                                                                            raceways
                                                                                                               800.133(A)(1), 800.154(B)
                           and (D)                                  352.12(C)                                                                                Surface nonmetallic. see Surface
                                                                                                               and (E), 800.182
                     Strut-type channel raceways,              Space heating systems, 424.12(A)                                                                      nonmetallic raceways
                                                                                                       Conductors in service, 230.7
                           384.100(B)                          Surface raceways, 386.12(1),                                                                  Underfloor. see Underfloor raceways
                                                                    388.12(2)                          Continuity, 300.10, 300.12
                     Underfloor raceways, 390.2(B)                                                     Cords, flexible, installed in, 400.14                 Underground, 300.5(C)(4), 300.50
                                                               Transformers, 450.8(A)
                   Ground fault. see Ground-fault pro-                                                 Definition, Art. 100–I                                Wireways. see Wireways, metal;
                                                               UF cable, 340.12(10)
                           tection                                                                     Drainage, 225.22, 230.53                                      Wireways, nonmetallic
                                                               Underground installations, 230.49,
                   Ground fault circuit interrupter. see                                               Electrical metallic tubing (Type                      Wiring, exterior surfaces of build-
                                                                    300.5(D) and (J)
                           Ground-fault circuit inter-                                                         EMT). see Electrical metallic                         ings, 225.22
                                                               Wireways, 376.12(1), 378.12(1)
                           rupters                         Protective devices. see Arc-fault cir-              tubing (Type EMT)                           Radiant heating panels and radiant
                   Hazardous (classified) locations,                cuit interrupters; Circuit         Electrical nonmetallic tubing (Type                           heating sets. see Fixed elec-
                           500.7, 505.8, 506.8                      breakers; Fuses; Ground-fault              ENT). see Electrical nonme-                           tric space heating equipment
                   Liquids, motors, 430.11                          circuit interrupters; Overcur-             tallic tubing (Type ENT)                    Radio and television equipment, Art.
                   Live parts, 110.27, 445.14, 450.8(C)             rent protection; Thermal cut-      Emergency circuits, independent,                              810. see also Community an-
                   Motor overload, 430.55, 430.225(B),              outs                                       700.9(B)                                              tenna television and radio dis-
                           430–III                         Protective equipment. see Guarding,         Expansion joints, 250.98, 300.7(B),                           tribution (CATV) systems
                   Motor overtemperature, 430.126                   guards                                     352.44                                        Amateur transmitting and receiving
                   Overcurrent. see Overcurrent protec-    Protector, communications systems.          Exposed to different temperatures,                            stations, 810–III
                           tion                                     see Communications circuits                300.7                                         Community television antenna, 810.4
                   Overload. see Overload                  Public address systems, Art. 640            Flexible metal conduit (Type FMC).                    Definitions, 810.2
                   Physical damage                           Emergency power systems, 700.1                    see Flexible metal conduit                    Interior installation — transmitting
                     Armored cable, 320.12, 320.15                  FPN 3                                      (Type FMC)                                            stations, 810–IV

                 1324                                                                                                                 2005 National Electrical Code Handbook

Copyright National Fire Protection Association                                                       Document provided by IHS Licensee=ExxonMobil/1890500101, 05/05/2005 16:40:27
Provided by IHS under license with NFPA                                                              MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy
                                                                                                     Group at 303-397-2295.

                          Noise suppressors, 810.5                    Outlets, 210.50                                               Expandable units, connection,                              Overcurrent protection, 725.23
                          Receiving equipment — antenna sys-            Definition, Art. 100–I                                              551.47(P)                                          Size and use, 725.27(A)
                                  tems, 810–II                          Dwellings, where required, 210.52                           Generator installations, 551.30                         Locations, 725.3, 725.24
                        Radiographic equipment. see X-ray             Patient bed location, 517.18(B),                              Ground-fault circuit-interrupter,                       Overcurrent protection, 725.23,
                                  equipment                                   517.19(B)                                                     551.40(C), 551.41(C)                                  725.24
                        Railway conductors, power and light,          Ratings for various size circuits,                            Grounding, 551.54, 551.55                               Physical protection, 725.11(B)
                                  110.19                                      210.21(B)(3), Table                                   Grounding conductor splices, 551.50                     Power limitations, 725.21
                        Rainproof                                             210.21(B)(3)                                          Identification of grounded conductor,                   Wiring methods, 725.25
                          Definition, Art. 100–I                      Recreational vehicles, 551.52                                         551.49                                        Class 2 and Class 3 circuits, 725–III
                        Raintight                                     Replacement, 406.3(D)                                         Luminaires (lighting fixtures),                         Applications of PLTC cables,
                          Definition, Art. 100–I                      Selected, health care facilities,                                     551.53                                                725.61
                        Ranges, 422.16(B)(3), 422.33(B). see                  517.33(A)                                             Multiple supply source, 551.31                          Circuits extending beyond one
                                  also Cooking unit, counter-           Definition, 517.2                                           Other power sources, 551.32                                   building, 725.57
                                  mounted; Ovens, wall-               Sensitive electronic equipment,                               Outlet boxes, 551.48                                    Conductors, 725.52, 725.58
                                  mounted                                     647.7                                                 Overcurrent protection                                  Installation, 725.54 through
                          Branch circuits, 210.19(A)(3)               Show windows, in, 210.62                                        Branch circuit, 551.43                                      725.57
                            Calculation of load, 220.55, Table        Stages and sets, 530.21                                         Distribution panelboard, 551.45                       Interconnection of power supplies,
                                  220.55                              Swimming pools, 680.22(A), 680.32,                              Power sources, other, 551–III                               725.41(B)
                            Conductors, 210.19                                680.34, 680.43(A), 680.62(E)                          Power supply assembly, 551.44,                          Listing, 725–VI
                            Maximum load, 220.18                      Temporary installations, 590.4(D),                                    551.46                                          Locations, 725.3
                          Feeders, calculation of load, 220.40,               590.6(A)                                              Receptacles, 551.20(F), 551.41,                         Marking, 725.42, 725.71
                                  220.82(B)(3)                        Terminals, identification, 200.10(B)                                  551.52                                          Overcurrent protection, Chap. 9,
                          Grounding, 250.140                          Theaters, 520.45                                              Supply source 120-volt or 120/240-                            Tables 11(A) and 11(B)
                          Hoods, cord-and-plug connected,           Recessed luminaires (lighting fix-                                      volt system, 551–IV                             Power sources, 725.41(A), Chap.
                                  422.16(B)(4)                                tures), 410–XI, 410–XII                               Switches, 551.51                                              9, Tables 11(A) and (B)
                          Loads, demand factors and, Table            Clearances, installation, 410.66                              System voltages, 551–IV                                 Separation, 725.55
                                  220.55                              Construction, 410–XII                                         Tags, labels, and marking, 551.46(D)                    Wiring methods
                          Mobile homes, 550.15(E),                    As raceways, 410.31                                           Tests, factory, 551–V                                      Load side, 725.52
                                  550.16(A)(1)                        Temperatures, 410.65                                          Wiring methods, 551.47                                     Supply side, 725.51
                          Receptacles, 250.140(4)                     Wiring, 410.67                                              Recreational vehicle site                               Classifications, definitions, 725.2
                        Rated load current, 440.4(A)                Recording systems, Art. 640                                     Definition, 551.2                                       Class 1, 725–II
                          Definition, 440.2                         Recreational areas, and dining essen-                           Supply equipment, 551.71, 551.77                        Class 2 and Class 3, 725–III
                        Reactors. see Resistors and reactors                  tial electrical systems,                                Definition, 551.2                                   Definition, Art. 100–I
                        Readily accessible. see Accessible,                   health care facility,                                   Grounding, 551.76                                   Identification, 725.10
                                  readily                                     517.42(E)                                           Recreational vehicle stand                              Mechanical execution of work, 725.8
                        Reaming, ends of metal conduits,            Recreational vehicle parks, 551–VI                              Definition, 551.2                                     Motors, 430–VI
                                  342.28, 344.28, 358.28              Calculated load, 551.73                                     Refrigeration compressor motors                         Overcurrent protection, 240.4(G),
                        Re-bar electrodes, 250.50 Ex.,                  Demand factors, Table 551.73                                        and controls, Art. 440                                725.23, 725.24, Chap. 9, Ta-
                                  250.52(A)(3)                        Definitions, 551.2                                          Refrigeration equipment. see Air con-                           bles 11(A) and 11(B)
                        Receptacles, cord connectors, and at-         Disconnecting means, 551.77(B)                                        ditioning and refrigerating                   Safety-control equipment, 725.11
                                  tachment plugs (caps), Art.         Distribution system, 551.72                                           equipment                                   Requirements for electrical installa-
                                  406                                 Grounding, 551.75, 551.76                                   Refrigerators, grounding, 250.114                               tions, Art. 110
                          Anesthetizing locations, 517.64(F)          Outdoor equipment, protection of,                           Regulator bypass switch                               Residential occupancies. see Dwell-
                          Branch circuits, 210.7, 210.52                      551.78                                                Definition, Art. 100–II                                       ings
                          Configurations, 550.10(C),                  Overcurrent protection, 551.74                              Relays                                                Resistance
                                  551.46(C), 552.44(C)                Overhead conductors, clearance for,                           Hazardous (classified) locations,                     AC resistance and reactance, cables,
                          Critical branch, 517.33(A)                          551.79                                                        501.105, 502.150                                      Chap. 9, Table 9
                          Definition, Art. 100–I                      Receptacles, 551.71, 551.81                                   Overload, motor overcurrent protec-                   Conductor properties, Chap. 9,
                          Disconnecting means, 422.33,                Underground wiring, 551.80                                            tion, 430.40                                          Table 8
                                  440.63                            Recreational vehicles (camping trail-                           Reverse-current, transformers,                        Heating elements. see Fixed electric
                          Faceplates, 406.4, 406.5                            ers, motor homes, park                                        450.6(B)                                              heating equipment for pipe-
                          Grounding type, 250.130(C),                         trailers, travel trailers,                          Remote control                                                  lines and vessels
                                  250.146, 406.3(A), 406.9,                   truck campers), Art. 551                              Circuits. see Remote-control, signal-                 Insulation, 110.7
                                  517.13, 517.19(G)                   Alternate power source, restriction,                                  ing, and power-limited cir-                   Of rod, pipe, and plate electrodes,
                          Hazardous (classified) locations,                   551.33                                                        cuits                                                 250.56
                                  501.145, 502.145, 503.145           Appliance accessibility and fasten-                           Of induction and dielectric heating                   Welders, 630–III
                          Health care facilities, 517.13, 517.18,             ing, 551.57                                                   equipment, 665.7                            Resistors and reactors, Art. 470
                                  517.19                              Attachment plugs, 551.20(F),                                  Switches, 517.63(D)                                   Combustible material, on, near,
                          Insulated grounded terminals,                       551.46(C)                                           Remote-control, signaling, and                                  470.3, 470.18(C)
                                  250.146(D), 517.16                  Bonding, 551.55(B), 551.56                                            power-limited circuits,                       Conductor insulation, 470.4
                          Less than 50 volts, 720.6, 720.7            Branch circuits, 551.42, 551.43                                       250.112(I), Art. 725                          Location, 470.2
                          Marinas and boatyards, 555.19               Calculation for loads, 551.42(D)                              Access to electrical equipment, 725.7                 Over 600 volts, 470–II
                          Maximum cord-and-plug-connected             Combination electrical systems,                               Class 1 circuits, 725–II                                General, 470.18
                                  load to, 210.21(B)(2), Table                551.20, 551–II                                          Circuits extending beyond one                         Grounding, 470.19
                                  210.21(B)(2), 210.23                Conductors, 551.48                                                    building, 725.29                                Oil-filled reactors, 470.20
                          Minimum ratings, 406.2(B)                   Connections                                                     Conductors, 725.27                                  Space separation, 470.3
                          Mobile homes, 550.13                          Grounding, 551.54, 551.55                                        Different circuits, 725.26                     Rheostats, construction specifica-
                          Mounting, 406.4, 406.8(E)                     Power supply, 551.46                                             Extending beyond one building,                           tions, 430.82(C)
                          Nongrounding-type, replacement,               Splices and terminals, 551.50                                       725.29                                      Rigid metal conduit (Type RMC), Art.
                                  250.130(C), 406.3(D)                Definitions, 551.2                                                 Insulation, 725.27(B)                                    344
                          Outdoor. see Outdoor receptacles            Distribution panelboard, 551.45                                    Number in raceways, 725.28                       Bends, 344.24, 344.26

                        National Electrical Code Handbook 2005                                                                                                                                                         1325

Copyright National Fire Protection Association                                                                              Document provided by IHS Licensee=ExxonMobil/1890500101, 05/05/2005 16:40:27
Provided by IHS under license with NFPA                                                                                     MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy
                                                                                                                            Group at 303-397-2295.

                   Bushings, 344.46                        Screw shells                                               Over 600 volts, 230–VIII                            Service stations, gasoline. see Motor
                   Cinder fill, 344.10(C)                    Identification                                           Physical damage, 230.49, 230.50                               fuel dispensing facilities
                   Construction specifications, 344–III         Polarity, 200.10(C), 410.23                             Underground, 230.49                               Setting (of circuit breaker)
                   Couplings and connectors, 344.42             Terminals, 200.10                                     Service head, 230.54                                  Definition, Art. 100–I
                   Definition, 344.2                         Lampholders, 410–IX                                      Size, 230.42                                        Shielding. see Guarding, guards
                   Dissimilar metals, 344.14               Sealable equipment                                         Splices, 230.46                                     Short-circuit current rating
                   Expansion fittings, 300.7(B)              Definition, Art. 100–I                                   Underground, 230.49                                   Definition, 110.10
                   Ferrous, 300.6(A)                       Sealing. see also Hazardous (classified)                     Definition, Art.100–I                               Transient voltage surge suppressors,
                   Grounding, 344.60                                  locations                                       Wiring methods, 230.43                                        285.6
                   Installation, 344–II                      Conduit systems, 501.15, 502.15,                       Service-entrance equipment                            Short-time duty
                   Listing, 344.6                                     505.16, 506.16                                  Disconnecting means, 230–VI                           Definition, Art. 100–I
                   Marking, 344.120                             Intrinsically safe systems, 504.70                      Connections, supply side, 230.82                  Showcases, wall cases, 410.29
                   Maximum number of conductors and             Raceway seal, underground ser-                          Connections to terminals, 230.81                  Show windows
                           fixture wires in, Tables C.8               vice, 230.8                                       Electrically operated, 230.94 Ex. 6                 Definition, Art. 100–I
                           and C.8(A)                           Temperature changes, 300.7(A)                           Grounded conductor, discon-                         Flexible cords, 400.11
                   Nonferrous, 300.6(A)                      Hermetically, 500.7(J)                                           nection of, 230.75                            Luminaires (lighting fixtures), 410.7
                   Number of conductors, 344.22, Chap.          Definition, 500.2                                       Ground-fault, protection at,                           Branch circuits, 220.14(G)
                           9, Table 1                      Secondary ties, transformers, 450.6                                230.95, 705.32                                   Feeders, 220.40, 220.43(A)
                   Reaming and threading, 344.28           Sensitive electronic equipment, Art.                         Indicating, 230.77                                  Receptacles, 210.62, 314.27(C) Ex.
                   Size, 344.20                                       647                                               Location, 230.70(A)                               Sidelights, borders, and proscenium,
                   Splices and taps, 344.56                  Grounding, 647.6                                           Marking, 230.66, 230.70(B)                                  520.44
                   Standard lengths, 344.130                 Lighting equipment, 647.8                                  Maximum number of disconnects,                    Signaling circuits. see also Fire alarm
                   Supporting and securing, 314.23(E)        Receptacles, 647.7                                               six switch rule, 230.71                               systems; Remote-control,
                           and (F), 344.30                   Single-phase supply system, 647.3                          Multiple occupancy buildings,                               signaling, and power-limited
                   Uses permitted, 344.10                    Three-phase supply system, 647.5                                 230.72(C)                                             circuits
                   Wet locations, 344.10(D)                  Wiring methods, 647.4                                      Over 600 volts, 230.205, 230.206                    Definition, Art. 100–I
                 Rigid nonmetallic conduit (Type           Separately derived systems,                                  Rating, 230.79                                      Health care facilities, 517–VI
                           RNC), Art. 352                             250.20(D), 250.30,                                Simultaneous openings, 230.74                       Installation requirements, Art. 725,
                   Bends, 352.24, 352.26                              250.104(D)                                        Six switch rule, 230.71                                     Art. 760
                   Bushings, 352.46                          Definition, Art. 100–I                                     Suitable for use, 230.70(C)                       Signals for heated appliances, 422.42
                   Construction specifications, 352–III    Service cables. see also Service-                          Guarding, 230.62                                    Sign body
                   Definition, 352.2                                  entrance cable (Types SE and                    Industrial control panels as, 409.108                 Definition, 600.2
                   Expansion fittings, 300.7(B), 352.44,              USE)                                            Motor control centers as, 430.95                    Signs
                           Tables 352.44(A) and              Definition, Art. 100–I                                   Overcurrent protection, 230–VII                       Discharge, lighting, electric,
                           352.44(B)                       Service conductors. see Conductors,                          Location, 230.91                                            410–XIII, 410–XIV
                   Grounding, 352.60                                  service                                           Over 600 volts, 230.208                             Electric, Art. 600
                   Installation, 352–II                    Service drops                                                Relative location, 230.94                              Ballasts, transformers, and elec-
                   Joints, 352.48                            Clearances, 230.24                                         Specific circuits, 230.93                                   tronic power supplies, 600.21
                   Listing, 352.6                                                                                       Ungrounded conductors,                                      through 600.24
                                                             Connections, service head, 230.54
                   Marking, 352.120                                                                                           230.90(A)                                        Branch circuits, 600.5
                                                             Definition, Art. 100–I
                   Maximum number of conductors and                                                                   Over 600 volts, metal enclosed and                       Definitions, Art. 100–I, 600.2
                                                             Means of attachment, 230.27
                           fixture wires in, Tables C.9                                                                       metal clad equipment, 490.46                     Disconnects, 600.6
                                                             Minimum size, 230.23
                           through C.12(A)                                                                            Panelboards as, 408–III                                  Enclosures, 600.8
                                                             Point of attachment, 230.26, 230.28
                   Number of conductors, 352.22                                                                     Service equipment                                          Field installed skeleton tubing,
                                                             Supports over buildings, 230.29
                   PVC Schedule 80, 300.5(D),                                                                         Definition, Art. 100–I                                        600–II
                                                           Service-entrance cable (Types SE and
                           300.50(B), 551.80(B)                                                                       Overcurrent protection, 230–VII                            Applicability, neon secondary
                                                                      USE), Art. 338
                   Securing and supporting, 352.30                                                                  Service lateral                                                 circuit conductors, neon sec-
                                                             Bends, 338.24
                   Size, 352.20                                                                                       Definition, Art. 100–I                                        ondary circuit conductors,
                                                             Branch circuits or feeders, 338.10(B)
                   Splices and taps, 352.56                                                                         Service loads, calculations, Art. 220,                          600.30, 600.42(A)
                                                             Construction, 338–III
                   Supporting and securing, Table                                                                             Annex D                                          Grounding, 600.7
                                                             Definition, 338.2
                           352.30(B)                                                                                Service point                                              Listing, 600.3
                                                             Grounding frames of ranges and
                   Trimming ends, 352.28                                                                              Definition, Art. 100–1                                   Location, 600.9, 600.10(D),
                                                                      clothes dryers, 250.140(3)
                   Uses not permitted, 352.12                                                                       Service raceways                                                600.21, 600.42(F)
                                                             Installation, 338–II                                     Conductors, others permitted in,                         Markings, 600.4
                   Uses permitted, 352.10
                 Road show connection panel, 520.50          Installation methods, for branch cir-                            230.7                                            Portable or mobile, 600.10
                 Rod electrodes, 250.52(A)(5), 250.53,                cuits and feeders,                              Drainage, raintight, 230.53                              Section signs
                           250.56, 250.66(A), 250.70                  338.10(B)(4)                                    Service head, 230.54                                       Definition, 600.2
                 Room air conditioners. see Air condi-       Marking, 338.120                                         Underground, 230–III                                       Field installed secondary circuit
                           tioners, room                     Service-entrance conductors,                           Services, Art. 230                                              wiring, 600.12
                 Rooms, motion picture projector. see                 230–IV, 338.10(A)                               Definition, Art. 100–I                                Exit, health care facilities, 517.32(B),
                           Projector rooms, motion pic-      Uses permitted, 338.10                                   Emergency systems separate service,                           517.42(B)
                           ture                            Service-entrance conductors, 230–IV,                               700.12(D)                                     Grounding, 250.112(G)
                 Rotary phase converter                               338.10(A)                                       Farm, 220–V                                           Mandated standby, 701.9(A)
                   Definition, 455.2                         Conductor sets, number of, 230.40                        Ground-fault protection, 230.95                       Outline lighting, Art. 600
                 Running threads, 342.42(B),                 Considered outside of building,                          Insulation, 230.22                                    Standby, 702.8
                           344.42(B)                                  230.6                                           Number, 230.2                                         Warning. see Warning signs
                                                             Definitions, Art. 100–I                                  Overhead supply, 230–II                             Skeleton tubing, 600–II
                                                             Disconnecting means, 230–VI                              Over 600 volts, 230–VIII                              Definition, 600.2
                                                             Drip loops, 230.52                                       Supply to one building not through                  Smoke ventilator control, stage,
                                           S                 Insulation, 230.41                                               another, 230.3                                        520.49
                 Safety, examination of equipment for,       Overcurrent protection, 230.90,                          Two or more buildings, 250.32                       Snap switches
                           90.7                                       230.91, 230.208                                 Underground, 230–III                                  Accessibility, grouping, 404.8(B)

                 1326                                                                                                                                2005 National Electrical Code Handbook

Copyright National Fire Protection Association                                                                      Document provided by IHS Licensee=ExxonMobil/1890500101, 05/05/2005 16:40:27
Provided by IHS under license with NFPA                                                                             MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy
                                                                                                                    Group at 303-397-2295.

                          Bonding, 250.147                           Cellular concrete floor raceways,              Steel, structural, bonding, 250.104                     Splices and taps, 388.56
                          Definition, Art. 100–I                             372.12                                 Steel siding, 250.116 FPN                               Uses not permitted, 388.12
                          Grounding, 404.9(B)                        Cellular metal floor raceways, 374.6           Storage batteries, Art. 480                             Uses permitted, 388.10
                          Motors, 430.83(C), 430.109(A)(3),          Concealed knob-and-tube, 394.56                  Aircraft hangars, 513.10(B)                         Surfaces, exposed conductive
                                  430.109(C)(1)                      Conduit bodies, 300.15,                          Charging equipment, 503.160                           Definition, 517.2
                          Mounting, 404.10                                   314.16(C)(2)                             Definition, 480.2                                   Surge arresters. see Lightning (surge)
                          Ratings, 404.14                            Construction sites, 590.4(G)                     Electric vehicle nonvented                                    arresters
                        Snow melting. see Fixed outdoor elec-        Deicing and snow-melting,                           Definition, 625.2                                Surge protection. see Lightning
                                  tric deicing and snow-melting              426.24(B)                                Emergency systems, 700.12(A) and                              (surge) protection
                                  equipment                          Electrical metallic tubing, 358.56                       (B)(4)                                      Surge suppressors. see Transient volt-
                        Solar cell                                   Electrical nonmetallic tubing, 362.56            Garages, 511.10                                               age surge suppressors
                          Definition, 690.2                          Flat cable assemblies, 322.56                    Installation, 690.71                                          (TVSSs)
                        Solar photovoltaic systems, Art. 690         Flexible cords and cables, 400.9,                Insulation, 480.6, 480.7                            Swimming pools, fountains, and simi-
                          AC modules, 690.6                                  400.36                                   Locations, 480.9                                              lar installations, Art. 680
                          Circuit requirements, 690–II               Flexible metal conduit, 348.56                   Overcurrent protection for prime                      Approval of equipment, 680.4
                          Circuit sizing and current, 690.8          Flexible metallic tubing, 360.56                         movers, 480.4                                 Bonding, 680.26, 680.42(B),
                          Connection to other sources, 690–VII       General provisions, 110.14                       Racks and trays, 480.8                                        680.43(D) and (E), 680.53,
                          Definitions, Art. 100–I, 690.2             High density polyethylene conduit,               Solar photovoltaic systems, 690–VIII                          680.57(E), 680.62(B) and
                          Disconnecting means, 690–III                       353.56                                   Sound recording equipment,                                    (C), 680.74
                          Ground-fault protection, 690.5             Intermediate metal conduit, 342.56                       640.9(B)                                      Ceiling fans, 680.22(B), 680.43(B)
                          Grounding, 690–V                           Liquidtight flexible nonmetallic con-            Vents, 480.10                                         Cord-and-plug-connected equip-
                          Installation, 690.4                                duit, 356.56                           Structures                                                      ment, 680.7, 680.21(5),
                          Marking, 690–VI                            Messenger supported wiring, 396.56               Definition, Art. 100–1                                        680.22(B)(5), 680.31,
                          Maximum voltage, 690.7                     Nonmetallic extensions, 382.56                 Strut-type channel raceway, Art. 384                            680.42(A)(2), 680.56
                          Overcurrent protection, 690.6(E),          Nonmetallic underground conduit                  Construction specifications, 384–III                  Deck area heating, 680.27(C)
                                  690.9                                      with conductors, 354.56                  Definition, 384.2                                     Definitions, 680.2
                          Over 600 volts, 690–IX                     Rigid metal conduit, 344.56                      Grounding, 384.60                                     Fountains, 680–V
                          Stand-alone systems, 690.10                Rigid nonmetallic conduit, 352.56                Installation, 384–II                                  Ground-fault circuit interrupters,
                          Storage batteries, 690–VIII                Space heating cables, 424.40,                    Marking, 384.120                                              680.5
                          Wiring methods, 690–IV                             424.41(D)                                Number of conductors, 384.22                            Fountains, 680.51(A)
                        Solderless (pressure) connectors             Strut-type channel raceways, 384.56              Securing and supporting, 384.30                         Hydromassage bathtubs, 680.71

                          Definition, Art. 100–I                     Surface raceways, 386.56, 388.56                 Size of conductors, 384.21                              Junction boxes for, 680.24
                        Solidly grounded                             Underfloor raceways, 390.6                       Splices and taps, 384.56                                Luminaires (lighting fixtures),
                          Definition, Art. 100–I                     Underground, 300.5(E), 300.50(C)                 Uses not permitted, 384.12                                    680.23(A)(3), 680.24(B)
                        Sound recording equipment, Art. 640          Wireways, 376.56, 378.56                         Uses permitted, 384.10                                  Pool covers, 680.27(B)(2)
                          Audio signal processing, amplifica-      Spray application, dipping, and coat-            Submersible equipment, 680.51                             Receptacles, 680.5, 680.6,
                                  tion, and reproduction equip-              ing processes, Art. 516                Substations                                                     680.22(A)(5), 680.32,
                                  ment, 540.50                       Classification of locations, 516.3               Motion picture and television stu-                            680.43(A), 680.44,
                                                                                                                                                                                    680.57(B), 680.58, 680.62(E)
                          Theaters, 520.4                            Definitions, 516.2                                       dios, 530–VI
                                                                                                                                                                              Signs, 680.57(B)
                        Space                                        Equipment, 516.4, 516.7, 516.10                  Over 600 volts, 490–III
                                                                                                                                                                              Spas, hot tubs, 680.43, 680.44
                          Cabinets and cutout boxes, 312.7,          Grounding, 516.16                              Subsurface enclosures, 110.12(B)
                                                                                                                                                                              Storable pool equipment, for,
                                  312.9, 312.11                      Wiring, 516.4, 516.7                           Support fittings fill, boxes,
                                                                                                                                                                                    680.32, 680.33(B)(3)
                          Climbing. see Climbing space, line       Spray washers, high-pressure, 422.49                       314.16(B)(3)
                                                                                                                                                                              Therapeutic pools, 680.62(A) and
                                  conductors on poles              Spread of fire or products of combus-            Supports. see subhead under entries for
                          Lightning rods, conductor enclo-                   tion. see Fire spread                            specific wiring and equip-
                                                                                                                                                                              Wiring to, 680.24(B)
                                  sures, equipment, 250.60,        Stage effect (special effect)                              ment
                                                                                                                                                                            Grounding, 680.6, 680.7(B),
                                  250.106 FPN                        Definition, 530.2                              Suppressors, radio noise, 810.5
                                                                                                                                                                                    680.23(B)(3) and (F)(2),
                          Outside branch circuits and feeders,     Stage equipment, theaters                        Surface metal raceways, Art. 386
                                                                                                                                                                                    680.24(D) and (F),
                                  225.14                             Fixed, 520–III                                   Combination raceways, 386.70
                                                                                                                                                                                    680.25(B), 680.43(F),
                          Over 600 volts, separation, 110.33,        Portable, 520.5(B), 520–V                        Construction specifications, 386–III
                                                                                                                                                                                    680.54, 680.55
                                  110.34                                Definition, 520.2                             Definition, 386.2
                                                                                                                                                                            Heaters and heating equipment
                          Working. see Working space               Stage property                                     Grounding, 386.60
                                                                                                                                                                              Deck area heating, 680.27(C)
                        Space heating, fixed. see Fixed electric     Definition, 530.2                                Installation, 386–II                                    Pool water heaters, 680.9,
                                  space heating equipment          Stages, motion picture and television,             Listing, 386.6                                                680.26(E)
                        Spacing between bare metal parts,                    530–II                                   Number of conductors or cables,                       Hydromassage bathtubs, 680–VI,
                                  408.56, Table 408.56               Definition, 530.2                                        386.22                                                680–VII
                        Spas and hot tubs, 680–IV                  Stage set                                          Size of conductors, 386.21                            Junction boxes and enclosures,
                          Definitions, 680.2                         Definition, 530.2                                Splices and taps, 386.56                                      680.23(C), 680.24
                          Indoor installations, 680.43             Stairway chair lifts, Art. 620. see also           Uses not permitted, 386.12                            Lighting, 680.22(B), 680.23,
                          Outdoor installations, 680.42                      Elevators, dumbwaiters, es-              Uses permitted, 386.10                                        680.26(B)(2), 680.33,
                          Packaged equipment assembly                        calators, moving walks,                Surface nonmetallic raceways, Art.                              680.43(B), 680.51,
                             Definition, 680.2                               wheelchair lifts, and stairway                   388                                                   680.62(F), 680.72
                          Protection, 680.43, 680.43(A)(2)                   chair lifts                              Combination raceways, 388.70                          Overhead conductor clearances,
                        Special permission. see Permission,        Stand-alone system                                 Construction specifications, 388–III                          680.8
                                  special                            Definition, 690.2                                Definition, 388.2                                     Permanently installed, 680–II
                        Spider (cable splicing block)              Standby systems. see Emergency sys-                Grounding, 388.60                                     Receptacles, location and protection,
                          Definition, 530.2                                  tems; Legally required                   Listing, 388.6                                                680.22(A), 680.32, 680.34,
                        Splices and taps                                     standby systems; Optional                Marking, 388.120                                              680.43(A), 680.62(E)
                          Antennas, 810.14                                   standby systems                          Number of conductors or cables in,                    Spas and hot tubs, 680–IV
                          Auxiliary gutters, 366.56                Static phase converter                                     388.22                                        Storable, 680–III
                          Cabinets and cutout boxes, 312.8           Definition, 455.2                                Size of conductors, 388.21                              Definition, 680.2

                        National Electrical Code Handbook 2005                                                                                                                                           1327

Copyright National Fire Protection Association                                                                Document provided by IHS Licensee=ExxonMobil/1890500101, 05/05/2005 16:40:27
Provided by IHS under license with NFPA                                                                       MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy
                                                                                                              Group at 303-397-2295.

                   Switches and switching devices,                         Definition, Art. 100–I                       Aluminum, copper, or copper-                         Conduit and tubing fill for, Annex
                           680.22(C), 680.41                               Motors over 100 HP, 430.109(E)                  clad aluminum, single con-                             C Tables
                   Therapeutic pools and tubs, 680–VI                      Services, over 600 volts, 225.51                ductor in free air, Tables                        Deflection, minimum bending
                   Transformers, 680.23(A)(2),                             Services over 600 volts, 230.204                310.17, 310.19                                         space in cabinets, cutout
                           680.24(B)                                     Knife. see Knife switches                      Aluminum, copper, or copper-                              boxes, 312.6(B), Tables
                   Underwater audio equipment, 680.23                    Limit, cranes and hoists, 610.55                  clad aluminum, two or three                            312.6(A)
                   Underwater luminaires (lighting fix-                  Manually operable, Art. 404                       single-insulated conductors                       Dimensions
                           tures), 680.23, 680.26(B)(2),                 Motor-circuit                                     supported on messenger,                             Compact aluminum building
                           680.33, 680.43(B)(2)                            Definition, Art. 100–I                          Table 310.20                                           wiring, Chap. 9, Table 5A
                 Switchboards, Art. 408                                  Motor controllers, 430–VII                     Aluminum, copper, or copper-                           Insulated conductors, and fix-
                   Clearances, 110.26, 408.5, 408.18                     Panelboards, 408.36(C), 408.39                    clad aluminum in raceways or                           ture wires, Chap. 9, Table 5
                   Combustible material, location rela-                  Regulator bypass.                                 cables types AC, NM, NMC                            Rubber, thermoplastic-covered,
                           tive to, 408.17                                 Definition, Art. 100–II                         SE, Tables 310.16, 310.18                              Chap. 9, Table 5
                   Conductor insulation, 408.19                          Remote-control, 517.63(D)                      Bare or covered conductors,                          Fixture wires, Table 402.3, Chap.
                   Construction specifications, 408–IV                   Service, 230–VI                                   Table 310.21                                           9, Table 5
                   Definition, Art. 100–I                                Signs, outline lighting, 600.6                 Multiconductor cables, types                         Flexible cords and cables, types,
                   Easily ignitable materials, near,                     Snap. see Snap switches                           TC, MC, and MI in free air,                            Table 400.4
                           408.17                                        Theater dressing rooms, 520.73                    Table B.310.3                                     Grounding, size
                   Flash protection, 110.16                              Transfer. see Transfer switches                Three conductor cable in race-                         For AC equipment, Table
                   Grounding frames and structures,                      Tunnels, 110.55                                   way in free air, Table B.310.1                         250.122
                           250.112(A)                                    Unit, appliances, 422.34                       Three insulated conductors in                          For grounded systems, Table
                   Grounding instruments, 408.22                       Switchgear, metal-enclosed,                         cable in underground electri-                          250.66
                   Guarding live parts, 110.27                                   110.34(F), 230.211, 490–III               cal ducts, Table B.310.6                          Hazardous (classified) locations,
                   Illumination, 110.26(D)                               Definition, Art. 100–I                         Three single insulated conduc-                            Classes I, II, and III, Divi-
                   Installation, indoor and outdoor,                                                                       tors directly buried in earth,                         sions 1 and 2
                           110.26                                                                                          types UF, USE, Table                                Classification of maximum sur-
                   Location, 408.16, 408.17                                              T                                 B.310.10                                               face temperature, Table
                   Portable, theater stages, 520–IV                    Tables, Chap. 9, Annex B and Annex C             Three single insulated conduc-                            500.8(B)
                   Stage, 520–II, 520–IV                                 AC resistance and reactance cables,               tors in nonmagnetic under-                          Class III temperatures, Table
                   Support, busbars, conductors, 408.3                          Chap. 9, Table 9                           ground electrical ducts, Table                         500.8(C)(2)
                   Wet locations, 408.16                                 Ampacities                                        B.310.5                                           Hazardous (classified) locations,
                   Working spaces about, 110.26                            Cable insulated, over 2000 volts             Three single insulated conduc-                            Class I, Zones 0, 1, and 2
                 Switches, Art. 404. see also Hazardous                       Three conductor aluminum in                  tors in underground electrical                      Classification of maximum sur-
                           (classified) locations; specific                     isolated conduit in air, Table             ducts, Table B.310.7                                   face temperature of Group II
                           types of switches                                    310.76                                  Three triplexed single insulated                          equipment, Table
                   Accessibility and grouping, 404.8                          Three conductor aluminum in                  conductors directly buried in                          505.9(D)(1)
                   AC-DC general use snap switches.                             underground electrical ducts,              earth (UF and USE cables),                          Gas classification groups, Table

                           see AC-DC general-use snap                           Table 310.80                               Table B.310.9                                          505.9(C)
                           switches                                           Three conductor aluminum iso-             Two or three insulated conduc-                         Minimum distance of obstruc-
                   AC general use snap switch,                                  lated in air, Table 310.72                 tors cabled within an overall                          tions from flameproof flange
                           404.14(A)                                          Three conductor copper cable in              covering directly buried in                            openings, Table 505.7(D)
                   Air-conditioning and refrigerating                           isolated conduit in air, Table             earth, Table B.310.8                                Types of protection designation,
                           equipment, 440–II                                    310.75                                Wound-rotor secondaries, Table                              Table 505.9(C)(2)
                   Appliances, 422.34                                         Three conductor copper in un-                430.23(C)                                         Insulations, Tables 310.13, 310.61
                   Bypass isolation, 700.6(B), 701.7(B)                         derground electrical ducts,         Bare metal parts, spacings between                            through 310.63
                                                                                Table 310.79
                      Definition, Art. 100–I                                                                               switchboard and panelboard,                       Maximum number, Annex C Ta-
                                                                              Three conductor copper isolated
                   Circuit breakers used as, 240.83(D)                                                                     Table 408.56                                           bles
                                                                                in air, Table 310.71
                   Definitions, Art. 100–I                                                                          Branch-circuit requirements, Table                       Maximum number in
                                                                              Triplexed or three single con-
                   Devices over 600 volts                                                                                  210.24                                              Electrical metallic tubing, Ta-
                                                                                ductor aluminum in isolated
                      In busways, 368.239                                                                           Cable markings, Tables 725.71,                                bles C.1 and C.1(A)
                                                                                conduit in air, Table 310.74
                      Definition, Art. 100–II                                                                              760.81(G), 760.82(I),                               Electrical nonmetallic tubing,
                                                                              Triplexed or three single con-
                   Dimmer. see Dimmers                                                                                     770.113, 800.113, 820.113                              Tables C.2 and C.2(A)
                                                                                ductor aluminum in under-
                   Disconnecting means                                          ground electrical ducts, Table      Cable substitutions, 725.61, 760.61,                       Flexible metal conduit, Tables
                      Appliances, 422–III                                       310.77                                     770.154, 820.154, 830.133                              C.3 and C.3(A)
                      Motors, controller, 430–IX                              Triplexed or three single con-        Cable trays, grounding, Table                              Intermediate metal conduit, Ta-
                      Services, 230–VI                                          ductor copper in isolated con-             392.7(B)                                               bles C.4 and C.4(A)
                   Emergency systems, 700–V                                     duit in air, Table 310.73             Cable fill, 329.9(E), 329.9(F), Ta-                      Liquidtight flexible metal con-
                      X-ray equipment, 517.72, 660–II                      Conductor, single insulated, iso-               bles 392.9, 392.10(A)                                  duit, Tables C.7 and C.7(A)
                   Enclosures, installation in, 404.3,                          lated in air, over 2000 volts       Calculation of feeder loads by occu-                       Liquidtight flexible nonmetallic
                           404.12, 404.18, 450.8(C)                           Aluminum, Table 310.70                       pancies, Table 220.42                                  conduit, Tables C.5 through
                   Essential electrical systems, transfer                     Copper, Table 310.69                  Conductors                                                    C.6(A)
                           switches, 517.41(B)                             Conductors, three single insulated         Adjustment factors for more than                         Rigid metal conduit, Tables C.8
                   General-use, 250.147, Art. 404                               in underground electrical                  three current-carrying con-                            and C.8(A)
                      Definition, Art. 100–I                                    ducts, over 2000 volts, Table              ductors in raceway, cable,                          Rigid nonmetallic conduit, Ta-
                   Identification, 110.22                                       310.78                                     Table B.310.11                                         bles C.9 through C.12(A)
                   Indicating, 404.7                                       Crane and hoist motor conductors,          Application, Tables 310.13,                            Metal boxes, number in, Table
                   Interrupter                                                  Table 610.14(A)                            310.61, 402.3                                          314.16(A)
                      Definition, Art. 100–II                              Fixture wire, Table 402.5                  Clearances, conductors entering                        Minimum size of, Table 310.5
                   Isolating, 501.115(B)(2)                                Flexible cord, Table 400.5                      bus enclosures, 408.5                             Over 2000 to 35,000 volts
                      Capacitors, over 600 volts,                          General conductors, 0 through              Clearances, services, Table                              Ampacities, Tables 310.81
                           460.24(B)                                            2000 volts                                 230.51(C)                                              through 310.86

                 1328                                                                                                                             2005 National Electrical Code Handbook

Copyright National Fire Protection Association                                                                   Document provided by IHS Licensee=ExxonMobil/1890500101, 05/05/2005 16:40:27
Provided by IHS under license with NFPA                                                                          MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy
                                                                                                                 Group at 303-397-2295.

                                                                         Shielding, solid dielectric-insu-       Motors                                         Taps. see also Splices and taps                         Ground-fault protection, 230.95(C)
                                                                            lated conductors, Table                Conductor rating factors for power             Branch circuit, 210.19(A)                             Insulation resistance, space heating
                                                                            310.64                                       resistors, Table 430.29                  Busways, 368.17(C) Ex. 1                                      cables, 424.45
                                                                      Properties, Chap. 9, Table 8                 Controller enclosure selection,                Feeders. see Feeders, taps                            Legally required standby systems,
                                                                      Support, vertical raceways,                        Table 430.91                             Grounding electrode conductors,                               701.5
                                                                            300.19(A)                              Duty cycle service, Table                              250.64(D)                                     Luminaires (lighting fixtures),
                                                                         Volume required per conductor,                  430.22(E)                                Overcurrent protection, 240.21                                410.45
                                                                            Table 314.16(B)                        Full-load currents, Tables 430.247             Remote-control circuits, 725.24                       Mobile homes, 550.17
                                                                    Conduit or tubing                                    through 430.250                          Separately derived systems,                           Park trailers, 552.60
                                                                      Combination of conductors, per-              Locked-rotor, code letters, Table                      250.30(A)(4)                                  Recreational vehicles, 551.60
                                                                            cent area fill, Chap. 9, Table 1             430.7(B)                                 Service-entrance conductors, 230.46                 Theaters, Art. 520
                                                                      Conduit and tubing fill, for con-            Locked-rotor current conversion,             Task illumination, 517.33(A)                            Audio signal processing, 520.4
                                                                            ductors and fixture wires,                   Tables 430.251(A) and (B)                Definition, 517.2                                     Branch circuits, 520.9
                                                                            Annex C Tables                         Maximum rating or setting, branch            Telegraph systems. see Communica-                       Conductors, number in raceway,
                                                                      Dimensions, Chap. 9, Table 4                       circuit protective devices,                      tions circuits                                        520.6
                                                                      Expansion characteristics,                         Table 430.52                           Telephone equipment, 800.18,                            Definitions, 520.2
                                                                      Flexible metal (trade size 3⁄8),             Maximum rating or setting, control                     800.170. see also Communi-                    Dressing room, 520–VI
                                                                            Table 348.22                                 circuit overcurrent protective                   cations circuits                              Emergency systems, Art. 700
                                                                      Number of conductors in, Annex                     device, Table 430.72(B)                Telephone exchanges, circuit load,                      Grounding, 520–VII
                                                                            C Tables                               Minimum spacings between bare                          220.14 Ex.                                       Fixed electric equipment,
                                                                      PVC rigid nonmetallic, expansion                   live parts, motor control cen-         Telephone systems. see Communica-                               250.112(F)
                                                                            characteristics, 352.44(A)                   ters, Table 430.97                               tions circuits                                Live parts, 520.7
                                                                      Supports, Tables 344.30(B)(2),               Number and location, overload                Television and radio distribution sys-                  Portable equipment, 520.10
                                                                            352.30(B)                                    units, Table 430.37                              tems. see Community an-                       Stage equipment
                                                                    Construction, types of, Annex E Ta-            Other articles, Table 430.5                            tenna television and radio                       Fixed, 520–II
                                                                            bles                                   Secondary ampacity, Table                              distribution (CATV) systems                      Portable, 520–V
                                                                    Cooking appliances, demand factors                   430.23(C)                              Television equipment. see Radio and                     Switchboard
                                                                            and loads, Tables 220.55,              Terminal, spacing and housing, Ta-                     television equipment                             Fixed, 520–II
                                                                            220.56                                       bles 430.12(B), 430.12(C)(1)           Television studios, Art. 520, Art. 530                     Portable, 520–IV
                                                                    Farm load, method for computing,                     and (2)                                Temperature limitations                                 Wiring methods, 520.5
                                                                            Tables 220.102, 220.103              Multifamily dwellings, optional cal-             Conductors, 310.10                                  Therapeutic equipment, 517.73(B)
                                                                    Fixture wires                                        culation demand factors,                 Nonmetallic raceways and tubing.                    Therapeutic high-frequency dia-
                                                                      Conduit and tubing fill for, Annex                 Table 220.84                                     see subhead under entries for                         thermy equipment
                                                                            C Tables                             Network-powered broadband com-                           specific raceway or tubing                    Definition, 517.2
                                                                      Maximum number in                                  munications systems                              type                                        Therapeutic pools and tubs, 680–VI
                                                                         Electrical metallic tubing, Ta-           Cable substitution, Table 830.133              In outlet boxes for luminaires (fix-                  Definitions, 680.2
                                                                            bles C.1 and C.1(A)                    Cover requirements, Table 830.47                       tures), 410.11                              Thermal devices
                                                                         Electrical nonmetallic tubing,            Limitations, Table 830.15                      Service-entrance cable, 338.10(B)(3)                  Overcurrent protection, 240.9
                                                                            Tables C.2 and C.2(A)                Optional calculations, three or more           Temporary installations, Art. 590                     Thermally protected (thermal pro-
                                                                         Flexible metal conduit, Tables                  multifamily units, Table                 All wiring installations, 590.2                               tection)
                                                                            C.3 and C.3(A)                               220.84                                   Branch circuits, 590.4(C)                             Definition, Art. 100–I
                                                                         Intermediate metal conduit, Ta-         Radio and TV equipment, antenna                  Disconnecting means, 590.4(E)                         Fixtures, recessed, 410.65(C)
                                                                            bles C.4 and C.4(A)                          sizes                                    Feeders, 590.4(B)                                     Fluorescent lamp ballasts in lumi-
                                                                         Liquidtight flexible metal                Amateur stations, Table 810.52                 Ground-fault protection, 590.6                                naires (fixtures), 410.73(E)
                                                                            conduit, Tables C.7 and                Receiving stations, Table                      Guarding over 600 volts, 590.7                        Luminaires (fixtures), recessed,
                                                                            C.7(A)                                       810.16(A)                                Lamp protection, 590.4(F)                                     410.65(C)
                                                                         Liquidtight flexible nonmetallic        Rating factors for power resistors,              Protection from accidental damage,                  Thermal protector
                                                                            conduit, Tables C.5 through                  Table 430.29                                     590.4(H)                                      Definition, Art. 100–I
                                                                            C.6(A)                               Receptacle loads, nondwelling units,             Receptacles, 590.4(D), 590.6(A),                    Thermal resistivity, 310.60,
                                                                         Rigid metal conduit, Tables C.8                 Table 220.14                                     590.6(B)                                              B.310.15(B)(2)

                                                                            and C.8(A)                           Recreational vehicle park demand                 Services, 590.4(A)                                  Three overload units, motors, Table
                                                                         Rigid nonmetallic conduit, Ta-                  factors, Table 551.73                    Splices, 590.4(G)                                             430.37
                                                                            bles C.9 through C.12(A)             Restaurants, optional method load                Terminations at devices, 590.4(I)                   Tools
                                                                    General lighting loads by occupanc-                  calculation, Table 220.88                Time constraints, 590.3                               Double insulated, 250.114 Ex.
                                                                            ies, Table 220.12                    Schools, optional method load calcu-           Terminal housings                                       Metal working machine. see Indus-
                                                                    Household clothes dryers, demand                     lation, Table 220.86                     Generator, 445.17                                             trial machinery
                                                                            loads, Table 220.54                  Support services, Table 230.51(C)                Motor, 430.12                                         Motor-operated, hand-held, ground-
                                                                    Household ranges and similar cook-           Transformers, medium and high volt-                 Grounding through, 430.245(A)                              ing, 250.114(3)(C),
                                                                            ing appliances, demand fac-                  age, Tables 450.3(A),                    Phase converters, 455.10                                      250.114(4)(C)
                                                                            tors and loads, Table 220.55                 450.3(B)                               Terminals                                             Track lighting. see Lighting track
                                                                    Live parts, separation                       Underground wiring, minimum                      Connections to, 110.14, 250.8,                      Trailers, types of. see also Park trailers
                                                                      Minimum distance from fence to                     cover, Tables 300.5, 300.50                      250.68                                        Definition, 551.2
                                                                            live parts, Table 110.31             Wire-bending space, minimum, Ta-                 Electric discharge tubing, signs, etc.,             Transfer switches
                                                                      Over 600 volts                                     bles 312.6(A), 312.6(B)                          600.42                                        Definition, Art. 100–I
                                                                         Air separation, Table 490.24          Tamperability                                      Identification                                        Emergency systems, 700.6
                                                                         Elevation, Table 110.34(E)              Circuit breakers, nontamperable,                    Flat conductor cable, 322.120(C)                   Fuel cell systems, 692.59
                                                                         Working space, Table 110.34(A)                  240.82                                      Motors, controllers, 430.9(A)                      Legally required standby systems,
                                                                      Working clearances, Table                  Type S fuses, nontamperable,                        Polarity, 200.9 through 200.11                             701.7
                                                                            110.26(A)(1)                                 240.54(D)                                   Wiring device, 250.126                             Optional standby systems, 702.6
                                                                    Mobile home park demand factors,           Tamperproof receptacles. see Recep-              Tests                                                 Transformers, Art. 450. see also Haz-
                                                                            Table 550.31                                 tacles                                   Emergency systems, 700.4                                      ardous (classified) locations

                                                                   National Electrical Code Handbook 2005                                                                                                                                               1329

Copyright National Fire Protection Association                                                                                                            Document provided by IHS Licensee=ExxonMobil/1890500101, 05/05/2005 16:40:27
Provided by IHS under license with NFPA                                                                                                                   MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy
                                                                                                                                                          Group at 303-397-2295.

                    Arc welders, 630–II                          Terminal wiring space, 450.12               Markers, 390.9                                      Varying duty
                    Askarel-insulated, 450.25                    Tunnels, 110.55                             Splices and taps, junction boxes,                     Definition, Art. 100–I
                    Audio. see Audio signal processing,          Two-winding, underwater lighting,                   390.6                                       Vaults, 110.71, 110.73, 110–V
                            amplification, and reproduc-                 680.23(A)(2)                        Uses not permitted, 390.2(B)                          Access, 110.76
                            tion equipment                       Unused current transformers, short-         Uses permitted, 390.2(A)                              Capacitors, 460.2
                    Autotransformers, 430.109(D), 450.4                  circuiting of, 110.23             Underground circuits, communica-                        Film storage, 530–V
                       Audio, 640.9(D)                           Vaults, 450–III                                     tion, 800.47                                  Service over 600 volts, 110.31,
                         Definition, 640.2                       Ventilation, 450.9                        Underground enclosures, 110.12(B),                              230.212
                       Ballast for lighting units, 410.78        X-ray equipment, 517.76, 660–III                    110.59. see also Manholes;                    Service 600 volts or less, 230.6(3)
                       Branch circuits, 210.9                  Transformer vaults, 450–III                           Vaults                                        Transformers, 450–III
                       Feeders, 215.11                           Doorways, 450.43                          Underground feeder and branch-                          Ventilation, 110.77, 110.78
                       Grounding, 450.5                          Drainage, 450.46                                    circuit cable (Type UF), Art.               Vehicles. see Electric vehicles; Recre-
                       Motor starting, 430.82(B),                Location, 450.41                                    340                                                   ational vehicles
                            430.109(D)                           Storage, 450.48                             Ampacity, 340.80                                    Vending machines, cord-and-plug-
                    Capacitors, Art. 460                         Ventilation openings, 450.45                Bending radius, 340.24                                        connected, 422.51
                       Installation, Art. 450                    Walls, roofs, and floors, 450.42            Conductors, 340.104                                 Ventilated
                       X-ray equipment, 517.76, 660–III          Water pipes and accessories, 450.47         Construction specifications, 340–III
                                                                                                                                                                   Definition, Art. 100–I
                    Definitions, 450.2, 551.2                  Transient voltage surge suppressors           Definition, 340.2
                                                                                                                                                                 Ventilating ducts, wiring, 300.21,
                    Dry-type, 450.1 Ex. 2, 450.21,                       (TVSSs), Art. 285                   Equipment grounding conductor,
                            450.22                               Conductor routing, 285.12                           340.108
                                                                                                                                                                 Ventilating piping for motors, etc.,
                    Electric discharge lighting systems          Connection, 285.21, 285–III                 Installation, 340–II
                                                                                                                                                                           502.128, 503.128
                       More than 1000 volts, 410–XIV             Definition, 285.2                           Insulation, 340.112
                                                                                                             Sheath, 340.116                                     Ventilation
                       1000 volts or less, 410–XIII              Installation, 285–II                                                                              Aircraft hangars, 513.3(D)
                    Elevators, dumbwaiters, escalators,          Listing, 285.5                              Uses not permitted, 340.12
                                                                                                             Uses permitted, 340.10                                Battery locations, 480.9(A)
                            moving walks, wheelchair             Location, 285.11                                                                                  Equipment, general, 110.13(B)
                                                                                                           Underground installations. see Man-
                            lifts, and stairway chair lifts,     Number required, 285.4                                                                            Manholes, tunnels, and vaults,
                                                                                                                     holes; Tunnels; Vaults
                            620.13(C)                            Short circuit current rating, 285.6                                                                       110.57, 110.77, 110.78
                                                                                                           Underground wiring. see also Hazard-
                    Fire pumps, 695.5                            Uses not permitted, 285.3                                                                         Motor fuel dispensing facilities, lu-
                                                                                                                     ous (classified) locations
                    Grounding, 450.5, 450.6(C), 450.10         Transmitting stations, radio and tele-                                                                      brication and service rooms
                                                                                                             Aircraft hangars, 513.8
                    Guarding, 450.8                                      vision, 810–III                                                                                   — without dispensing, Table
                                                                                                             Ampacities, 310.60(C)(2), Tables
                    Installations, indoor and outdoor,         Travel trailer. see also Park trailers                                                                      514.3(B)(1)
                                                                                                                     310.77 through 310.85
                            450.21 through 450.27                Definition, 551.2                           Bulk storage plants, 515.8                            Motors, 430.14(A), 430.16
                    Instrument, grounding, 250–IX              Trays, storage batteries, 480.8(B)            Buried conductors, Types USE, UF,                     Transformers, 450.9, 450.45
                       Connections at services, 230.82(4)      Trees, luminaires (lighting fixtures)                 340.10                                      Vessels. see also Fixed electric heating
                    Isolation                                            supported by, 410.16(H)             Conductor types in raceways, 310.7                            equipment for pipelines and
                       Definition, 517.2                       Truck camper. see also Recreational           Dry and damp locations, 310.8(B)                              vessels
                       Electric deicing, snow-melting                    vehicles                            Ground movement and, 300.5(J)                         Definition, 427.2
                            equipment, 426.31                    Definition, 551.2                           Intermediate metal conduit,                         Viewing tables, motion picture,
                       Electric pipeline, vessel heating       Tubing. see also Conduits                             342.10(B) and (C)                                     530–IV
                            equipment, 427.26                    Definitions, 600.2                          Liquidtight flexible metal conduit,                 Volatile flammable liquid
                       Health care facilities, 517.19(F),        Electrical metallic. see Electrical me-             350.10(3)                                     Definition, Art. 100–I
                            517.20, 517.63(E) and (F),                   tallic tubing                       Minimum cover requirements,                         Voltage and volts
                            517.76, 517.160(A)(4)                Electrical nonmetallic. see Electrical              300.5(A)                                      Branch circuits, limits, 210.6
                    Less-flammable liquid-insulated,                     nonmetallic tubing                  Motor fuel dispensing facilities,                     Circuit
                            450.23                               Electric discharge, signs, etc., 600.41             514.8                                            Definition, Art. 100–I
                    Location, accessibility, 450.13              Flexible metallic, Art. 360. see Flexi-     Over 600 volts, 300.50                                Drop
                    Marking, 450.11                                      ble metallic tubing                 Protection of, 300.5(D), 300.5(J)
                                                                                                                                                                      Branch circuits, 210.19(A) FPN
                    Modification of, 450.28                    Tunnels                                       Raceways, service, 250.84
                                                                                                                                                                           No. 4
                    Motor control circuit, 430.72(C)             Access, 110.76                              Rigid metal conduit, 344.10
                                                                                                                                                                      Conductors, 310.15(A)(1) FPN
                    Nonflammable fluid-insulated,                Installations over 600 volts, nominal,      Rigid nonmetallic conduit,
                                                                                                                                                                           No. 1
                            450.24                                       110–IV                                      352.10(G)
                                                                                                             Service cable, 250.84                                    Feeders, 215.2(A)(3) FPN No. 2
                    Oil-insulated                                Ventilation, 110.57, 110.77, 110.78
                                                                                                             Services, 230.30, 230.32                                 Sensitive electronic equipment,
                       Indoors, 450.26                         TV. see Radio and television equipment
                       Outdoors, 450.27                                                                      ‘‘S’’ loops, 300.5(J) FPN                                     647.4(D)
                                                               Two-fer, 520.69
                    Overcurrent protection, 450.3                Definition, 520.2                           Splices and taps, 300.5(E), 300.50(C)                 Electric discharge lighting, 410–XIII,
                            through 450.5                                                                    Swimming pools, 680.10                                        410–XIV
                    Power-limited and signaling circuits,                                                    Wet locations, 310.8(C)                               General provisions, 110.4
                            remote control, 725.21(A)(1),                                                  Uninterruptible power supplies                          Ground, to
                                                                                  U                                  (UPS), 645.11, 700.12(C),                        Definition, Art. 100–I
                            725.24(D), 725.41
                    Remote control circuits for,               Underfloor raceways, Art. 390                         701.11(C)                                     High
                            430.74(B), 725.21(A)(1),             Conductors                                Unit equipment, emergency and                              Definition, 490.2
                            725.24(D), 725.41                      Ampacity, 390.17                                  standby systems, 700.12(E),                   Less than 50, Art. 720
                    Research and development, 450.1                Number in raceway, 390.5                          701.11(G)                                     Limitations, elevators, dumbwaiters,
                            Ex.8                                   Size of, 390.4                          Unused openings                                                 escalators, moving walks,
                    Secondary ties, 450.6                        Connections to cabinets, wall outlets,      Boxes and fittings, 110.12(A)                                 620.3
                    Signs and outline lighting, 600.21,                  390.15                            Utilization equipment                                   Low

                            600.23, 600.24                       Covering, 390.3                             Definition, Art. 100–I                                   Definition, 551.2
                    Solar photovoltaic systems, 690.9(B)         Dead ends, 390.10                                                                                 Marking, 240.83(E)
                    Specific provisions, 450–II                  Discontinued outlets, 390.7                                                                       Nominal
                    Swimming pools, fountains, and sim-          Inserts, 390.14                                                 V                                    Definition, Art. 100–I
                            ilar installations,                  Junction boxes, 390.13                    Vapors, flammable. see Hazardous                        Nominal battery
                            680.23(A)(2), 680.24(B)             Laid in straight lines, 390.8                       (classified) locations                            Definition, 480.2

                 1330                                                                                                                       2005 National Electrical Code Handbook

Copyright National Fire Protection Association                                                             Document provided by IHS Licensee=ExxonMobil/1890500101, 05/05/2005 16:40:27
Provided by IHS under license with NFPA                                                                    MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy
                                                                                                           Group at 303-397-2295.

                                                                            Over 600 volts, Art. 490            Watertight                                     Wireways, metal, Art. 376                              Mobile home parks, 550.10
                                                                            Swimming pool underwater lighting    Definition, Art. 100–I                         Construction specifications, 376–III                  Mobile homes, 550.10
                                                                                   fixtures, 680.23(A)(4)       Weatherproof                                    Dead ends, 376.58                                     Planning, 90.8
                                                                            Wiring methods, 300.2                Definition, Art. 100–I                         Definition, 376.2                                     Temporary. see Temporary installa-
                                                                                                                Welders, electric, Art. 630                     Deflected insulated, 376.23(A)                                tions
                                                                                                                 Arc, 630–II                                    Extensions, 376.70                                    Theaters, 520.5
                                                                                          W                      Resistance, 630–III                            Installation, 376–II                                  Types and materials, Chap. 3
                        Wading pools                                                                             Welding cable, 630–IV                          Insulated conductors, 376.23                         Within sight from. see In sight from
                         Definition, 680.2                                                                      Wet locations. see also Damp or wet             Marking, 376.120                                     Working space
                        Wall cases, 410.29                                                                               locations                              Number of conductors, 376.22                          About electrical equipment, 110.26,
                        Wall-mounted ovens. see Ovens, wall-                                                     Conductors, types, 310.8(C), Table             Securing and supporting, 376.30                               110.32 through 110.34,
                                 mounted                                                                                 310.13                                 Size of conductors, 376.21                                    110.72, 110.73
                        Warning signs (labels), at equipment.                                                    Definition, Art. 100–I                         Splices and taps, 376.56                              Adjacent to live parts (circuits over
                                 see also Labels required                                                        Electrical metallic tubing, 358.10(C)          Uses not permitted, 376.12                                    600 volts), 110.32 to 110.34
                         Aircraft hangars, 513.7(F), 513.10                                                      Electric signs and outline lighting,           Uses permitted, 376.10                                Manholes, 110.72, 110.73
                         Electroplating, 669.7                                                                           600.9(D), 600.21(C),                  Wireways, nonmetallic, Art. 378                        Motion picture projectors, 540.12
                         Electrostatic hand spraying,                                                                    600.42(F)                              Construction specifications, 378–III                  Switchboards, 110.26, 408.18
                                 516.10(A)(8)                                                                    Enameled equipment, 300.6(A)(1)                Dead ends, 378.58                                    Workmanlike installation, 110.12,
                         Flash protection, 110.16                                                                Gutters, sheet metal auxiliary,                Definition, 378.2                                             640.6, 720.11, 725.8, 760.8,
                         Fuel cell systems, 692.10(C), 692.17,                                                           366.10(A)(2)                           Deflected insulated, 378.23(A)                                800.24, 820.24, 830.24
                                 692.56, 692.65(B)                                                               Health care facilities, 517.20                 Expansion fittings, 378.44
                         Guarding live parts 600 volts or less,                                                  Intermediate metal conduit,                    Extensions, 378.70
                                 110.27(C)                                                                               342.10(D)                              Grounding, 378.60                                                        X
                         Induction and dielectric heating,                                                       Luminaires (lighting fixtures) in,             Installation, 378–II                                 X-ray equipment, 517–V, Art. 660
                                 665.23                                                                                  410.4(A)                               Insulated conductors, 378.23                           Control, 517.74, 660–II
                         Locked room or enclosure with live                                                      Mounting of equipment, 300.6(D)                Marking, 378.120                                       Definitions, 517.2, 660.2
                                 parts over 600 volts,                                                           Nonmetallic wireways, 378.10(3)                Number of conductors, 378.22                           Guarding and grounding, 517.78,
                                 110.34(C), 490.21(B)(7)Ex.,                                                     Recreational vehicle parks,                    Securing and supporting, 378.30                                660–IV
                                 490.21(C)(2), 490.21(E),                                                                551.78(A)                              Size of conductors, 378.21                             Transformers and capacitors, 517.76,
                                 490.44(B), 490.53, 490.55                                                       Rigid metal conduit, 344.10(D)                 Splices and taps, 378.56                                       660–III
                         Solar photovoltaic systems,                                                             Rigid nonmetallic conduit,                     Uses not permitted, 378.12
                                 690.10(C), 690.17                                                                       352.10(D)                              Uses permitted, 378.10
                         Transformers, 450.8(D)                                                                  Switchboards, 408.16                          Wiring methods, Art. 300                                                  Z
                        Water, natural and artificially made                                                     Switches, 404.4                                Ducts, 300.21, 300.22
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Zone 0, 1, and 2 locations. see Hazard-
                                 bodies of. see Natural and ar-                                                 Wheelchair lifts. see Elevators, dumb-          Exposed
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               ous (classified) locations,
                                 tificially made bodies of                                                               waiters, escalators, moving               Definition, Art. 100–I
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Class 1, Zone 0, 1, and 2 loca-
                                 water, electrical wiring and                                                            walks, wheelchair lifts, and           General requirements for. see Gen-
                                 equipment for                                                                           stairway chair lifts                           eral requirements for wiring
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Zone 20, 21, and 22. see Hazardous
                        Water heaters, 422.11(F)(3), 422.13                                                     Windows, show. see Show windows                         methods
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               (classified) locations, Zone
                         Controls, 422.47                                                                       Wired luminaire (fixture) sections,             Hazardous (classified) locations. see
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               20, 21, and 22
                         Nameplate load, 220.82(C)(3)                                                                    410.77(C)                                      subhead under entries for spe-
                         Protection, 422.11(E) and (F)(3)                                                       Wires. see also Conductors; Cords;                      cific hazardous location in-
                        Water pipe                                                                                       Fixture wires                                  volved
                         Bonding (metal), 250.104                                                                In concrete footings, electrodes,              Health care facilities, 517–II
                         Connections, 250.8, 250.68(B)                                                                   250.52(A)(3)                           Intrinsically safe systems, 504.20
                         As grounding electrode,                                                                 Definition, 800.2                              Manufactured homes, 550.10
                                 250.52(A)(1), 250.53(D)

                        National Electrical Code Handbook 2005                                                                                                                                                                                        1331

Copyright National Fire Protection Association                                                                                                           Document provided by IHS Licensee=ExxonMobil/1890500101, 05/05/2005 16:40:27
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Copyright National Fire Protection Association                              Document provided by IHS Licensee=ExxonMobil/1890500101, 05/05/2005 16:40:27
Provided by IHS under license with NFPA                                     MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy
                                                                            Group at 303-397-2295.

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